Mad Mom’s Breakfast Climax

“Boy… It’s time to wake up…” Janet whispered into Milo’s ear as he laid sleeping beside her. He slowly opened his eyes and gazed upon his voluptuous mother who stared at him like a predator. Her strong legs curved nicely over her wet pussy where drops of sticky fluids were softly glimmering in the morning light. He felt his cock slowly swelling under the blanket and felt a rush of shame. His mother looked at him with a pleased face. Still so innocent and anxious, despite all her efforts.

“Boy, are you hard for mommy under that blanket?” she asked with a nefarious smile. Milo nodded silently and slowly removed his blanket as he knew he had no choice but to obey his mother. Janet swelled with pride as she watched her son expose his little cock for her. She had cautiously molded her son into her own meat boy through skillful manipulation, extortion and passion. She loved him dearly and didn’t want to lose him to anyone. Janet had dragged her son into her depravity to the point of no return. She was sure he would never tell anyone. Doing so would destroy them both.

“Such a good boy!” She straddled him and pushed him down on the bed. Milo gasped under her strong and voluptuous body. Once again, he felt how his fear turned into a shameful arousal as his mother slowly grinded her pussy against his legs.

“What is your purpose boy?” She spoke to him with a deep and commanding voice like so many times before. Milo didn’t have to think twice about the answer as this had been his daily routine for a long time.

“To worship my mommy.” He answered.

“Where does that cock of yours belong?”

“Inside mommy’s pussy.”

“How can you be a good boy?”

“By fucking my mom.”

“Good boy!” she exclaimed while hugging him hard in her arms.

“Are you hungry boy?” Milo nodded gently.

“What’s on the menu mom?” He asked and felt how he grew more and more excited. Janet moaned with satisfaction and turned around, exposing her big and firm ass to her son. She leaned forward, revealing her massive pussy dripping with stale juices.

“Today, mommy’s pussy is on the menu.” She wiggled her pussy in front of Milos face and he was blown back of its intense smell.

“Take a lick for appetizer boy.” Milo leaned forward and licked her massive pussy and nabbed gently on her dark and meaty pussy lips.

“Good boy! Nibble my pussy with care, my wet mess is your temple! She contracted briefly and gave up a gasping moan before dismounting Milo.

“I’ll go down to the kitchen to fix some breakfast. I’ll text you when it is ready. Don’t you dare touch yourself while I am gone.”

“Yes mom.”

Milo laid on the bed, contemplating how it all got to this. How he was spending his weekend mornings licking his mothers dirty pussy instead of having brunch with his friends. He had been under her control for such a long time that he had begun to develop depraved desires of his own. What started out like a curious sex education when he was younger had spun out of control into a forbidden feast. He had tried his best to fight it, but his mother was too strong, both mentally and physically. Instead he chose to roll with it, he was too far down the rabbit hole and it was not too bad actually. He knew his mother kept herself fit for him, would do anything he wanted and was the only person in the world capable of loving him unconditionally. His thoughts were interrupted by his mother’s voice calling him from downstairs. Breakfast was ready. He went down the stairs into the kitchen.

“Come here boy, look what mommy has made for you.” Janet was standing on all fours, exposing her massive pussy towards him and wiggled her ass to entice him even more.

“I’ve made you cereals and milk, come have a bite.” Milo looked around the room but couldn’t see any bowl with cereals. Janet laughed nefarious as she watched him.

“Oh boy, you are so innocent. Do you see that speculum on the counter?” Janet was nodding towards a bench where a soiled metal instrument was lying.

“Then you can guess where all those cereals are. Hurry up before they get all soggy!” Her eyes were glowing with horny lust as she exposed her ass and pussy towards him. Milo was struck by his mother’s imagination but knew better than to wait. He grabbed a spoon and knelt down behind his mother who were biting her lips hard and hissing at him.

“Shove that cold steel inside my fucking pussy!” Milo did as he was told and gasped in excitement as he spread her meaty pussy lips. Her swollen pussy was stuffed to the rim with cereal. Sticky chunks of poured out of her pussy as soon as Milo pushed the spoon in to her wet mess.

“Nyyyaaahhhrrgghh… Good boy….” She moaned as the pointy spoon went deeper into her vaginal shaft and unearthed another chunk of soggy cereal.

“What do you wait for baby? Aren’t you hungry?” she enticed him. Milo dipped the soiled cereal in the milk and ate them. They tasted sweet and savory just like his mom. He shoved the spoon inside Janet’s pussy again and dug out more cereal while his mother groaned loudly.

“Oh yes baby! Shove those cereal out of my fucking pussy! I’ll have an infection if you don’t clear it all.” She was spitting the words through her teeth. Milo put down the spoon and pressed his mouth against his mother’s pussy and pushed his fingers against her pelvis bone. Chunks of cereal buried deep inside poured out, straight into his mouth. He almost chocked on it but didn’t stop sucking her pussy dry.

“Noooohhrrrgghhh! So fucking good, keep licking and show me that you are a hungry boy.” Janet moaned in pleasure as her contracting pussy churned our slimy chunks of cereal. She craved his sons cock so bad and grabbed Milos hair and pulled his head away from her pussy.

“Fuck it baby, mommy is getting hungry too. Fill me up with some milk and give mommy a milkshake. I need that cock inside of my filthy pussy right now.” Milo did as he was told and poured some of the milk into his mother’s gaping pussy. He cautiously slid his dick into her vagina causing a massive outpour of cereal and milk. Milo grabbed Janet by the hips and started to pound her hard like a battering ram. He was too horny to feel ashamed that he was fucking his mother on the floor, all he could think of was her wet mess, contracting hard on his cock. The squishy sounds of his pounding made him even harder and he quickly turned the cereals into soft mash.

“Yyyyaaaahhhhrrr” she moaned as his dick slammed into her pussy, crushing the cereals.

“FUCK MOMMY! It’s so good baby. Crush those fucking cereals into a filthy paste!” She begged him. Milo pressed harder into Janet’s vaginal shaft and hit her cervix with full force.

“AAAAIIIEEE!!!” She gave up a loud shriek as she pulled herself off his cock and squirted the messy cereal paste all over the floor. Milo was in a frenzy and shoved his cock back up Janet’s swollen pussy and grabbed her hard from behind.

“Oh god… TOO NAUGHTY!!!” She screamed in ecstasy as Milo continued to thrust her damaged pussy. His mom made no attempts to escape despite her pained grin.

“Impale me with that boy cock of yours and destroy my fucking PUSSY! Don’t you dare to stop! Fuck me until I am dead!”

Milo slammed his dick deeper inside of his groaning mother who started to contract in short spasm. Her quick and breathy moans got louder and louder as she approached her climax. Soon she would enter Elysium and she braced for the mayhem that was about to ensue.

“Boy… I think I am about to… YYYYIIIAAAAHHHH!!!” Janet came with a savage shriek and collapsed face down on the floor as her poor pussy gripped Milos cock in desperate spams. Her eyes rolled back and her limbs went completely frozen.

Milo grabbed her hard by the hips to hold her in place. She hissed unrecognizable curses as her boy kept fucking her like a dead animal and rocked back and forth with an expressionless face from the relentless pounding. Milo loved fucking his unconscious mom, it was the only time he was in control and she was reduced to the prey. He pulled out of her wet mess and watched the slimy goo drool all over the floor. He turned his mother around and marveled upon her thick body locked in a cramp. She was nothing more than a bag of meat right now. He bent down to lick her defeated pussy which was all tender and soft after his pounding. He nibbled some more on her pussy lips and sank his teeth into it as his mom was too weak to react. After he was done he broke Janet’s orgasm paralysis by pinching hard on her clit. With a short groan Janet turned from a stiff piece of meat into a ragdoll and her legs and arms collapsed on the floor.

His mom was too big to carry so Milo dragged her by the legs to the sofa where he laid her down. He knew that the only way to wake her up was to penetrate her again so he took his exhausted cock and coaxed it into his mother one last time. Janet woke up with a gasp as he hit her cervix again.

“Ooohh boy…” Did you fuck me after I passed out?” Milo nodded silently and watched as his mom’s lips formed a giant smile.

“You naughty boy! You just couldn’t stay away from mommy’s pussy!” She kissed him hard and hugged him closer. “Mommy loves you so much.” She locked him in her embrace and rolled to the side. “l need to rest for a while and regain my strength. Do you want to sleep with mommy again?”

Milo pressed his dick deeper into Janet who moaned with pleasure and closed her eyes.

“Good boy…”