My First Black Girl

I have known Dana for a number of years and never really gave our
relationship much thought. We have been good friends, but I never really
thought of her sexually. Possibly because she had never expressed an overt
interest in myself, and possibly because I’m white and she’s black. I always
thought she was an attractive woman, but a deeper relationship than our close
friendship had done no more than flitted through my mind.

Then in June we were sent on a three day business trip out of state. Our
place of business had thoughtfully put us up in a very nice hotel with
adjoining rooms. After each days work we made a habit of going down in the
hotel bar having a nightcap and then going to one or the other’s room and
watching TV and talking.

The final evening of our trip the bar had a band playing. Dana asked if
I liked to dance and I said I did so we headed out on the dance floor. The
first songs were fast and the floor was crowded, so we often brushed against
each other, eventually we held hands to keep from getting seperated by the
increasing crowd. Dana moved with the litheness of a cat, and I think that was
the first moment I really noticed what an absolutely gorgeous women she was.
Her hair was short with just a hint of curl. Her body was shapely, her breasts
about a C cup. They had been huge but she had breast reduction surgery a few
months before. Her legs were some of the best I had ever seen, but by far the
best feature was her lips. They were full and thick. Each one reminiscent of
a juicy fruit. I had often wondered what it would be like to kiss a woman with
full lips like hers.

The band chose the point when I was drinking her in with my eyes to play
a slow song. I figured we would probably sit down but she pulled me close and
rested her head on my shoulder. This gave me the opportunity to catch her
scent. It may sound crazy, but her smell brought my cock to immediate
attention. It was like being buried in a mountain of flowers, heady and
satisfying. I was intoxicated by her. Dana could feel my stiff predicament and
pulled back slightly.

“Not uncomfortable, are you,” she said.

I know I was blushing, and my hands on her hips felt like they were
trembling. “I’m fine,” I said.

She put her head back on my shoulder, and we danced through the rest of
the song. I’m sure she gyrated her crotch against me on purpose a couple of
times, but it was so fleeting I dismissed it as innocent fun.

After dancing we had a couple of drinks each and headed to our rooms to
call it a night.

At her door she invited me in to watch TV and talk for awhile. Once in
her room she turned on the TV and unbuttoned the top button of her skirt, took
off her jacket. I should mention that this was a common occurance of the last
couple of evenings. I took off my tie and coat and shoes, and we sat in front
of the TV, so loosening her skirt was just her way of getting comfortable.

She also took off her shoes and begin to massage her feet against one

“Sore?” I asked.

“I know some man invented high heels,” she said with a laugh.

I reached over and took one of her feet into my lap and begin to massage

“Oh, that feels better,” she said.

I worked until I had massaged both her feet. All through this we were
talking about all kinds of things, until we got to the topic of sex. We talked
about our first times, where we had done it, just friend stuff. Somehow, don’t
ask how I said something which I immediately regretted. I guess the alcohol
had loosened my tounge somewhat…

“You know I always wondered what it would be like to kiss a girl with
thick full lips,” I said.

Since this physical trait was in predominately black women I just knew
she was going to take offense. At the very least kick me out of the room, at
the worst think of me as some bigot and I would lose a good friend of many

The silence seemed to last forever, but it was only a few seconds.

“Why don’t we try it?” she said. “Kissing, that is.”

“You sure?” I asked.

“Yeah, why not?” she answered with a mischievious smile creeping up
her face.

I didn’t need to be told thrice. I sidled up beside her on the couch,
put one hand on her cheek and kissed her lips, lightly at first and then with
greater hunger til our tongues were entwined. It was the most incredible
kissing experience I had ever had. I took first one, then the other of her
lips and sucked them gently, I took advantage of this once in a lifetime
situation. I put my hands on her hips and then moved them around to her back,
while hers went around my shoulders. When we finally released, I thought we
had been making out for maybe a minute, but the clock attested to the fact that
it had been closer to ten.

I looked her in the eyes and they said all I wanted to hear, so I closed
in again to those beautiful lips. This time I slowly moved my kisses down to
her neck, and with my hands I untucked her silk blouse. I moved my hands up her
shirt and rubbed them on the smooth flesh of her back. Meanwhile she had
worked her hands between us and was undoing the buttons of my shirt.

When my shirt was unbuttoned I took the time to remove my hands from her
back to remove it, as I did so she begin to undo the buttons of her own shirt.
Her white bra was gorgeous against her light brown skin, but I still felt the
need to remove it and free those large breasts. And boy was I glad I did. I
knew she had surgery to reduce the size, but that doctor deserves a medal for
what he left behind. Her slightly darker nipples stood erect waiting to be
touched. I complied with little hesitation, taking one in my hand and the other
in my mouth. I sucked first one then the other, then placed both my hands
around them and kissed my way back to those luscious lips.

I put one arm around her head, and the other behind her legs, picked her
up and carried her over to the bed. After placing her on the bed I loosened
her skirt the rest of the way, and grasping skirt, pantyhose, and panties all
at once, I stripped the lower half of her body. Then while I removed the rest
of my own clothes I marveled at her beautiful body. When the last of my
clothes hit the floor she held out her arms to me, and I just about dove into
them. I kissed her stomach and breasts as I worked my way upwards until I
could feel my cock pressing at her opening. She reached down, spreading her
cunt slightly to allow my cock to begin his ascent. Never had I felt such a hot
wet pussy. I slid in to the hilt, and then began my rhythm. She moaned under
me and wrapped her legs around my lower torso. Together we writhed in unison,
she coming up to meet my downward thrusts. My hands slid to her ass to steady
us both. I came slightly before she did, and I shuddered violently as wave
after wave of my cum assailed her cunt. She held on to me tightly and rode out
my waves with an orgasm of her own. Then instead of gettng out, I left my cock
plugging up her cunt as I kissed her. We kissed while my cock shrank, I
hunched up my hips keeping him inside her til slowly he started to grow again.
As he again achieved his full length I started pumping again. I could feel the
liquid of our love making on her inner thighs and on mine as I furiously
pistoned in and out. I slipped my finger down to that liguid and got it good
and wet then slowly begin to insert it in her asshole. At first she puckered
it up without saying anything, but then as it slid in I felt her going wild and
when it was all the way she had a series of orgasms that nearly threw me from
my happy perch. I rode out her orgasms til I had my second shuddering orgasm
of the evening.

I collapsed beside her. The bed between her thighs was pooled with our
combined fluids.

“I think we better sleep in my room tonight,” I said. She agreed and got
up to take a shower. I followed her, and we washed the sweat and love liquids
off of one another. Her ministrations to my cock, however, brought on yet
another erection. She rinsed it and then, getting on her knees in the shower,
took it in her mouth. Those lips wrapped around my dick were quite a rival to
her cunt and I relaxed as the water ran over my body. She begin to swallow the
length of it, something I had never had done before, til my entire cock was in
her mouth and throat. I had to put my hands on the walls of the shower to
steady myself, but she just worked until I exploded in her mouth, the orgasm
was’t as intense as my first two due to their close proximity, but it was

Dana and I got married two months later, and, boy, do we make one another