Maryann, my very first female lover

The confessions of a confirmed Lesbian. This story is
about Maryann, my very first female lover. Maryann is the
reason that I am happy today. She made me understand that I am
a Lesbian. She made me what I am…

I might as well start at the beginning. I suppose I’ve
always been attracted to women, but it never seemed excessive
until I was seventeen. There were lots of beautiful girls all
around me and I suppose I thought I admired their beauty and
sexyness and that it was this link to sex that made me so excited
and…wet. It just didn’t occur to me how I really felt.

Across the street from my parents house, there was a
young couple. (Thirty is young from my current perspective.)
They had two school age c******n and were very friendly and
outgoing. I watched their kids when they went out and their
house when they were away on vacation. The husband travelled
alot in his work and was often gone several days at a time.

Maryann and I became friends and I looked up to her
as a beautiful experienced woman. I talked to her about things
I wouldn’t think of discussing with my mom or my girlfriends.
She often asked me over to keep her company in the evenings when
her husband was away. I enjoyed her company so much that I
would cancel plans if she called. Many times I cancelled dates.

It was one of these occasions that Maryann complained
that her feet hurt. I volunteered to rub them and did an okay
job. When I got home I was breathing funny and was very wet.
I got off from the memory of touching her. I didn’t know what
was wrong with me, but found myself looking for books on foot
massage. I read all about reflexology and the benefits of using
hand lotion on the feet and couldn’t wait for my next opportunity.

It came soon enough and this time, when I was finished,
Maryann was laying back with her eyes closed; more relaxed than
I had ever seen her. She offered to do my feet and I jumped at
the invitation. She asked me how I had improved and I took the
books out of my bag. She told me I had great hands and had
really helped her relax. I was so excited that I had made her
feel good — had brought her pleasure. I was all smiles.

Her massage on my feet was very good but I felt almost
zapped when she started kneading my calves as I had done hers.
I was so very excited and anxious for her touch. That night I
slept there with her, as I often did on non school nights when
her husband was out of town. Laying beside her in the kingsize
bed, it was so difficult to get to sleep. I wanted to mastur-
bate, but didn’t dare. I thought of her until I fell asleep.
The next day I started reading about other types of massage.

When she complained of an ache in her shoulder, I was
prepared. In her neck…arms…hands. It got to the point where
I would give her a massage everytime. (She would return the
favor). I started staying over more — even on school nights
and — the thing that makes my breath catch even now — she
started taking showers at night and dressing in a sleep shirt
and nothing else.
I would massage her back first, feeling the relaxed
firm muscles in my grip. Feeling the first big jolt in my pussy
when I would feel the soft sides of her breasts (only briefly).
When I worked down to her bottom, I had to control my shaking
as I kneaded (needed?) her soft flesh. I was careful not to
touch the area between her cheeks. I did succeed in exposing
her pussy so I could watch it while I worked on her legs and
then her feet. My efforts must have excited her, because she
was very wet too. When I was finished I would take a shower
and cum, my legs nearly giving out on me.

It was soon after, when we were both in bed, as I was
masturbating again. (I would wait until Maryann was sound
asleep and work on my pussy again). I had taken to not wearing
underwear when I slept over and when Maryann would massage me
after my shower, I kind of thought she was looking at my exposed
womanhood. If she was, she must have seen my glistening wetness.
Well, while I was feeling my labia and working moisture up to my
clitoris, Maryann rolled over and put her arm over me with her
face very close to mine and kissed me. It was a very gentle
“puppy-dog” kiss and she didn’t seem to be awake. I laid there
still until she moved again about twenty-minutes later. I was
trembling and had to go to the bathroom to climax. I think I
crossed the line right there. I removed her soiled panties
from the hamper and breathed her smell far into my senses.
I tasted her femininity and found it even sweeter than my own.
I came… sucking and smelling her panties.

I guess I had a crush, but I thought I was in love.
Maryann and I went alot of places together. Shopping, movies,
school events and exercise classes. I really enjoyed being
around her and wanted so much more to express physically
as well as verbally how I felt. I felt they were linked and
that I couldn’t do the latter without the former. Also I was
feeling a little weird. A little different from my friends.
These were difficult feelings for a seventeen year old who
desperately wanted to be like everyone else. I couldn’t have
handled it a couple years earlier, but I think I possessed a
maturity beyond my years and I decided not to fight how I
felt. My parents had always taught me to be happy first and
everything else would follow. I kept seeing Maryann and
wanting to kiss her sweet mouth again. She was beautiful
and I loved being around her. I took every available, not to
obvious, opportunity to touch her soft hands, sweet face and
knock-out body.

I wanted to suck on her full womanly breasts and feel
the wetness that matched my own between her legs. I would
sometimes massage her face and the distance between us would
get so short that I could have easily placed my lips on hers,
but the distance felt like miles. I didn’t have the nerve to
cross the space between us.

As summer approached, we took off our sleep shirts for
our nightly massage and I got my first look at her breasts.
They were perfect (to me), full with large dark erect nipples.
Maryann had suggested that we try massaging each other with
baby oil. We had both read about this in my massage books.
My hands slipped and glided over her body. I felt more of
the side of her breasts than I ever had before. I had already
taken my shower and enjoyed sitting on her rear with my pussy
lips touching her skin. When I got down to her ass, I squeezed
the bottle (with my trembling hands) and more oil than I
intended came out and streemed down across her asshole and
across her cunt to the sheet we had placed beneath us. We
both laughed and I started rubbing her sweet ass. I kept
slippling in the wetness, accidently at first, and then on
purpose; touching her asshole and then her pussy. When she
didn’t protest and in fact told me to “go lower lower lower
to the right now left” until my fingers were right on her clit,
I rubbed her the way I rubbed my self and soon she was cumming.
It seemed big because she was breathing heavy and when she sat
up she took my face in her hands and kissed me soooo sweetly.
I kissed her back and then we kissed for what must have been
twenty minutes before I felt her hand move to between my legs.
She wasn’t the first one to touch me there, but she was the
first woman and it was the first time I enjoyed anyone else’s
hand but my own there.

I reached out and massaged her great tits in my oily
hands and took her jutting nipple between my lips. It all
flowed so nicely, but I had dreamed of it in my mind a
thousands different times. I just did what I wanted to do…
I had made up my mind. Before long we were in a sixty-nine
position and my tongue darted over her pinkness. Her tongue
thrust in and out of my virgin pussy with unrestrained passion.
I came in waves that for the first time reached my toes. I
stopped my licking and just laid there for some time. Maryann
had moved up and moved her body up against mine with her hand
resting on my heaving breasts and her lips lightly kissing my
neck. When I could, I turned and kissed her deeply. We moved
into the bedroom and for the first time closed the door.

After that first time, we made love every time we could.
I adored everything about Maryann. The way she looked, felt,
smelled, and tasted. I would devour her cunt everytime. I
loved having her sit on my face…I could watch her squeeze her
breasts and feel her wiggle her sweet ass as she moved her clit
across my tongue. One time, in my passion, Maryann came, but I
continued licking and sticking my tongue deep inside of her.
She came again, but fell back against my knees. When she did
this, I found myself loving her asshole. I fucked it with my
tongue (deeply) for some time and then was amazed as I felt her
cum. She was like a tigress when she flipped me over and
attacked my rear. I came too and to this day have always
enjoyed gentle attention back there.

One time I came over in the morning right after her
husband had left with the kids (Saturday) and walked right in.
I stood in awe as I watched her masturbating right there on the
bed with a vibrator. I didn’t interrupt, but rather enjoyed
watching my lover satisfy herself deeply. When she was lying
there still with her eyes closed, I made a noise. She saw me
and jumped a little having been caught. I sat on the bed and
felt the phallus still deep within her. I flipped on the switch
and started to fuck her slowly. I was so turned on. Occasion-
ally she would direct me with her hand. She came again and this
time kissed me hungrily. I lost my virginity that day and I have
no regrets that a woman was the first to enter me.

Maryann sent away for a vibrator set. She told me when
she did this, so that I would get excited as we waited. It was
one of those box sets they had at the time. The thing I kept
thinking about though, was the strap on dildo. I really wanted
a good fuck from my lesbian lover. When it arrived, I didn’t
waste any time and got on my knees as soon as I could. I loved
the feel of her strokes and her hands as they roamed over me.
With her behind me, fucking me, I stood up on my knees and
kissed her as she pulled at my nipples. I fucked her too, but
was not as ravenous as she. I was more gentle, even too gentle
for Maryann.

We liked to watch each other masturbate. There were lots
of little toys for us to figure out. Those aside, Maryann could
suck her breasts without the slightest stretching of her neck. She
could do it leisurely and I loved to watch her do it.

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