Midnight Movie

Wendy waited impatiently for the movie to start. It
was already fifteen minutes past midnight and the
girl’s foul mood was obvious even to the popcorn boy.
Her date for the evening had stood her up, none of her
friends were around, and the only resort for entertain-
ment was a lonely midnight movie. Sighing, she leaned
back in the scratchy seat as the lights finally dimmed.

The theatre door opened and closed quickly, flashing
a spear of light at the opening curtains. A dim figure
strolled down the aisle. She seated herself next to
Wendy, further annoying the already unhappy girl. The
theatre was nearly empty; there was no reason why this
woman had to sit just one seat away. The pre-movie
advertisements for popcorn and licorice boomed to life
and Wendy glanced at the newcomer out of the corner of
her eye.

Wendy’s neighbor was wildly sexy. Her dark hair
floated wildly around her creamy complexioned face and
her blue eyes flashed merrily in the illumination from
the movie screen. The girl wore a nearly see-through
blouse and long black skirt, and even in the dim light
Wendy could see that she had no bra. All and all, she
appeared to be ready for a night at the dance clubs
rather than the movies.

The film started and Wendy turned her attention to the
screen. Almost immediately, the other girl propped her
feet up on the seat in the next row. For the next ten
minutes, both women were absorbed by the intense prison
break unfolding before them. Soon after, however, the
movie turned to an impressively provocative sex scene.

About two minutes later, as a lithe blonde’s naked ass
undulated on the screen, Wendy once again glanced at
her neighbor. The movie was quickly forgotten as Wendy
realized with a shock what the other woman was doing.

The girl’s feet still rested on the corners of the
seat before her and her skirt was pushed up around her
waist. Beneath, she obviously wore nothing. With one
hand the dark-haired girl was stroking the inside of
her thighs lightly. The other was busy at the apex of
her legs, slowly massaging her clit with a circular

Wendy sat silently, transfixed by the sight of the
masturbating woman. The scene on the screen soon
changed, but Wendy’s neighbor continued touching her-
self. Wendy turned around quickly, blond curls
bouncing, and scanned the theatre. No one else seemed
to have noticed what was going on in Wendy’s row and
she knew that the theatre workers very rarely checked
out the screening rooms while a movie was playing.

Breathing somewhat quickly, Wendy turned her attention
back to the action one seat away.

The other girl looked up suddenly, locking her gaze
on Wendy’s and smiling. The tip of her tongue slipped
out of her mouth and licked across her upper lip in a
slow, provocative gesture. Her fingers continued their
work, flickering steadily between her legs. Wendy
found that she couldn’t break the girl’s gaze.
Unconciously, her hand began carressing her own nipple
through the fabric of her sweater and bra. The other
girl’s smile grew wider.

Without warning, Wendy’s neighbor slid from her seat
and crossed the short distance between the two of them
on her knees. Wendy’s eyes grew wide. Without hesi-
tating, her new friend pushed Wendy’s knees apart and
softly kissed the milky skin on the inside of Wendy’s
thigh. A jolt of electricity shot through the big-
chested girl’s body, causing her nipples to stiffen
instantly and a liquid warmth to wash over her skin.

Her anonymous lover recognized the response instantly
and trailed her tongue all the way up and under the leg
of Wendy’s cutoffs.

The movie was totally forgotten now, as were any con-
cerns that someone else might oversee. Wendy fumbled
for the clasp of her shorts, releasing them faster than
she’d thought possible. The kneeling girl ripped the
cutoffs away, pulling Wendy’s panties with them. Lean-
ing back in her seat, Wendy thrust her legs over the
back of the chair before her. The dark-haired girl’s
face immediately smothered Wendy’s dripping cunt, lick-
ing and sucking at the engorged lips while her tongue
stroked Wendy’s hardening clit. Sliding her hands
beneath her sweater, Wendy rolled and pinched her erect
nipples between her own fingertips.

The screen was exploding with a sound as the movie
flashed to a raging gunfight, but Wendy didn’t notice.

The anonymous woman’s skirt bunched up around her
waist once more and Wendy could see the smooth skin of
the girl’s round ass rubbing against the rough plastic
of the seatback. Skilled fingers opened the gate of
Wendy’s nether lips and a warm tongue quickly began
stabbing inside her cunt. Wendy bit her lip, trying
vainly to keep from moaning. Her heart was beating
faster and faster and nearly skipped a beat when the
dark-haired girl’s tongue slipped down to probe lightly
at the tight pucker of Wendy’s ass.

Wendy did begin groaning then, a deep, throaty sound
that was hardly audible above the thunderous sound of
the movie. The kneeling woman returned her mouth to
Wendy’s clit and began stroking her slick asshole with
one fingertip. Seconds later, Wendy gasped as a long
finger slid smoothly into her rectum at the same time
as soft lips encircled her clit and sucked hard. Wendy
climaxed immediately, covering her lover’s face with
the sticky fluids of her orgasm. The other girl con-
tinued licking and sucking, slowly pumping Wendy’s taut
ass with one finger and holding the thrashing girl’s
sweater with the other fist. After a few minutes her
convulsions ceased and the other woman slid up into
Wendy’s embrace.

“I’m Amy,” she whispered, tracing her tongue around
the inside of Wendy’s ear.

Wendy smiled in return, and, while the movie continued
playing, led Amy from the theatre.

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