I get to have my cake, and eat it too

My best friend, Jo and I discovered the joy of sucking
each others cocks several years ago, and have been
getting together regularly to indulge ourselves. Its
never been a love relationship, just a mutual lust for
sex that we both can share.

Since I discovered sucking cock, I have craved it more
and more, as I have an insatiable sex drive, and would
have sex 24 – 7 if it was humanly possible.

When Jo and I get together, we just hang out doing
shots, getting high, and watching porn, while we catch
up on what we’ve been doing since the last time we were
together. Eventually one of us will ask the other if
they want a blow job, or just drop down on their knees
in front of the other, and the obvious is assumed. Most
times we just suck each other off. Usually we take
turns, but sometimes we move into my room and 69 each
other. This is personally one of my favorite positions.

Every now and then, Jo will start out with, “Wanna go
in the other room?” and that usually leads to something
more. We go into the other room and proceed to undress,
and then I’ll sit on the bed and he’ll go down on me
for a while, before fucking my ass. I have become
addicted to the feel of his cock in my ass, and would
have him fuck me every time he comes over, if it were
not for one little problem. I love the feel of his cock
as it explodes in my mouth. The throbbing of his cock
just sends me over the edge when I’m sucking cock, and
makes me want more.

One particular week I decided I was going to get both.
I had planned on dropping to my knees when he walked
in, and catching him by surprise. If he tried to resist
I would just tell him to shut up and enjoy. It was not
however meant to be.

He came in with his laptop. “Hey, can you fix this?” he
asked. “My daughter got a virus, although she DOESN’T
KNOW HOW!” he exaggerated. So I began working on the
laptop. I decided to continue they way we normally
would, and turned on the porn, went and got the bottle
of rum, and a shot glass. He broke out a joint, and we
smoked, while doing a couple of shots.

I continued running virus software, trying to get rid
of a stubborn virus, but to no avail. It was time to
break out the big guns. I had a piece of software that
I downloaded off the internet on my thumb drive, and
loaded that and ran it.

“That should help,” I said. “But, it’s gonna take
awhile to run.”

With that he stood up and walked over and turned out
the light. He came over to me and got down on his
knees. I wasted no time undoing my belt and taking my
pants down. I removed one foot from the pant leg and
pushed them to the side to make room for Jo. He leaned
down and started to lick my shaft and moved down to my
balls. he then started kissing his way back up my
shaft, till he reached the tip, and then sucked me into
his mouth.

He kept his hands on my thighs as he slowly started to
take my dick all the way into his mouth, and slowly
take it out again. His speed increased slowly, and he
started taking me deeper on each stroke. Suddenly he
slammed his nose right into his pubic hair. My cock was
down his throat, and I groaned in pleasure. He began
deep-throating me on each downward stroke, taking my
six inches easily. I was in heaven, but I wanted more.

I was caught between whether to suggest going into the
other room to fuck, or letting him finish me off and
returning the favor. It was a mental struggle to
decide, because I wanted both, and I wanted it bad.
Meanwhile Jo is still sucking me off with a frantic

Without warning, he stops, and says, “Wanna go in the
other room?”

Well my mind’s made up! I’m gonna get fucked. I was
excited, and stood up, with my pants on only one leg,
and walked into my bedroom. I turned on the TV as I
walked in, and walked over to the remote and started
the DVD player. I had the player cued up in my room,
just in case we wound up in there. I finished taking
off my jeans, pulled off my shirt, and sat down on the
bed. Jo came in and started to undress as well. He
pulled off his shirt, and I decided to help him out,
and quickly undid his belt and pants. I pulled them
down and while he tried to take them off, I started
stroking his cock. As soon as he stood still again, I
engulfed his cock with my mouth.

I began to deep-throat him. My urge was so intense,
that I wanted him to cum, and cum right now. I started
bobbing up and down as fast as I could go, knowing full
when that he could cum, and I wouldn’t get my ass
fucked, but I didn’t care. Once I start sucking cock, I
want cum in my mouth.

Jo must have sensed this, as he pulled out and pushed
me down on the bed, and went down on my cock. I was so
horny now, I was ready to explode. Jo stopped sucking
me and reached for the dresser drawer next to the bed,
and got out the lotion, that he knows I keep there. Its
a warming lotion, but it works well for anal sex as

I heard the pop of the cap, and there was a moment of
silence. Then I felt his fingers on my asshole. He
rubbed lotion around the rim, and then stuck his finger
in me. He started pushing it in and out, stopped and
added more lotion, and inserted two fingers. I moaned
in delight, as all the while he was sucking my dick as
well as fingering me.

He straightened up, and applied lotion to his cock, and
positioned himself to enter me. I pushed up against his
cock, wanting to feel it inside of me. He pushed and
the head popped in. As turned on as I was, I barely
felt the initial discomfort. Jo started to slowly push
into me, but I was in a hurry, so I wrapped my legs
around him and pulled him into my ass. He slid in
without resistance. I was lubed, horny, and ready to be
fucked hard.

Jo started with a nice easy rhythm. I started to push
my hips toward him to match his speed, and to increase
the force in which he entered me. It felt so
incredible; I wanted him to fuck me harder and faster.
I began using my legs to pull me into him at a faster
rate, and soon we were fucking hard and fast. I was
moaning in pleasure, and Jo was starting grunt louder.
I knew it wouldn’t be long before he came. I didn’t
want it to stop. The way his dick felt in my ass right
now, was something I could do for hours. I didn’t want
him to stop.

Jo was slamming into me as hard as he could now, and I
could tell he was about to cum. Then he rammed his cock
into to me as deep as he could and held it there, as he
blew his load. I could feel his cock swell, each time
he sprayed more cum into my ass. It felt incredible. I
began to pump his cock again, not wanting it to be
done. He managed another minute before he went soft,
and pulled out.

Jo then started to suck my dick again, which was great,
as I hadn’t come yet. He grabbed some of the lotion,
and poured it on my dick, and started masturbating me,
getting me hard. He took me back into his mouth and
started sucking on me, but before I could cum, he

“I’m sorry. The lotion is burning my throat,” he said.

“No problem,” I said. “I enjoyed myself.”

With that he went into the bathroom to wash up. I got
dressed and went back into the living room, sat down
and lit a cigarette, and checked on the laptop.
Incredibly, this thing was less than half way through a
scan. Jo came back, fully dressed, and sat down on the
couch next to me, to see where we were with the
computer. Having found out it was gonna be a while, we
returned to watching the porn on TV.

There was a little of the joint left, so we smoked
that, and did another shot. Watching the porn for
awhile, I was starting to get horny again, so I said,
“I’m bored.” and leaned over and undid Jo’s pants, and
started to suck his cock. He didn’t object. I had
already gotten fucked in the ass by Jo, and now I was
determined to make him cum in my mouth.

I started out slow. I wanted to enjoy this, but deep
down I was in a hurry to get to the outcome. I savored
the taste of his cock, as it slid in and out of my
mouth. Jo’s moans told me that he was thoroughly
enjoying it. I slowly pressed all the way down until I
had all of his cock in my mouth, and held it there as
long as I could. After doing that to him a few time, I
lost control. I feverishly began bobbing up and down on
him, and trying to take him as deep in my throat as I
could each time. I wanted him to cum. I wanted to fell
him explode in my mouth.

I started stroking his cock in time with my mouth
movement. I pull his cock skin tight towards his balls
and deep-throat him. He moans. I do it again, and he
moans louder. He’s close now.

I began jerking his cock as fast as I can, to bring him
to the height of orgasm. As Jo lets out as gasp,
signaling that he’s cumming, I slam my mouth down over
his cock, bobbing and milking him of his sperm. I
swallow the first load, and continue sucking and
swallowing until he begs me to stop.

“Thank You,” I said. “I enjoyed that very much.”

“Uh, me too.” he laughs.

I was happy. I got to get cum in my ass, and my mouth.
I had my cake, and ate it too.

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