In the Middle of the Night

He looks so peaceful sleeping next to me, his face relaxed, his
chest rising and falling gently with each breath. What a beautiful
man… My eyes slide over him from the tip of his dark head down to
where I know his cock is under the blanket.
I hold my breath as I feel the familiar rush of sexual arousal,
laughing silently to myself at the fact that I WOULD have to feel
frisky in the middle of the night, while he is in the otherworld of
dreams. Too bad…
But wait a minute, I have this sexy man lying here in my bed, so
why shouldn’t I take advantage of it? Granted, he is sleeping, but that
can be fixed. Grinning mischievously, I move until I am seated over
his stomach. Leaning over, trying to be as quiet as possible, I kiss his
neck, my tongue slipping warmly over him. He doesn’t even stir. I
thread my hands through his hair and slowly breathe into his ear,
knowing how much he likes that when he is awake. Sliding down a
little bit, I begin to suck and lick his nipples into little pointy peaks.
He sighs quietly, still asleep, and shifts so that the blanket covering his
lower half moves down, exposing his sleeping cock. An idea comes to
me, and I scramble down a bit further, and breath a warm breath of air
on his limp cock. I can feel the wetness gathering between my legs at
the thought of putting my mouth on his manhood and lathing it with
my tongue. I take the tip of my tongue and slowly trail it down his
shaft from his head to his base. His pubic hair tickles my face, and his
particular aroma seeps into my nostrils. I breathe in, loving his smell.
I lick his balls, gently, and finally flatten my tongue at the little
opening at his head, and lick off his precum. “Mmmmmm…” I moan
to myself, enjoying his taste. I wrap my right hand around his now
fully-hard cock and begin to pump up and down the way I have seen
him do to himself so many countless times. He stirs slightly, yet
remarkably enough, remains asleep. I continue to jerk him off, and
smile as the precum gathers at his tip and begins to roll down the
length of his engorged shaft. I greedily lick it all off of him. Unable
to resist the temptation any longer, I take him fully into my mouth and
begin to suck him, my mouth suctioning and stretching him. Just as I
am beginning to wonder how much longer he is going to stay
unconscious, I feel his hands in my hair, gently but firmly holding my
head in place at his cock. As if I would WANT to move! He begins to
moan, and it is music to my avid ears. The sounds he makes are proof
of his arousal, and I can’t help but moan back in response, my mouth
still wrapped wetly around his cock. His hips thrust upward, pushing
his swollen member deeper into the wet depths of my mouth. His
breathing is getting faster, harsher, and his moans are getting louder
and longer…Until finally, he comes in my mouth and I swallow every
last drop. Sighing, he pulls me up and says huskily, “Thanks. Won’t
you let me return the favor?” More than happy to oblige, I move until
I am seated directly over his face and I lower myself onto his waiting
mouth, but THAT, is another story…