Getting blacked for the first time

It was another blazing hot summer day in Perth, a light sheen of sweat forming on my forehead as I raced about taking customer orders and bringing out food to hungry patrons. It was always like this during the lunchtime rush, office workers packed our small Spanish cafe in the heart of the city, eager to eat and get back to their jobs. It could be stressful at times but I grew to love the work, most people were very friendly and polite but I do experience jerks and wankers from time to time( most being lawyers or stockbrokers). If it wasn’t complaining about this or that it was lured comments about my appearance, typical guy stuff, but I learned pretty quickly to just ignore it, always keeping a smile on my face even if I wanted to spill a hot coffee all over their expensive trousers.

The crowd started to thin out around 1:30 pm finally giving me time to take a quick bathroom break and fix my self up a bit, wiping away the sweat from an intense 2 hours. When I stepped back out I noticed a group of men in uniform had taken seats at one of our outdoor tables. I quickly retied my apron and headed out to greet them with a couple of menus in hand. As I got closer I discovered they were all US navy sailors which made me cringe a little( that’s the last thing I needed, a group of sexed-up sailors on shore leave), I did my best to not look annoyed, flashing a polite, welcoming smile as I greeted them and explained the specials on offer ( geez, they are all staring at my tits) I noticed while finishing up my explanation.

“ that all sounds pretty good Me…gan”, the one on the left said as he pretended to be reading my name tag and not blatantly staring up at my cleavage which was discreetly on display in my black somewhat, low cut T-shirt.

The others chuckled and nodded their heads in agreement clearly doing the same thing, I rolled my eyes and placed the Menu’s on their table, giving them the standard “ill be back in 5 minutes to take their order line”, before walking off. I wasn’t even three steps in when I heard one of them making a remark about my arse, I resisted the urge to turn my head around and make it known that I heard what was said, I instead continued to saunter of leaving them to shamelessly keep staring at my jean covered behind to their heart’s content.

“It looks like you have some fans”, my co-worker Michelle joked with an amused grin on her face.

“ well, you are more than welcome to take them of my hands if you want?”, I retorted, sticking out my tongue at her playfully.

“ I wouldn’t mind, a couple of them are pretty hot, especially that black guy on the right”, she pointed out.

I turned my attention to him for a moment, my eyes discreetly checking him out, I had always found black men attractive but had never had the opportunity to be with one before, of course, I was curious ( how could I not be with all the tales and stereotypes about black men floating around these days on the internet) I don’t know how long I was staring for but Michelle’s voice snapped me out of my mini trance.

“Have you ever been with a black guy before? you know what they say right?”, she softly whispered leaning in closer to me so we wouldn’t be heard.

“ No I haven’t, and yes I think everyone knows the rumors about black guys”, I replied before we both giggled like school girls

“If I didn’t have a boyfriend I would totally try and find out first hand if it was true”, Michelle teased, giving me a mischievous wink before she walked off to serve a couple who walked in.

I pondered her naughty suggested for a little while as I made a latte, the thought of being with a black guy was defiantly having an effect on me, I was feeling a bit flushed and that familiar tingle was forming between my thighs. My mind started to think back to those times I had watched interracial porn, the sight of a huge, black cock hammering away into a glistening, white girls pussy, the striking comparison between skin tones was highly erotic, they made it seem so taboo and wrong even though I know it’s 2013 and we all should stop thinking about a black man and a white woman in that way, but it was still hot and I found myself jilling off on more than one occasion to such videos,(god I need to stop thinking about this), I chuckled to myself on the inside as I made my way back outside to serve the group of men.

“ so have you gentlemen decided on what you will have?”, I asked looking each of them in the eye briefly one by one.

“ well what I really want isn’t on this menu but I’ll try the albon…..di….gas, is that how you say it, Megan?”, the tall, black stranger asked in a smooth, deep tone before suggestively licking his lips which made me blush a little.

“ oh yes Albondigas, its a famous Spanish dish, you will love it I promise”, I replied finding his attempt at pronouncing the name of the dish quite cute.

The others ordered and I returned back inside to hand in the ticket and serve more customers before returning with their food 20 minutes later.

It was surprisingly busy for a Tuesday afternoon, I didn’t have much time to dwell on the handsome, black man until his group asked for their bill, they thanked me for a wonderful meal and even generously tipped me with a 20 dollar note which I was not very use to ( tipping isn’t really a thing in Australia), I thanked them kindly before getting back to work.

I left work at around 3 pm, heading into the shopping district to pick up a few things and browse, generally just wasting time until my bus was due to arrive. I spotted a cute looking bracelet behind a window display and crouched down to have a closer look ( $900, no way I could afford it right now), I sighed.

“ I thought that booty looked familiar”, a man spoke from just behind me

I quickly stood up and twirled around seeing the familiar face of the handsome, black, stranger in front of me again, his deep, brown eyes were staring into mine with such intensity it made my heart flutter. I gave him a weak smile and mouthed out a mousey “hello”. I was almost quivering, such was his presence, he was at least a foot and a half taller than my 5’6 and I could tell he had a muscular, athletic build even in his lose navy uniform.

“ Sorry I didn’t mean to scare you, bet it’s not every day you turn around to see a black man standing next to you huh?”, he asked with an amused grin.

I giggled nervously and tried to regain my composure, brushing my hair away from my face before I gave him a smile, “ I can’t say that isn’t true, but you being black has nothing to do with it, I would feel the same if it was any guy that snuck up behind me”, I retorted, crossing my arms under my ample breasts trying to look annoyed at his assumption.

“ of course, anyway I’m sorry, I just wanted to say hi again and thank you once more for being really sweet, I know my boys were being a bit crude with the staring and such, but we have been at sea for a long time, you can’t blame them when such a beautiful lady is standing right there”, he explained in an almost gentlemanly manner which kind of surprised me ( not that I think all black men would talk like rappers).

“it’s ok, I’m used to it, I guess it was pretty harmless, but I appreciate the apology”, I replied feeling a lot more at ease after the initial surprise, “ so where are the rest of them now? Not getting into trouble I hope?”

He smiled and looked around the square while scratching the side of his cheek, “ I have no clue, we were talking to a group of girls just over there but I guess they bounced somewhere”.

“oh right, I see, trying to make the most of your shore leave huh?”, I teased tilting my hip to one side and giving him a knowing smirk.

He chuckled, the answer to my question written all over his grinning face, “ well like I said, we have been at sea for a long time”.

“ hey I understand, you don’t need to explain anything to me, Aussie girls are pretty fun, I’m sure you guys will have no trouble finding what you need”, I sarcastically replied, giving him a cheeky wink and making a motion to turn and leave.

“ Hey wait, don’t go”, he quickly said while reaching out to place a hand on my right shoulder, “ I would much rather find out how fun you are, to be honest”.

I turned my head to glare at his dark, strong hand on my shoulder, my body tensed up and a jolt of excitement filled my chest, my eyes diverted back to his, seeing the look of lust and hunger he had for me, I don’t know why I was about to give him what he wanted, maybe it was just the curiosity getting the best of me because he was black. I had found plenty of guys this attractive and had never decided to give it up so easily before, (I didn’t even know his name for god sake), I snickered to my self on the inside.

“ Alright, do you have someplace we can go?”, I said as casual as can be.

I watched as his eyes lit up like he had won the lottery before he started to study me more closely, maybe trying to see if I was just playing with him or not, “ are you really serious? your just teasing me right?”, he nervously chuckled out, that confidence he had just a moment ago fading away.

“ I’m not teasing you, I’m pretty stressed out after work, we can help each other out, and I’ve always been curious about being with a black guy”, I confessed before wondering where the hell my sudden courage to say what I just said came from.

“ dam girl, alright, its a deal, I can get us a hotel room if your down?”, he suggested, still with a bewildered look on his face as if he wasn’t quite believing what was happening just yet.

“ Sounds good to me, there’s a reasonably priced one close by, let’s go”, I said, still keeping my tone as casual as can be, like I did this sort of thing every day, “ oh do you have protection?”. I asked looking back over my shoulder as I started to lead the way.

“yeah I got it covered”, he spoke out like he had a frog in his throat.

I giggled still looking back at him from over my shoulder, “ good”, was my simple reply before I looked back ahead and grinned from ear to ear, feeling a sense of feminine power wash over me ( I can’t believe I’m doing this, I’m so bad, haha).

The walk was barely five minutes as we entered the hotel lobby, I told him I would wait by the elevators while he got the room. I watched with anticipation as he talked to the man behind the reception before walking over to me with a key card in hand. We waited patiently until the elevator doors opened and stepped inside without saying a word to one another. I was quite amused that his demeanor had changed so drastically from when he was with his friends and even from just before I agreed to hook up with him, I wondered why.

“ you OK, you’re being very quiet?”, I curiously pried turning my head to look over at him.

“ yeah I’m cool, I just didn’t think you would say yes, my boys told me I should just be straight forward, I’m not really that experienced with girls you see, I’ve only had one girlfriend In high school before I joined the navy”, he confided

“ oh wow, you seemed like such a ladies man before”, I teased while grabbing a hold of his large hand trying to ease his nerves, “ your not a virgin or anything are you?”.

“Nah, but I’ve only slept with one girl, is that ok?”, he asked with little to no confidence.

“ don’t worry …..Ummm, I guess I should ask for your name”, I giggled out

“ oh yeah, I’m Sean”, he chuckled joining me in finding the situation a little funny

“ Well, Sean, don’t worry just relax and enjoy it, if it makes you feel better, I don’t do this very often, hooking up with a stranger I mean”.

“ Guess it’s my lucky day, you’re really fucking hot Megan”, he complimented.

I gave him an appreciative smile and tightened my grip on his hand, noticing it getting a tad sweaty, “ I think I’m the lucky one, a lot of girls would love to be in my place right now, you’re a really hot guy”, I said back trying to boost his confidence ( it wasn’t like I was lying he was a real stud).

He snickered and looked down to meet my gaze, his eyes roaming across the tops of my breasts before he looked back up and grinned, “I’m not really use to hearing that, I was a bit of a geek in high school, I only really started to work out when I joined the navy”.

“well it shows, you’re a real beefcake”, I giggled out before turning slightly to have a feel of his impressive bicep with my free hand.

I could see he was starting to feel a lot more relaxed and confident smiling down as I moved my hand across to his manly, hard chest, Sean let out a low growl as it roamed lower to his equally rock hard abs. I bit my bottom lip letting out a purr of my own before the elevator doors opened, postponing my impromptu exploration of this hunky stranger for now.

“We better get into that room before I blow you right here”, I teased, giving him a devious smile.

Sean swallowed hard in reaction to my playful comment and nodded his head in agreement, we walked down the hallway towards our room hand in hand. He fumbled a bit with the key card which caused me to giggle before he got it open and stepped inside. The room was small but had a decently sized queen bed ( the only thing we needed really). I told him to get comfy and brushed by to use the bathroom, swaying my hips seductively with each step as he watched my every move like a deer in headlights. I smiled and closed the door, dropping my handbag and pulling out my phone to text my mother I wouldn’t be home until later. I sprayed some deodorant and reapplied more cherry lipstick to make my plump lips pop then adjusted my wavy, blonde before I walked back out to find Sean laying down on the bed in just a small pair of dark, blue boxer shorts.

I smiled mischievously and took in the sight of his toned, dark body, his defined abs and broad chest looked oh so yummy, those strong, muscular arms at his side, I couldn’t wait to have them touching my soft, light skin. My eyes instinctively traveled further down to his crotch area, an impressive looking bulge already forming a small tent in his boxers ( god I couldn’t wait to see if the stereotype was true).

“ going to join me Megan?”, he awkwardly said, obviously still feeling the nerves of the situation.

I smiled playfully and nodded my head, walking around to the foot of the bed where I started to strip away at my clothing. I kept a close eye on my tall, dark stranger as my hands gently pulled my T-shirt up over my head and off, leaving my 32 D breasts only shielded by a simple black, cotton bra. Next to come off was my tight, dark, blue jeans, I did my best to do it as sexy as possible, rocking my hips from side to side as I peeled them down my legs, bending over and resting a hand on the bed for support to rip them off my feet( always a struggle with tight jeans, hehe).

“ Dam girl, so fucking sexy”, Sean groaned out, his hand on his bulge, rubbing it as he enjoyed my striptease, his chest was heaving up and down, taking in deep breaths and admiring my curvaceous figure.

I grinned graciously giving him a playful twirl, showing off my curves, My cheeky , style, black panties matched the bra. I continued to tease him with a few more scandalous poses, stopping with my back turned to him as I reached behind to unclasp my bra, one by one I unhooked the straps from each shoulder and let it fall to the ground, looking back over my shoulder the whole time to see him grabbing onto his crotch even tighter, his eyes totally focused on me with a deep desire.

“like what you see?”, I teased, turning around to show him my natural, round, perky tits.

“what do you think?”, he answered back, tugging down his boxer shorts to reveal his big, dark, circumcised, erection.

“ oh my, it’s so big”, I yelped out, it wasn’t as big as the ones I had seen in porn but he was still impressive, not the biggest I’ve experienced first hand but he was definitely the thickest.

His dark purple head was already glistening with pre-cum, more and more was spilling out as he wrapped his hand around it and started to stroke slowly. I licked my lips and sinfully smiled, crawling onto the bed like a little minx until I was between his large, muscular thighs, Sean spread them wider to allow me the room, his lust-filled, dark eyes were taking in the sight of my breasts jiggling with each motion.

I playfully slapped his hand, Sean got the hint and moved it away from his, rock , hard member so I could replace it with my own, the heat emitting from his shaft almost burning my hand as I stroked it up and down, meticulously. His veins pulsed to my touch, I felt it pumping more and more blood into his already engorged penis head, the overflow of pre-cum kept spilling down his shaft onto my fingers, I leaned down licking it from my hand, keeping eye contact with Sean the whole time, as I enjoyed his musky, salty, yet sweet, man,nectar.

“fuck Megan”, he gasped out, his hips shaking and thrusting upwards subconsciously.

His Mushroom like head poked against my lips, smearing my lipstick onto his hard muscle, I giggled at the reaction and pulled slightly back, teasing him further, he sighed and closed his eyes while I kept up my sensuous stroking,his legs were visibly trembling which made me wonder if he was close to cumming already, I knew he was inexperienced with women so I backed off, removing my hand and placing both onto his thighs, rubbing them up and down as a masseuse would.

Sean reopened his eyes and gritted his teeth, he stared down at me, almost pleading for more attention to be made to his, blood-filled rod, I smiled and snaked out my tongue to lick up along his right side, my tongue slid up, leaving a trail of my own saliva until I reached his helmet, I lashed and nibbled on the sensitive edges of his crown, moving my soft tongue from side to side eliciting a growl from his open mouth. Sean used his elbows to raise himself up to watch me more closely as I kept licking and teasing his engorged head, my arse sticking high in the air, swaying from right to left as I enjoyed the thrill of teasing this black stranger I barely knew.

After around 5 minutes of teasing( it must have felt like longer to him), I finally took his manhood into my, warm, wet mouth, my cheeks really had to stretched to fit his thick, girth inside, I swirled my tongue around his head, as my lips sunk lower, wrapping around his shaft and swallowing him down as far as I could.

“oh fuck, that’s so good, holy shit”, Sean gasped out, throwing his head back to let out a pleased, groan.

I tried to smile around his black, cock but it was almost impossible with its thickness, I instead started to bob up and down his shaft, varying my speed when I thought I was pushing him too far to the point of no return. My eyes were glued onto his for the telltale signs, a part of me wanted to receive his cum but the devilish side of me wanted to tease him longer and prolong the inevitable explosion of pleasure he would soon feel. My hands went to his balls and caressed them as my mouth kept bobbing up and down his shaft which was now slick and well lubricated with my saliva, the gulping and squelching sounds of my wet, blow job echoing throughout the small hotel room. Sean started to thrust his hips into my mouth , fucking me back as I sucked his cock like a starving animal. I gagged as his member pushed further, almost entering my throat, there’s no way I could get that down there with how thick it was but that didn’t stop Sean from trying, he thrust up harder, totally lost in his need to get off. I slapped his thighs and pulled back, gasping for air while coughing, I sat back on my heels, a hand between my tits, a few tears dripping down my face, smearing my light make up.

“ God you are going to choke me with that big thing”, I joked half heartily, grinning at him as I tried to catch my breath.

“ oh shit I’m sorry, it was feeling so good I got a little carried away, your so good at it”, he said, complimenting my dick sucking skills.

“ well thank you, that’s sweet”, I giggled out finally catching my breath.

“ Can I try something?”, Sean asked, pleading with me like a big kid wanting something he desired.

“ sure, what is it?”, I replied

I watched as Sean jumped to his knees , he took a hold of my arms and placed me down onto my back where he was just positioned, he hurriedly pulled off his boxers then straddled my chest and looked down at me for approval. I smiled gripping his cock in my right hand and spat at it to smear it with more of my juices.Sean moaned out and started to play with my tits, squeezing my nipples a bit roughly showing his inexperience, it still felt amazing, his enthusiasm was making up for his lack of technique ( or maybe I was just so horny at the time), he then scooted a little further down, I got the jest of what he was thinking and placed his, girthy, chocolate tool between my tits, he pressed my boobs around his member and started to thrust back and forth, awkwardly at first, until he got the rhythm and technique right.

“ Fuck, you have perfect tits Megan, feels so good around my black dick , oh shit… so..fucking…good”, he growled out, clearly enjoying my pillowy, white breasts.

I moaned and smiled, staring up into his pleasure-filled expression, my hands caressing his thighs as I laid there and let him have his fun. I looked down seeing his meaty, dark, shaft, plunge in and out of my cleavage over and over, the sight had my pussy dripping profusely with juices. The color contrast was so striking, his large, strong hands groping my white tits, pushing them together quite roughly, but I didn’t mind, the erotic sensations drowning out the slight pain as I watched this hunky, strong, black man fuck my globes like no tomorrow, I spat down at his head when needed, adding more lubrication for his pleasure and my own comfort, On and on he keeping thrusting, fucking my tits for a good 4 minutes until it got too much for him.

“ Dam girl, going to cum, your tits are too hot”, he announced after he reached his limit.

“ oh, yeah, cum for me Sean, all over my big, white tits”, I moaned out like a porn star

“ Oh shit, here it comes baby”, he groaned out, letting go of my tits to grab his thick, shaft.

He aimed it at my tits and let loose a torrent of , creamy, thick man goo, all across my reddened breasts. His cum was so hot and warm, that feeling of it hitting my skin for the first time sent chills up my spine. I gasped out in surprise, his orgasm seemed to be endless, rope after rope spewed onto me, he shot what looked like big, clumps of cum up to my neck, adorning me with a dirty pearl necklace ( more like 4 peal necklaces) before adjusting his aim to cover both my fleshy, globes in his sticky, white jizz.

“ omg, do you ever stop?”, I shouted out in shock and giggled as he kept stroking until the last few drops spilled out over my upper stomach ( god I was a mess and loved it).

“ fuck, sorry, its been a while”, he offered, carefully dismounting me to lay down, huffing and puffing after his gratifying orgasm.

I laid there still in utter shock, his cum painted all over my front half, It always felt so dirty and wrong to be cummed on, a feeling I loved ever since the first time I had experienced it. I got up on my elbows to have a closer inspection ( I was absolutely drenched in it), the gooey globs were running down my collar bone, little streams of cum flowing down my breasts and stomach. I looked over at Sean who was still huffing and puffing, trying to catch his breath, his eyes were staring at the same thing I was with an almost smug smirk.

“ do they not give you enough privacy to wank off?”, I joked seeing the confused look on his face, “ jerk off I mean”, I clarified.

“oh, haha, I haven’t in a couple of days, is it really that much?”, he queried.

“ yes, its a fuck load, it looks like 3 guys just came on me”, I chuckled, could you get me a towel or something?”, I asked playfully.

“ oh, sure thing, sorry”.

I smiled and watched him get up and walk into the bathroom, returning with a towel and handing it over to me. I cleaned up as best I could admiring Sean’s chiseled body as he walked over to the mini-fridge to get a bottle of water. He sat back on the edge of the bed, chugging the beverage. Water spilling down his chin onto those heavenly pecs. I bit my lip and squirmed, my pussy needed attention badly, I wanted him so bad.

“i hope you aren’t done, ready for more?”, I seductively asked before raising my legs high up in the air, my hands peeling off my soaked panties and throwing them away,I winked at him and spread my legs wide, my right hand moving to my pink, wet, pussy, slowly rubbing my clit suggestively.

Sean threw the bottle away and jumped up, kneeling down between my legs, his, big, black, cock, almost back to full hardest as he watched me playing with my teen cunt. He leaned over me and attacked my tits with his mouth and hands, his cock nestling between the folds of my pussy lips, I could feel it twitch and grow by the second. I threw my head back and moaned out, loving the attention he was paying to my sensitive mounds, he squeezed and pushed them together, his thumbs rubbing my nipples as his tongue lashed and licked aggressively, I was squirming underneath him, my heart beating out of my chest, my hands gripping the sheets before moving up to caresses his sides, I couldn’t wait any longer.

“Sean….get the condom… I need your ….big,cock in me now!”, I pleaded in between moans of bliss

He didn’t need to be asked twice, Sean raced up and bent over to pick up his trousers, pulling out his wallet and removing a small,square, foiled package, he jumped back between my thighs, ripping open the sachet with his teeth and rolled it down his, erection. I bit down on my lower lip and stared at the object of my desire as he lined it up and slowly started to push into my soaking, wet, snatch, his right hand, guiding his monster, manhood inside me until it was halfway in. I grimaced and sighed feeling his thick, head split open my tight pussy, I looked down at his dark, shaft as it slowly sunk inch by inch inside me, the image almost as good as the feeling.

“fuck, your cock is so big, it feels really good, fuck me!”, I moaned out

Sean smiled with confidence and grabbed me by the hips, he pulled me forwards, impaling me fully onto his thick rod, I screamed as he bottomed out, my hands by my sides, gripping onto the sheets tightly. Sean’s hands moved to my thighs, resting them on his chest as he started to thrust his hips back and forth, fucking me with hard, deep strokes making my breasts shake up and down my torso. His hands reaching out around my legs to grip them, using my tits as handles to aide his ever-increasing pelvic thrusts. My moans of pleasure were increasing with volume, his black, cock, hammering away at my needy pussy, I was so worked up from the blow job it wasn’t long before I could feel the signs of an approaching orgasm.

“fuck me Sean, fuck me harder, I’m so close, talk dirty to me”, I shouted and pleaded, needing that little extra push to get me over the edge.

Sean grunted an audible response, he let go of my breasts, hunching towards he parted my legs off his chest, I wrapped them around his lower back, his arms holding himself up as he glared into my brown eyes and started to thrust even harder and deeper into my teen snatch, the loud smacking sounds of our two pelvis’s crashing into each other echoed throughout the room.

“This what you wanted Megan?, My big, black, dick, fucking your white, tight pussy?”, he groaned out in between strokes, our faces inches from one another, his hot, labored breath blowing against my face.

“Yes!….Yes!…..Yes!, I wanted your big, black cock so bad, You’re going to make me cum on that black dick, don’t stop, fuck my white pussy, Sean!”, I screamed out like a banshee.

My lust and want overtaking every part of my being, I stared up at this strong black, stranger, his incredibly, fit physique and dark, skin contrasted so drastically with my light tone, I was being blacked for the first time and was loving every second of it. Sweat was dripping off his brow, his face grimacing as he started to speed up even faster, the bed was shaking our grunts and screams were increasing in volume, I was so close and I knew he was too.

“ Oh Sean, don’t stop, I’m going to cum, make me cum on your big, dick”, I wailed out, my legs unable to hold their grip on his back as I dropped them to the mattress.

Sean kept thrusting and grunting, pounding my cock-crazed, white body into the bed over and over he lowered down even further on to his elbows, hooking his arms under my shoulders, his hips never stopped thrusting, our chest’s were connected feeling each others heart’s racing, his mouth covered mine as we kissed for the first time, It was slopping, messy and hunger filled but perfect at that moment in time.

His thick, head was brushing along my G spot, his chest rubbing against, my hard, sensitive nipples was the final bit of stimulation I needed to get over the line, with his mouth still over mine I came and came, my pussy squeezing around his dark meat like a vice. This must-have sent Sean over the edge too as he removed his lips from mine and loudly groaned his own orgasm. My mouth gaped wide open, my eyes rolled into the back of my head, I started to shake and tremble wildly, every nerve in my body feeling the overwhelming pleasure.

When my eyes were able to refocus and my orgasm began to die down I stared into Sean’s, pleasure-filled, expression, his eyes met mine and we shared in a knowing grin, He slowly raised up, our chest’s slightly glued to each other with his sweat, I looked down between us as he withdrew his cock, the condom a mess with my own juices and foaming with my girl cum, his thick load filling it to the brim.

“dam, that was the best fuck of my life”, he huffed out

“ Yeah, just what I needed”, I replied with a giggle, my hands rubbing along his strong arms up and down.

“ I’m definitely going to look forward to coming back to Australia again”, he teased, his head lowering down to kiss and nibble on my neck.

I chuckled and enjoyed the kisses, squirming beneath him still in the afterglow of my incredible high when I felt something warm spilling onto my stomach, “ are you cumming again?”, I yelped out.

Sean quickly rose up to his knees, the condom had slipped off his softening cock and landed on my belly button.

“ oh shit, sorry girl, it fell off”, he amusingly said, scrambling to pick it up, not before most of its contents had spilled onto my tummy.

“ geez, I think you just like seeing your cum on me”, I teased with a wry smile, my hand lowering down to rub it all into my skin.

“ what can I say, you look good with it”, he responded, eyes, intently watching me play with his cum, “you keep doing that and I might have to get all up in that pussy again”.

“that’s the idea”, I purred out, biting my bottom lip.

My hands sensually, running through his, thick, pearly white cum, rubbing it all in until the only trace left was pooling in my belly button. I stuck my pinky inside, coating it nicely before bringing it to my mouth for a first taste.

“ Mmmmm, yummy”, I moaned, sucking on my cum covered finger, giving Sean an erotic display.

“fuck girl, if you want more you know where to find it” he suggested, still kneeling in the middle of the bed, his cock showing life once more.

I deviously grinned, getting up to position my self on hands and knees in front of him, I quickly gave Sean another naughty smile before I lowered my head to his cum covered manhood. The flavor wasn’t half bad even with the condoms after taste, I sucked and slurped, polishing his rod clean, bobbing my head up and down desperately trying to get him ready for another go around.

“holy shit, you hungry for that black dick aren’t you white girl?”, he hissed, placing a hand on top of my head as I bobbed on his tool, his other hand reaching out to smack my peach shaped arse.

He definitely isn’t nervous anymore I chuckled to myself as I worked my wet, mouth, slobbering over his hardening tool, worshiping it with wonton lust. When I felt he was good to go I lifted of it with a loud audible pop, I lifted his heavy member up to his belly and gave his balls a couple of teasing licks, our eyes meeting once more.

“I hope you have another condom, I need this black, monster back in me now”, I asked in between licks of his balls.

“ Yeah, just a second”, he replied, hastily crawling to the edge of the bed where he bent down to pull another foiled package from his wallet.

I smiled and shuffled around, pointing my curvaceous behind in his direction, I looked back over my shoulder and watched Sean rolling the rubber onto his dark, cock, he hurriedly placed it to my entrance and slid forwards causing us both to sigh and groan in unison.

All the nervousness and hesitation had disappeared between us, we both gave in to our carnal needs, he didn’t waste any time in building up a quick and speeding motion, drilling away into my soaked teen twat like no tomorrow. His rough, dark hands gripping my hips and fondling my arse cheeks as he thrust and propelled his black dick, hard and deep, over and over, back and forth into my wet pussy.

The hotel room wreaked of sex, our young bodies slapping and smacking into one an others, our sweat and juices all over the bedsheets. Sean fucked me to another, heart-stopping orgasm in doggy, my knees buckling as I quivered and trembled, screaming out my delight. I fell flat onto my belly, panting for breath, Sean didn’t relent he kept pounding me in prone bone, using my white, body like a sex doll. He pumped and pumped, drilling me into the mattress, his hands by my sides, his hips thrusting away as I screamed and screamed and came again. I was getting the fuck of my life, the added excitement from Sean being black and a stranger I had just met only fueled my hunger for pleasure, I wasn’t the fittest girl at the time but the sexual need and want, gave me the energy to keep up with this stallion of a man.

“ get on this black dick, want to see them white titties bounce”, Sean commanded after my third orgasm, he pulled off me and laid back, holding his cock straight up.

I gingerly get to my feet and straddled him, my hands resting on his manly chest as I impaled myself on his thick member, I ground my hips in circles, teasing him for a short moment before my need to get fucked took over. I began to bounce on his dick with reckless abandonment, knowing full well I’m going to feel the side effects in the morning but I didn’t care, I wanted it hard, fast and dirty, I wanted to be a total slut and fuck him like a porno starlet.

We stared into each other’s eyes, the only sounds being made were my screams and his grunts along with the sounds of the bed creaking and our bodies crashing against each other. My tits bounced up and down my chest, my hands moving behind my back to rest on Sean’s knees giving him a full view of my curvy body riding his cock.

“ fuck that’s it you white bitch, ride that black dick, bounce that white pussy on it”, he grunted, gritting his teeth as his hips thrust up to meet mine.

I rode him faster, all my curves jiggling hypnotically with my enthusiastic movements, the greed to cum again overshadowing any other thought. Sean reached out and started to rub my throbbing clit, that was the last straw I needed, I came again for the fourth time on his black tool, shaking about, having an epileptic fit on his cock. My head spinning, vision blurry, I almost passed out. I had no clue what was happening around me for that brief moment, I was completely lost in a sea of euphoria, my body was trembling and surging with pleasure, my eyes closed.

When I finally regained some senses I found myself on my back with Sean’s cock staring right at my face, I guessed he had thrown me down and was waiting for me to finish him off, the condom was lying between my tits, sticky with my own cum. I looked up with my glossed over eyes and eagerly opened my mouth, giving him the invitation he needed to slip his head past my lips.

“ suck that dick, you want my cum don’t you, Megan”, he growled out, his hands pawing at my tits as he knelt beside my face.

I nodded my head to his dirty question, my mouth unable to reply for me as he drove more of his thick cock into it. My right hand moved up to squeeze his balls as the other fondled my still sensitive vagina. Sean fucked my face harder, arching his back and groaning out, he threw his head back and pulled his cock out of my mouth and started to jerk it, I opened my mouth wide and stared at him waiting to receive his cum. His head expanded and shot out a long rope of, gooey thick semen across both my cheeks, he kept unloading turning my open mouth into a cum filled swimming pool, more globs splattered my nose and chin until his orgasm started to subside.

He squeezed and jerked until he was happy the complete contents of what was remaining in his balls had been deposited on my face or in my mouth. I kept my lips wide open wanting to give him a memory he wouldn’t forget, a memory he could use to help him on those lonely nights at sea. He grinned down at me, his eyes in complete shock as he saw my covered face marked with cum. I swallowed everything in my mouth with a satisfied moan much to Sean’s appreciation.

“ So what do you think about Aussie girls?, fun”, I joked, as I gave his cock head a few more licks causing him to shiver.

“ The best”, he simply replied panting for breath.