Jess, a black counselor

Jess watch as the four white women entered the room and
took seats. She always enjoyed watching new faces enter
her class on race relations not knowing what they were
getting into. Her class was a non-profit class for
white women who had trouble coping with black women at
work and was all voluntarily to those who wish to come.

The companies recommended her because after her
courses, the white women came out totally different and
so friendly to their co-workers afterwards. Little did
they know the women were being turned into slaves to be
used and totally financed her lifestyle. It was a
totally isolated area where she conducted them and for
two weeks the women were brought here thinking they
were going to be educated and enjoy the stay.

Two of the ladies that entered was over forty while the
other two were in their thirties as they took their
seats and look up at her. Good she thought, older women
are much easier to be dominated then their younger
counterparts. All the women were fairly attractive as
her pussy twitched at the sight of the blond thirty
year old with the shithouse figure. The thought of
having her crawl over and lick her pussy just made her

“Class. Let me introduce myself. She said walking to
the front. “I am Jess Mitch and will be your instructor
for this class on race relations.”

Jess moved in a seductive manner in front of them. She
was a well built black lady who had worked herself up
from the slums and were now a millionaire thanks to the
poor rich white man she married who now served as her
butler in her home. Most men and some women would fall
to the floor and beg to lick her shoes at the sight of
her body and she knew how to take advantage of it.

“As you noticed,” she continued. “I am black and very
proud of it.”

She walked around in front making sure they had a good
view of every part of her body as she moved.

“Apparently you were advise by your companies to attend
this course because you have a problem dealing with
women such as myself.” She said. “Is that true?”

“I don�t have a problem.” The blond spoke out to her
enlightment. “The only reason I�m here is a young black
girl in the office keeps reporting me for every little
thing she sees and is trying to take my job. I done
nothing to her and don�t owe her nothing for any hard
time she may have had growing up. I didn�t make it that
way. Is it my fault she had a tough time?”

“Of course not.” Jess replied eyeing the lady and
drooling. “You owe her nothing. In fact all of you owe
no black lady anything.”

“Now you�re talking.” The brunette piped up in back. “I
keep telling them that but they don�t seem to get it.”

Jess glanced over at the older forty year old. She was
slightly overweight and with a larger than normal rear.
Very spank able, she thought smiling and waiting for
further comments which fail to come.

“In fact.” She continued walking between the chairs
giving the ladies a nice view of her figure. “They
actually may owe you something.”

Jess could hear the gasps of surprise from the women as
she made her way in back and started walking back up

“While most of you have been lazy living off you
husband’s large salaries and incomes,” she pressed on,
“black women have had to work their way up the hard way
and learning how to achieve their goals despite any
hardships they may have face. They have a must better
tan, more develop ass, and very nicely shaped breasts
as you have probably noticed by your husbands� reaction
in public.”

She could hear the gasps of protests in the women
voices as she kept moving up towards the front swinging
her rear slightly in back to make sure they notice it.

“Well I for one don�t believe it,” the blond exclaimed
to the cheers of the others.

“Of course you do dear,” Jess said turning around and
slowing lowering her blouse top exposing the tops of
her large beautiful brown breasts. “See my perfect

Jess noticed that all the women were staring and
delighted in the fact they were admiring them. Even the
blond didn�t say anything.

“And how about this.” Jess commented turning around and
raising the hem of her dress up to the lower portion of
her ass cheek. “Isn�t is perfect?”

Jess didn�t hear any comments as she glance behind to
see all the women staring at her glorious legs. She
knew she had their attention now and decided to press
on. Slowly she walked to the desk with her dress still
up and pressed on a button before turning around.

“To prove my point,” she continued. “I have invited
several friends to come over and demonstrate.”

A door opening could be heard as Jess watched all the
ladies glance towards it almost in a trance. Three
young beautiful black girls entered the room all naked
and walking up front to where Jess was standing. She
could hear the white women gasping in surprise and then
staring at the girls as they walked. Jess had made sure
she had three of the most beautiful girls she could
find and knew the white women couldn�t complete with
them. As they arrived, she motioned for them to stand
in front of the desk.

“See ladies,” Jess said. “Note the glorious tans and
development these women have. How can you hope to
complete with this for any man. No wonder you feel

The white women were all still seated. Normally one
would have tried to leave, which they couldn�t of
course, but they didn�t know that. Instead, they were
all staring at the girls from top to bottom and Jess
noticed several was moving their thighs in their skirts
together. She knew they were getting hot just looking
at the beauties she had put before them.

“Would any of you like to come up and have a closer
look?” She asked.

The ladies at first seem speechless till finally one of
the older ladies named Sue got up.

“Well I always wondered.” She said. “Why not.”

As Sue made her way up, Jess noticed that Kate and June
was also getting up and walking forth. Only the blond
Linda was still seated. She noticed that she was still
looking the girls over.

Jess slowly removed her top and then dropped her skirt
down to the floor before stepping out of it. She then
unhooked her bra and lowered her panties.

“Ladies,” she told the white women now up in front of
the black girls. “You may look as close as you like but
you are not allow to touch.

Slowly Jess made her way towards the blond Linda who
was now staring as she approached. She walked up till
her pussy was within a foot of the blond.

“What wrong with you honey,” she asked Linda. “Never
seen a black pussy before? Is it too much for you to

The blond was now staring at her glorious cunt and Jess
knew she was getting wet between her legs by how tight
her thighs were getting.

“Why don�t you kiss it?” Jess pressed on. “As a matter
of fact, I suggest all of you get on your knees and
kiss the beautiful pussies in front of you.”

Jess watched as the other three women immediately got
down and started to kiss the black girls cunts before
them. Several had even put their hands down to their
own cunts to try to rub their own pussies as she yelled
at them that it wasn�t allowed. She turned back to
Linda who was still staring at her pussy as if in a
trance. Quickly she put her hand out and slapped her

“What�s wrong with you slut.” She yelled at her. “Get
your ass off that seat and on the floor. Kiss my cunt.”

Jess had suspected Linda would rebelled from the start
but instead she watched her dropped immediately off the
seat on her knees and started kissing her pussy. This
class had been one of the easiest she had ever had.
Already all four white women were on their knees
kissing their mistresses cunts. She let them kiss for
awhile enjoying the feeling before yelling at them to
lick their cunts.

Linda tongue immediately found her clit working it way
up and down her clitty. She reeled in excitement of the
tonguing the woman was doing to her pussy as she felt
herself building up to an orgasm fast. She placed her
hand on Linda head grabbing a large hold of her blond
hair and pushed her face deeper in her cunt till she
came on her nose and mouth. She laughed as she glanced
around to see all the black girls were coming on the
rich bitch’s faces below them.

“You white cunt licking whores.” She yelled out. “Now
you know why you can�t complete with a superior black
women. Strip bitches so we can enjoy the sight of your
worthless white bodies.”

All the white women were panting on the floor as they
hastened to remove their clothing. She knew they were
so excited they would now do anything they asked as she
waited till the last was completed.

“Now ladies,” she said. “You are about to learn how to
pay proper respect to any black woman who comes before
you. Watch closely.”

Jess turned around and presented her black ass directed
in front of Linda face. Reaching back, she grabbed her
hair again as Linda was staring at her ass and pulled
her face between her large mounds.

“Tongue my ass bitch.” She yelled at her. “Tongue fuck
me with that big mouth of yours.”

She felt Linda tongue at the entrance of her asshole
and then slowly moving in and out. The other black
girls were now grabbing their own victims and
proceeding to do much the same as her as she grinded
her ass back and forth on Linda face. She had wanted to
do this the first instance she saw the woman and hadn�t
expected it to be this easy. She relaxed her asshole to
allow her tongue to go deeper and deeper inside. The
bitch wasn�t that bad she thought as she enjoyed her
tonguing for a good ten minutes before she pushed her
ass back pushing Linda backwards on the floor.

“Sluts.” She yelled out to the women in the room. “Now
its time to show what happens to a white cunt who
thought she was superior.”

She reached down and grabbing Linda by the wrist
started dragging her across the room over to a nearby
chair. Linda wasn�t fighting anymore as Jess noticed
her cunt was soaking wet. When she got to it, she
reached down and picked her up to her feet by the hair
and taking a seat threw her over her lap.

“See how easy it is to dominate white bitches,” She
said as the rest watched on. “Now to spank this bitch
who thought she was hot shit coming into this class.”

Swat, swat, swat.

Jess was really getting into spanking the blond big
white ass as she continued swatting it She was begging
to be a good slave to her mistress. She begged for
forgiveness and promised to worship every black woman
she came across as Jess kept pounding her ass with her
open palm. Soon, she was sobbing like a baby.

The other white women had watched everything that
happened and knew if Linda could be dominated that
easy, their asses was grass. First one and then the
rest of the black girls were grabbing their white cunts
by the hair and leading them to adjacent chairs and
throwing them over their laps also.

The women offered no resistance as they started
spanking their white fannies. All of them were
squirming and pleading with their new mistress to be a
good little white slave as Jess started slapping Linda
big ass again as she screamed out for mercy. The room
was full of their cries as Jess finally told the ladies
that the sluts had learned their lesson.

Pushing Linda off her lap, she demanded all the white
women to walk to the front of the room and bend over
for inspection. They were trying to get up nearly
crawling hurrying to get up soon as Jess and the other
ladies followed behind taunting them on their red
fannies. Once in position, Jess made them reach back
and spread their legs and asses so they could have full
access to whatever they wished. Jess reached down and
shoved a finger up Linda bushy twat with one quick

“Oh this cunt has been fucked plenty of times.” Jess
remarked wiggling the finger inside. “I think she needs
a couple of more fingers just to feel it.”

The black ladies were laughing doing their own
inspections as Jess shoved two more fingers deep in
Linda cunt as she moaned in lust.

“This one had a few in her ass too.” Another black lady
remarked. “Her asshole is as loose as her pussy.”

Jess and the other women continued to torment the poor
white women bent over shoving their fingers loosely in
and out their cunts and assholes. Their white butts
were wiggling in back as they were trying to get off on
their fingers.

“I think these white bitches are trying to cum.” Jess
remarked as Linda was now humping her fingers in
earnest. “Turn around bitch and lick my cunt. I�m going
to milk those cow jugs of yours.”

Jess watched as Linda turned around and felt her tongue
working up and down her clit as she was still bent
over. She reached down and grabbed her large boobs and
started pulling up and down on them.

“Watch me milk this cow till she cum.” Jess called out
to the other ladies who had stopped what they were
doing and turned around to watch her. “Come on cow. Cum
for your black mistress.”

Jess smiled as she saw Linda�s body start to betray
itself and her ass was swinging wildly in back. Then
her whole body shook as she came licking Jess cunt and
having her large tit being jerk up and down. The black
ladies were all laughing and decided they would try to
same with the slut beside them.

Linda hadn�t quit licking and Jess knew she was now
totally committed to serve her in any way she wanted.
She pulled her head up by her hair and stared in her
eyes totally hazed in lust.

“Tell me you are my white bitch.” Jess demanded.

“I�m your white bitch mistress.” Linda replied hoping
Jess would get her off again.

“Get on all fours and lick my feet like a dog.” Jess
commanded. “I always wanted a white dog to wag around
the yard and lick whatever I want. Hurry up bitch.”

Linda was on all fours lapping all around her large
feet as she watched the last white woman come violently
shaking all over and all of them getting down serving
their mistresses feet.

“Ladies” Jess told the other black women. “You�ll find
some dog collars and chains in the top desk drawer of
my desk. When you get tired of the bitch tonguing your
feet, feel free to put one on the mutt and take her to
one of the rooms we have prepared for you for your
weekend. I�m sure you�ll find plenty of uses for the
bitch within our facilities and thank you for attending
our race relations case 101 today. Right now my cunt
needs a good tongue massage so I hope to see yah later.
Keep licking bitch while I get your collar.”

Jess walked around the desk and grab the first collar
she could find. It had black woman bitch on it as she
reached down and started strapping it to Linda�s neck
along with a chain on the side. She hoped she could
make it to the room before she cum again.

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