My beautiful redhead teen

When I first saw her that September afternoon when she
applied for the part-time data entry job at my
manufacturing company, I had to hire her.

Yes. I know other applicants had better qualifications.

Yes. I know I was thinking with another head.

…But it’s just a data-entry job after all.

I was talking to my secretary, Susan. Susan is 47 and
has been with the company almost the full fifteen years
we’d been in existence. That was when Hannah walked in.
She was tall and striking. Most of all she was a
redhead. There is something about redheads that just
drive me wild. Especially attractive redheads. There’s
something completely intangible that just strikes me
against my head and says, “Look!”

“Hello,” Hannah said to Susan. “I’d like to apply for
the job opening.” She wore nice blue jeans and a light
pink blouse. I still remember intensely what she wore
that first moment I saw her. If her intention was to
look dressed up and yet casual at the same time, it

I noticed the resume in Hannah’s hand was pretty sparse.
Of course, how much experience can an eighteen year old
really have? I was mildly impressed that she thought to
have a resume.

“We’ll call for an interview in the next couple of days
if we’re interested in you,” said Susan.

“Thank you,” said Hannah very politely and turned and
started to walk away.

Damn! The curves of her butt filled her jeans mighty
nicely. Her red hair lay loosely on her back and just
below her shoulders. My dick twitched. It was her
definitely her butt that caused that. I momentarily
fantasized about entering her pussy from behind.

“Miss…?” I called out.

She stopped and turned and looked at me.

“I’m John Summers, the owner. If you have a moment, I’d
like to go ahead and interview you now.”

“Sure!” said Hannah with a big beautiful smile forming
on her face.

She was truly gorgeous. I twitched again.

“What about…?” said Susan as she pointed to a couple
of sheets of paper on her desk.

I knew that this was something that needed to be taken
care of just as Susan knew it. I’d work late today, I
quickly decided.

“I’ll take care of it,” I told Susan.

Susan looked at me and then the girl.

“In here,” I told Hannah as I went into my office. “Go
ahead and close the door.”

I sat in my chair. Hannah sat in one of the two chairs
in front of my desk. She chose the one on the right. The
left chair was partially blocked by the computer monitor
on the left side of my desk. She sat quietly as I
scanned her resume. Hannah Brock. Very respectable high
school GPA, sales clerk for The Wap, before that worked
at Super Pizza. Going to school at State University,
business major.

I looked up from the paper.

“So Hannah, what is your major?”

“I’m a business major, Mr. Summers. I’m undecided
whether I want to be in the financial market or if I
want to be running a company. I want to know the ins and
outs of business.”

I though she handled the question very well. She knew I
knew the answer to my question.

“Have you done data entry before?”

“No, but I know how to work a computer.”

“How fast do you type?”

“I don’t know. I’ve never taken the test.”

“Mr. Summers…?” her voice broke in.

“Uh…” I realized I was staring into her eyes and had
gotten lost.

“Uh…you can call me John. We’re all on a first name
basis here.”


“That will let me know if you’ll fit it.”

“Okay…John,” she said with hesitancy.

I picked up a pen. I twiddled the pen back and forth
with it held between my index finger and thumb. “Now,
tell me about…oops!” The pen “accidentally” flew out
of my fingers. It bounced on my desk and onto the floor
in front of her.

She bent over to retrieve it. I smiled as her blouse
hung slightly open. I saw her cleavage. It looked like
she had some decent-sized tits. I averted my eyes as she
came back up.

“Thank you, Hannah,” I said as I took the pen from her.

“Your welcome.”

I put the pen down.

I looked into her eyes, smiled, and leaned back in my
chair. “Tell me why I should consider giving you a job.”

“Well, Mr. Summers…” She paused when I wagged my
finger. She began again. “John, I am a hard worker. I
stick to my tasks and get them done. I am a fast learner
and I think you’ll find I can do a lot more than data

I tried not to go “there” in my thoughts after hearing
her say “do…more”, but I went “there”.

“I get along with everybody and I can work well in a
team. You won’t regret hiring me.”

Except for my constant case of blue balls, I didn’t

“Sounds good,” I said. “The job is 4 hours a day, 20
hours a week, Monday thru Friday, from 4 PM to 8 PM.
You’ll also be expected to be receptionist from 4 to 6.
Susan, our secretary, leaves at 4. We stop answering the
main phone at 6.”

“I can do that,” she replied.

“Do you have any questions?”

“The hours work great for me, Mis…John. Is there
flexibility for when school semester terms happen?”

“Yes. If you’re a good worker, we’ll want to keep you
and we can work something out.”


“Oh…wages. It’s just minimum wage.”

“That’s okay. I just need money to put gas in my car,
buy some food, and go out with friends.

I decided to take a slightly improper vector in my
interview. “So you’re a freshman, Hannah?”

“Yes,” said Hannah. “John,” She added.

“You have an apartment?”

“I’m in the dorm.”

“You have a boyfriend?”

She hesitated at first. She didn’t expect that question.

My heart warmed inside. I spoke something else. “Well,
I’m sure the guys will be fighting to ask you out.
You’re very pretty.”

She slightly blushed and I could tell I made her feel
awkward. “Thank you,” she said with a little shyness.

“Well, Hannah,” I said as I stood up. “You are an
impressive young woman. I was impressed on how well you
remained calm when I asked you some personal questions.
That shows you know that a business is like a family.
You’ve already shown some trust. I’ll decide on the job
in the next day or two.”

She stood up. “Thank you for seeing me, John.”

I smiled.

I waited two days before I had Susan call her and offer
her the job.

On Monday, I was distracted at work. I couldn’t help
thinking about Hannah. She was starting today.

“Do you want me to stay late and help train her?” asked

“That’s okay. I’ll do it.”

I didn’t know how transparent my excitement was to
Susan. I’d never been this way before. Maybe she plainly
recognized a horny male in her presence.

Four o’clock finally came.

Susan ducked her head into my office. I usually keep the
door open.

“The new girl is here,” she said. “I’m going home.”

“Thank you, Susan.” She was so reliable.

I sat patiently in my seat. I didn’t want to be too
eager. I heard a door close and I knew Susan was gone.
Off the floor, hidden behind my desk, I picked up a vase
filled with flowers and walked out.

“Welcome, Hannah,” I said holding the vase.

She looked at the vase, then to me, and then back at the

“These flowers are just something for you to take home
as a way of welcoming you to the company.”

She smiled. “Thank you.”

I put them on the desk.

“Come,” I said. She followed me down the hallway to a
small office with two desks in it.

“Hannah, this is Emily,” I said introducing the 27-year
old blonde woman. “She is one of two accounting people
here. She’ll take care of payroll. Emily, this is
Hannah. She just started. When, she’s all done just send
her back down to my office.

“Sure, John,” said Emily, smiling at Hannah.

“Hello?” Hannah’s voice came into my office twenty
minutes later.

“I can tell you right now you need to learn to use my
name,” I instructed with a smile in my voice.

“Emily’s all done, John.”

“Good. Can’t have employees not getting paid. They don’t
seem to like that.” She smiled. I liked that.

I went back out to the front desk and pulled up a chair
next to her and for the next thirty minutes, I walked
her through the computer screens and showed her what to
enter in the fields from the paper copies. These were
updates of customer data or orders and other info. It
wasn’t a whole lot to do, but I was only paying minimum
wage and there was filing to do and the ubiquitous
“other duties as assigned”.

“If you get stuck or need help, don’t be afraid to ask,”
I said as I got up and returned to my office.

I had barely sat down when she needed help, but the
interruptions became less and less frequent as she got
the hang of the program.

“Hello, VideoMax. This is Hannah.” I heard her voice say
after the phone rang. My phone rang. “A Mr. Thompson,
from Thompson Screens for you, John,” her lovely voice
told me. Thompson sold aftermarket TV screens for
automobiles. “Thank you, Hannah. Put him through.”

That evening, I tried hard not to think about Hannah too
much and I was mostly successful. At least, I didn’t
hover at her desk.

“Hello, John,” Hannah greeted me on the next day when I
returned to the office at 4:30.

“Hello, Hannah, you’re looking very lovely.”

She returned a shy smile to me. “Brenda Trevin would
like you to call her.”

“Thank you.” I went into my office to make the call.

“Hello, I’m Mike,” I later heard my plant manager
introducing himself to Hannah.

I couldn’t make out much of the conversation.

Just before 6:00, I came out. “How are things going?”

“Okay, John,” she replied. “I didn’t realize I was
working at dinner time. Yesterday, I was so nervous I
didn’t notice. Today, I’m hungry. Working only four
hours, I don’t think I get a meal break.”

“No, but I don’t mind you eating at your desk if you
work at the same time.”

A man walked into the office carrying a sack. “I’m
looking for John Summers.”

“Here,” I said. I pulled out a twenty from my wallet.
“Keep the change.” I took the sack.

“Thank you!” the delivery man said with a big smile and
then left.

“Voila! I have dinner for us.”

“Oh, I couldn’t.”

“I have too much food here.”

I could tell she was thinking about it. The Chinese food
did smell good. I pulled up a chair and started taking
the containers out of the bag.

“Thank you,” she finally said.

“We’re all here for each other.” My mind screamed with

I made small talk and asked her how school was going. It
was only three weeks into the semester.

“I quite enjoyed your companionship for dinner,” I said.
“I’d like to do it again tomorrow.”


I quickly interrupted. “If you’re going to say something
about money, don’t. I have lots of money. I’m just
paying you minimum wage. Consider it a perk.”

“Thank you,” she said again in her polite manner.

Over the next two weeks, I learned about her family and
her likes and dislikes. She learned I was married once
for only a year when I was twenty-one.

“So what do you like about a guy?” I asked her.

“He has to show he cares about me. Not just pretending
he’s listening to me, but shows it by doing things that
show he listened. Someone who can make me smile and feel
warm and comfortable about. Trust is important.”

“What to like about a girl?” she countered.

“Well since I’m a guy, I think about physical attributes
first, but I like a woman who’ll be there for me even
when I make mistakes. Someone who’s willing to stay
around if times become tough.”

“What do like physically?” she asked.

“Well…” I was on the spot. “I like a woman who’s in
shape. She doesn’t have to be a model or an athlete. She
just shouldn’t have let yourself go. I like women in
lingerie. I like the peek-a-boo quality that lingerie
provides. I like to think ‘Did I see what I think I just
saw?’ One other thing that I have to confess…” I
looked into her face to see her expression. She was
intently listening. “One of the reasons I hired you is
that you are a redhead. I like redheads a lot. Of
course, these last two weeks I’ve discovered you are
much more that just a redhead. You are a completely
charming woman and you are a hard worker and I know I
made the right choice in hiring you even if my reasoning
was strange.” I paused. “I hope I haven’t offended you.”

I could tell she was a little surprised.

She smiled. “Well I’m glad my red hair was good for
something. It makes up some for being teased as a kid.”
She laughed.

I released my breath. I just noticed I was holding it.

I stood up. “Thank you, Hannah,” I said and put out my
arms for a hug. She was tentative at first but then
embraced me.

Damn! She felt good in my arms!

On Monday, when Hannah got in I asked her if she could
stay late for an hour. She said she could. At 5:00, I
headed out to the parking lot and found her car, a ten
year old Taurus. I put on some overalls and some
goggles. I crawled under her car and opened the oil
plug. The oil poured out all over the asphalt. I
tightened the oil plug back up. I disposed of the
goggles and overalls in the green dumpster. I kept back
a few data entry forms and gave them to her at 8:00 and
told her I needed these in today. She cheerfully

At 8:40, she poked her head into my office. “They’re all
entered, John.”

“Thank you, Hannah.” I picked up my coat. “Let’s get out
of here.

It’s late.”

“Sounds good,” she replied.

“Uh-oh!” I said as we walked up to her car. I bent down
in front of it.

“What?” she said with a little anxiety in her voice.

“Looks like your engine lost all its oil. You can’t
drive it.”

“Oh, no! Are you sure?”


“Ohhhh! I can’t afford to fix it or get a new car.”

“Hannah, let me drive you home. I’ll pick you up
tomorrow. I’ll check your car out in the daylight. It
might be a simple problem.”

“Okay,” she said. I could see the worry on her face.

“I’ll take care of you,” I assured her.

I drove her in my Lexus to the school. When we stopped
in front of her dorm building, I leaned over and kissed
her softly on the cheek. “See you tomorrow. I’ll pick
you up. Don’t worry about the car.

I’ll take care of it.”

Hannah’s hand touched the cheek I kissed. She got out of
the car. and looked back at me. Her hand was still on
her cheek.

I waved and drove off. In my rearview mirror, I saw a
small return wave.

“Good news, Hannah!” I exuberantly said when I picked
her up. I leaned over and kissed her on the cheek again.
Her hand went up to her cheek again. “The oil plug on
your car just fell out. I put it back in. I made sure it
won’t fall out again. I went ahead and put oil back into
the car.”

“Oh, wonderful,” said Hannah with excitement. “Thank
you.” She looked relieved.

“No charge,” I quickly added. “It cost nothing.”

I pulled into my reserved spot. We went over to her car
and I had her start it up. It roared to life. After all,
I only gave it an oil change.

“Thank you, thank you,” she said happily and bounced out
of the car.

She hugged me. I wrapped my arms around her and held her

Finally we began to separate.

“Your welcome.” I kissed her softly on the nose. She
became bashful and nervous again. “We better get into
work. I know that boss of yours can be a real asshole if
you’re not in on time.”

She laughed at my joke. The joke broke the sudden
awkward tension.

For the next couple of weeks, I kissed her on the cheek
to and say “Thank you” for basically her just doing her
job. I noticed she became more relaxed about it.

One evening as I left her desk and walked back into my
office I sighed, “I wish she’d show a little bit more

I turned and she was right behind me. “Uh…John?” she
said, “Mike called. He won’t be in tomorrow. Car

“Uh…thank you, Hannah.”

My mind raced. Did I mutter that under my breath? Did
she hear it?

My stomach did flips.

“Did he check his oil?” I quickly said with a joke

She didn’t smile. She turned and went back to her desk.
The phone rang. “Emily?” I heard her say “I’ll transfer

I sat at my desk. I could feel sweat trickle down my
body. My mind was in a blur. Before I knew it she was
standing in front of my desk. Her purse was in her hand.
“I’m going now,” she said.

“Have a good night,” I replied. I looked down and tried
to look busy.

“You need to thank me?”

“Huh?” I looked up at her.

“Alison is teaching me the accounts payable system,
since she’s been working a little late this week.”
Alison worked with Emily. “Here’s a check from Bradley
Electronics.” She put in on my desk. Bradley was a
company that was behind in payments. I picked it up. The
check was for at least half of what they owed us. It was
a very good start. “I called them and pretended to be a

“Hannah!” I said, my voice getting animated. “You can’t
do that.

We’ll get in trouble.”

“But I got the check…” she protested.

“I’m glad,” I said, “just don’t pretend to be a lawyer
again. Okay?”


Hannah left and so I averted a future lawsuit against my

I often didn’t come out to see Hannah until after five.
It wasn’t until after five that the business day started
to wind down. The next day, it was Hannah who came into
my office for our first contact of the day. She came
into my office just before five. My mouth slightly
gaped. She wore a scoop-neck shirt.

“John…?” she said. I heard something girlish in the
way she said my name. “Oops.”

It almost felt like it was in slow motion. I can so
clearly recall this event in my head. I watched as the
pen slipped from her hand and fell to the floor. She
bent forward at the waist. Her shirt hung open and I
could quite clearly see her tits. 36C’s I quickly
guessed. She wore a white lacy bra with sheer sections
that gave it a peekaboo quality. My dick twitched. She
picked up the pen and slowly, too slowly, raised back

She walked around to my side of the desk. I felt
nervous. My dick strained against my pants.

“You never thanked me for getting that Bradley check,”
she said. She sat in my lap, wrapped her right arm
around my neck, and presented her right cheek to my

I was sweating and breathing hard, but I knew what to
do. I kissed her cheek. “Thank you, Hannah. I appreciate
you very much.”

“And I want to thank you,” she said. She turned and
kissed my cheek.

“What’s that for?”

“For being such a good boss.” She got up but ended up
squishing my dick doing so. She looked down at my pants.
Was she eyeing my erection? “See you at dinner.” I could
have sworn she was wiggling her butt on purpose when she
walked out. Well, maybe not. I was in a heightened state
of arousal after all.

Things didn’t move any further the next few weeks. She
would kiss me on the cheek now and that was nice. Plus
every so often, she wore something a little more
revealing and there was always a time during those days
that she would turn or bend and I could look down her
shirt into those beautiful tits. On those evenings, I
always ended the work day in the bathroom to relieve my
painful blue balls.

I called Hannah into my office one night, about fifteen
minutes before she was to go home. “Hannah,” I said to
her across my desk, “I never notified you that you
passed your one month probation period.” I stood up and
walked around my desk and sat on the edge of it. “You
have more than surpassed my expectations of you as an
employee. Thank you for being so dedicated.” I leaned
down and lightly kissed her on the lips. I heard her
shiver. I slowly backed away. She looked disoriented.

“Thank you,” she said in a whisper. Her face was flush
with perspiration. She stood up. “It’s hot in here
today,” she said almost to herself. “I better get back
to my desk.” She stumbled into the chair. “Oh.” She
walked a little unsteadily back to her desk.

I smiled.

In early December, Hannah came into my office at about
six and sat down in the chair.


“You look stressed,” I said. She did. And tired.

“I’m caught up with everything,” she said “and I was
wondering if I could go home early.”

“Is there a problem? Are you okay?” My heart ached in
concern for her.

“I just have term papers to finish and finals to study
for. The couple of hours would help.”

I stood up and came up behind her chair.

“Sure, sure,” I said. I put my hands on her shoulders.
She moved slightly from the surprise touch of my hands
but then relaxed in a sign of trust. “Let me try to
massage some of that tension out of you first.”

I began to squeeze her shoulders and then began to rub
and press on her upper back. My hands moved to the back
of her neck and I squeezed.

“Is it too hard?”

“No. It feels good.”

“Good, good.” I continued her massage.

“I’m going to go a little softer now,” I told her. “This
will help you relax more.”

I bent down and lowered my lips to the back of neck. I
slowly and softly kissed her neck.

“J…” she said.

“Shhhh,” I interrupted. “Take in the sensations. Relax.”

I persistedd to kiss both sides and the back of her
neck. Her breathing slowed to where it nearly matched
the gentle pace of my kisses. I smelled no perfume on
this eighteen-year old beauty. I liked that.

I was getting a little tired but I carried on. Sometimes
I would return to rubbing with my hands and then come
back to kissing her neck. I kept an eye on the clock.
After fifteen minutes, I stopped.

“Go on home, Hannah. I hope you feel better.”

“Thanks, John. That felt good.”

As she went out, I realized I need to start closing my
door. No one is usually around after 6 PM, but why take
the chance.

The next day, I didn’t come out to the front desk until
the Mobile Waiter brought dinner at 6:00.

“Let’s have dinner at my desk.” We sat in the two chairs
in front of my desk. I also closed my door.

“So how are you feeling?” I asked.

“Better. That massage really helped me relax. I fell
asleep when I got home. Maybe I needed sleep more. But I
felt refreshed and was able to get some stuff done
during the break between my classes.”

“Wonderful,” I said.

When dinner was concluded, we stood up. I leaned over,
held her upper arms lightly in my hands and gave her a
soft slightly lingering kiss on her lips. I saw Hannah
close her eyes.

“Thank you for being such a good friend to me,” I
whispered softly.

Her breath became a little harder. I kissed her softly
on the lips again.

“You mean so much to me,” I said. “It’s good to have
someone you care about.”

One more time I softly kissed her lips.

“See you later.” I put the excess dinner into the trash
and sat down at my desk.

Hannah walked out but several times, before she reached
the door, she stopped and looked back at me.

Dinner time ran that way from now on. In my office with
the door closed. I gradually kissed her a little firmer,
a little longer, and a little more often.

The following week, we were eating dinner and she was
unusually quiet.

“Are you okay?” I asked. “School okay?”

“Yeah, yeah, school just finished for the semester.”

I waited as patiently as I could, but after a couple of
minutes of silence I had to speak, “Please tell me,
Hannah? I’m your friend.”

She looked at me. Moisture formed in the corner of her

“I…I think I love you,” she finally said and then she
stood up and burst out of my office.

It took every ounce of will I had to not go after her,
but I didn’t.

I knew she needed to be alone.

At about 7:00, she came back into my office and sat down
in the chair. I came out of my executive chair and sat
in the other chair and waited for her to speak.

“I think I need to quit,” she said with a trembling lip.

“What if I told you I think I love you too?” I said.

She looked at me with surprise. Maybe the thought hadn’t
occurred to her. I decided to continue.

“Hannah, every day I look forward to when you come in to
work. It takes a lot of effort for me not to be waiting
at your desk at 4:00. I want you in my life. I know I’m
a lot older than you, but the way we get along with each
other, it’s almost as if we were made for each other.”

“Please don’t go,” I added.

She looked into my face. I think my words had some
effect but I wasn’t sure. I stood up and outstretched my

“I want to hold you,” I said.

She rushed into my arms and we held each other tightly
and my lips found hers and she kissed me back for the
first time. Our lips passionately sought each other out.
Finally, we parted and I just held her in my arms for
the longest time. She laid her head against my shoulder.

We ended our next couple of dinners kissing and holding
one another. On Tuesday, of the next week, just a week
before Christmas, I came out to her desk right before it
was time for her to go. I had a gift bag in my hand.

“What’s this?” she asked with surprise and delight as
she took the bag.

“Open it when you get home,” I told her.

During dinner the next day, I asked her how she liked
her gift.

“I’m glad you asked me to open it at home,” she said a
little bashfully.

I smiled.

On Friday was the company Christmas lunch and party. I
let everyone go home at noon and Hannah made the party.
I’m glad Hannah socialized with the other people. It
would have certainly been awkward if she had been
hanging on my arm or if she was always right by me.
People finally went home and I looked around and noticed
Hannah had left too. I wanted to give her a secret kiss
good-bye. I went to my office to get my briefcase.

When I opened the door, Hannah was sitting on my desk.
She wore a teddy. It was the same color red as the color
of her hair. The top was sheer and lacy with little
gaps. A very arousing peekaboo. I could see her right
nipple. She stood up. Now I could see some red pubic
hair just above where the cloth covered her clit and
pussy opening.

She looked damn good in the Christmas present I gave
her. No. She looked hot!

I closed the door and started to run toward her and then
in what I’m sure looked rather silly and comical, I
turned around went back to the door, locked it, and then
turned back and ran toward her again.

I wrapped my arms around her and bent her back. My mouth
went down and my lips kissed just above her tits and
then went down into her exposed cleavage. My tongue
darted in between. She hissed as I went between her

“Oh, Hannah!” I exclaimed.

I straightened up and my hands went to her bare butt. I
squeezed the two firm round globes. My pants-enclosed
cock ground against her nearly naked pussy.

I finally separated.

“You’re beautiful,” I said. I kissed her lips and that
set off another round of our hands roaming each others’
bodies. I took a step back. I had to. I couldn’t keep my
hands off her.

She watched me as I began to unbutton and take off my

“You know,” she said, “Having a thin piece of cloth in
between my butt cheeks is not very comfortable. This is
definitely for a guys enjoyment because it’s
uncomfortable for me.”

“Definitely,” I said as I undid my pants while I kicked
off my shoes.


My pants fell down and Hannah’s eyes went to the bulge
in my underwear.

“Wow!” she said as my erection came into view. I slipped
my feet out.

“If that’s uncomfortable,” I said eagerly, “I could take
it off for you.”

“I’ll do it,” she said pulling her eyes away from my

She undid the crotch snap and extracted the material out
of her crack. The spaghetti straps slid off her shoulder
and she pushed the teddy down. It dropped to the floor.

There was a moment when it seemed like neither of us
knew what to do next.

“I want to suck on your tits,” I announced to her.

I stepped forward and bent my knees and took her tits
into my hands.

Hannah’s tits were firm. Despite their good size, they
did not sag. The joys of youth. I put my mouth on her
right nipple. She stumbled a step back, but then she was
steady against my desk.

“Oh,” she moaned.

I released her very wet tit and went to her other tit
and nipple.

I alternated between them. Sucking on her nipples.
Kissing. Licking.

My tongue running in the valley of her hills.

I felt her hand around my dick. I straighten up.

“Lay back on the desk,” I said. I positioned her butt on
the edge of my desk. We couldn’t go length-wise on the
desk because of the computer. Her head went over the

“Be right back,” I said. I slowly opened the door and
looked around. I ran naked to the guest couch. I pulled
out the three seat cushions and came back in. Yes, I
made sure I relocked it. I raised my executive chair as
high as it would go and put the cushions on it. It was
perfect! It actually tilted her head forward slightly,
so she could see better.

“Thanks,” she said.

“My pleasure,” I replied. I was happier than I’d ever
been in a long, long time.

I lifted her legs and pushed them apart to the sides. My
heart felt like it just stopped. There it was. Hannah’s
beautiful pussy. The wonderful red pubic hair was
trimmed for wearing a bikini. There was another red area
that particularly grabbed my attention.

Hannah moaned and her body arched as my tongue flicked
over her clit.

I began a slow, deliberate licking, kissing, and sucking
on it.

“Oh!” she moaned.

I would sometimes dart my tongue in between her lips and
penetrate into her pussy. Her juices started fast. I
drank them up as if it was the rarest of nectars.

“Ooooooh” she moaned. Her moan was changed. More
aroused. I sucked deeper on her clit. I licked her
firmer and she was also very aroused when I licked along
the outside of her lips. She arched her back and pushed
her pussy into my face.

“Aaaaaaaaah!” she cried out and I felt her come.

I stopped.

“Oh, wow!” she said.

I waited about a minute. My aching cock needed relief. I
stood up and stepped up. I grabbed my cock and lined it
up with her pussy. I inserted it into her delicate

I looked at her face before I pushed into her. I was
perplexed. She looked almost…scared? I watched her
facial expression as I slowly pressed my cock into her
pussy. I felt her warmth as her body opened for me. I
was very surprised to find resistance inside her.

“Are you…are you a virgin?” I stammered in surprise.

“I wanted to wait for the right one,” replied Hannah in
aroused sensual breath. “You are the one.”

My head spun. I was no longer just a 42-year old man
having sex with a 18-year old woman – a girl
essentially. I was having sex with a virgin, I was
deflowering her, I was the first one ever to fuck her
cunt. Needless to say, no matter how I said it, it was
extremely exciting for me.

“This might hurt a little,” I cautioned.

“I know.”

I swear when I broke her hymen that she made the exact
same sound a mouse makes when it gets stepped on.

“Stop a second,” she said as she waited for the pain to

I happily obliged. I was partially inside her! It felt

“Okay,” she said a few seconds later.

I gradually pushed the rest of my cock all the way
inside her pussy.

She felt so good. She was warm, she was tight. It was
pure ecstasy. I slowly pulled back out with just my cock
head inside her and then bit by bit pushed back in. I
heard her exhale with my every entry. Over time, I began
to speed up inside her. Her tits jiggled and grabbed my
attention so I grabbed them in my hands. I held on to
her tits and squeezed them as I leisurely fucked her.

After a couple of minutes Hannah said, “Climb on top of
me. I want to feel your body against mine.”

I had no problem with that.

Hannah had to scoot a little. I needed to get at least
some of my legs supported by the desk. We pushed my
chair back. She lost a little back support but she was
in no risk in falling. She pushed her tits up and I
pressed my chest against them. My cock easily refound
her pussy and slid back into her like it was home.

In hindsight, it would have been more reasonable for us
to lay on the carpet. However, this turned out to be a
wonderful first time and so I lasted much longer that I
would have normally. It was difficult to thrust into
her. I had little leg support. I used one of the visitor
chairs to hold up my feet. As strange as it all seems,
all of it just made that first time with Hannah even the

“I never imagined you’d feel so big inside me,” she
said. There was awe in her voice. I didn’t mistake this
statement for saying she thought I had a small dick. She
was a virgin. A tampon was the biggest thing ever put
inside her. In fact, I was a very respectable seven

Even at the slowest sex pace, the sensations build.
Also, the very fact that I was causing those erotic
moans coming out of Hannah’s mouth was very stimulating
for me. After fifteen minutes, I groaned with every
short, hard thrust into her pussy. My orgasm was
becoming imminent.

She ground her clit against me and moaned out,
“Aaaaaaaah”. She was coming.

I pressed harder and harder. “Unnnnn!” I groaned and I
released. I felt a hard squirt shoot out. It was so hard
it almost burned. Then several other squirts came until
there was no more. It was a lot of come. I hadn’t been
in a pussy for ten months. Only masturbation.

“You are so beautiful, so wonderful, so special…” I
said as I laid kiss after kiss after kiss on her face.

“It was even better than I imagined,” she said. “Sex is
all they say it is and more.”

“Merry Christmas,” I said.

“Merry Christmas.” Hannah kissed me.

“What are you doing for Christmas?” I asked. “You’re not
going to stay in the dorm all alone?”

“I’m going to my parents.”

“Oh,” I said with disappointment. After such a fantastic
first time, I just wanted to do it again and again.

The week between Christmas and New Year’s I close the
office, so on the Tuesday after the holiday, I finally
saw Hannah again. She surprised me. She was wearing a
skirt. She always dressed very nicely, but it was always
with jeans.

“Good morning, Hannah,” I said with a big smile as I
passed by the desk. My heart thumped and my cock started
to fill with blood.

“Good morning, John,” she replied with an equally big
smile. “It was the best Christmas party I’ve ever been
too. Here’s your phone messages.”

I took the small stack of about five. “I’m glad you
enjoyed yourself.”

I sat at my desk. As usual, my top customers were trying
to reach me after the holiday. The last message caught
my eye. It said:

“Plan on working late.” It was unsigned.

Hannah wouldn’t let me even kiss her during dinner. When
I tried to find out more information on the last
message, she acted coy and innocent. “It might be
helpful if you weren’t wearing any clothes,” she told

I was too distracted to do any work. I got naked already
by 7:30.

I phoned Hannah.

“Did I get any additional messages?” I asked.

“No,” she said.

“Are you sure?” I practically whined. I was too excited.
“Maybe it might start a little earlier?”

I saw Hannah peek her head around the door while holding
the phone.

She giggled and then hung up.

I was impatient. I had a very hard hard-on. I kept
having to stop myself from absent-mindedly stroking my
cock. I didn’t want to get aroused too fast.

Fortunately, she didn’t make me wait much longer. She
stepped into my office and closed and locked the door.
She whipped off her shirt and flung it in my direction.
If fell well short. She reached behind and undid her
bra. That flew even less. She shook her body. Her tits
jiggled for my pleasure.

“I need to thank you,” Hannah said, as she walked toward

“What for?” I said playing the game.

“You’ve been such a good boss. You’ve taken care of me
and…” She climbed up on my lap. Her legs straddle me.
She reached down and took hold of my cock. She sat down
and I was surprised as I slipped right into her pussy.
“…and you’ve filled my every need. Mmmmmmm, Ohhhhh!”

My first surprise was that she had no panties on. She’d
been out there with no panties on all that time. The
first surprise facilitates the second surprise in that
my cock entered right into her warmth.

Hannah began to bounce up and down on my cock. Her tits
shook right in front of my face. I did the natural
thing. I sucked on them. I smothered my face within her
cleavage. She gratified me by pushing her tits together
around my face.

It felt so good and then she stopped and got off me. I
looked at her in frustration. She undid her skirt and it
fell to the ground. She then turned around and bent over
the desk. She spread her legs open. An invitation.

“Here’s your chance to fulfill every male boss’s
fantasy,” Hannah said.

“What?” I said truthfully.

“Every man wants to fuck some girl bent over his desk.
Here’s your chance. Fuck me.”

I was shocked. Foremost by her language. I’d never heard
her talk like that before. It was exciting yet a little
repelling at the same time. After our first time of sex,
I could she was no longer the quiet young woman. That
person was gone. She was now a sensual, erotic woman who
had no problem voicing her physical needs. Secondly, yes
indeed it was a fantasy to have a woman bent over the
desk, but I never thought I’d do it, nor did I even try.

I stood up and inserted my cock back into her open

“Don’t be afraid to fuck me hard,” she said. “Live your
fantasy. Or do it however you want. I love you.”

I slowly moved back and forth inside her.

“Oooooh, it feels different this way. It’s hitting
just…” She paused as sensations hit. “…the right

Her moaning was too provoking for me to hold back and I
began to thrust into her in earnest. I could hear her
boiling toward orgasm and I remembered her words, so I
chose to fuck her hard. My hands held her waist and I
now pounded into her. Just a few moments after I started
to fuck hard, she cried out and came. I continued to
fuck and slam hard into her pussy. I could feel my cock
building and building.

“UNHH!” I groaned and shot my come into her.

“I can feel it,” she moaned. “I can feel it shoot.”

Damn, she was hot!

Just before 8:00 every night was the start of very fun
times for us over the next few months. When the school
year ended, she quit. She said she wanted to work full-
time somewhere. Make more money. I’d been giving her
$200 a month out of my own paycheck since we started to
have sex. My only stipulation was that at least $50 of
it had to go to buying lingerie. I offered her full-time
work over the summer. It wasn’t about the money.

The college boys had become interested in her and she’d
become interested in them. It didn’t come as a shock.
Our relationship latest longer than I expected. I still
miss Hannah. My beautiful redhead. Maybe she’ll show up
sometime just to relive some old times. You know what I

Yes. I know I’m forty-three now.

Yes. I know I shouldn’t hire part-time help with the
hope that I can one day fuck them now. Sorry, I mean
have sex with them.

But here’s an important fact. Even though I’m getting
older, the college freshman girls are still eighteen.