Instant Attraction

I’m walking through the grocery store on my day off
from work, and I pass by this absolutely gorgeous,
lovely blond woman who wore a long pony tail, white
long-sleeved cotton blouse and starched blue jeans. Her
tennis shoes were a throw off though. She wore ugly ass
white ‘buddies,’ the cheap, dollar store shoes.

This girl stood about 6 feet tall, was shapely and
slim. She had the cutest face and the biggest rack of
tits you’d ever want to kiss.

I locked my eyes on her as soon as I saw her at the end
of the aisle. I let her know I was looking. She was in
the canned meats department, fiddling around with some
Spam when she reached into her pocket and started
counting out change.

Apparently she didn’t have enough to buy the $2.49 can
of spam and she put it back. She got a 39 cents can of
potted meat.

I spoke to her and she spoke back sheepishly lowering
her head as she walked by. I had to say something, so I
blurted out, ‘hey miss! I always said if I ever saw
someone as cute as you I’d have to tell her so. You’re

She said thanks and went about her business. I turned
around and stared at her cute ass wiggling as she
walked away.

At the cash register, I was fortunate enough to get in
line behind her. I spoke again and tried to make small
talk. She smiled and turned around.

This girl had the potted meat, a pack of strawberry
cookies and a Faygo orange soda. Her total bill was
$1.17. I told her I’d gladly pay for her items just
because she was so beautiful. She blushed, the girl
ringing up the items encouraged her to ‘let him pay if
he wants to and go fill up a basket.’

The blond would only smile and drop her head. She
counted out the change and had $1.04 left.

The blond walked out the door and I watched as she got
into an older model white Ford van and sat there eating
what she had purchased.

I quickly hustled out the door, going to my vehicle,
two over from her, putting my items in it.

I waved her down as she was pulling off. She stopped
and rolled down the window. I introduced myself,
assured her I meant no harm and was seriously attracted
to her.

She told me she had to leave and try to find gas money
as her van was hovering on empty. I volunteered to buy
her gas if she would have lunch with me at the nearby
Piccadilly. She agreed.

Valerie, the blond, had been to the county jail to see
her boyfriend who was locked up on a charge of a felon
possessing a firearm and possession of marijuana with
intent to distribute. Valerie said she worked as a
bartender, but had been off two weeks tending to her
ill mother, so she had no money.

To boot, she and her boyfriend had two little boys who
were with her mother at the moment.

This girl ate a lot. She had a full meal and I bought
her five meals to go, one for her later in the day, and
the others for her mother and kids at home.

I don’t know how it all happened, but I reached out to
touch her hands as she told me her story, and I wound
up kissing her hands. Next thing I know, as we leave
and I opened the door to her van, I reached out and
kissed her.

There we were standing there in the parking lot, leaned
into her van, lips locked into an embrace with my dick
standing up.

I told Valerie we must have been destined to meet
because I had clothes in my vehicle that my wife once
wore. She had been Valerie’s size once before having
the kids. The clothes I had in the vehicle, I was going
to take to the church’s help center where they would be
given to the needy.

They were fine clothes and shoes. This girl even wore
the same size shoes my wife Cindy wore.

We stopped kissing long enough to say let’s get her to
the service station before she ran out of gas.

Off we went, two blocks away and I filled up her tank
with regular gasoline. The tab came to $47.93.

Again, I leaned into her van, kissing her passionately
without caring who was around. I convinced her to let’s
get out of the heat and grab a motel room and ‘just

Valerie agreed. It was 98 degrees out there and I had
nothing to do the rest of the day.

We went about 10 blocks up the interstate and we pulled
into a nice hotel, where I had Valerie to get the room.
After she got the room, we went to it. I brought in the
clothes my wife once had worn and asked Valerie to try
them on.

The clothes fit perfectly. Valerie was going into the
bathroom to change in and out. And after checking out
four outfits, she put on her jeans and blouse again and
came and sat near me.

I said little, just started to kiss all over her. As I
pulled off her blouse, I could smell the Irish Springs
she had bathed in earlier.

I lustfully began sucking and licking on her tits as
she cooed, wiggling in the bed. When I reached out to
pull down her jeans, Valerie sat up asking if I had
condoms. I pulled them out of my pocket, putting her at

When I pulled off the girl’s pants, I saw she wore no
panties. Her pussy was already hot, wet and sticky. I
could smell her sex as I got the pants to her ankles
and she slipped off the clumsy, ugly ass white tennis
shoes, becoming totally nude.

I love pussy. But I must have been the Barry Bonds of
pussy sucking that day because I began licking and
sucking on her pussy so intently that she could only
respond by gasping, taking deep breaths and saying

I ate her pussy so good that began to cry. I rose up
and asked her what was wrong. She told me it felt so
good and she had never been done like that before. I
resumed it, eating her pussy a full 40 minutes until
she had cum all over the bedspread and my face was
sticky with her sweet nectar.

I rose up, dropped my pants and my dick was standing
straight. I laid on my back and she began sucking me
slowly, licking my balls and then licking the head
before putting it back into her mouth to take it down
her throat.

In minutes, I came in her mouth and she gagged,
coughing as cum ran from the sides of her mouth and her
eyes turned red, from the gagging. I had been too

She went to the bathroom, washed up and brought the
towel back out to me. She sat up against the headboard,
opening her legs, asking me to eat her again.

I gladly did so as she held the headboard, shaking it,
as orgasms raced through her body over the next 15

I then got up, dick hard as ever, and laid down on her
I forgot the condom and began fucking her slowly as
we kissed and embraced. About 20 minutes into the fuck
she had cum twice and I was about to cum in her as she
tossed her head from side to side, saying, ‘don’t cum
in me. Please don’t cum in me.’

It was too late. I had hit the buzzer and sprayed cum
all inside of this 24 year old woman.

She was saying softly, all the while holding my ass,
keeping my dick inside of her, squeezing it with her
muscles to make it hard again, ‘I told you not to cum
inside me. What if I get pregnant again?’

“Then I’ll take care of my k*d baby. I love you,” I

‘But you don’t even know me. What if I get pregnant?”

“I told you,” I said to Valerie as she kept right on
humping and grinding getting my dick ready for another
awesome fuck.

I got stronger on top of her, fucking more intently and
deeper into her hot tight pussy when she flipped me
over onto my back.

‘You’re fucking me too hard. Your dick is so big,’
Valerie said as she laid on me, grinding her pelvis
into mine, then sitting up on her knees, controlling
the amount of dick that went into her.

She started to shake and cum again as I leaned upwards
and started to suck those mountainous tits.

This time I felt the cum running down the crack of my
ass as it left her pussy. I flipper her over and laid
her on the stomach. I fucked like that a while, then
pulled her to the edge of the bed and fucked her from
the rear.

I came again, but wanted more. Her pussy was so wet I
used a towel to wipe it so I could get more friction.

We laid in the bed and fucked three more times within a
period of three hours.

I had cum five times until my stomach was sore. Valerie
was spent and we laid there in each other’s arms and
dozed off. Around 5:10 p.m., she awoke and woke me up.
When she got out of the bed, huge drops of white cum
fell onto the bedspread and carpet, as she headed to
the bathroom to take a shower.

I sat there and decided to join her. We wound up
fucking once more because I could not get enough of his
sweet blond pussy.

When we parted ways, I got her telephone number, gave
her $100 to get her by until she started working again
next week.

Funny how you never want to give a woman money and
after one fuck, this young girl who already has a
troubled like, has me wanting to go out and buy her
c******n school clothes and books.

I don’t know how I’m going to swing it, but I’ve got to
do something that keep fucking her awhile until the
newness comes off of that sweet pussy. Honestly, I have
had some women in my times.

But I have never had a pussy as good as what this woman
has between her legs. And she’s lovely to boot!