An executive’s attractive wife is trained by another man to please men on her nylon covered knees while her husband waits across the foyer

Rob Connors sat alone in the small anteroom just off
the foyer. He could hear, but not see what was
happening in the larger room across. The doors to both
rooms remained open and the hard tile surface of the
entry way served to make the sound carry with
surprising clarity. He had listened intently as the
sharp click of high-heeled pumps sounded on the hard
surface and then softened slightly as they reached the
hardwood flooring in the larger room.

It was his wife who was now standing in the entry way
of the larger room. He was so aroused by what was
happening that his heart pounded and his breathing
became ragged. His erection tugged against the crotch
of his slacks.

Diane had dressed carefully… as she knew was
expected. She smoothed the skirt on her blue knit dress
and walked into the room. The heels of her navy colored
high-heeled pumps clicked dully on the hardwood floor.

She blushed as she looked at the muscular man who sat
looking at her with a bemused grin on his face.
Stopping just inside the door, the lovely blonde
grasped the hem of her dress skirt, raised it high on
her nylon covered thighs, placed one high-heeled pump
behind the other and curtsied. The man nodded his

The lovely blonde then stepped out of first one and
then the other of her high heels, leaving them standing
upright in front of her. She stood in her stocking feet
on the hard floor. Her legs, ankles and feet were
attractively displayed in the taupe color, reinforced
toe nylon stockings she wore.

The curtsy was a gesture of respect. Removing her shoes
was a sign of her submission… a requirement of her
new master who smiled and said, “Very good, Mrs.
Connors, continue…”

The sound of the male voice controlling his wife sent a
jolt of excitement through Rob. He so wanted to get
up… to peek around the corner, across the hall…
watching. Instead, he remained seated and let his hand
touch his crotch.

Diane Connors reached behind herself and lowered the
back zipper of her dress. Sliding the garment down
exposing her lacy lingerie and darker stocking tops,
she stepped out of it. She padded in her stocking feet
to a nearby chair and laid the garment on it.

Returning to her high-heeled pumps she once again
stepped into them. The rules were simple… dress on,
shoes off; dress off, heels on.

The attractive, thirty-eight year old blonde turned and
faced the seated man once again. She was wearing a
white lingerie set consisting of lacy top brassiere,
panties and garter belt which was attached to the
darker top bands of her taupe shade nylon stockings.
She stood with her nylon covered ankles and navy high-
heeled pumps held tightly together with her arms at her
sides… the position of attention… as she suffered
the greedy inspection of the thick-set man.

At his signal, she walked forward before him enduring
his inspection as his eyes wandered from her attractive
face, down her lingerie clad torso, further down her
nylon covered legs to the pointed toes of her high-
heeled pumps. Diane held her position until he signaled
with his hand and she dropped slowly to her nylon
covered knees in front of him. The lovely lingerie clad
woman knelt on her nylon covered knees, legs straight
out behind her, the toes of her pumps on the floor.

Having heard the rustling of clothing and then the
clicking on his wife’s high heels on the floor, moving
farther into the room, Rob could not contain himself.
He undid his zipper and let his pulsing shaft flop out
of his pants. Greedily his hand grasped it.

Looking up, Diane’s hands went to the man’s pants,
unbuckling his belt and lowering the zipper. Reaching
her dainty hand into his shorts, she pulled out the
long, thick shaft which was already hard with pent up
lust. Doing as she knew she must, she moved her head
forward, opened her mouth wide and slid her lips over
the end of the massive cock. Slowly she began bobbing
her head up and down, saliva forming in her mouth as
she did.

“Lovely, Mrs. Connors,” the seated man said as he
caressed her blonde hair. “You have learned your place
well. Now serve me… but first show your gratitude by
telling me what you are doing.”

Diane had little choice but to comply with his request
to further debase herself. She had removed her dress,
dropped to her nylon covered knees, unzipped his fly
and with absolutely no waiting, she had thrust his
massive, waiting cock to her lips.

“I am on my knees… sucking your… cock as sign of my

Diane slowly opened her mouth. Placing his hands behind
her blonde-haired head, he eased her forward so his
cock went deeply into her mouth. Diane used her mouth
as if it were a hot pussy. The lovely married woman
bobbed her head up and down, trying not to gag.

Listening to his wife being ordered to her knees and
admitting to sucking cock sent Rob to the edge. His
hand excitedly stroked his cock. Precum leaked freely.
He didn’t care as she stroked and listened intently.

The now excited man urged Diane to increase the tempo
of her sucking. Diane could feel the head of his cock
starting to throb, then suddenly he pulled his cock out
of her mouth. He quickly grabbed it and aimed it at her

“Open wide, Mrs. Connors!” he said in a husky voice,
“You are about to receive a nice hot load of cum, your
first of many!”

The thick-bodied man suddenly moaned in ecstasy as he
continued to pump his cock and then… the shock of hot
sperm shooting on her face, onto her lips, into her
mouth and on her tongue.

He aimed his cock so not a drop was wasted, then thrust
it back into her mouth, so it acted as a plug!

He continued to fill her mouth with his cum. “Swallow,
Mrs. Connors,” he said in a taunting voice, “You are
going to have to get used to having me use your mouth
as I please.”

The man kept his cock in her mouth until Diane
swallowed every remaining drop of his cum.

“Oooooh, very good, Mrs. Connors,” he chortled, “I am
sure that you will become a superb cock sucker and my
friends will be delighted!”

Across the hall, Rob Connors spurted nearly in unison
with the man whose cock his wife had dutifully sucked
on her nylon covered knees. The thought of his lovely
wife stripped to her lingerie, nylons and high-heeled
pumps and then kneeling to suck cock send him over the
edge. Hot cum spurted and sprayed the rug in front of
him. Trying to get his handkerchief from his pocket, he
collapsed back in his chair. He would be told when he
could put his now dangling shaft back into his pants.

The Beginning…

The upscale event at the hotel had been a fun evening.
Maybe the wine had clouded her judgment, but the man
had seemed so helpful as he offered to direct her to
the parking garage. Instead she had found herself in an
unoccupied room.

Diane had noticed the bulge in his pants with horror.
The excited man had moved forward and tried to press
his crotch against Diane’s expensive, sleeveless black
cocktail dress.

She had pulled away nearly tripping in the tall black
leather high-heeled pumps on her nylon covered feet.

“No!” the man had spoken sharply, using a tone of voice
calculated to establish control.

“You’re not leaving yet. You’re going to suck me off
first.” He had waited while the frightened woman
digested his words before continuing. The thought of
the executive’s snooty wife being f****d to wrap her
sexy lips around his cock had been irresistible. “And I
am not going to cum until you do it right! Do you

Once again, Diane had listened looking startled at this
requirement, but nodding her agreement. Trying to buy
time in hope of an escape, she would have agreed to

The man had then continued his verbal assault on Diane.
The distraught woman had been ordered to her nylon
covered knees and waited quietly, head down, seemingly
resigned to her fate. Her skirt, modest by intent, had
ridden high on her rump, exposing the darker top bands
of her nylon stockings and long, slender nylon encased
legs and bare thighs right up to her panties. The man
had leaned down to whisper some final orders in the
frightened woman’s ear. “Keep your hands behind your
back, holding up the hem of your skirt, Diane!”

Diane, crying, had moved to obey. Her trembling hands
had hesitantly pulled her short skirt up, completely
exposing her nylons, lingerie and backside.

“Now,” he had continued, rubbing his crotch, “I’m going
to spank you until your new friend is ready to cum, so
you’d be well advised to give him your best efforts!”

He had patted Diane’s head for effect. Feeling the
man’s hand Diane had knelt up on her nylon covered
knees and the pointed toes of her high heels on the
carpet… waiting for her ‘new friend’. She had looked
up to see that the man was standing in front of her,
his cock hanging limply from the fly of his trousers.

“You new friend’s not very stiff yet,” he had said,
smirking down at the executive’s attractive wife who
knelt with her skirt pulled up over her nylons. “But
don’t worry, he will be by the time you’re finished.”

This had been too much for Diane. Mouth held firmly
closed, she had turned her head away from his dangling
cock. He had bent over the humiliated woman and raised
his palm. SLAP!

“Ow!” Diane cried, recoiling from the impact. She had
instinctively dropped her hands to protect her
reddening bottom side.

“Stay Still!” the man had ordered, “And keep those
hands on your skirt!”

Sobbing, Diane had obeyed, once again pulling her skirt
up on her nylon covered thighs to expose her darker
stocking tops. “Now open your mouth,” she was ordered.
“Unless you want to be spanked some more…”


Diane had trembled as his large hand was once again
brought painfully down onto her exposed bottom. But
following orders, she had opened her mouth as wide as
it would go. The demanding man had looked down at Diane
Connors, enjoying the sight of her pouting lips opening
to accommodate his stiffening member. He had decided
that he could get used to this. As he had slipped his
cock in, he showed her palm again, and Diane had
started energetically sucking on him. A few seconds
later the large man had grown visibly harder inside her

“Come on my dear, Mrs. Connors! Open up. Let me see
your pretty little tongue licking your new master’s
cock!” He had watched in delight as the compliant wife
obediently ran her pink tongue all around his cock
head, collecting his salty juices as she licked. The
man was soon groaning in pleasure at the sight of the
woman kneeling before him in absolute submission.
Impulsively, he had put his hand behind her head and
f****d it towards him, sliding his cock down her

“Let me feel your throat around me, Mrs. Connors!” he
had ordered, voice hoarse, as he slid his length of
throbbing manhood deep into her face. “Aaahhh – feels
so good!” The sight of the executive’s wife sucking his
cock had heightened his feeling.

Gasping for air, Diane had tried to pull back, but her
assailant had held her head so that she had no option
but to take the whole penis deep in her throat. Gagging
and c*****g, Diane had accommodated it as best she
could. The sucking had continued for some time. When
the man had reacted like he was just about to cum, he
had suddenly pulled his cock out of her mouth.

“Time for act two,” he had declared. “I want to cum in
your hair, on your face and your dress, Diane. Lick and
touch me until I cum all over you!”

Diane, momentarily unrestrained, had tried to stand up.
She had wanted desperately to get away! No job could be
worth this degradation. It had been a futile effort,
however. As she had begun to pull herself to her feet,
the man had grabbed her by her shoulder and f****d her
back to her knees. She had knelt again with nylon
covered knees together and black high-heeled pumps
placed with heels together and toes pointed squarely at
the floor.

There had been no escape. Hand firmly gripping her
hair, he had leaned forward and whispered: “I’m going
to give you thirty seconds, Diane, dear. If I’m not
finished in time – if I haven’t cum all over you – then
I will be cumming up your ass. It’s your choice!”

Fresh sobs wracking her, Diane had started frantically
licking and sucking at the man’s cock, pre-cum dripping
down her lovely face and smearing her carefully applied
make-up. She had used her long, slim fingers to
masturbate the man while bobbing her mouth up and down
on his cock head.

She had felt her hair being tussled as the man wrapped
it around his cock using it as a make-shift cunt. Then
the man had pulled open the arm hole of her dress,
pushing his cock under her bra strap and against her
shoulder. He had pushed his cock down into her
cleavage, masturbating it up and down.

For her tormentor, however, it had still not been
enough. “You’ve got twenty seconds, Mrs. Connors!” he
had warned, gritting his teeth. “Say slutty things
about yourself while you get me off!”

The terrified socialite, her mouth off his cock, after
coughing, began to speak. “I’m a slut…” she had said,
her voice faltering as she cried in shame. “I’m…”

“Be more dirty!” he had demanded patting Diane’s tear-
stained face. Diane had choked back her sobs and obeyed
as best she could. The man whose cock she had been
sucking began to run his hand up and down its well-
greased length, all the time keeping it pointed
directly at her face.

“Cum… Cum on my face!” she had cried. Desperate to
make the man cum before he carried out his threat of
raping her ass, she had begun to lick at the cock in
front of her, speaking as best she could between

“Make me a sticky mess. Cover me and make me your cum
bitch.” Acting as quickly as she could, Diane had
serviced the cock, licking, sucking, rubbing,
kissing… doing everything possible to make him cum
all over her.

“Say your name… tell me what you are,” the man
groaned. This was the ultimate degradation, but Diane
complied, “I’m Mrs. Diane Connors. I’m a dirty…cock
sucker. I’m a slut… I’m a bitch… Cum all over me!”

That had done it. The cock in her hand had begun to

“In your face, Mrs. Connors!” the man had hissed,
grabbing Diane’s hand and directing the cock as the
first string of sperm flew through the air and landed
on her face and in her pretty brown hair, by that time
mussed by the handling it had been given. The standing
man had emitted a deep groan, his cum then spraying the
upper part of her tits and dress and dripping down
towards the raised skirt and nylons beneath.

Humiliated, but thankful to have succeeded in making
the man cum at last, Diane had squeezed every last drop
from the man’s cock, aiming it all somewhere on
herself. Jets of thick, white cum had sprayed her face,
hair and dress. When he was finished he had stood back
to admire his work.

Diane had remained kneeling, gasping. Her expensive
dress was by then stained with white sperm, the thick
fluid dripping down the material as it congealed and
dried. Smears of glistening white sperm had marked,
slug-like, the trails it had taken down her face and
upper chest, and her hair had spots matted with
glistening cum.

“You make a good cum pig!” had remarked the freshly
sated man, laughing at the kneeling, crying woman.

“Fancy someone finding you looking like this in a
bedroom with another man!” he had taunted. “What a
slut! And for the wife of someone in a position of
responsibility in the organization? What would the
other employees think? What would Mr. Connors think!”

Diane had seemed momentarily taken aback. Her
humiliation had shown on her face. The man had sighed
dramatically, “I hardly think that you could show your
face around here if word got out about your…

Diane had just sniffled as if not understanding. He had
laughed delightedly. “But of course,” he had continued,
“I would be glad to lend my assistance.” He had looked
at Diane, who still dripping with cum, had struggled to
her feet pulling her dress skirt down as she did.

“Very good, Mrs. Connors,” he had murmured, “I’m sure
you want this to remain our little secret… and you
will do as I say to keep it that way.”

“Y-yes,” Diane had nodded in consent. She had no choice
but to play along. Little did she know that her
debasement would not remain hidden from her husband for
long and he would be drawn in, as well.

Having finished, the man had turned to leave, ordering
Diane to wait until he was long gone. She had obeyed,
standing with her head bowed in shame, looking at a
large glob of cum on the toe of her high-heeled pump.

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