Laurie wakes up the morning after and can’t remember what happened at the office New Year’s Eve party

Laurie stirred groggily as the morning light streamed
in through the window blinds. It was New Year’s morning
and as she slowly gathered her thoughts she suddenly
realized that she was in her bedroom, but couldn’t
remember how she’d gotten home from the party the night

As Laurie sat up she winced at the throbbing in her
head and from the ache throughout her body, it was like
she’d been in a boxing match and lost the fight. Then
as Laurie pulled the blanket back to get out of bed,
she saw an arresting sight. She froze as she stared at
her naked body and the dried and crusted cum spread all
over her pubic area and down her thighs.

She gasped in surprise and shock and furiously began to
sort through her muzzy brain as to what had happened to
her the night before. She’d gone to the Humped Camel
around 7 last night to join her friends from work for a
celebratory dinner. They were all from General
Strategies, a contract engineering company and even
though she was the only woman in the work group, at
least two of the other 7 guys at the party had their
wives along.

What could have happened to put her in this disgusting
state? Laurie stumbled into the bathroom and looked at
herself in the mirror. The white crusty mess was
smeared all over her pubic hair and on her stomach and
thighs. It looked like she’d been used by a dozen men
or more. There were even bite marks on her neck and

“Christ! What happened to me last night?” Laurie wailed
as she turned on the shower and stepped into the
steaming spray and vigorously scrubbed the scummy
coating from her flesh, sobbing all the while.

Finally the water temperature began to cool and Laurie
knew that she would have to leave the protection of the
soap and water and face what had happened to her. She
firmly shut of the shower and stepped from the stall
and viperously dried herself off.

Minutes later she was still standing in front of the
mirror cataloging all the different marks on her skin.
She could see bruises and bite makes and even what
looked kike a cigarette burn on her left inner thigh.
What had happened to her?

Finally Laurie tore herself away from the mirror and
donned a robe and sat on the edge of her bed to think.
Had her fellow workers gang raped her? Hadn’t the wives
been there? How could this have happened without her
being able to remember anything about it?

Then a memory flashed through her mind. It was a fuzzy
memory of one of the guys and his wife saying that
things were getting a little out of hand and that they
were going to leave. Laurie could clearly remember
Jon’s wife offering her a ride home and her refusal.
She could also remember Carolyn, Jon’s wife, saying
that she though everyone had had way too much to drink.

Laurie cringed as she remembered her response to the
woman. She’d said something like “Don’t be such a party
pooper, New Years Eve only comes once a year and I’m
having too much fun to leave now.”

Suddenly she remembered that Barry, her assistant, had
put his arm around her shoulders and was agreeing with
her drunkenly. And another image came into her
throbbing head, Barry’s hand had slipped up under her
skirt shortly after that.

Laurie, lay back on the bed with an arm over her eyes,
trying to concentrate. What had she done? Hadn’t she
put Barry in his place? Then she groaned as she
remembered that she hadn’t told him off, that she’d
actually pulled the fly to his pants open and shoved
her hand into his pants while he’d done the same to her
with his hand.

“Oh god!” Laurie moaned. She’d just remembered
something else. It was probably a while later when the
other couple got up and left the party. She vaguely
remembered them leaving and the look on the wife’s face
as she left the room. She’d looked back at Laurie as
she turned to go, and that look, Laurie realized, was
saying “You’re a slut, and you deserved whatever
happens to you.”

“Fuck! What did I do?” Laurie rolled over on the bed
and hugged herself. Could she ever face everyone at
work again? How embarrassing. Then another stray memory
flashed through her mind. She was lying on the bench
seat of a large booth, still at the restaurant and
someone was on top of her. It was Barry! Was it Barry?
Fuck! It was Barry and he was screwing her! How could
she have let him do that? And in front of everyone?!

It was true though and she knew it. She had wanted him
to fill her up. She’d needed a good riding and she’d
let him do it in front of anyone who was there. “God,
what have I done?!” Laurie moaned again, squirming in
extreme embarrassment at the brazen sluttiness she must
have exhibited.

Finally Laurie gave up the pointless recriminations and
got up and dressed. She would have to go into work
later today and face everyone but for the moment she
needed coffee and something to eat, she felt like she
hadn’t eaten in a month.

As Laurie reached for the coffee to put into the auto
brewer, she stood frozen as another memory wormed its
way to the surface. She clearly remembered the moment
when Barry and cum in her. His body had tensed and he’d
thrust deeply into her and groaned as he filled her to
the hilt. Her face flushed as she remembered that
moment. She’d hugged him to herself and ground her
pussy against his pubic bone, gasping in pleasure as
she’d cummed too. “God! Did I really do that? And in
front of people too?” she mumbled as she reached for a
coffee filter.


As Laurie sat at the kitchen table and sipped her
coffee waiting for her pop tart to toast, another
embarrassing memory f****d its way into her
consciousness. It was suddenly obvious to her that
after Barry had cum in her another man had taken his
place. God! Had she just lain there and let that

The answer was yes, she could remember the feeling of
the naugahide seat beneath her and the sticky feeling
of her sweaty skin against it as someone else moved
over her splayed body and the feeling of his body
coming to rest on top of hers.

In the light of day Laurie couldn’t imagine letting
something like this happen to her. She was a sensible
woman and normally even a bit reserved. She guessed
that the combination of too much alcohol and not having
gotten any sex for so many months, had worked it magic
on her and made her throw all caution to the wind.

She couldn’t remember which one of her colleagues had
been next, but she could remember herself gurgling with
pleasure as he thrust deeply in and out of her,
grunting with the effort. She could even remember
herself urging him on with gross comments like;
“Faster! Harder! Fuck my brains our stud!” How could
she have done that? What was I thinking?

That was the problem, she hadn’t been thinking she had
been into the physical pleasure, the excitement of
fucking guys in front of other guys. It came to her
that the exhibitionism was what made her so horny and
willing. To know that all those men wanted to fuck her,
they were hot for her body and she could let them have
her or not, as she chose.

Only it appeared that she’d let them all have her.
Laurie couldn’t remember how many men had fucked her
the night before, but she had a hazy recollection that
probably everyone there had had a go at her. What a
disgusting whore she was. How could she ever get past
this one act of stupidity?

Laurie dropped her pop tart onto her plate and sat
staring into the middle-distance as another memory
flashed across her brain. Brian. God Brian was there!
Brian, who she’d been dating. Brian who she wouldn’t
let get to third base because she wanted his respect.

God! Brian had fucked her! She could just remember that
he’d been riding her pussy like all the rest, she
remembered him saying, “Finally, I get to fuck you
Laurie. Why did you make me wait all this time and then
give it up to everyone. What a fucking slut you are.”
She remembered him saying that as he pounded his dick
deep into her, holding her hips and pulling her up
against him like she was a rag doll as he thrust into

“Well, I guess I can kiss Brian goodbye,” Laurie said
to herself as she leaned forward, head in hands feeling
total despair.


As Laurie reluctantly dragged herself to her car and
started the 15 minute commute to work, another memory
popped into her head. “Oh fuck!” They’d been kicked out
of the restaurant and carried on their little fuckfest
in the field out behind the building. She’d lain there
playing the willing slut to their lust. “How could I
have done that?” she said aloud again for what seemed
like the hundredth time.

As Laurie pulled her little red Mustang into the
parking lot of General Strategies, she slowed her car
to a crawl. How could she face her colleagues after
what she’d done. How would they treat her now that most
of them had used her body like a fucking whore. “Oh
gawd!” she wailed and slammed her fist into the
steering wheel.

She slumped over the wheel reliving what she could
remember of the night before. ‘What a fucking
disaster,’ she though. ‘I will never go to another New
Years Eve party again. For that matter I don’t think
I’ll ever go to any party again.’

As Laurie walked into the building, images on naked
male flesh, hard thrusting rampant appendages floated
through her mind. Even though she couldn’t remember who
had fucked her, she did remember bits and pieces,
moments of pleasure and pain. She just wished that she
could remember the whole thing.


Finally the moment of retribution. Laurie pushed the
glass door to the engineering office inward and walked
past the receptionist’s desk. Down the hall, past the
other engineer’s offices. Then she was face to face
with Barry. Fucking Barry. The son of a bitch who had
started it all.

To Laurie’s amazement, Barry just offered her a blaze’
greeting. He looked like he had a painful headache and
didn’t want to be at work at all. Laurie stood there
waiting for a leer or a suggestive comment. Something
like, “Man Laurie, you where smokin’ last night!” Be he
just shuffled back to his office and shut his door.

Laurie was speechless. The bastard had just treated her
like normal, like nothing had happened. Was the sex
with her so blah that he didn’t think it merited

As Laurie was about to enter her office, she heard a
voice calling her. It was Brian. ‘Oh fuck, here we go,’
she thought. Steeling herself, Laurie trudged down the
hall to Brian’s office. What could she say? How could
she explain her behavior?

Brian ushered her into his office and shut the door. He
indicated that she should sit and Laurie took a seat
grateful to take the leaden weight off her body and
slumped in the chair.

“Boy Laurie, you look all out this morning. I told you
you should have lain off the booze a little.”

Laurie looked into Brian’s eyes with a real sense of
loss. How could they ever get together now like normal
people, after what she’d done? Then Brian said a
curious thing.

“You were wonderful last night. It was worth it to wait
until you were ready. I don’t think I’ve ever had
better sex than I did with you last night. Man, that
role playing stuff you came up with was so hot, it made
me so horny that I came 5 times. You were wonderful
Laurie, you really where.”

Laurie sat there and stared at Brian’s happy face. He
looked like he had been made king of England with all
the money and prestige that comes with it. What was he
saying? Was he saying that he didn’t mind that she’d
screwed all those other guys? Was he that big of a

Finally Laurie was able to speak. “Brian… you seem
happy about last night. I-I mean you didn’t mind, you
know… everything that happened? You’re okay with the
way I acted?”

“Hell yes Laurie! When we went to my place you became
this wonderful wild woman. I’ve never had sex with
someone as wild as you before. And pretending that I
was all those different guys, well, hell, like I said,
I don’t thing I’ve ever cum so many times in one night
in my entire life before.”

“Really?” Laurie mumbled as her mind frantically cast
back to the night before. Could it be true, had she
gone with Brian and “pretended” that he was all those
different men? Relief flooded through her like a
physical pain. Could this be?! “Well, I’m glad you
liked it, I wish I hadn’t drunk so much. I don’t even
remember how I got home last night.”

Brain, looked like a Cheshire cat and said, “Around 2
o’clock in the morning you insisted that you had to go
home so you could be ready for work today. Neither of
us was in any shape to drive so I got you a cab and
paid the driver to get you safely home.”

Laurie heaved a huge sigh of relief and pushed herself
out of the chair. “Well, in that case I think I really
enjoyed myself last night Brain. You’re quite the
stud,” she chuckled and leaned over the desk and gave
her new lover a brief kiss on the lips.


After making a date for Saturday with Brian, Laurie
headed back to her office. As she sat down at her desk
a very discordant memory bubbled to the surface. She
was in that field again, but this time she didn’t
recognize any of the men that were ranged around her.
But she could remember one of them saying, “She’s so
fucking drunk, she’ll never remember what happened.
Fuck her brains out man, then I wan’ another go, then I
gotta get her back to her place before she comes

Laurie sat at her desk as a cold shiver went down her
back. What had she done? What had been done to her? “Oh
god!” she gasped, as everything from the night before
came rushing back to flood her mind with images that
she instantly wished she could forget.

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