Messy Surprise

Our heroine gets a sundae dumped in her lap and the next
day ends up fully dressed in a tub of maple syrup. If
this dosen’t amuse you, don’t read this.

I was out for my first date with Cheryl. She has
shoulder length permed brown hair and dark eyes. Tonight
she wore a white turtleneck blouse that showed off her
firm breasts quite nicely. She also wore white jeans and
off white flat heeled shoes with a stack heel. We were
at a halfway decent restaurant and everything went fine
until desert.

Cheryl ordered a sundae with chocolate ice cream,
chocolate topping, whipped cream, and a cherry on top.
Cheryl was going for her first bite of the Sunday when
it tipped and landed in her lap. I thought that she had
deliberately spilled it, but wasn’t sure. “I must be
really boring and she must want to go home now…” I
thought to myself. I laughed as I thought, “She didn’t
need to ruin her nice outfit just to end the date early.

I walked around to help Cheryl out. Her white jeans were
a chocolate mess, deep brown chocolate syrup as well as
lighter brown chocolate ice cream all over her jeans and
some on her blouse too. A red stain from the cherry ran
down her right thigh. I was surprised when I saw that
she was opening and closing her legs slightly, making an
even bigger mess on the thighs of her white jeans.

Cheryl stopped when she realized I was watching. She
didn’t appear at all disturbed as the waiter and I
helped her clean up the gooey mess. When Cheryl stood up
I realized her crotch and inner thighs were covered in
melted ice cream.

We got a few stares as we left the restaurant. We didn’t
say a word until we got to my car. I had a blanket in
the trunk and I put it on the passenger seat to keep my
upholstery clean. “I’ll take you home so you can
change,” I said to Cheryl.

“Not yet,” she said.

“Cheryl, did you do that on purpose?” I asked.

Cheryl turned a little bit red and said, “Yes…”

“If you wanted to go home early, you didn’t have to ruin
your clothes,” I said to her.

Cheryl touched me and said, “It’s not you.”

“What is it then?” I asked, a bit intrigued now.

“I just like to get messy, it makes me hot.”

“Right now my underwear is soaked, and it’s not with
chocolate ice cream!”

I wasn’t sure how to respond, but Cheryl did, she
reached over and unzipped my fly. She pulled my jeans
down and started playing with my slowly awakening cock.

“When I get hot, I love to give head,” she giggled,
bending over to take my cock into her warm mouth. In
amazement I watched Cheryl as she started to bob away in
my lap. I started to fondle her ass as she sucked and
sucked on my cock. Cheryl took my free hand and pressed
it into her gooey crotch. I rubbed her pussy through the
sticky chocolate stains on the crotch of her jeans as
she bobbed away in my lap.

I came pretty quickly, filling Cheryl’s mouth with hot
white cum. She kept my cock in her mouth, swirling my
cum all around the head of my shaft with her tongue
before she sucked it down.

“If you don’t mind me getting messy, I’d love to go out
with you again.”, Cheryl said hopefully.

“Can you restrict getting messy to when we’re not in
public?” I asked.

Cheryl looked a bit disappointed, but agreed. We started
the drive to her place. “Would you like a messy surprise
tomorrow?” she asked. I agreed and she said, “7:00 sharp
at my place, don’t be late or I’ll start with out you!”

We got to her place and we kissed goodnight. I watched
Cheryl’s chocolate stained pants as she walked into her
house. She stopped, held up her hand, and ran up to the
car window. I lowered the window, getting a close up of
her sticky crotch as she said “Don’t forget to bring a
change of clothes!” she touched my arm and kissed me
good-bye again. I waited for her to go inside then drove

I wasn’t too sure about the messy part, but Cheryl did
give great head. I figured ruining some old clothes was
a fair trade for future blow jobs.

The next day went by quickly. I put a set of new and a
set of old clothes in a duffel bag, then dressed in old
jeans, shirt, and sneakers. I left for Cheryl’s, waiting
in the driveway for a few minutes and ringing her
doorbell at 7:00. Cheryl answered the door. She was
wearing a sheer white blouse with a lacy white bra
beneath, a navy blue short skirt, white hose, and navy
blue pumps. She looked very businesslike and very sexy
at the same time.

“You look hot!” I told her. Cheryl smiled and pirouetted
on a pump clad foot, displaying stocking tops and a
white garter belt as her skirt rode up.

“Glad to see you, I wasn’t sure you’d come.” Cheryl
said. “The surprise is in my bathtub.” she said, taking
me by the hand. I detected a sweet odor as we went into
the bathroom.

The bathtub was full of a brown liquid. “Maple syrup.”
Cheryl said as she saw the perplexed look on my face.
The shower was separate from the bathtub, and a sheet of
plastic was on the floor next to the tub. Another sheet
of plastic lead from the tub to the shower.

Cheryl led me to the tub and held my arm for support as
she stuck the toe of her pump into the syrup, and plowed
up a furrow of syrup that took a few seconds to go away.
The vamp of her pump and the top of her stocking shined
incredibly in the bright bathroom lights. Cheryl then
put her foot in, the syrup rising to submerge her ankle
in the goo. Cheryl swung her other foot over the side
and submerged it quickly in the dark syrup. Cheryl slid
around a bit in the tub, only keeping her balance
because she still had her hand on me.

“Would you do this if I wasn’t here?” I asked her.

“By now I’d be covered in syrup and fingering myself
like crazy!” was her response. Cheryl slowly sunk to one
knee, her white stockinged leg slowly disappearing into
the syrup. It took a while for the syrup to soak in, but
when it did her the nylon material got pretty
transparent. Cheryl stood up and lifted her foot out of
the syrup, brown goo slowly running off her shining pump
and leg and dripping into the tub below. Cheryl knelt
again, both knees this time.

I found myself enjoying the view of the material of her
submerged clean leg going from white to transparent as
the syrup slowly soaked in. Cheryl sat back bit which
caused the back hem of her skirt to get covered in syrup
and exposed the tops of her white stockings. Cheryl
stuck her hands into the syrup, covering the cuffs of
her blouse with goo. I got hard as I watched the cuffs
go transparent and anticipated the same effect on her

Cheryl gave me a look that almost made me cum as she
slowly worked maple syrup up her thighs. It took Cheryl
a few minutes to totally soak her stockings in maple

I loved the way her stockings shined as Cheryl left hand
prints on her skirt as she raised it higher still.
Cheryl started to rub handfuls of maple syrup into her
panties. She scooped up a big handful and revealed her
sticky pubic hair and pussy to me as she poured maple
syrup into her panties.

Her panties got transparent as she worked in the syrup,
giving me a good view of her pussy. Cheryl fingered
herself a while, then started to scoop handfuls of syrup
up over the front of her skirt. Cheryl’s skirt front was
a shiny mess before she pointed to a bucket on the floor
behind me.

“Would you like to pour some over my breasts?” she

I nodded as I picked up the bucket and filled it with
sticky syrup. Cheryl smiled brightly at me as I slowly
poured the goo down the clean front of her blouse. I
moved the stream back and forth over her breasts,
watching the fluid twist and curl as it slowly turned
her blouse front transparent, revealing completely the
white bra below.

The maple syrup spread slowly down her belly to her
skirt, leaving a transparent trail in the white of her
blouse. Cheryl’s navy skirt shined brightly as the
material slowly absorbed the maple syrup. You could see
the slightly lighter material below the syrup get darker
as the edge of the syrup moved to meet the shiny lower
part of her skirt.

Cheryl suggested I slowly cover her in syrup. I used the
first bucket to cover the remaining clean parts of her
skirt. I dumped a bucket over each arm, then one done
her back, getting the bottom of her hair all sticky.

“Sorry about you’re hair,” I said.

“Don’t be!” she said. Cheryl close her eyes as I dumped
a bucket over her head, her great looking hairdo
disappearing under the weight of the syrup. She licked
up a bit of the syrup as it slowly coated her face and
hair. Then she got down on all fours, then lowered her
chest into the syrup. She was now flat on her belly, her
knees bent and her pumps high in the air, covered in

I lifted her skirt up reveal her mostly clean ass and
covered it in maple syrup with my hands as Cheryl humped
the tub floor making delicious squishing sounds. Cheryl
came in her gooey panties as I got my sleeves messy on
her ass. I worked maple syrup into the few clean spots
left on her outfit. Cheryl got back to all fours, syrup
slowly running off her clothing as she did. She sat down
in the goo, her legs submerging into the syrup.

Cheryl slowly slid forward bending her knees in the
process, until her head was sliding into the syrup. I
rubbed her glistening stockings as her hair submerged
completely. Cheryl sat back up and let the goo run over
her face and blouse. Her white blouse was completely
transparent and stuck to her body. Her skirt clung
tightly to her legs, the navy material shining
incredibly. Cheryl got to her knees and wiped her eyes

“I’d love to see your ass in your tight jeans covered in
syrup!” she said. She coaxed me into the tub.

It felt weird as the syrup covered and filled my
sneakers and slowly wet the bottom of my jeans. The
syrup was also very slippery and I fell backwards,
landing on my ass and splashing Cheryl with syrup.
Cheryl was laughing hysterically at me. The ass and legs
of my jeans were covered in syrup, but I was still dry
beneath the syrup. I enjoyed the way my jeans felt as
the syrup slowly got them wet. I got to my knees and
Cheryl started rubbing my ass.

“Your ass looks great!” Cheryl said.

I turned to look at the shimmering denim and watched
Cheryl’s syrup covered hands rubbing my ass. Cheryl had
me turn around. She started rubbing my cock with syrup,
then used the bucket to pour syrup down the front of my
jeans. The sticky feel of the syrup down my pants
coupled with Cheryl’s attention gave me a major
erection. Cheryl used the bucket on me slowly dumping
syrup over every clean spot on my jeans and shirt.

I found myself really enjoying the sensation of my
clothes getting wet as they slowly absorbed the syrup.
Cheryl dumped a final bucket of syrup over my head. I
closed my eyes tightly as the gooey syrup ran down my
face and made a sticky mess of my hair. Cheryl wiped
syrup away from my eyes, then she gave me a deep kiss.

The taste of maple syrup was everywhere as we kissed.
Cheryl’s blouse was stuck to her like glue and was
completely transparent. Her bra was a bit transparent,
revealing her hard nipples. Her skirt and stockings
glistened as I slid my hand up a syrup covered thigh to
find her gooey panties. Cheryl didn’t complain as my
hand slid into her panties and syrup covered finger
found its way into her vagina.

Cheryl laid back in the syrup and I got on top of her.
We were both completely dressed as I slid back and forth
on top of her. Cheryl wrapped her syrup covered legs
around me and humped at me as I slid back and forth. The
sound and fell of the maple syrup as we slid our bodies
together was fantastic. Cheryl came first, adding her
sweet juices to the maple syrup that soaked her crotch.
I came a few minutes later, flooding my underpants with

Cheryl said, “I’d like to try to fuck, wanna go for it?”

Eagerly I got off of Cheryl and hiked up her skirt. She
raised her ass off the tub floor and I removed her syrup
soaked panties. I undid my jeans and dropped them, my
erect cock shiny with maple syrup. Cheryl held my cock
with her gooey hands and guided it into her pussy.
Somehow we managed to fuck in the slippery tub.

I rammed my cock into Cheryl’s pussy as she wrapped her
sticky stocking clad legs around me. Cheryl thrust her
body up against me with each of my strokes as our
tongues intertwined. Cheryl came way before I did. I
kept humping her until I exploded into her pussy. I kept
driving my slowly softening cock into her vagina until
she came a second time.

We laid there kissing a while, Cheryl’s hands all over
my naked syrup encrusted ass. We rolled onto our sides,
Cheryl switching her attention from my ass to my cock
while I gently squeezed her breasts through her wet
shirt. Cheryl got on top of me and we kissed. It felt
really strange as my ears went under the syrup.

I squeezed Cheryl’s ass through her sticky skirt, then
hiked up her skirt to rub her syrup coated butt. Cheryl
stood up and turned around, maple syrup slowly dripping
off her skirt. She straddled me giving me a great view
up her shiny legs to her matted pubic hair and pussy.
Cheryl lowered herself slowly until the skirt was draped
over me. Her fragrant pussy was inches from my face.

I cleaned her pussy of maple syrup with my tongue as
Cheryl gave my cock a tongue bath. Cheryl was bobbing
away on my cock as I licked her clit with my tongue. By
the time I came into Cheryl’s mouth, my face had almost
as much of her cum on it as it had maple syrup. Cheryl
stood up and I did too. We kissed and hugged a while,
enjoying the feel of the syrup as it squished between

Cheryl stepped out of the tub and we carefully made our
way to the shower, leaving gooey footprints on the
plastic sheet. We stepped in and started up the shower,
hugging and kissing as the water ran over us and slowly
dissolved the maple syrup. Cheryl’s blouse and skirt
were plastered to body, her ass looked especially
appealing as her skirt clung to it. Her blouse, skirt
and stockings shined, but not as much as they had

I hiked up Cheryl’s skirt and lifted her up, lowering
her back down onto my cock. She moaned softly as I
penetrated her. I humped Cheryl against the wall of the
shower, her wet legs and arms nearly squeezing the life
out of me as we made love in the spray. It took us a
long time to cum, and we both came hard when we finally
did. Cheryl gave me big kiss and a smile as we stood in
the spray.

I started to kiss my way down the front of her blouse,
sucking her breasts through her wet blouse and bra. I
pulled her blouse out of her skirt and unbuttoned it. I
undid Cheryl’s bra and let it drop to the shower floor.
I sucked her naked breasts, gently nibbling on her
nipples. I kissed my way down her skirt, then stuck my
head under it.

I could hear and feel the spray on Cheryl’s skirt as I
fucked her with my tongue. After a few minutes I
concentrated on her clit, licking it steadily until
Cheryl moaned in orgasm. We stopped the shower and
stripped, then dried off. We relaxed a while before
Cheryl dressed in jeans and a T-shirt for a private
maple syrup wet t-shirt contest.

We used the bath tub full of syrup one last time, Cheryl
in a teddy, garter belt, stocking, and heels before a
restful night’s of sleep.

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