Tasting Lora

I was 21 years old when I decided to finally try sex with another girl. I had thought about it since I was a pre-teen, but had never had the courage to attempt anything, mainly because I was afraid the word would get out all over town. A little background info: My parents were in

Principal Urges

*BING* It was a nice Friday afternoon when the intercom on Justin Flagstaff’s office phone went off and he hear the voice of his secretary, “Mr. Flagstaff, there is a call for you on line 3” “Thanks karen”, he said and heard the click of her hanging up. He pick up the receiver and press

Horny Babysitter

Talk about the worst date night ever. Marie, my wife, started drinking from the get-go way too early, and by dessert, she was smashed. I mean, I get it. We have triplets and they are a handful, but this was supposed to be our anniversary and she drank it away. I was slightly drunk but