Dodi the leg juggler’s 1st time

At sixteen, I was ashamed to admit I was a virgin. Like
most teenage males, I put up a macho front. When I was
with my best friend Chuck, we would swap stories of our
“past sexual experiences.”

“Yeah, she wanted me to join the ski club, so we could
make love in a snowmobile.”

“What happened?”

“We couldn’t find a snowmobile, so I fucked her in a
sleeping bag. It was intense, man!”

“Once, I was with this girl … she took a vibrator,
and fucked herself with it right in front of me. Then,
she asked me to lick it off. I asked if I could just
eat her pussy instead.”

“Yeah, man, I nearly got caught at her place last night.
We were in the shower, and her parents got home early.”

We each knew that we were both just lying, but neither
one of us ever challenged the other’s stories. They
were good entertainment during a boring summer; and I
don’t think either of us was brave enough to call the
other a liar, and risk the exposure of his own lies.


One afternoon, Chuck came to my house. I met him at the
door, and started joking around about some insignifi-
cant thing. He just looked at me and said, “I just got
laid, man.”

I stopped talking and stared at him. Somehow, I knew
he was telling the truth. It could have been that the
way he said it was different this time, or it could
have been just the way he carried himself. Whatever it
was, it let me know that Chuck had finally gotten into
a woman’s pussy.

I couldn’t remember what I’d been talking about: it
all seemed childish to me, and I felt foolish. I let
Chuck in. He wore a big grin. I poured him a Coke, and
waited, and he told me the story.

“Well, I’ve been hanging out with Tracy for a while now.
This morning, were at the park, hanging out on the
playground. We were fooling around, and I asked her to
take off her shirt — and she did. The next thing I
know, we’re in the sandbox, and she’s on top of me,
naked, pulling off my clothes.” He smiled at me.

I was quiet for the rest of the day. Why him first? He
was only fourteen: a short, freckled, sweaty k*d with
hair sticking out at every angle. When I’d known that
he was just as virginal as me, I hadn’t felt self-
conscious about it. His story panicked me. At sixteen,
I should have been experienced — more than Chuck, at

Over the next few weeks, Chuck saw Tracy often, and it
seemed that every day he told me how they’d fucked. He
even bummed some condoms off of me: we both had bought
a pack earlier that summer, pretending we would need
them. Now, his were all gone. I gave him all but one of
mine. That one, I kept in my wallet, more for pretense
than because I might have actually needed it.

One night, the two of us were hanging out at my house.
I was cooking some burritos for dinner, since my mom
was at her second job, and Chuck was on the phone with
Tracy. He was telling her he loved her often, and I was
making fun of him by putting a big mark on the kitchen
blackboard every time he said it. I got to seven marks
before I realized that it wasn’t funny and stopped.

Chuck and Tracy were lamenting that they couldn’t get
together and have sex. Neither one of them had a car
or driver’s license. Also, one of Tracy’s friends was
staying with her: her mother had dropped her off for
the night, thinking that two girls are safer together
than alone.

Chuck said, “How about this: Craig can drive me, and
then fuck Jennifer.”

I laughed a little, thinking he was joking. Then, he
turned to me and said, “How ’bout it? Sound OK?”

I thought he was insane: I had never met either one of
these girls. I didn’t want to get over there, and then
have to sit uncomfortably with Jennifer because Chuck
and Tracy weren’t really serious about this. So, I

Chuck got back on the phone. “He says no.” They talked
about it for a few minutes more. He told her that he
loved her, but I’d started ignoring him. I heard him
telling her that of course he wanted her. Then, he
handed me the phone. “She wants to talk to you,” he

Tracy was clear and direct. “Craig,” she said, “will
you come over here and fuck Jennifer for us?”

I was stunned. I could feel my stomach tensing up.
“Put her on the phone,” I said, trying to sound mature.

I heard giggling on the other side. Then Jennifer came
on the line. “Hello, Craig,” she said. Her voice was
pretty, at least. I was praying that mine wouldn’t

“Jennifer,” I said slowly, “these two want me to go
over there and have sex with you.”

“I know,” she said. Her voice broke up with giggling,
and I heard her and Tracy talking.

“Do you want to do that?” I asked. I was sweating and
weak, and I sat down in one of the kitchen chairs.

“OK,” she said. She giggled again. “Why don’t you come

I had the feeling that this wasn’t going to really
happen, but I looked at Chuck anyway. “Let’s go,” I
said. I was willing to take the chance.

Chuck said goodbye to his Tracy as I gave my half-eaten
burrito to the dog. I opened my mom’s liquor cabinet,
and got out something that looked good — I didn’t know
what everything in there was. Then we went out and got
into my old Ford Pinto wagon, and headed to Tracy’s
house, stopping on the way for a box of condoms.

After we got there, I spent about 5 minutes in the car,
straightening my hair in the mirror and trying to work
my courage up. Chuck, lounging around in his usual
stained T-shirt and baggy shorts, was impatient, and
told me to hurry up. I wondered how he could be so calm
and apparently disinterested.

Finally, we made it to the door. When the girls
answered and saw us, they immediately started laughing.
I was sure that I’d been set up, but they calmed down
and welcomed us in.

I recognized Tracy from Chuck’s descriptions. She was
beautiful: about five foot five, with dark brown hair
down to the middle of her back, and a deep tan. She
was wearing a pair of tight denim cutoffs and a
Metallica T-shirt that I recognized as Chuck’s. Chuck
immediately gave her a tongue-heavy kiss, so I looked
away nervously, and concentrated on Jennifer.

She looked as uncomfortable as I was, watching Chuck
and Tracy, and she giggled slightly when we made eye
contact. She was about the same height as Tracy, and
had reddish-blonde hair, tied back in a ponytail. She
was wearing jeans, a plain white T-shirt, and no shoes.
Her breasts filled the shirt quite well, and I could
see her nipples poking through the material, even
through her bra. I hoped she wouldn’t notice my erec-
tion, and stood there wondering what to do. She came
over and gave me a casual hug and a peck on the cheek.
I returned the hug, trying not to appear overly affec-
tionate or overly cold.

The four of us made our way to the couch, and sat down.
Tracy introduced Jennifer and I. We shook hands, laugh-
ing a little, and Jennifer looked intently at me with
large green eyes. I wasn’t sure what she was seeing,
so I looked away, and brought out the bottle.

It turned out to be Scotch, and was well greeted by
everyone. I drank some, even though I didn’t like the
taste. It burned my throat.

After about half an hour of sitting around talking and
drinking, Tracy stood up and announced, her voice
breaking with laughter, “If you’ll excuse us, Chuck and
I are going to my bedroom to FUCK!” She and Chuck and
Jennifer started laughing hysterically, and then she
went into her bedroom.

Chuck grabbed the bag with the box of condoms in it and
followed her. The bedroom door shut. Jennifer and I
were alone.

I looked at her. She held out her glass for a refill,
and I poured her some Scotch. She sipped it, and we
sat in silence.

Finally, I said, “So, are you ready?”

I was terrified that she was just going to laugh at me,
but she said, “I think we can use Tracy’s parent’s
bedroom,” and got up.

I followed her, sweating. The master bed was king size,
and made up with a thick white bedspread. Jennifer
threw herself on it, stretching luxuriously, digging
her shoulders into the mattress and raising her arms
above her head. The way her body moved made my cock
push hard against my jeans.

From the next room, I heard Tracy’s voice say, “Ooooh,
I like that,” and giggle. I realized that Chuck had the
box of condoms, but it seemed a bad time to interrupt
them. I hoped the one in my wallet was OK.

Jennifer was staring at me from the bed. “Well,” she
said, “you going to join me?”

I slipped off my shoes and slid across the bedspread
to her. She wrapped her arms around my back and put
her lips to mine. Her lips were so soft, and she kissed
me eagerly, opening my lips until I felt her tongue
slide, wet and warm, into my mouth. I could feel her
breasts pushing against my chest, and my hard cock
pushing into her belly, and her warm mouth caressing
my tongue.

We kissed like that for a long time, trading tongues
from mouth to mouth. I put my arms around her, and
caressed up and down her back. After a long time, I got
the courage to reach around and cup her buttocks. They
were firm under her jeans.

Finally, our mouths parted, but we still held each
other. Her hands wandered up and down my back, and
played in my long hair. I kept stroking her ass with
one hand, and started lightly running the fingers of
the other around her sides and to her belly. Her pelvis
was gyrating slightly under the touch of my hand on
her ass, and it was rubbing against my erection.

I slid my fingers under the thin fabric of her T-shirt.
Her skin was smooth and soft on her belly, and she
giggled a little. “That tickles,” she said.

I put my palm flat against her belly, and rubbed her
with that. She leaned forward and kissed me again,
just as passionately. I gripped her ass with the other
hand as she brought one of her legs up and wrapped it
around mine. I pulled her pelvis forward, grinding it
into my erection, as my lips left her mouth and started
to kiss down her neck.

I didn’t know why, but she seemed to like that, and was
pushing herself even closer to me. My hand on her belly
was squashed between us, and I brought it up to one of
her breasts, cupping it and rubbing the nipple through
the bra. The nipple poked, erect, into my palm, and I
heard Jennifer gasp.

I started mouthing the skin of her neck with my open
mouth, and that caused her to sigh. I couldn’t believe
how soft her breast was, and how it filled my hand. My
rubbing had caused her bra to slip, and I could feel
the bare nipple. I took it between my fingertips and
rolled it. Jennifer sighed again with delight, so I
kept doing that. She brought her hand around from my
hair and pushed it between us, rubbing my cock through
my jeans. It felt so good that I nearly came right then.

From next door, I heard the sounds of the headboard
hitting against the wall, and knew that Chuck had
started fucking Tracy.

I rolled Jennifer from her side to her back. By now,
my hand had pushed her shirt up to her armpits, and I
could see her belly. She sat up and pulled the shirt
over her head. Her skin was the same creamy white
color everywhere. She lay back into the pillows. One
strap of her bra was off the shoulder, and her right
breast was exposed. The nipple was pink, and stood
erect. My cock was straining painfully hard against
the zipper of my jeans.

I bent down over her and kissed her on the mouth. She
responded aggressively, sucking my tongue into her.
With one hand, I tried to undo the clasp on her bra,
but couldn’t. Finally, I fell to the bed next to her.

She laughed. “Your first bra clasp?” she asked, calmly
bringing her hands between her breasts and clicking it

“No,” I said, swallowing. “Just hard to get with one
hand.” I thought the lie sounded pretty convincing,
given the circumstances. She slipped the bra off of
herself, and tossed it to the floor.

From next door, I heard Tracy let out a long “Ooooh…”
Jennifer propped herself up on one arm, back to me, and
looked at the wall. “They sound like they’re having a
good time,” she said.

I pushed up behind her, wrapping both arms around her
and filling my hands with her breasts. My lips and
tongue caressed the back of her neck. Her ponytail
brushed my face.

“Mmmmm,” she said as my fingers found her nipples. I
pinched them slightly, and she inhaled swiftly. The arm
supporting her slowly crumpled, lowering her to the bed
on her side.

I kept pinching her nipples, and pulling and rolling
them. She let out contented hums and sighs. My lips
nuzzled the curves of her shoulder. She was starting
to sweat a little, and it was deliciously salty.

Keeping my hands on her breasts, I slowly kissed my way
down her spine, leaving a glistening trail of saliva. I
could feel her breathing.

When I reached her jeans, I bought both hands down and
rubbed her beautiful round ass through the denim. With
my mouth, I licked and nibbled around her waistband.
She giggled a little, and turned around, so that my
face was at the level of her crotch.

I rolled onto my back, and she straddled my chest. I
kissed the metal buttons on her jeans. She giggled a
little more. Her hands were stroking my hair and
shoulders. From through the wall, I heard Tracy groan:
she was breathing so hard, I could hear it in here.
Jennifer was looking into eyes. I took a deep breath,
and moved my hand between her thighs, rubbing her pussy
through her clothes.

She smiled and started rotating her hips. I stroked
harder. She was pushing down against my hand. Her eyes
were closed, and she was obviously enjoying herself.
She leaned forward, moving her pelvis back, and drop-
ping one arm to support herself. I felt her rest her
weight on my rubbing hand. Her crotch was so warm I
could feel her heat through the denim.

With her other hand, Jennifer stroked my head, and drew
it toward her. Her breasts were dancing before me, the
nipples pushing forward like the headlights of a car. I
took one of her nipples into my mouth and sucked it.
She let out a soft, “Oooh,” and leaned all the way
back, bringing me to a sitting position, and farther,
until she was on her back and I was on top of her.

My hand was still rubbing her pussy, and I started
sucking on the nipple, rolling it in my mouth, licking
it, swirling my tongue around it, even nibbling it
gently. She was groaning through parted lips, loud
enough for Chuck and Tracy to hear. Her legs wrapped
around my back. I could barely move the hand between
her legs, but she kept humping against it on her own.
With my other hand, I rubbed her other nipple.

Through the wall, I heard the headboard of Tracy’s bed
knocking over and over. She was screaming now, “Oh,
yes, yes, si, si, si, SI!” Jennifer’s hands were undo-
ing her zipper. I disentangled myself from her and
stood. She looked at me with wide eyes as she wiggled
her hips to pull off jeans and panties in one motion.
I gripped my cock through my jeans as she spread her
thighs, revealing her beautiful pussy to me. Her pubes
were the same reddish blond as the rest of her hair.

I started ripping off my clothes as fast as I could,
keeping my eyes locked on her pussy. With one hand, she
reached down, and spread her lips. Her pussy was a
beautiful light pink, and glistening with moisture. I
could clearly see her clit standing out erect.

“Please,” she said, gasping for breath, “hurry …” I
practically ripped off my underwear, and was about to
dive for her, when I realized the condom was in my
wallet. Without taking my eyes from her, I fumbled for
it. She started rubbing her pussy with her hand, loll-
ing her head about and moaning. I could hear the sound
of her moisture. Tracy was calling Chuck’s name.

I ripped the condom’s package open. Jennifer rolled
onto her stomach, and stuffed a pillow under her belly.
Her beautiful, tight ass was elevated, and I could see
her wet pussy shining below.

I thrust my cock into her. It was the most incredible
sensation I’d ever experienced. Her pussy gripped me
tightly, all over, and was so warm. “Fuck me,” she

I started to thrust in and out. She was so wet that my
cock was making a splashing sound. The king size bed
started to creak and sway. I put my weight on her back,
and kissed the back of her neck. She was really sweat-
ing now. Through the wall, I heard Tracy begging Chuck,
“Oh, … OH, come, oh, come now, please …”

I reached around Jennifer’s waist, and found her damp
hairs. Probing with my fingers, I found her clit. I
took it between two fingers and rubbed it up and down.
She let out a short scream, and I felt her pussy
squeeze my cock hard. She turned her head, and I pushed
my mouth to hers, and thrust my tongue into her. She
was moaning through our kiss, as her pussy contracted
again and again. My fingers slipped up and down her
clit in the wetness. Her ass was bumping hard against
my belly. In the other bedroom, Tracy let out a long,
high pitched scream. I heard Chuck grunt as he came,
and then the thump as he fell to the bed. Jennifer’s
pussy gripped my cock so hard it hurt, and she was
sucking the breath out of my mouth. I stopped moving
for fear of coming, and her whole body tensed up around
the contraction, and then slowly relaxed. She fell face
forward into the mattress.

I watched her for a few seconds, then started pumping
slowly again. I held my hand still, and the motions of
our bodies rubbed her clit along it. She reached out
her hands on either side and grabbed at the bedspread,
clutching it in her fists. I thrust faster and harder.
She pushed her lips to the mattress and moaned loudly
into it, soaking the bedspread with her saliva.

I kept thrusting, wrapping one arm around her and hold-
ing her breast. I pulled her up, pulling and twisting
the nipple. She groaned so loudly I thought she was in
pain, so, I stopped.

“Don’t stop,” she said, gasping for breath, “Fuck
me …”

With that, I lay into her. She supported herself on her
arms. Her head jerked about with each thrust, and she
let out a sharp cry every time the tip of my cock hit
the back of her pussy. I kept rubbing her clit and her
nipple, and mouthing her shoulder like a wild animal.

When she came again, her whole body jerked forward like
she was dry-heaving. She let out a shriek with each
contraction, and I pushed deep into her every time.
Finally, her hot pussy gripped me so hard I know I had
to come. She let out a long, continuous wail as her
pussy sucked my hot come into the rubber.

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