Kelly in the college 1.

Kelly was my best friend’s little sister. I met her my freshman year in
college when she came in for a visit. She was a senior in highschool, but
she looked 21, easily. She was up for a visit for her 18th birthday, my
roommate Tim and I had decided that we would take her to the parties on
campus, and show her a good time.

We all got ready in our room, Kelly wearing something tight, low-cut,
and sexy as hell. She was a big girl in that she was at least 5’11”, but
everything was in proportion. She played basketball so she was firm in all
the right places except her tits. They were what I like to call a
“Niiiiiice” size – bigger than a handful, heavy, while still retaining

She wasn’t wearing one of her athletic bras now, and she filled out the
black top nicely. Not overflowing, but showing a lot of tanned cleavage,
and accenting her tight white jeans and shoes. Tim had warned me that she
was hot, but holy shit! I opened the door after putting on my coat and
held it for her. “After you madmoiselle” I said, trying to sound dashing.

She giggled and thanked me, her brother stopping as I was about to
follow him out the door.

“Don’t, dude. I know what you’re thinking. She’s legal now, but just
don’t.” I had rarely seen him mad, and at this point, he was pretty far up
there. Granted, we had already killed a six pack and two joints between
the three of us, so I just chuckled and shoved him out the door.

We went to a bunch of parties, all of the men hitting on Kelly the whole
night. She mostly sat in the corner holding court like a queen, her royal
bodyguards(me and Tim) keeping a watchful eye on roaming hands. I was
refilling my beer from the keg when I felt a hand slide over my ass and
around my front, clutching my package. Assuming it was Jessie, the girl I
was seeing, I didnt’ stop her. After a few seconds of groping, I put the
keg line back on top, and turned.

To face Kelly. She had a wicked grin on her face, and a lusty look in
her eyes. “Dude, let’s bolt! Tim’s off with some girl and I want some
alone time with you!”

5 beers, three joints and a shot of tequila and I still had the common
sense to say no, even with every fiber of my being screaming at me. “Kel,
you know I like you and you know I think your hotter than hell, but Tim
told me hands off, and I have to respect that.”

She made it harder by pouting and rubbing her soft breasts against my
arm. “Oh fuck Tim, he always does that. Why in hell do you think I am
still a virgin for crissakes??”

My head started spinning at the thought of this nubile young goddess
with a cherry still unplucked. Downing half my beer, I turned to her once
more. “Kel, I can’t. I’m dying here, but I can’t”

“Yeah, I can see that” she said angrily, staring at the huge boner in my
pants. “Well, I guess i’ll just have to give it to one of these well
mannered boys..” she said non-chalantly turning to look at the drunk corner
of losers salivating over her hot form.

“No!” I said loudly, being heard over the music. She smiled and grabbed
me around the neck kissing me deeply, her tongue thrusting into my mouth.
Restraint left me as she hugged me close, her tits against my chest. I put
my hands around her waist and drowned in her intoxicating kiss.

A hand to the back of the head almost caused me to bite her tongue. It
was Tim and he was livid. “I leave you alone for 10 minutes and YOU are
the one I needed to be worried about? Fuck you man!” he said, grabbing his
sister’s hand and dragging her out of the party.

I was left rubbing my head, an empty beer in my hand, and my roommate
pissed as hell at me. I did what every redblooded american college student
would do, I got shit-faced. Several joints and beers later, I decided to
take a long walk home. Making my way across campus, I got near my dorm
room and saw Tim’s car parked out front. Brother and sister were sitting
inside, fighting like mad. Rather than insight it to further heights, I
went around the back entrance and went into our room. I managed to take a
leak, brush my teeth and make it up onto my loft before I crashed.

Waking up the next morning wasn’t as bad as I thought it would be,
except for the elephant that had taken a shit in my mouth. I went into our
bathroom and brushed my teeth again, and pissed into the sink. I was
standing there, bleary eyed, a toothbrush in my mouth, pissing, when she
walked in. Rather than make a scene, I just ignored her and finished up.
She had walked in and closed the door, standing back leaning against it,
watching me. She had her tight black teeshirt on, but the pants were gone
and a white thong was all that was covering her sex.

My morning hard on intensified now that my bladder was empty and this
blonde goddess was standing in front of me, half naked, with that sexy
slept in look. I turned to spit, washing out the sink, and would have said
something except when I turned around her mouth was in the way. I looked
at the door and noticed she had locked it and threw caution to the wind.
My hands reached around and grabbed her ass, her hands pulling me in
closer. She rubbed her panties over my still exposed cock, low moans in her
throat telling me she approved of my tool.

“I want it” she whispered, clutching me with one hand and pulling her
panties aside with the other. Her one foot was on the toilet and her hot
pussy surrounded the head of my cock.

“What about your brother?” I protested weakly, my hand moving up to her
left breast. “He’s pissed off at you anyway, he took off for the
lakehouse. Since we’re already in deep shit with him, lets enjoy ourselves
in the meantime!” her breathing was coming in gasps as the head began to
inch it’s way into her.

“Oh god, did you lock the doors?” “The room and the bathroom.” “Good,
get in the shower, I’ll get a rubber.” “I trust you, and I have been on the
pill for 3 months. I knew I had to have you as my first ever since I Tim
showed me your picture.” She stepped back from me and pulled off her
panties quickly. The top came off more slowly, exposing her beautiful body
inch by tantalizing inch.

Her long tanned legs did not have any lines in them which told me she
sunbathed nude. I could see wisps of blond hair between her legs as my
eyes traveled up her narrow waist to where her large boobs were beginning
to appear from the bottom of the shirt. Again, there were no tan marks
that covered her wide full breasts, the areola and nipples a light reddish
color, the latter standing straight out. She pulled the shirt the rest of
the way over her head, her blond hair spilling down across her shoulders
and back. The look in her eyes was one of pure lust, most likely just as
intense as my own.

I took her hand and led her into the shower, turning it on. She helped
me strip out of my clothes while the water warmed up, her hand jacking my
cock back and forth while I played with her huge tits.

“You want me to get you off first, so you last longer?” she asked
innocently. Just the way she said it and the way she squeezed her nipple
had me firing my first load into her belly button. “OH!” she said,
giggling. I fired several jets of white ropy cum onto her, watching as she
smoothed it into her skin. She licked one finger and slid it between her
legs, her eyes closing slightly.

I dropped to my knees and pulled her cunt to my mouth. She spread her
legs as I ran my tongue up and down her lips, my fingers finally exposing
her clit. With one hand busy thrusting a finger into her, and my tongue
working it’s magic on her clit, I had her coming in no time.

“Oh God that feels good. Don’t make me wait anymore, I gotta have that
in me!” she said, pointing at my cock that had come back to life.

The towel rack on the wall of the shower was the perfect height for me
to put her in the corner of the shower and rest her foot on it, allowing me
access to her beautiful cunt. She sucked breath in through her clenched
teeth, pleasure reflected in her face and body language. She moaned loudly
with me as the head of my cock passed into her, stretching the syrupy flesh
within her. Leaning her hand against the rack, she put her other hand
around my neck and pulled me to her. The result was that I slid in another
inch and her tongue almost jammed down the back of my throat.

The angle of entry was perfect, and I drew my hips around in lazy
circles, the walls of her cunt slowly allowing me access to my shaft. I
could feel the pulsing of her b***d, her heavy breathing in and out of her
nose, her hand clutching the back of my neck. I held her leg up slightly
higher and applied my hips, sliding almost all the way out, then slowly
back in. My groin ground up against her clit, driving her wild.

“Oh shit oh shit! I’ve been practicing with a dildo but it doesn’t even
come close! Good thing I got a big one baby, you’re huge! God don’t stop!
Nnnnnnugh Oh MMMMM!”

“Got plenty of it for you Kelly” I leered, jamming almost all of it in

“OH GOD! STOP! Just for a sec!” she hissed quickly. Thinking I had
hurt her, I stayed still, flexing my cock within her. Gradually her hips
began to move and we slid back and forth.

I flexed my hips, lowering them and coming up at more of an angle to
her. I hit bottom just as our groins ground together.

“Mmmm, all the way in…I think I can take it all now..” I sped up the
pace, her soundless scream telling me all I needed to know. I settled into
a rhythm, her head bobbing up and down, a wail punctuating an orgasmic rush
across her clit.

pinching and pulling her nipples wildly. Just seeing this bombshell climax
was enough to put me over the edge. I ploughed in and out of her cunt,
dumping hot cum into her virgin pussy. She shuddered and shook in after
effect for a few seconds, my dick twitching within her.

I had to have more, but knowing what I had just done to her tight cunt,
I doubted it would happen again this weekend.

When her eyes refocused, I slid out of her and put her leg down. I took
her face in my hands and kissed her deeply. “Oh God that was awesome. I
think you ruined me!” she chuckled.

“No problem” I joked. “Next time I’ll just do you in your ass.” I
chuckled cheezily, trying to make her more at ease.

The look she got was not one of laughter or revulsion. It was lust.
“Would you? Seriously?”

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