A man remembers a teen affair with a very worldly woman who teaches him the facts of life

I hailed a cab at the Seattle airport, told the cabbie the name of my hotel, and then slumped into the back seat. It had been a long trip from Boston and I was tired. Tomorrow I would start a three week familiarization program on the intricacies of the new Boeing 767 in order to

My first sexual encounter was with the girl next door

When i’m young, the summer holidays were a welcome break from all the crap relating to school and I couldn’t wait for them to arrive. Fortunately, it was a lovely warm summer so no need to be cooped up in the house, my parents usually had to drag me in at night or even meals

First time with Allie

First, I should describe Allie. At the time, she was 20, and I was 25. She’s a short blond, about 5’3, with good measurements – I’d venture to guess 36D, at least, with probably a 32 waist and maybe 35 hips. Very lush. Her hair was worn short back then, in kind of a curly

Plumper Lesbians

It was later than I expected when I came home from our first date. Then again I wasn’t sure what to expect, I haven’t dated in over ten years, much less imagined dating another woman. I had often thought about being with another woman, but I was married with kids when those thoughts occurred so

Pissing In The Woods

I went into a deep sleep of which I have no recollection. The first thing that I became aware of was dreaming that Susan was fondling my still raging erection. I remember feeling so happy that I was going to get my wet dream about Susan. I dreamed that she began pumping my tool as

My Girlfriends Younger Sister

I got nowhere with girls at school. Literally nowhere. Being academically accomplished in a non-academic school in Glasgow was not going to get any hearts racing. Especially in the late 80s and early 90s. Maybe now when being a geek or a nerd has a certain cache, but not then. And I imagine not now.