Lusting After My Landlady 2.

I couldn’t sleep that night after Mrs. Lee left my room. In my mind, the whole sexual experience played out again and again like it was a movie on replay. I couldn’t believe that I had actually achieved my dream of having sex with her, and it all happened within a single day! I couldn’t imagine what tomorrow would bring…..

The next morning was a beautiful, bright and sunny Saturday. I woke up with a fuzzy feeling if what happened last night could be a dream. But then I saw my sweat-stained T-shirt on the floor and knew it was REAL!

There were some noises outside my room, and I immediately knew that up and about – probably having breakfast or already preparing to go out. After all, they would usually meet up with friends or visit their grandson during the weekends. I wondered if it would be awkward to go out and face them after what happened last night. But what the heck, I couldn’t possibly avoid them forever! I am afterall staying in their house!! So I went out (fully clothed of course!) and found them having breakfast in the kitchen, just as I had expected.

“Ah, good morning my dear!” Mrs. Lee chirped brightly upon seeing me, not a hint of awkwardness on her face. “Come join us for breakfast. I made French toast!”

Mr. Lee just uttered a quick ‘morning’, without lifting his head from the newspaper he was so engrossed in.

“Good morning, Mr. and Mrs. Lee!” I replied as normally as I could, and of course smiling back at Mrs. Lee for her generous offer.

I sat across the table from her with Mr. Lee on my right. She was wearing a sweet pink T-shirt which was rather body-hugging, and naturally showed-off her equally generous bosom. I still couldn’t stopped staring at them even though had them for supper last night! Only now, I was more worried that her husband would catch me staring, and not her!

So we had breakfast and helped them clean up after that. When her husband went into their room to shower and change, Mrs. Lee quickly pulled me aside and whispered,” Will you be at home tonight?”

“Yes, yes I will be…..” I muttered. But that was the truth anyway.

“Good, and you don’t have to buy dinner, I’ll get you something delicious on my way back.”

I often bought my meals or had them outside so this was indeed good news, since I get to save on one extra meal! But small part of me was a little disappointed, coz I had expected something more from her, after what happened last night.

I saw them off at the door and spent the remainder of the day just lazing around and watching TV, with occasional thoughts of last night’s events playing out in my mind. I wondered if anything exciting will be happening tonight as well!

Soon evening came and I was still lazing on the couch when I heard the sound of keys unlocking the front door. I quickly got up to help open the door, expecting to see both of them there. But to my surprise, only Mrs. Lee was at the doorway!

“Oh, how come you’re alone? Where’s Mr. Lee?”

“The old man decided to spend the night at our son’s, so I told him that I’d return first, since I promised you that I’d buy dinner”

“You didn’t have to go to all the trouble! You could’ve just called me to let me know and I can just eat out as usual. You’re just too sweet to me!” I said honestly.

“Oh nonsense, my dear, it was no trouble at all. What’s more, I could use some time away from that old fart. He’s always yakking and complaining about the littlest things!”

It sounded like they had one of their little tiffs that happened from time to time. I guess that was pretty normal for any couple, no matter their age! But this was the first time Mrs. Lee came home alone.

“Go on and have your dinner, you must be starving!”

I wasn’t in the mood to eat then, though I was really starving. The thought of her and I alone in the apartment made my mind wander wildly. Oh all the possibilities! But I began to eat anyway on the couch, in front of the TV, just like I usually do.

“Enjoy your dinner while I go have my shower”, Mrs. Lee cooed, almost hinting at me to join her! Or did I let my imagination run wild?

She went into her room, but didn’t close the door! Soon, I heard the distinct sound of water, and wondered whether she even closed the bathroom door! I plonked my dinner on the coffee table and crept slowly but quietly towards her bedroom. When I peeked in, I could see that her bathroom door was also left open slightly!

I thought for a brief moment if I should take my chance and enter her room. What if she caught me?! I don’t think she’d mind, considering what happened last night. Perhaps she wanted me to go in?!! Oh what the hell! I continue into her dimly lit room and proceeded towards the bathroom door.

As I crept colder, I could see her pink bra hanging on the wall of the bathroom, along with a pair of matching panties and the rest of her clothes. The sound of falling water became much louder. And there she was – standing naked enjoying the warm water of the shower, both hands washing her face, water streaming down her huge breasts. Oh gosh, this was another fantasy fulfilled!

“What took you so long, my dear?”

What the hell?!! She knew?!!

“M…M…Mrs. Lee, I’m s..sorry, I didn’t…. I….

“It’s all right, honey…. I was hoping you would follow me” She was looking at me now, hands no more on her face, but gently caressing her soft breasts. “Come join me!”

Oh wow, second night in a row! I took off my clothes and went to join her in the shower, tentative at first, not sure how I should act. After all, it was my first time taking a shower with her – any lady for the matter!!

As gentle and caring as ever, she started to lather my body with shower cream, not missing a spot but paying extra special attention to my crotch area. And before long, I was hard.

“You have to help me too, you know” she said, pointing at the bottle of shower cream. I put a decent amount in my palm and started applying it on her body, from her arms, to her shoulders, to her breasts (I stopped there for a much longer time) and down to her bush!

“I’m so turned on now. Let’s get out of the shower!” Mrs. Lee told me suddenly. Boy, was she anxious! And I had no reason to object!

We toweled up and were soon kissing passionately on her huge king-size bed. Two naked bodies rolling around and touching each other everywhere! This time she didn’t have to suppress her moans anymore! She sounded so sexy! And I took my time to really enjoy her breasts, sucking hard on her nipples and licking all over, careful not to miss a spot too!

“I’ve wanted to do this for a long time”, she said as she plucked my head from her bosom. I was taken by surprise as she laid me on my back and started sucking on my cock. Up and down, up and down, but as gentle as ever. Mature women ARE certainly more experienced!! Then she got on top of me and inserted my cock inside her. “Oh baby, let me make love to you all night!” Mrs. Lee was suddenly a changed woman!! I’ve never seen this side of her! Oh, you know what I mean!

I let her ride me hard and long, both of us moaning like there wasn’t anyone in the a two-mile radius, hot and steamy, sweat flowing down our bodies, and my hands never leaving her breasts. Alas, I knew the inevitable was about to happen.

“I’m….I’m gonna come!”

“Then come, baby!! Come inside me!!” she screamed!

“Really, but I… But I……”

It was too late. With a final, satisfied moan, I emptied all I had inside into Mrs. Lee.

That night, I slept soundly in Mrs. Lee’s bed, with her sleeping naked beside me.