Kelly in the college 2.

When her eyes refocused, I slid out of her and put her leg down. I took
her face in my hands and kissed her deeply. “Oh God that was awesome. I
think you ruined me!” she chuckled.

“No problem” I joked. “Next time I’ll just do you in your ass.” I
chuckled cheezily, trying to make her more at ease.

The look she got was not one of laughter or revulsion. It was lust.
“Would you? Seriously?”

“Oh you have got to be kidding me!” I said, hope soaring in my heart,
making my flagging member stand up slowly but surely.

She moved under the water, rinsing off her body. She had perfect pretty
much everything – long blond hair, soft yet firm large breasts, a thin
waist and an ass a man would die to have. And she wanted me to stick my
dick in it. She closed her eyes, running her hands along her body.

“Why, don’t you want to?” she teased, turning away from me, looking back
over her shoulder. Well, let me tell you, if I wasn’t hard before, I sure
as hell was now. Her eyes smoldered with sex as she used a hand to
separate her cheeks, her rosebud asshole winking at me. She ran a finger
up and down over it, her eyes closing slightly everytime her finger passed
over the opening. I reached down and replaced her hand with my own, my
slight probing causing her to bite her lip and moan.

I cupped her breast, pinching her nipple as I bit softly into her neck.
I immediately felt a lessening of tension on her sphincter. Taking this as
a good sign, I licked from her shoulder to her ear, my index finger probing
her opening. She inhaled slowly as she relaxed, my finger slipping slowly

“You’re unreal Kel” I breathed, slipping my finger into the second

“Mmmmm, it’s so dirty, but I really wanted to try it. Tim’s never going
to ask me back up here, and I don’t want some high school asshole popping
my cunt cherry and my ass cherry. Mmmmm that feels better” she sighed as I
felt the tension lesson and I could slip my finger in and out of her.

“Add another” she whispered.

I smiled, putting my middle finger at the opening with my index, and
pushing both in. She gasped, but with delight rather than pain. “Mmmm
thank god for big dildo’s eh? My buttplug sure is coming in handy. I
can’t wait anymore though…it’s all itchy now, it needs a cock!”

I moved her into the corner, spreading her ass cheeks apart. I noticed
that her tits were so big that I could seem them from behind her.
Cautiously probing, I slipped my cock up and down her crack. The head
would stop at the opening and then drag upwards, then down, slipping all
over the place.

Her hands took the place of mine holding her cheeks apart, allowing me
to push the head into her.

“Stop” she hissed, her anal ring tight around my cock. I could feel the
b***d coursing through it around my cock, it was tight, hot, and wet. As
the tightness let up, I pushed in a little bit, eliciting an “OH!” from
her. Her breathing was slowing and coming under control, her hips making
slight pushes back into me. I matched her pushes with small thrusts of my
own, her hips gradually pulling and pushing in slightly longer strokes.

As her anus softened up to accept me, she started working her hips in
earnest. “Damn that feels good. Rubber just doesn’t take the place of a
nice warm cock buried in my ass.. Mmmmm” She gradually worked herself down
onto my cock, her buttcheeks slapping loudly into my thighs. Moving my
hands from her hips, I clutched her jiggling breasts, thrusting deeper
within her bowels.

“Fuck me fuck me fuck me! ooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooOOOOOOOOOOOOOO
BABY!!” she screamed, her hands reaching behind her to pull my face to her.
I thrust my tongue in her moaning mouth as my hands groped her big tits and
my ass slid in and out of her tight asshole. It was enough to send me over
the edge, burying my cock in her sweet asshole and shooting my hot cum into
her. The first splash of sperm in her ass sent her coming as well, the
ring of her ass tightening around me, holding me in place.

She inhaled sharply, her ass forcing my spent cock out of it. Sliding
back under the now colder water, we rinsed off and cleaned up. We were
both spent as we dried each other off, kissing and fondling each other. We
fell into bed and crashed for several hours.

I awoke to the feeling of lips on my cock, looking down and seeing
Kelly’s blond head bobbing up and down on my stiffening member. Once she
was sure I was awake, she mounted me and put my hands on her big tits. She
put her hands on the bed and began shifting back and forth, my cock deep
within her.

“I have a confession to make…” “You’re a nympho and I am your
prisoner?” I asked hopingly. She giggled and clenched me inside her.
“Nope. It’s about my brother, Tim” “Oh god, I had thankfully forgotten
about him after you kissed me” “Well, that’s the thing. He’s not my
brother, he’s my stepbrother.” “So, does that mean he’s not pissed?” “Yeah,
we actually set this whole thing up. He’s wanted my friend Mandy for the
longest time, and she wants him to pop her cherry, but I didn’t want to be
left out.” “And he know how much I loved big titted blondes, eh?” I said,
surprising her by flipping over so she was on the bottom. I lunged deep
within her, her tits rocking back and forth. “Mmmmm, this is one big
titted blond who wants a good hot fuckin baby! Mmmmm YEAH!!” she wailed as
I began deep, hard, long strokes. She put her hands up on the headboard
and I pulled her legs off my back and practically pinned her knees behind
her head, spearing her pussy with my big dick.

“Unnnnhhh! Oooohhhhh! Jesus Jesus! Fuck my pussy oh yeah fuck my
pussy!!MmmmmHmmmm!” she cried.

“Using me for sex eh? That’s gonna cost you!” I warned. “No problem
baby, cause I got a plan that’s gonna get you two girls at the same time.
Now fuck the shit out of me!!!”

Visions of two naked 18 year olds danced through my head as I sawed in
and out of her tight hot pussy…

After cleaning outselves up, getting something to eat at the cafeteria, and
coming back to the room, Tim was back. He was crashed on his bed, so we
took the same advice and did the same. He woke us about an hour later,
grinning at us both.

“God, I hope your night was as good as mine. WOO!” he yelled.

We both just smiled, Kelli’s hand coming behind her under the sheets to
stroke me slowly. I pretended to close my eyes and lay back down, her
attention bringing me quickly to attention. When I moved my hips into her,
she pulled her thong aside and changed positions to allow me to enter her.
Her hot wet pussy caressed every inch of my cock, soft as a feather and hot
as a furnace. She continued to talk to her brother while I inched my cock
in and out of her. I cracked an eyelid, looking at Tim. I think he knew,
but he just smiled and said he needed to go see some people.

“I’m gonna take him to the lakehouse for the day so we can ski.” “Sounds
good, key is where is always is. Have fun!”

He closed the door, locking the handle on his way out. I waited all of
5 seconds before I grabbed her hips and started banging into her hard.

“Oh god, I think he knew and that made it sexier. Bang the shit out of
me baby!” I turned her over onto her stomach and pinned her to the mattress
with my hips. We grunted and moaned our way to another mindblowing orgasm
seconds later.

“Jesus Kel, what are you doing to me?” She grinned evilly. “It’s not
what I am doing, it’s what Mandy and I are going to do that you should
worry about.” She threw off the covers and jumped out of bed. As she did,
I saw a small trail of sperm leak out and run partway down her leg. “You
wanna shower, get cleaned up?” I asked. She shook her head no, and pulled
on her pants. “Mandy wants to lick it out of me, come on!” I jumped out of
bed and grabbed my own clothes, zipping up my pants as she dragged me out
the door.

I managed to lock it as she pelted up the stairs, me thundering after
her. I caught a glimpse of her jiggling tits as she passed out the front
door. I went after her, seeing her duck into a car parked out front. Her
head disappeared a second later as I made my way down the steps. I peeked
into the back seat and saw a brown haired head moving in Kelly’s lap.
Kelly’s eyes rolled partially back into her head as she looked at me, and

“Get in and drive.” she demanded, her hands snaking into the hair of the
girl licking her. I tore around the car, my dick hardening instantly. I
closed the door, put the idling car into drive and peeled out of the
parking lot. Kelly started moaning loudly once we were away.

“Ungh, yeah Mandy. Lick it out of my cunt. He tastes good, doesn’t

I muffled affirmation was all I heard. A few minutes later, she
screamed Mandy’s name and flopped back down on the seat. Sounded like
Mandy was pretty well versed with her tongue. A cute face looked at me in
the mirror as she licked her lips and smiled at me. “Hi Duncan, I’m
Mandy.” she said, smiling and licking her lips. I smiled back at her,
tilting my head up to get a better look. She obliged me by sitting back in
the seat and hefting her boobs. They were about as big as Kelly’s and they
had my mouth watering. “Duncan, pull over” breathed a tired voice. Kelly’s
head came back up into view as I pulled over. I stopped the car as she
opened the door. She managed to stumble around to the driver door and open
it. “Get in the back and give her a taste baby” her grin growing wider.

Not having to be asked twice, I turned and scrambled quickly over the
seat. Mandy’s hands were on my fly as mine were on the bottom of her
shirt. I lifted as she pulled and we were mostly naked inside of 30
seconds. Not wasting any time, she spread her legs, putting a foot on each
headrest, pulling me into her. I nudged the head of my cock towards her
cunt, the opening slick and hot.

“Hard and fast baby, I need a big cock in me” she demanded. Not wanting
to disappoint the lady, I shoved half of my cock into her in one lunge.
Two strokes later my dong was covered in her juices and I was slipping in
and out of her with ease.

“Oh God! NO fair Kelly! His cock is beautiful! God damn you’re hung.
Fuck me baby! Fuck my pussy!”

Grunting and moaning, we fucked and slammed into one another for a solid
10 minutes, Kelly making turns on the backroads that were thankfully
abandoned. I turned Mandy, bringing her legs around my back and laid her
out on the seat. Thankfully, we were in a big car so I could really attack
her pussy like I wanted. Our moans were getting louder and louder as the
pace quickened.

“Oh god cum in me! Pump your load in my cunt! OH GOD!!” she screamed,
arching her back off the seat. Her feet ground my hips down into her,
causing the damn to break in my balls and hot gooey sperm to flood into
her. Rather than feeling the release that I normally felt, I felt even more
turned on. My pace didn’t slacken and after several deep strokes, Mandy’s
eyes shot open.

“You’re not done?” “Noooo” I grunted, thrusting harder and faster into
her. “Jesus!” she cried as I flexed my cock, causing more b***d to rush
into it. She scrambled back and turned over on all fours. “Don’t waste it,
fuck my ass” Her tits were swaying to the motions of the car, her puckered
anus calling to my sloppy wet cock. I turned her so she was looking out
the back window and put my ass between the front seats. I put the head at
her opening and popped it in. She had more experience because I slid in
easily and quickly. “Yesssssssssss” she hissed, her hips bucking back and
forth. My sloppy wet cock sawed in and out of her tender ass, my hands
clutching tightly at her waist. “Yeah baby you have a sweet ass. Take that
big dick” I groaned, my nuts beginning to boil. “Oh yeah, Oh yeah o yeah”
she wailed. I could feel her fingers in her cunt through the wall of her
ass. considering the boiling in my nuts and the tightness of her ass, it
was no wonder that we both exploded several moments later, flailing around
in the back of the car. We fell on our sides, my hips continuing their
back and forth motion until I slid limp out of her.

“Damn, you guys! That was hot!” Kelly said from the front seat. “I
almost got into an accident watching!” “Oh don’t worry dearest” Mandy
mumbled. “You’ll get to see him doing that sequence again, but i’ll be
eating your cunt…”

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