Wife goes wild

We added a third man to our sex lives and the odd thing was how much closer it makes us. My wife was reluctant at the idea, until one night at a local luxury hotel, I arranged a staycation, and got as nice suite. We spent the evening in the hotel lounge with live music.

Blowjob guide

First, get him out of his clothes. And you get out of yours, too. I always like to begin with a shower so we’re both nice and clean. I kiss his stomach… it is nice and flat and hard, not too hairy… I don’t like lots of hair. (Sorry if you’re hairy, overweight, and out

Doing My First Deep Throat

Tinman just had one of his very best days! Let me explain. Once I had a girl who loved to suck me, and she was especially good at deep throat. I guess I didn’t really know what she was doing then, but I knew that it felt absolutely fantastic when her mouth went all the