My Aunts Big Surprise

My name is Samantha, everyone calls me Sam. I’m 18 years old, 5’6” with an athletic figure, short dirty blonde hair, 34D breasts and an ass to die for. I love to be outside, either playing soccer or going for long bike rides on the beach. Living not even five minutes from the beach certainly has its perks. Every spring I go to my aunt Mary’s house in Texas for a week to get away from my parents and spend time with my favorite aunt. When I am there, we do everything together from going for runs to movies and even other more exciting adventures. I never really know what is going to happen till I get there, and we begin our week-long party. My aunt works for an insurance firm in Arlington and always loves when I visit which gives her a chance to take a week off away from all her many clients. I have been looking forward to this visit for months ever since Mary said that when I came this year, that she had a big surprise for me which just made me even more excited.

I got off the plane in Arlington airport and went to collect my luggage, and as I was waiting for my luggage to slide down the ramp onto the carousel, someone came up behind me and wrapped their arms around me. At first, I was startled by this, till I turned my head to see the face of my aunt smiling. Turning with a huge smile I wrapped my arms around her, suddenly unable to contain my happiness I said, “Aunt Mary, it’s so good to see you. I missed you so much.” Mary was in her late 30’s and was in just as good of shape as I was. She had amazing features, at 5’7”, long auburn hair that reached just above her waist, 36DD breasts and an ear to ear smile with full luscious lips. She was wearing a short length, tight colorful dress that hugged every curve and made me envious of her hoping I was just as good looking as she was when I got to her age. I had to say looking at her now she was simply hot, and that’s when something in my belly started to stir up strange feelings, feelings I had never felt before and then it was gone. “Oh, there’s my bag,” I said. My aunt reached and took my hand which stirred something again and guided me to the exit to where her BMW convertible was waiting outside. There was a strong breeze that day and it blew Mary’s hair around, having short hair I didn’t have any trouble. After placing my bags in the trunk, I hopped in the front seat and we were off. Two women out to party the world away, plus I almost forgot one of the main reasons I come to visit this time of year, is because my visits usually coincide with my birthday. Tomorrow I’ll be 19, and I’m guessing, that for my birthday Mary will do something fantastic for me, she always does since I’m her favorite niece.

When we got to her house we went inside, and Mary showed me to the usual guest room that I stayed in while I was there. On a rather exciting note her room was just next door to mine, and I felt goose bumps appear on my arms. After settling in we made dinner together, sautéed vegetables with turkey, and sat to eat. It was simply so delicious. After dinner we went for a long walk, talking about everything that had changed since I last saw her, and then after a while we headed home. When we got back to my aunt’s house, Mary said, “I like to have a bath in the evening after my walk before relaxing the night away.” She walked up to her room before heading to her bath. Sam sat down on the couch and started to watch tv.

About half an hour later, I decided to go to my room and change into something comfy. To get to the guest room I had to pass by the bathroom and as I got close, I happened to notice that the bathroom door was open a crack. I tried to tip toe past the door and while passing by I cast a quick glance into the bathroom. At first, there was nothing, but then I saw Mary’s reflection appear in the mirror. She was drying herself off, and I had to say that my aunt was stunning and very attractive. I had never thought that way about women before now but seeing aunt Mary naked gave me goose bumps. Standing there watching, Mary suddenly lifted her left leg onto the seat of the toilet and dried her smooth looking leg, then she put it down and lifted her right leg to dry it, this time because of the angle that the mirror Sam got a glimpse of her aunt’s pussy. It was completely shaven; I was stunned at how it looked. Aunt Mary finished drying her leg and dropped the towel to the floor, reaching down between her legs with her hand she let her fingers glide across her pussy lips. With a slow and steady rhythm, she rubbed her pussy for a few moments, picking up the pace as she rubbed more and more. Mary looked as if she was really enjoying herself and seeing this made Sam gasp slightly which also, caught the attention of her aunt. Sam quickly and quietly scampered up the hall and tore into her room and closed the door quietly behind her. I quickly begun to undress and pretend to get into comfy clothes, until I heard the bathroom door open, followed by footsteps coming up the hall. The footsteps went into Mary’s room and the door closed behind her. Later that night the two women sat quietly on the couch and enjoyed a movie not saying a word. When the movie finished, I said, “well I am going to head to bed now, I’ll see you in the morning, good night!”

Mary looked back at Sam with a smile and returned the gesture, “night”.

The next morning about 6:45am, Sam woke up and changed into her jogging shorts and tank top, with a sports bra underneath, put on her bandana, and grabbed her running shoes. She opened the door slowly and listened to see if her aunt was up yet. Since her aunt was on vacation, she doubted that she would be up this early and tiptoed up the hallway hoping not to see anything as messed up as the night before, made it downstairs and out the door. Tying up her shoes on the front steps she did a quick stretch and headed out on her morning jog. Two hours later Sam made it back to her aunt’s place and stopped at the front steps to stretch again. When she walked through the front door she was greeted with the smell of fresh coffee, eggs and bacon and so she went straight to the kitchen to find Mary slaving over a hot stove. “Yummy…something smells good in here,” Sam said.

Mary turned around with a frying pan in her hand and a flipper in the other, ready to unload another pan of bacon. Mary spoke up and said, “Good morning, and Happy Birthday! I didn’t hear you leave this morning, but when I looked in your room to tell you breakfast was ready you were gone. Did you enjoy your run?”

“Thanks Aunt Mary, I sure did,” said Sam “and I certainly worked up an appetite.”

Mary placed a plate of scrambled eggs and bacon in front of Sam and poured her a cup of Orange juice and a mug of coffee. Sam took a bite of the bacon and said, “oh that is really good.” Mary made herself a plate and sat down at the table across from Sam. She waited for a few minutes taking a few bites and then decided it was time to strike up a conversation and not the normal type either. “So, did you enjoy the show last night?” Sam looked up at Mary as she was shoveling another fork full of eggs into her mouth and chewed quickly. “Oh yes, that was an amazing movie.” Knowing full well that her aunt was asking her about something very different. The look on Mary’s face was so calm and collected that Sam thought she was out of the woods, that was until Mary tried again but was a bit more forward with her question. “I wasn’t actually referring to the movie, but the show that came before that.” Sam just put on a mask of confusion and took a sip of her orange juice. “I don’t think I know what you mean Mary” she started to say all innocent, “what show are you referring to?”

Mary finished a little more of her eggs then pushed the plate forward and intertwined her fingers and looked at Sam with a serious look on her face. “I’m talking about the little peep show you got last night when you passed the bathroom and looked through the cracked opening in the door.” Mary stared at her niece and that’s when Sam felt there was nothing to do but come clean. Sam took a swig of coffee and set it down and started to explain herself hoping that her aunt didn’t hate her for it. “So, to start last night was rude of me and I am so sorry for invading your privacy. I should have never looked in when I knew full well you were in there having a bath. When I passed by, I glimpsed in not really paying attention and that’s when I saw you standing there drying yourself off. I wanted so bad to just walk away quickly as if I hadn’t seen anything but when I saw you, I couldn’t look away. I know it sounds weird, but it’s the truth. And then when you started to, well, play with yourself, that’s when I got this odd feeling and that’s when I caught my breath and ran to my room hoping that you didn’t see me or say anything. Please don’t be mad.”

Mary continued to stare at Sam with a steady glare not saying anything. Mary at first was a bit embarrassed but she did have a surprise for her niece. Mary got up out of her chair, walked towards Sam, curled her long hair around her ear and said, “Sam I’m not mad at you, maybe a bit embarrassed. Now with my original question, did you enjoy what you saw?”

I was completely taken by surprise by what my aunt just said, not mad and now she wants to know if I enjoyed watching her masturbate. I cleared my throat and told her the truth, “I’m glad you’re not mad and as for your question, yes I did enjoy it. It was certainly something new and exciting for me.”

With that said Mary leaned down closer to me right up to my ear and said only one word, “good!” Pulling back from my ear she looked right into my eyes and then without warning she kissed me on the lips. It was a slow, passionate kiss and felt like a lightning strike went off in my brain. Our lips separated and Mary just looked at me with a big smile on her face. “Wow,” is all I could get out. Mary spoke again, “you know that big surprise I told you about, well, it’s up in my room.” Mary stood up straight and held out her hand to me. It took a second, but I accepted it and got up out of my chair and followed my aunt to her room. When we walked into her room, she closed the door behind us and stepped close to me again, leaned forward and kissed me again. This time the kissed lasted longer and as I got more comfortable with what was happening, I remembered that I had to breathe. After a few seconds I got adventurous and I began to use my tongue to explore her mouth. All of it was so exhilarating I couldn’t even think anymore and just let it happen. After kissing for a few minutes Mary pulled back with a huge smile on her face and of course I also had a huge smile. Even though it was all new and different, I was becoming comfortable with it and soon wondered what else my aunt had in store for me.

Mary started by going down to one knee, she began kissing my belly through my tank top and then with her nose, she pushed the bottom up to kiss my bare skin. She held it up with her fingers and kissed everywhere ever so slowly. She reached around and put her hands on my ass cheeks pushing me into her. Standing up, Mary began by kissing my ear, my neck, down to my shoulder, then with a finger pulled my tank top strap down off my shoulder, constantly kissing every bit of exposed skin. That’s when she moved her hands down to the bottom of my tank top and pulled it up slowly. When her fingers got to the bottom of my sports bra, she slid her fingers under that too and pulled everything up together, up over my head and over the end of my arms. I was now standing in front of my aunt completely topless.

It was a new experience and I was so close to covering my bare breasts with my hands, until my aunt put her hands on my shoulders, and slid them down to my breasts, cupping them in her hands, squeezing them ever so slightly. Mary leaned down and kissed the skin of my left breast and then began licking the whole area, her tongue ending up on top of my nipple. The feeling of her tongue encircling my nipple threw me over the edge. It was utterly amazing and every moment of it, I could feel my insides going crazy. My pussy had already become so wet from this one little act, and there was still more to come.

After a few moments of licking my left nipple she moved over to my right and continued licking it for a moment. Then she put her lips in between my breasts and began kissing her way down my chest, to my belly, and when she got there she slipped her fingers in and under the waist band of my jogging shorts and slowly started pulling them down my thighs to my ankles. When my shorts were on the ground, I stepped out of them one foot at a time. Mary spread my legs apart and started at my ankle, kissing her way up my right leg and stopped just before my panties. For the duration of her kissing up my leg, I had my eyes closed and just enjoyed what was happening, but when she stopped, I opened my eyes and looked down to see Mary smiling, while she was staring at my panties. That’s when I realized why she was staring; it was because there was a huge wet spot on them. Mary looked up into my eyes with an evil looking grin and said, “well, well, looks like someone has been enjoying herself. Mary went and kissed the front of my panties several times and then stuck her nose into the space between my legs, breathing in the wetness and fresh aroma of my young pussy through the fabric. Using only her index finger of her right hand, she slid her finger up my inner thigh till it reached my pussy and then along the bottom of my panties, slowly rubbing my pussy, and even though my panties were still on, the feeling was truly amazing. Mary reached up once again, slipping her fingers under the band of my panties and pulled them down ever so slowly, allowing Mary to finally see her young niece’s pussy for the first time, and it was dripping wet, she was so turned on.

After Mary had pulled Sam’s panties all the way down to her ankles, she stood and gave Sam a light shove backwards onto her bed, and crawled her way on top of her, kissing up her legs, past her glistening pussy, across her stomach, over her amazing breasts licking both nipples, and finally making her way up to her neck, before planting a long seductive kiss on her lips. When Mary broke the kiss, she hovered over Sam’s naked body, looking down, and asked, “are you enjoying yourself so far?” In between breaths Sam was finally able to say, “oh…my…god…YES. I’ve never experienced anything like this before and I keep wondering what is coming next.” Mary smiled deeply, then leaned down to her ear and softly said, “the best is yet to come,” before moving her way back down Sam’s body to between her legs.

Mary wrapped her right arm around Sam’s left leg, to help spread the young pussy before her. Using her other hand, she started by licking the tip of the middle finger, and then softly rubbed the outer lips, eventually finding her clitoris and rubbed it with a soft circular motion. Sam had already begun to moan at this attention that her clit was getting from her aunts’ fingers. Mary played with Sam’s pussy for almost 10 minutes, and then got a tad bit bold and slid two fingers into her pussy and pushed right to her knuckle. Sam immediately gasped at this and it’s also when Mary started to pump her fingers in and out slow at first, then faster and faster, achieving a quick rhythm, also reaching up to grab a hand full of her breast. Not even 30 seconds later Sam was almost screaming at the up coming orgasm she was about to experience, when suddenly her pussy exploded in more ways than one. Sam’s orgasm hit her, and hit her hard, but her pussy also shot out a blast of pussy juice everywhere, immediately forcing Mary to pull out her fingers and put her hand flat against Sam’s pussy and rub it as hard and fast as she could, splattering the juices against her pussy and causing Sam to cum again. Mary stopped rubbing her niece’s pussy, staring at her as she came down from not one, but two intense orgasms. When Sam finally opened her eyes and look down herself at her aunt, she not only saw the massive smile on her face, but the mess that she had made when her pussy exploded. Almost gasping for breath, Sam tried to sit up on her elbows and get a better view of her aunt. Sam had a smile on her face showing that she was immensely satisfied.

Sam slowly slid her way down the bed to the edge and stood up on wobbly legs, juices still flowing out of her pussy and down her legs. Sam grabbed her aunt and planted a kiss on her lips before whispering in her ear, “my turn…”

Mary was wearing a white lace top with buttons and a long flowing skirt, and since Mary had awoken a sleeping beast, Sam didn’t feel like waiting for Mary to unbutton it, and simply tore it open, exposing her large breasts. Sam saw the look of shock on her aunts face and continued anyways. She pulled her shirt down her arms to the floor, reached around and undid her bra and pulled that free too. Grabbing both her breasts she squeezed them slightly, then planted her lips on her left nipple and began to suck and lick it intensely, switching over to her right nipple when the left one had become big and hard. Mary liked what she saw and pushed Sam’s head into her breast. Sam eventually got to her knees reached up and pulled her skirt down off her hips to a pile on the floor. Mary was wearing a pink G-string and it too was pulled free. Sam pushed her aunts right leg up to have her foot, rest on the edge of the bed and then ferociously went after her aunt’s pussy, burying her face, and tongue deep into the pussy lips, lapping up everything. Taking her thumb, she began rubbing her clit the same way Mary had done to her only moments ago and took the whole experience to the next level. Sam decided to stick not two, but three of her fingers into her aunt’s pussy and rub her clit at the same time. Having her aunt’s pussy extremely wet helped to lubricate her fingers, and she pushed them in and out hard and fast, pushing her fingers deeper and deeper. When her fingers were soaking wet from Mary’s pussy juices, Sam got bolder and tried to stick a fourth finger into the dripping pussy in front of her. She increased the speed of her thrusts and soon had all four fingers sliding in and out of her pussy. This whole time Mary was moaning and grunting begging her niece to go faster, needing to cum. Eventually her wish came true and she came with a gush of juices all over Sam’s hand, and since she was so close the spray shot down her arm and all over her tits.

Waiting for mere seconds Sam began to go at it again, this time with a goal. You see, Sam enjoyed watching porn at home and had always wanted to try fisting, and without even asking if it was alright, Sam began pumping her four fingers into her aunt’s pussy again, pushing, pulling, pushing and twisting, trying to drill her hand into her aunt’s pussy. Eventually she felt a little give as her pussy loosened up and continued to drill faster, and that’s when her efforts were rewarded, because just as Sam felt her hand slid deep into her aunt’s pussy right up to her wrist, Mary screamed out, “OH…MY…GOD! WHAT THE FUCK! Oh, its so big, oh god, oh god…oh god!” Sam pumped her hand inside her pussy and turned it slowly. Sam could feel her aunt’s pussy tightening around her wrist and knew her second orgasm was coming fast. Sam slowly pulled her hand free of her aunt’s pussy and that’s when Mary lost it all. First she fell to the bed, and then her orgasm hit her like a freight train, she began to shake and her pussy exploded, gushing pussy juice everywhere and since Sam was still kneeling in the same spot she was literally showered with a massive blast, hitting her in the chin and all over her breasts. When Mary’s orgasm finally subsided, it took her nearly six minutes to regain any control of her body. Ten minutes later, Mary finally regained consciousness from her extremely intense orgasm, an orgasm that was so much stronger than anything she had ever felt before. She sat up with a strange look on her face, half smile, half shock at what had just happened to her. She looked at her niece who was soaked, apparently from her pussy exploding, and asked Sam what had just happened. Sam explained everything including her fisting her aunt’s pussy to an extreme orgasm. The two suddenly laughed and decided that since they were both hot and sticky that they would take a shower together and clean themselves off after an exciting, exhilarating morning, so much for going for a morning jog. They got into the walk-in shower stall and turned on the water. They washed each other, soaping up one another’s breasts, backs, and eventually pussies which led to round two.

Over the next week the two women enjoyed each other’s company, talking, jogging, watching movies, making amazing meals together and every night, turn in to make love like no body’s business. By the end of the week the two had to say goodbye and go back to their normal lives, like there was such a thing anymore. Mary drove Sam back to the airport and walked her to the security area. They hugged each other, kissed one more time and as Sam turned to walk away, Mary stepped forward and grabbed Sam’s arm. “I almost forgot to tell you, I snuck a birthday present into your bag, it’s a surprise, so don’t open it till you get home. Love you.”

Mary gave one more kiss, and Sam walked away, turning to say, “I love you too, and I can’t wait till next year.” She walked to the teller to have her bags processed. The flight home was long and lonely, but eventually she made it home. Shortly after arriving she texted her aunt and typed, [made it home safely, about to open my present…]

Unwrapping the present, she found a plain box and opened in. Pulling the tissue paper out she found the most amazing gift ever with a note on top. It said, ‘since you enjoyed fisting, here’s mine’ and under the note was a silicone replica of her aunt’s hand in the same form as she had used to fist her aunt that first night together. She texted Mary and thanked her for such a thoughtful gift.