Gigolo For A Business Lady

When I arrive at their suite in the best hotel in town Jodie greets me simply dressed in high heels, a knee length white skirt and a black silk top.

Lily white skin, long brunette hair that hangs below her shoulders and a big sexy smile with very attractive facial features.

“One of her pet fetishes is watching a much younger, very well hung man masturbate for her. And she loves talking and offering advice and encouragement while it is happening,” she tells me as she leads me into the main room.

When I first see her boss it is easy to understand why she is too old for conventional sex or intercourse, though she still has a very sexy persona and presence as she speaks in a very commanding and stentorian voice as she looks me over while sitting in an oversize arm chair. She is dressed in killer heels and a black tight fitting leather slacks and matching top and it is easy to understand that she once had a killer body.

“Hello handsome boy. You do understand why you are here today? I want you to please some of my sexual fetishes. Size has always been important for me. I love a really well-hung man. And I love being teased by watching a really well-hung man masturbate for me, slowly.

“I have always had an almost insatiable sexual appetite. However, my internal plumbing gave out years ago, but not my sexual appetite. I still get a real buzz out of watching. If the man is really good I may show him one of my sexual fetishes.”

“I will help you get an erection for her,” Jodie tells me very understandingly with a timbre in her voice and a very big smile.

“I am wearing just three items, shoes, skirt and top. Which one would you like me to take off? Part of Ada’s turn on is looking at me in just two items.

“Leave your shoes on, and your top on, take your skirt off for me.”

She does with great aplomb and she looks sensational as she poses with her legs apart and her hands on her hips. A partly naked woman can often be far more attractive than a totally naked one.

Her top finishes just above her pubic hair and as she turns to pose for me her arse is completely naked below her top.

She is around forty-five, tallish, terrific long slender legs, trimmed pubic hair, a long strip, just a one inch wide by three inches long, and no hair at all on her cunt lips.

Watching a very attractive woman strutting around naked from the waist down is turning me on.

“Show us what you have for us,” Ada commands as Jodie starts undressing me.

“Love the little black knickers, and I can see you do have a big cock.”

Jodie has a huge smile and is obviously enjoying herself undressing me.

“Take your knickers off for us,” Ada tells me in demanding voice.

“I want Jodie to do it for me,” I smile back.

Jodie does ever so slowly and I can hear Ada gasp audibly as my cock and balls are now on show hanging out of my tiny crotch-less g-string, “Wow, that really is something, huge, fucking magnificent.

“Tease him with your fingers Jodie. Then when he is absolutely rock hard I want to feel that huge cock in my hands.”

Jodie does exactly what Ada told her to do. She has obviously teased cocks with her fingers many times previously and the feel of her fingertips on my erection while Ada watches has me rock hard.

Jodie still has her top and shoes on and is naked from the waist down to her shoes – a very exciting look for me while she is teasing my cock.

“Come here so I can feel your magnificent cock,” Ada instructs.

“I have small hands and can barely get my hand around that,” she teases as she alternates between teasing it and stroking it very hard.

“Now sit on that stool in front of me. You are here to masturbate for me and for my visual pleasure.

“Put some of that special oil that we purchased in Bangkok on his erection and see if he likes it Jodie.”

The oil feels wonderful as Jodie applies it to full length of my erection, softly at first then stroking it on with a clenched hand.

“Like that big boy? That was US$100 a bottle, not sure what it contains but it felt very nice on my hands. And your cock likes it.

“Want me to get naked for you now?”

“Yes but leave your shoes on for me. Your legs are sensational in them.”

“You are here to masturbate for me and for my visual pleasure,” Ada tells me again as I drink in Jodie’s now fully naked body as she shows it off to me with her hands on her hips.

“I am yours to please and be pleased when she is finished with you. I am looking forward to watching you masturbate. Your cock is magnificent,” she whispers as she pulls up another stool close to me and in front of Ada.

“Now masturbate for both of us. How long can you hold out for?”

The exhibitionist in me is enjoying the moment as I alternate my gaze between Ada and Jodie while I tease my cock with the tips of my fingers.

“I like what you are doing, it is very exciting for me,” Ada smiles.

I look sideways at Jodie as she smiles at Ada’s remarks without saying a word.

“Talk us through what you are doing,” Ada smiles again, obviously enjoying watching me.

“I have a grade ten erection smeared in wonderful oil, that was applied by a lady wearing just shoes and a top. Bare arse, sexy shaved cunt, and wonderful legs.

“Her fully dressed boss in black leather has a very sexy persona and I am very turned on masturbating for her pleasure and enjoyment.

“I am teasing the full length of my rock hard erection with the tips of my fingers.

“Shortly I will wrap my hand around it and do it harder, much harder.

“I am fantasising what Ada would have done with my erection if she was thirty or forty years younger.

“And what I might have done with her.

“And I would love Jodie to stand behind me and tease my nipples while I masturbate for you Ada.”

“Do it for him Jodie.”

“Her fully dressed boss has a very sexy persona and I am very turned on masturbating for her pleasure and enjoyment. I would love her to suck my cock. I have never had a fully dressed woman your age blow me.

“I am very turned on and my cock is rock hard for you Ada.”

“And so I shall,” she replies with a tremor in her voice. “Your cock is huge, just magnificent. I used to be very good at this, very, very good,” she whispers as she kneels in front of me and licks the underside of my cock, then the sides with one hand on my balls as Jodie is teasing just the tips of my nipples.

“Hard or soft big boy, tell me what you want,” Ada asks as she scratches and squeezes my balls and takes my cock between her pursed lips.

“Hard,” I smile excited as I am about to learn what her version of hard might be. At first I could not work out what the incredible and very pleasurable sensation was on my erection, something I had never ever experienced previously. Then it dawned on me, Ada had removed her dentures and was doing wonderful things with her mouth, gums, lips and tongue to my erection.

“Am I good, ever had that before?,” she manages to mutter.

“Wish I was thirty years younger so I fuck you.

‘“Am I good, ever had that before, you haven’t told me yet?,” Ada teases as she manipulates her her mouth, gums, lips and tongue to my erection.

“No I haven’t, that is fucking incredible,” I manage to answer as Jodie stands behind me kissing my neck and teasing my nipples.

“She is good isn’t she, that is a huge turn on for me. She wants you to fuck me doggy style while she watches after she is done with you,” Jodie whispers loudly enough for Ada to hear. “And so do I, very much.”

I am so close to a huge orgasm as Ada lets my cock slip out of her mouth and teases it ever so softly with a finger tip as Jodie is teasing the tips of my nipples with her fingertips.

“You are breathing very heavily, don’t hold back,” Ada smiles as she increases the manipulation of her mouth, gums, lips and tongue on my erection to new heights. Never ever had a blow job such as this, as my body shudders and I have huge noisy orgasm as I watch her swallow.

“Now I want you to fuck Jodie for me while I watch. We will have to help you get a new erection. What can we do to help him Jodie?” Ada asks with a wicked smile after I return from a shower.

“Did you realise Jodie is bisexual? She loves me licking her cunt. Want to watch? Will that help you get a new erection? She is very horny after watching me blow you,” Ada teases as Jodie stands against the wall, legs apart with one foot on a chair as Ada kisses and licks her nipples as they hold hands.

Then she kneels in front of Jodie and licks her cunt lips with Jodie holding my gaze. “Nice foreplay for you? Your cock is reacting. Come and kiss me while Ada is licking my cunt and I will stroke your cock.

“One orgasm on her tongue and you can fuck me while she watches. That is so good Ada, you keep getting better and better and even better, so good, so fucking good,” Jodie moans as she orgasms.

“Fuck me now,” Jodie whispers as she leans on her elbows over a narrow table with her legs apart wearing nothing but heels as Ada stands alongside watching. As I slowly slide my erection into Jody, Ada has her hands on my arse. I can feel her finger nails digging into my arse cheeks as I slide my cock into Jody and withdraw as she has her hands and nails all over arse.

Very exciting for me fucking a gorgeous woman doggy style while her boss, dressed in black leather and heels, has her hands all over my arse.

“We asked you here to entertain us and you have been very good, What about us, have we entertained you?” Ada teases as she strokes and scratches my arse as I increase the tempo of my fucking.

“Would you like some oil on your arse?,” Ada asks. Without waiting for an answer I can feel her smearing oil all over my arse. “What about in your arse?” Again without waiting for an answer I can feel her dripping oil into my arse crack which is very pleasant as I am fucking Jodie doggy style.

“Jody told you I have a range of sexual preferences and fetishes that turn me on for entertainment and sexual pleasure. How about this?,” she asks as I can hear the noise of a vibrator.

“And this, like that while you fucking my PA?”she asks as I tense and feel the vibrator sliding into my arse. “And this?,” as she sets the vibrator to variable speed.

“I can feel that, so good, fuck me harder,” Jodie is moaning as I am holding back a huge orgasm and Ada increases the vibrator speed. “Cum with me, cum with me,” Jodie and I are almost screaming as we orgasm together.

“Was everything Jodie told you about me at the first contact true, did you enjoy my fetishes?

“Yes I did very much and I loved your black leather outfit.”