Husband and wife start role-playing

My husband and I had been married for ten years, we had
decided to leave children until later, it wasn’t that I
was career minded or anything like that, just that John
was starting his own company and he needed all the
capitol he could get his hands on until the business
could properly support a family.

I wasn’t the brightest tool in the box, I worked as a
shelf stacker in a supermarket but it meant that I
could help out with the household bills in those first
few years. My job meant that I was mostly bored, John’s
long hours and hard work meant that he was mostly
knackered and after ten years we had almost given up on
sex all together.

I struggled to get John interested in sex again, I
started dressing up, you know, sluttish, when we were
going out. Eventually we got back into the swing of sex
but it was no longer the ‘vanilla’ sex of out early
marriage, it was more way out and extreme than I had
intended it to become.

John started to insist on things like tying me up
before sex or taking me out to the woods and fucking me
in one of the clearings that were intended for
picnickers, we even had sex in the car while we were
parked in large car parks at places like the
supermarket where I worked.

One day John had me go to a pub in town, dressed in my
most sluttish clothes and made up way beyond any sense
of restraint. I had one drink, the barman was looking
at me suspiciously and I had been approached by four
men before John finally turned up and asked me if I
would like a drink. We role-played for thirty minutes,
I expected John to ask me if I would like to go to a
night club with him but he took me completely by
surprise by saying, “How much for full sex?”

I was flabbergasted but before I could say anything the
landlord of the pub asked me to leave, John followed me
outside and grabbed my mackintosh by the lapel,
“Fifteen quid and we’ll do it in the car park!” Then he
dragged me off behind the pub, the car park didn’t
belong to the pub, it was one of the local council ‘pay
and display’ car parks. I noticed at least eight closed
circuit TV cameras that were constantly scanning the
car park, John dragged me into a dark corner, I was
almost missing my footing I was being dragged along so

I was dressed in a lightweight summer mackintosh, with
a vent at the rear that went all the way to my bottom,
under the coat all I had on was a bask with built in
shelf, thong and stockings.

John yanked the front of my coat open ripping all the
buttons off as he did so, then he pulled at the side of
my thong until they gave way, then he turned me so that
my back was towards him and used my torn thong to tie
my hands behind my back. John pulled the vent at the
back of my coat open and tried to use my bottom for sex
but couldn’t actually get in as I was so tight, I was
pushed forward over the bonnet of a strangers car and
John fucked me violently from behind.

I was so shocked and off balance that I was actually
terrified and crying as John raped me, I could feel
that John was nearing his climax when there was a shout
from the direction of the footpath at the side of the
pub. “Keep playing the game!” John whispered into my
ear before he ran off into the market place. The man
who had shouted out came over and helped me to gt to my
feet, he untied my hands and began to phone the police,
even though I was still shaking and found difficulty in
standing on my own I managed to stop him phoning the

My ‘rescuer’ introduced himself to me as Tony, it
turned out that I was actually being fucked on his
bonnet, there was a small dent in the mettle-work and a
few small scratches in the paintwork but that went out
of his mind when he realised that I was finding a lot
of difficulty in keeping my coat closed and he kept
getting flashes of my tits and hairy bush as I tried in
vain to keep covered.

“You really should let me call the police you know,
they need to take samples from you if they have any
hope of catching that animal!”

I was confused, confused at how John had gone so far
off script in our role-play and now, was Tony part of
the ‘game’, John had chosen to fuck me on Tony’s car
bonnet after all, and then there was the comment about
keeping playing the game from John just before he ran

“I don’t think the police would be interested or that
they would be able to find any useful samples!”

“Oh! I see, you’ve already been working earlier today
have you?”

I realised that the part of a prostitute that I was
playing would have been totally believable even if Tony
wasn’t actually part of John’s game. Tony was showing a
lot of concern for my ordeal, he didn’t actually say it
but I got the distinct feeling that it was going
through his mind, ‘Just because a woman is a sex
worker, a man shouldn’t rape her like an animal’.

I assured Tony that I would be fine in a moment, “Could
you do with a nice cup of tea or coffee?”

“Thank you, but I’m hardly in a state to go somewhere
for tea or coffee!” I said as I indicated my damaged
coat, I spotted one of my coat’s buttons on the floor
and bent down to pick it up, just at that moment Tony
had bent down to pick up another of my buttons, he got
a face full of my bare ass for his trouble.

“I could take you to my house for coffee!”

John’s words ran through my mind again, ‘Keep playing
the game’. “OK, I’d love a coffee” Tony opened the
passenger door for me to get in and while he walked
around the back of the car to the drivers side I looked
in my handbag for somewhere safe to keep the two
buttons that had so far come to light.

In the pub John had slipped a white box into my
handbag, the box was unmarked apart from a simple logo
across the front of the box, ‘Terence Higgins Trust’, I
opened the box to pop the buttons inside, the box was
half filled with condoms, I guessed that they were the
kind of thing that would be handed out to working girls
but how on earth would John have gotten hold of them I
had no idea.

Tony drove us to the village next to the one where I
lived, he pulled up outside a small cottage and opened
my door for me to get out. I noticed John pulling in
about two hundred yards down the road from Tony’s
house. The house was a small ‘two up two down’ farm
workers cottage, I followed Tony into the back room and
he invited me to sit down while he made the coffee, he
made small talk while he was in the kitchen waiting for
the kettle to boil, I spotted John sneeking down the
back garden path using the shadows as much as possible.

Tony caused me to jump slightly when he put a mug of
coffee in front of me because I was so totally focused
on John. Tony sat with his back to the window and John
stepped out into the light, Tony mentioned that I
looked like I had calmed down after my ordeal, “Will
you have to go back out again tonight?” I saw John
nodding his head in an exaggerated fashion “Yes I
will!” I noticed Tony blushing and looking away from
me, he had something on his mind and was trying to work
out exactly how to broach the subject.

“How much will you have to earn before you can stop for
the night?” I looked to John again, he opened all of
his fingers three times to signify thirty, “Thirty
pounds!” Tony’s face brightened up, “So if I give you
thirty pounds can you stay the night with me?” Again
John was nodding his head in an exaggerated way, “Yes!”

Tony left the room for a few minutes, John was pointing
to the back door, he was mouthing for me to unlock the
door for him. I took the cups into the kitchen,
unlocked and unbolted the back door, I checked it to
make sure that it opened before I returned to the back
living room.

Tony handed me thirty pounds, “Can you take your coat
off for me please?” John had to step out of the light
until Tony leaned his bottom against the window sill.
The game certainly was getting very exciting, I
wondered when john would step in and stop things now
that the back door was open but when I spotted him at
the window again he was encouraging me to take my coat

It took me a few seconds to pluck up the courage to
open my coat, I was inadvertently ruening the game
until I realised that Tony had seen everything so far
already, admittedly it was in the half light of the car
park but he had already seen most of my body.

I slipped out of my coat, I had decided that until John
stepped in and stopped me I would play the prostitute
the best way I could, I even gave a sexy little wiggle
as I slipped out of my coat.

Tony stepped forward and started to touch my breasts,
“Am I allowed to kiss you?” I looked over Tony’s
shoulder, John started to shake his head but then
changed his mind and nodded, “I don’t usually kiss but
as you were my knight in shining armour earlier I’ll
make an exception just this once!”

Tony started kissing me passionately, lots of pressure
and even more tongue, after a few minutes he started to
move, kissing my cheek, down onto my jaw, then neck,
shoulder and chest before finally landing on my breast,
kissing around my nipple and then nibbling them.

The bask I wore had laces in the front to tighten the
body and fastenings down the back, the extra laces at
the front because being a shelf the bask had a lot of
weight to hold up. I felt the bask loosen slightly and
then as Tony began biting my nipples a little harder I
felt his fingers working down the fasteners at the

I was so turned on by John watching me through the
window as Tony began seducing me that I felt my
lubricant trickle out of my pussy and run down my inner
thigh, if John didn’t stop things now I wouldn’t be
able to stop Tony myself.

My bottom was resting against Tony’s dining table as he
opened my bask, it was uncomfortable leaning back so
far and when Tony finally stopped biting my nipples and
stood upright, he took my hand and began walking to the
stares, I looked towards my husband for a sign that he
wanted me to stop but all he did was point to my
handbag over and over again.

I snatched at the handle of my handbag as we passed it,
in Tony’s bedroom he pushed me onto his bed and almost
leaped on top of me, he was kissing me all over my
upper body, kissing, biting and rubbing me with his
face, I heard John on the stares but Tony didn’t seem
too hear. As Tony kissed me he began undressing
himself, I spotted John in the doorway, he was cutting
things very fine if he was about to stop us. I felt the
heat of Tony’s cock against the outer lips of my
vagina, John made a move, not to stop things but
warning me, he kept pointing to my handbag and mouthing
the word ‘Condom’.

Tony started pushing forward, the heat of his penis was
replaced by actual penis, I was suddenly galvanised
into action, I wriggled out from under tony, “Not
without a condom!” “You can’t blame a guy for trying!”
Tony said with a broad grin across his face.

I opened a condom and rolled it down Tony’s cock, I
looked directly into John’s eyes, looking for a sign, I
could see from the look on John’s face that he was
almost as excited by what was happening as I was, I
settled back onto my back again and Tony covered me
with his body.

John almost gave himself away as he moved into a better
position to see what Tony was doing to me, all the time
Tony grunted over me as he fucked me as hard as he
could I was looking at John and John was totally
captivated by seeing his wife getting fucked, it dawned
on me that if Tony was a friend of John’s then John
wouldn’t be trying so hard to keep his presence a
secrete, this revaluation spurred me on, I rocketed to
the most powerful climax that I had ever had in my life
before. Tony filled the condom and I felt a little let
down that we would have to end our sex at that point.

“You have another condom? I hope!” Tony didn’t deflate
at all, I stripped off the used condom and threw it on
the floor before rolling a second condom down his cock
shaft and Tony started to cover me again. “You do
anal?” I shook my head, “you must be new to the game!”
that comment confused me, then I realised that
prostitutes are sometimes said to be ‘On the game’.
“Can I at least try? I’ll be as gentle as I can be!” I
looked at John, he was holding his breath, I could see
that he wanted to tell me to do it but he was just
holding his breath, almost at the point that he turned
blue I said, “OK!”

Tony had KY Jell in his bedside cabinet, I looked at
him suspiciously, “I really like anal, what can I tell
you?” Tony used copious amounts of the jell and spent
almost an hour easing his cock into my bottom, Tony and
John had very similar cocks but John would never have
had the patience to get his cock in my ass without
killing me first.

Once inside and checking that I were comfortable Tony
started to slowly fuck me, Tony was on his knees,
looking down on my body, then he pulled my hand so that
it was between us, he placed my middle finger over my
clitoris and rubbed it with my own finger tip, then he
let my hand go and I took up the action myself, I took
one last look at John before I closed my eyes and
allowed my body to slip into convulsions as I pushed
myself way beyond a simple climax.

Tony took a second hour before he finally filled his
second condom while slowly sliding in and out of my
ass, “There you’re a proper hooker now, you can take
anybody in there now that I’ve stretched it open for
you! You know, you should be paying me for this instead
of me paying you!”

Tony and I fell asleep cuddling together, in the
morning we fucked again, John was nowhere in sight, I
assumed that as soon as the anal action ended the night
before John had slipped away quietly, I did notice that
two condoms were missing from the floor where they wee
thrown the night before. I made two coffees and took
them to the bedroom and woke Tony, I handed him a
condom with his coffee, “It’s too hot to drink at the

And off we went again, another memorable fuck but not
as exciting as it was with my husband watching us. Tony
lasted thirty minutes, only because he had to go to
work, he told me that he could fuck me all day if he
could get out of work. Fortunately I was on a day off
so I didn’t have to hurry, Tony left me in the bath,
“Just pull the door too when you’re finished, it’s on
the latch! Can I have your telephone number for the
next time I need to hire a girl?”

I gave Tony my mobile number and told him that I didn’t
work in the day very often but most evenings would
usually be OK!

I walked the mile or so home, John hadn’t gone to work,
he was waiting for me to get home, he had been winding
himself up for almost twelve hours by the time I walked
through the front door, the fact that I had just walked
the twenty minutes or so dressed in just a bask and
mackintosh that I had to hold closed. John took me on
the floor in the hallway with the front door still wide
open. We were lucky that it was a midweek day and
almost everyone in the village would be at work,
everyone except our next door neighbour.

John fucked my pussy and then turned me over to use my
back passage, I tried to stop him as my recently de-
virgined ass was still sore but it was no good, john
hurt me quite a bit causing me to moan in pain, Sid,
our next door neighbour stepped over the low wall
separating our two gardens and rushed to our door to
see if there was anything he could do to help me, he
skidded to a halt when he saw John on my back fucking
my red raw ass. John had the two condoms in the
passageway and as he fucked me he tipped the cold
contents of both condoms over my back and rubbed the
cream into my skin as he ravaged my ass.

Sid cleared his throat and John looked over his
shoulder to see who was standing behind him, “Hi Sid,
you need a little exercise?” “What you saying to me
John, go fuck off?” John laughed out loud, “No sid, you
lent me your lawn mower when mine was in the shop last
week, I was just thinking of reciprocating the favour!”
Sid couldn’t believe what he was hearing, John pulled
his cock out of my ass, “You’ll need to put a johnny
Sid but feel free to fuck my wife as long as you want!”

I turned onto my back and waited while Sid rolled a
condom down his tiny cock, as Sid mounted me and
started to throw his body against mine I looked out
into the street, “for god’s sake John close the dam
door before I end up having to fuck the whole street!”

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