Lusting After My Landlady

It all started when I began my tertiary studies in Singapore. Being an ‘international student’, I had to look for a room to rent as the school did not provide accommodation for its students. After searching for some time, I came to view a cosy little room, in a 3-bedroom apartment owned by Mr. and Mrs. Lee. Mr. Lee was a retired gentleman in his 60’s while Mrs. Lee, in her late 40’s, was working as a clerk in a small local company. The couple lived alone as their only son was married and was now living with his wife. I immediately placed a deposit for the room as the place was conveniently located, fully furnished and reasonably priced, plus, Mr. and Mrs. Lee looked like really friendly people!

So I moved in soon after and school started with lectures and tutorials and as usual, tons of reading and projects, which made me spend a lot of time at home (coz I prefer studying at home compared to the library). The only time I usually got to relax is after dinnertime, when I’d chill out in the living room watching TV, and at this time of the day, Mr. Lee would be in his room also watching TV and Mrs. Lee would have just gotten home from work. She’d have a quick dinner and then began her household chores, like sweeping the floor, tidying up the coffee table and doing the laundry. While she did the cleaning, I would occasionally catch glimpses of her cleavage and her bra, as she had to bend down to arrange the magazines & newspapers, or to sweep hard to reach spots, usually under the sofa on which I was seated! At first, it was unintentional and accidental, but after some time, I was actually turned on by those sights, brief as they might be!

Now, Mrs. Lee wasn’t a pretty woman, in general, but she always had a friendly and warm smile on her face that made her….. attractive, to me at least. Also, her body was slightly on the plump side, which in turn made her bosom fuller than the average Asian woman. These, plus the fact that I was particularly attracted to women with large breasts made me notice those occasional moments when her bosom and brassiere were visible to me. She also usually did the household chores while still in her rather loose working blouse (with buttons down the middle) and skirt, which meant that every time she bent down, good ol’ gravity would cause her blouse to fall lower, revealing her soft, fair breasts and bra. It was like a little bonus for me after a hard day of schoolwork! As time went by, I decided that I wanted to see more of Mrs. Lee…….

So, one fine Friday evening, after completing my report and all my homework for the week, I sat at the usual sofa waiting for Mrs. Lee to come home. I heard the door being unlocked and went up to open it for her and help carry her bag. She smiled warmly at me when I greeted her. We sat down to have dinner together and chatted a bit, with me trying to get rid of the nervousness that was certainly building up inside me. Mrs. Lee’s warm voice helped quite a lot. She sounded delighted when I offered to help her with her chores and soon, I was standing beside her doing the dishes. When we proceeded to the other housework, I couldn’t help staring at her body, scanning it from her chest, down to her buttocks, and then her legs. When all the work was done, she noticed that I was covered in perspiration, “Oh dear, look at how you’re sweating! Let me get you a towel!” She went into her room, careful not to awaken her husband who was usually asleep at this hour (he sleeps really early but wakes up at like 4am each day), and came out with a small exercise towel. I reached out to get the towel, but she started wiping my perspiration for me instead!!

“Thank you for helping with the chores, dear. But really, I wouldn’t have let you if I’d known you’d sweat like this”, she purred while wiping my sweat off.

“Oh, it’s no trouble at all, Mrs. Lee. It’s my pleasure to be able to help! After all, you’ve been so kind to me ever since I moved in.”

While she was busy drying me up, I glanced down and saw her sexy cleavage again. Her chest occasionally brushed against my body and it was really turning me on. I decided to take my first step.

“It’s kinda hot actually. Do you mind if I took off my T-shirt?” I dared, observing her reactions.

“Oh, why not?” Mrs. Lee replied, as she lifted my tee up and helped me take it off. She then used it to wipe the rest of my body. I didn’t speak another word and just stood there enjoying the attention I was getting from her while simultaneously planning my next move.

“Mrs. Lee….” I began when she was done “I…. I have something to confess….”

“Oh….. What is it? You can tell me anything, you know. And if you need help, don’t be afraid to ask.”

“Well…. It’s kinda embarrassing, but…. I think you’re really attractive! I…. like you a lot…..”

“Oh, you’re just saying that!” Mrs. Lee blushed. Her cheeks were flushed and she laughed a nervous laugh. There was a look of nervousness on her face, with a hint of delightfulness. “How can that be? You’re such a young man and I…. I’m just an old lady…”

“You’re not old AT ALL, Mrs. Lee!” I assured her. “And I’m not kidding too! You’re always so nice and helpful to me. And I…. I noticed that you’ve got quite a good body too!”

“Oh, my dear, my body’s….”

“No, I’m not just saying it. In fact, I’ve long wanted to confess to you, but I was just holding it in, waiting for the right moment to tell you the truth…. To tell you my real feelings.”

I kept my eyes on hers, but Mrs. Lee just looked downwards, still blushing and lost for words. It was dark already then. I didn’t know what I was supposed to do next. It was like everything froze in time. But it felt good to finally let it out of me. I wondered how she would react; will she just brush it aside; or if things turn bad, will she ask me to move out of her house?!! I realized that I hadn’t thought about these possibilities before!

“I’m…. really flattered, my dear. No one has ever said that to me before in my life! Especially now that I’m at this age.” Mrs. Lee said at last. I felt relieve; things seem to be heading in the right direction. The next wild thought just came to me and I followed it:

“Let me prove it to you….. Come with me”. I let held her hand and let her to my room, closing the door behind us. I stood in front of her, eyes fixed onto hers, then slowly slipped off my shorts. Mrs. Lee had a look of disbelief on her face, her eyes widening a bit. I was only in my briefs now, nothing else. “Everything I said, I said sincerely.” Mrs. Lee still said nothing. I continued by slowly pulling down my briefs, eyes studying her face for any reaction, but she just stared at the lower half of my body. Soon, I was standing completely naked in front of her.

“This is for you….. Mrs. Lee…..” I said. “For all the things that you have done for me since I moved in here with you”.

I saw Mrs. Lee lick her lips a little, and then looked straight into my eyes. I moved closer to her. “I will do anything you want me to…..”

Mrs. Lee raised her hand and caressed my chest, still not speaking a word, eyes studying my body, especially the lower half. “It’s been some time since I’ve seen a man’s body….. especially a young man….” Her hand moved down to my penis and began to stroke it gently. “You’ll really do anything I say?”

“Of course, I’m yours now….” I offered myself to her. It was like a dream….. Like a movie, but I was enjoying it…. The thrill of doing something…. wrong, that yet felt so good!!

She began massaging my penis with one hand and touching my scrotum with her other. I could see she was really getting into it. Bending down slightly while doing so, she was exposing her cleavage and bra to me yet again. I want to touch her…..

“Mrs. Lee, I’ve been longing to see your body……. Can I? Can I see your beautiful breasts?

She smiled, enjoying herself and not so nervous anymore, not even remembering that her husband was asleep just next door!!

“Oh….. but just a little, okay?

“Okay” I lied. I wanted to see it all!
“Okay then….” Mrs. Lee started unbuttoning her blouse and it was my turn to stare at her. As the buttons came off, I could see her light green-coloured bra, with thick bra-straps and mild floral designs on the cups. She definitely had an ample bosom! Her bra was definitely struggling to hold those large breasts of hers. She stopped as soon as her blouse was unbuttoned. I had expected her to take if off completely, but she didn’t. She smiled a cheeky smile that wasn’t there before and asked, ”Do you like them?”

I nodded dumbly like a wide-eyed fool, seeing such big breasts for the first time in my life! In fact, it was my first time seeing real breasts!!

Mrs. Lee began massaging my penis again, smiling as she did so. Suddenly, I wondered if it was I who tricked her into this, or was it the other way around!! All that wiping off my sweat, helping me take off my T-shirt……. It all added up!!! Oh well, doesn’t matter, she was enjoying it and so was I……

Things were really heating up now. Without saying a word, I gently pulled her blouse down….. and she let me! The blouse fell to her feet and I began to work on her bra, first by pulling her bra-straps down her shoulders, then by undoing the buckle, with my body close to hers, arms around her. It took a while to get it undone; having a 3-hook buckle made it that much harder for a beginner like me! But when finally peeled the cups off, the mere sight of her bosom was worth all the hard work! Her huge breasts were milky white, and her areolas surprisingly light brown, and just the right size.

I immediately bent down to suck on them, taking Mrs. Lee by surprise! It just couldn’t be help as I was really turned on by her breasts. So I just feasted on them! And there was little resistance from Mrs. Lee, as she held my head with both her hands, enjoying my work; her soft moans encouraging me. My mouth and tongue alternated between sucks, kisses and licks as I worked my way to cover the whole of her right breast, and then her left, paying special attention to her tender nipples.

When I was done with her breasts, both of us were breathing heavily and perspiring a little. But I didn’t stop, and went on to undo her skirt, and pull down a matching light-green floral panties.

“Come, Mrs. Lee, sit down on my bed” I sat her down on my bed and got her to spread her legs for me. I admired her lovely bush for a little while.

“Oh my God!! I can’t believe you’re gonna make love to me!!” Mrs. Lee exclaimed eagerly.

“Well, actually, not just yet”

I knelt down in front of her, and started licking her clitoris, making her moan even louder than before. Her pussy was already wet by then, but I just wanted to taste every part of her beautiful body. And most importantly, I wanted her to remember her first experience with me!

I continued servicing her private area until she and I were both finally ready, and then stood up. Guiding my penis with one hand and supporting myself with the other, I entered Mrs. Lee slowly, savouring the moment and enjoying the music that were her moans. She had her eyes closed and mouth open as I entered her.

We made love.

I thrusted gently at first, then progressed to a faster, harder pace. She had her legs on my shoulders and her hands were holding onto my forearms.

In and out, in and out I went.

The feeling was unbelievable!!

There I was, making love to Mrs. Lee on my bed, in my room, both of us totally naked, while her husband slept in the next room!!

At last, I couldn’t hold it anymore. I knew I had to come. So when I was ready, I pulled out and sprayed my love-juice all over her body; most of it covering her breasts and tummy, really. She let out a final moan and it was all over……

I laid down next to Mrs. Lee to catch my breath, looking at her semen-covered bosom.

“Oh, that was good! That was so….. good!” she said to me, and smiled.

I helped her wipe off the mess, after which she started getting dressed again, while I just sat on my bed, still naked. I knew what we did was wrong, but it felt good. I had gotten what I wanted, and I think, so did she.

Mrs. Lee walked to the door, and just before she left my room, she said, “I’ll see you tomorrow!”