I fucked my wifes aunt

My wife Vanessa 29 and her aunt Cindy 42 both have Daughters that are both Cheerleaders in the same school and same grade.I didn’t know my wife aunt sniffs so much coke and she will do anything for it sucks swallows fucks anal anything!

Vanessa and Cindy had a Competition in Texas and the sponcer asked my wife if she could stay with a group of girls in the Hotel room to take care of a group of girls to make sure the sleep early and get ur early in time for the competition so me and Cindy took off for the night and I stoped a liquor store and got 3 bottles we went back to the other Hotel that was 2 miles away. But it was Spring Break so I brought with me 20oz if coke to sell to people there that were parting and her husband works In the old field and she knows I sell and do sniff coke so at the Hotel we were drinking in she was is those type that with 1 glass she buzzing hard so I took out some coke for me and right away she asked can I have some and of course I was like ok are you sure and she was like I fell fuck up already just dont tell vanessa. I made a few good line for us thinking she just gonna do 1 or 2 I said I gonna take a shower but go ahead 5 mins later I get out and she completely naked freaking out she sniff it all 15 Lines and right away asking for more she says I have cash. I was still freaking out that she was butt naked she gave me 10 grand cash I didnt say no. I started making lines big line she sniff like it like nothing she has a big ass and tits for such a small body 4ft 8in tall! She was freaking out!!! I told her relax your husband is 200 miles away and he’s working Vanessa 2 miles away and she taking care of the girls is was like your right why I’m I freaking out I took out more coke you should have seen her eyes. I made more lines she sniffed it all I didn’t get any she was all over the room. I told her relax lay down I she got in my bed is went straight for my dick. She said can you hold me Im freaking out I said ok. I said Relax Cindy the doors locked no one looking for us she said I never sniff so much coke before I told her I’ll take care of you she said you promise I said yes of course she grabed my dick. I need something to play with just dont tell Vanessa Ok Cindy but you cant tell you Husband she was a complete slave begging to suck dick for more coke fucking for more coke she gave me everything I wanted and didn’t even ask for she was my personal slave she swallowed my sperm she didn’t eat anything for the 3 day but sperm I came in her pussy and her ass 3 nights in a row she never said no! i still fuck her to this day she said I wish you were my Real Daddy I would haved fucked you all my life Best Pussy I Ever!

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