Cucks first day

So one day right I’m at work talking real freaky with my girl all day. We having one of those days where we haven’t had sexnin awhile and we’re both turned on so we’re gonna let out a lot of frustration on each other. In other words we are going to have a long night lol.
To take things further and intensify the pleasure were going to endure we decide to get high on Molly. So as we’re texting each other we are getting our drugs, alcohol, weed and cigarettes for the night and party like rock stars. I finally get off and we get high. Took our showers looking, good feeling and then we want turn things up a notch. I say lets go outside and get into some freaky shit and see where that takes us and she cool with it. So we driving around and talking and I see her texting.
Now mind u Ima Cuck. I like it when my girl goes off fucks other guys, comes home and gives me the pussy all used up. So we driving and I pull over and start talking. As she’s texting she tells me to kiss her feet. Let me tell you something about her feet. Yes women’s feet in general are beautiful because they are so delicate and soft but her feet are perfect. All she is missing is that high arch but they are light skinned and tiny. They could fit in your hands which makes them that cute; where u wanna hold and touch them all the time. And her toes are prefect. No nasty corns, bunions, misshaped, nothing! They are tiny and cute too but not bunched up looking like small pig snouts. Soft and they taste good. And they are the right size from the big toe to the pinky one. Marvelous.
So she telling me to kiss her feet, and I’m loving cause she been wearing sandals all day so they are a lil dirty and she know I love that. Then I notice the dress she got on because I got a little to into the love making of her pretty feet. I lfted her leg up and she let me see that pretty pussy she got. shaved and dripping wet.
See this dress she got isn’t the type to hug her beautful shape. It’s straight and flowy and semi see through. I already knew she didn’t have a bra on but when she walks with the dress u can see every wiggle in her ass when she walks. If u get caught staring at her ass when she walk by she you can see that she has nothing on at all under neath her outfit. And she looks beautiful. And the dress stops right underneath her the cup under her ass but because of the dress itself you can basically see the bottom half of her ass. She loves to tease me and let guys drool over her. She did everything right.
So then while I’m in my days she says get out of the car I’ll b right back. I’m like huh!???
She says it again and she won’t tell me where she going. I’m just lost. Like I thought we had a whole night and if u going to fuck somebody u should tell me. Still won’t say a thing. All she says is trust me. So it’s ten o clock at night she got on this sexy ass dress and she about to leave after texting for about fifteen minutes. I say “ok”.
This ass sexy chick of mine just kicks me out of her car, leaves me on a corner, and the last thing she tells me to do is trust her. It was a nice night out, not bad, but the fact she couldn’t even drop me off at home made me feel some type way. So I walked about 20 mins, a good mile or so home and just wait for her.
I wake up and it’s four in the morning and I’m pissed and I haven’t heard anything from her. She calls right then. I pick up and she say she outside. When I get in the car she looks pretty normal as if nothing happened but she say she tired and wants me to drive and nothing else while we go to her house. Ima asking question after question and she not answering all the way til we get to the house. Soon as we pull up she says shut the fuck up and go in the house. Get in the room, get undressed and wait for me there. I say nothing and I do it. She walks in about a whole ten minutes later ass naked.
Let this be said. Our bedroom faces the driveway so I was watching her and I think she knew. I saw her smell her dress and was scratching something off of it so u know what she does. She takes it off, pops the trunk, grabs a cigarette from the pocket of the dead and lights it. Then walk in the house. At least for cars drove by and I saw one of neighbors lights come on. I’m lost like fuck and completely turned. My Dick is leaking from precum it’s a mess. She butt ass naked and makes it into the room. As soon as she walks in I notice her pussy is extra glossy and drippy and I’m thinking she’s as turned in as me. She orders me to lay down and open my mouth. She climbs right on top and starts grinding my face.
She doesn’t even like head but all her cum was all over my face and it made her cum twice from me eating her pussy. She loved the way it looked me chocking cause most of it got in my nose and I couldn’t breath and she loved it.
As she is riding my face I see her smiling and says I didn’t know u like the way my cum and and my baby fathers cum tasted together. And she looked me deep in my eyes and held my face while she nutted one more time producing so much pussy and man juice in my face it completely covered it. Eyes, ears and dripped all down the back of my neck. She kept telling me how she came on his dick more and more when she thought of what she was going to do to me when she got home. And they fucked for hours. And she told me how glad she was I got to taste her lovers cum and spread it all over my face.
My dick was hard as a rock and I loved it. When we started fucking she had no walls. She even said she barely felt me cause she said her baby father fucked her for hours. But she loved to hear her pussy fart from my little dick letting air out after a bug dick just opened her up. She’s laughing and cumming at the same time cause she loves that feeling. While I’m pumping nothing but air I’m getting turned on cause she likes it. And she’s laughing and telling me how the whole one her and her baby father were fucking, they were getting off clowning me. How she left me on the corner, made me walk home. And they both came every time they said fuck me. She said he nutted on her face, back and twice on and in her pussy. He told her to ride my face and tell him afterwards if I liked it or not.
After I came and laid down. There she goes texting again. My face covered in cum and she said likes the way her feet and cum on my face feels and we should do it more often