Maid’s Fringe Benefits

Nicolette was halfway down the stairs, watching as the couple got busy in the living room. Mr. and Mrs. Underwood had hired her as their live in maid, it was a pretty cushy gig, she was well paid, and as a bonus, her employers loved to fuck and suck all over the house. They were

Making The Bride’s Maid 3.

The next day was Laura’s wedding. Randi was surprised to find that she could barely look her sister in the face. She was afraid it was written all over her own features: He fucked me. The guy you’re going to marry, Laura. He fucked me, last night. Not once, but twice. And the second time

Making The Bride’s Maid 2.

Randi felt awful seeing Rick go out the door, shut it behind him, and go to his own room. She was still naked and hot. His jism was still leaking back out of her cunt. Just fuck me and then go and marry my sister, eh? she thought ruefully. Somehow she felt really used and

Maid To Order

Being almost broke, and being told by her landlord to pay up fast, or lose her apartment, Susan Chambers was desperate for a job. In the classifieds, she found an ad, and decided to at least apply, it sounded like it wouldn’t be that tough a job. “Wanted, a young, attractive female for maid service.

Shemale maid

Colleen rushed through the mansion’s open gate and headed towards the main door. She opened her mini leather bag and searched frantically for her keys, although she knew she was hopelessly late. Was it her third or fourth unsuccessful attempt in a row to get there on time? Or had there been more? Oh, how

Motel Suck

I was a maid in a large motel chain. It help to pay my tuition at Arizona State University. I had been with the company for a couple of years, and it didn’t pay well at all. They expected that their maids would make a lot in tips, which I did. Still, it was a