My Boyfriend, On His Back

I awoke to a gentle insistence, a slow nudging flooding me
with warmth. A minor friction dissipating with wetness. I
entered the realm of consciousness with the realization that I
didn’t have to get up and go to work, which meant it was the
weekend. The general haze formed into distinct clouds I could
identify. The weekend meant that there was a finger toying with
my gate, that I wasn’t simply in the lingering mist of an erotic
dream. Stephen loved to wake me in this manner, trying not to
wake me, wanting to watch me as I climaxed in my sleep. I
usually disappointed him, waking up before the end, but that was
never really a disappointment because then I would grab him and
make him send me to the end. Being the weekend, no wonder I
was so wet so quickly, in the sway of the continuum from the
previous night. My pussy was still fairly freshly fucked, and
after the interruption of a few hours of erotic dreams, it was well
ready for more of the hard facts of reality.

I was momentarily confused when my eyes fluttered open to
find Kimbra’s gazing back. But then as her mouth broadened into
a smile I remembered everything, in all the perfect, exquisite
details. I puckered my lips and she leaned into them, meeting me,
her tongue parting my lips to explore my inner wetness in the
same way her fingers were breaching the entrance to my cunt. I
slithered a hand down to touch her sweet spot.
“Kimbra,” I teased, “are you always this wet in the
“Only when I’ve had a night so inspiring that my sleep has
been filled with a nonstop procession of super sexy dreams.
_Denise doing this to me. Denise doing that to me._ Me doing
that and this to you. The two of us doing _everything_ with each
other.” She gave a self-satisfied little look, then arched her
brows. “_Usually_ I hate it when my dreams are just re-runs of
real life. But not _this_ morning.”

We lay there like that, side by side, for the longest time in
sleepy slow motion, engaging in kisses dripping with the ultimate
pleasure of unhurried passion, our breasts touching and bumping
and nudging, while our fingers grew sticky and moist as we
worked magic on each other. We brought each other slowly up
the same rise, teasing in backslides when the tensions threatened
to overwhelm us. Without a word we were set on synchronizing
our pleasures. I could feel Kimbra start getting too close again
so I slackened off on my attentions to her clit. She heaved a
deep sigh of disappointment, but then gasped as I slid a finger
all the way up inside her, soon joined by another, and finally a
third. I was giving her a short fat cock, but unlike a cock mine
had three little heads, which could curl up to stroke the ridged
vault of her cathedral. I toyed with her g-spot, enjoying her
whimpering mewls while getting hotter and hotter from her
I teased her with words, whipping us both to a frothy
frenzy, “Does my sweet little Kimbra like this? hmmm? Does her
pussy feel like it’s finally getting some man-meat, a nice hunk of
pumping boy flesh? Sort of small but god does it know how to
touch you in all the right places. How would Kimbra like a nice
great big fat cock? What if somehow Stephen suddenly walked in
on us? And found his girlfriend and her girlfriend rubbing each
other’s pussies, getting each other all hot and nasty. Think how
this room must just reek of horny juicy cunts. I bet it smells
like two girls have been fucking each other all night long. I
wonder why that is? Hmmm? Mmmmm! One look at us, one whiff
of us, I bet Stephen’s big beautiful cock would burst through his
pants. It’d be lust at first sight, once you had a glance at it.
And since I’ve already shared everything else with you, I’d
spread your pussy lips wide open and invite him to come in. And
boy would he come inside you. And it’d be the biggest load you’d
ever felt. And just feeling him burst inside you would make you
come again and again. And watching him fuck your brains out
would get me even hotter than ever. And then I’d bury my face
between you legs and suck all his come out of your pussy. And
watching me do that would get him so hard again he’d have to
fuck me. And after he’d fucked me crazy you’d have to butt in
and suck all his come out of my pussy. And then, and then, and
then, _OH GOD_, Kimbra! _O-o-o-hhhhhhhh!_”

The story of course didn’t really have an ending. The end
of the story was the whole point of the story. The story ended
with the two of us thrashing underneath the other’s hand. I
could feel my pussy clamping around Kimbra’s fingers while hers
tried to milk the jism out of mine. For a brief second I almost
felt sorry. It seemed as though Kimbra actually sort of thought
she did have Stephen’s big cock pounding away at her cunt. But
then the tidal waves overtook us and nothing else mattered. It
was as if the continents had suddenly sunk, and we were the
Atlantic and Pacific oceans crashing up against each other. We
both came like there was no tomorrow. First orgasms of the day
will do that to you!
We lay there wrapped in a big cuddle, bringing our hands
up to spread our juices all over our mouths, kissing and licking
and nibbling. “God, Denise, that was extra-stupendous!” Kimbra
purred. “You know, you make a really great alarm clock. What a
gentle way to wake up, mmmm, and I was never even tempted to
press the snooze button.” Her eyes got big and wild. “And I
certainly didn’t want to turn you off!”
After some more cuddling while idly playing with each
other’s nipples, I announced, “We really are the stinky twins.”
“Stinky, sticky and sweaty,” Kimbra agreed.
“How about a quick shower?”
“How about a not-so-quick shower?” she giggled.
“A long hot steamy shower, then?”
“That sounds perfectly wonderful,” she agreed.
“I’ll do your back if you do mine.”
“Well, I’ll do _all_ of you if . . . ” she grinned.
We jumped out of bed and went down the hall holding
hands, bumping hips, exchanging small shy but lusty smiles. Our
hands broke apart, still feeling playful, slapping and pinching and
stroking. Kimbra stopped us as we were stepping into the
bathroom, pushing me against the doorframe and pressing full
against me, inciting a long probing kiss that left us both gasping
for air. “God, Denise, what we do to each other,” she murmured,
“what we do together.” I thought we were going to wind up
rolling around on the cold hard tile floor, but then she grabbed
my hand and led me over to the shower.

It _was_ a long hot steamy shower. We didn’t do each
other, though we did everything but that. We traded giving each
other’s pussies thorough cleanings, but backed away before we
went too far. The sensations of her soapy fingers lathering every
inch of my body drove me wilder than any direct touch to my
cunt. My hands on all of her. The bar of violet-scented glycerin
soap filled our noses with the most compelling but subtle bouquet.
Rubbing our soapy breasts together. I would never have thought
that in all our previous sex play we’d been neglecting the
pleasure and needs of our breasts. Hands squeezing, cupping,
lifting breasts, the tantalizing touch of fingers toying with
nipples. Kimbra made me come just by doing that. I answered
her smug knowing smile by gripping her nipples, twisting and
pinching them until she responded in kind. We were pressed
together, arms nudging between our legs as we slid soapy digits
back and forth, finger-fucking each other’s asshole, when the hot
water started to run out. We broke apart to quickly rinse, then
stepped out of the shower. I got us a pair of fresh plush towels
out of the closet and we continued our play, two lovers marveling
at the thrill and honor of drying off the body of their affection.
Finally Kimbra stood up straight. “I’m sorry Denise, but I
can’t seem to get you dry between your legs. The more I rub,”
she grinned, “the wetter it gets.”
“That’s okay,” I traded. “Your hair won’t be the only part
of you that’s dripping wet. The hair on top of your head, I
Changing subjects, I asked, “So, are you hungry?”
“I am _very_ hungry,” Kimbra shivered. “What with all the
workout I’ve had, I’m hungrier than ever.”
“What do you want to eat for breakfast?”
Kimbra didn’t answer aloud. Her lips, though, clearly
enunciated the second-person pronoun. With that she turned, and
I followed her right on down the hallway. Barely an hour awake,
and already we were going back to bed!
We stopped in front of the bed. Kimbra moved around and
nestled up behind me. I could feel her nipples poking at my
back, the pillows of her breasts pushing their springy softness
against my lower shoulder blades. Her hips rotated mildly, her
pubic hair brushing against the cheeks of my ass. She sent her
hands traveling all up and down as she asked in a small uncertain
voice, “Denise? All that stuff you were talking about before?
You were just saying all that to get us all excited, right? You
didn’t really mean you’d, you know, did you?”
I turned around in her embrace. “It certainly worked,
didn’t it?” I flicked the tip of her nose with my tongue. “It did
get us all excited, didn’t it?” I caressed her hair, her cheeks,
“But if I said it, than I certainly meant it.” I kissed her lips
lightly, “But only as a suggestion. Nothing you need feel forced
to do. But if you’d like? Like I said, my sweet darling Kimbra,
anything that’s mine is yours. _Anything!_ Anything at all.”
“I’d _love_ a chance at that,” she squealed, giving me a
great big hug.
Kimbra shoved me back down onto the swirl of soiled
bedding, then dove at an angle between my legs. I reached
around and grabbed a thigh, roughly turning her so her hips
hovered above my face. “Uh uh,” I declared, “it’s rude to make
your guests eat all alone!” I wouldn’t have minded a few pieces
of toast, but her hot buttered roll really was nourishment enough
for the moment.

We were well on our way into round two with no sign of
stopping when I heard the tinkling rattle of the door locks. More
rustling and the door slamming shut. “Fresh bagels,” Stephen
announced, “in all eight varieties, with four different spreads.
Half a pound of freshly ground AAA quality arabica beans. And
the big paper hot off the press–mind the ink, it’s still wet!”
“And that ain’t all! Lucky Kimbra,” I whispered, “I think
your chance has arrived much sooner than expected.” Kimbra
just sort of whimpered. Her real reply was that her pussy nearly
instantly became even juicier than ever. And her tongue started
whirling like a blender blade.
Stephen set everything in the kitchen and then returned,
sort of peering down the hallway towards the darkened bedroom.
“Hello, hello!” he called.
“In here,” I managed to groan.
“Okay, rise and shine my sweet little sleepy head. Hey,
your phone cord got pulled out of the jack–no wonder I couldn’t
reach you last night. I didn’t get back to my place until very
late, too late to come over, and then I couldn’t call. You’ll never
guess what happened! The plane I was supposed to catch?
Coming in from wherever, some guy decides he wants to go
somewhere else, so he hijacks the plane. They get halfway to
wherever else, one of the flight attendants conks the guy over
the head. Everything’s okay, so they turn around and come back
here. I guess the pilot’s a little rattled though. Eager to get out
of the air. A little too eager. Doesn’t wait for the runway to
land, instead puts the plane down in the water. Everything’s still
okay. No one’s hurt, the plane’s fine, they get everyone off, and
the villain goes into custody. They’re reassuring us the flight’s
still on. Just gotta lift the plane out of the water, then we’ll be
going. They’ll give us all a couple of complimentary rolls of
paper towels, you know. So they’re getting it out and something
goes wrong–_KABOOM!_–the whole fucking plane _explodes!_
Didn’t you see it on the news?”
“No, I, uh, was busy doing something else.”
“Oh yea, what? Anyway, so they say okay people, we’ve got
another plane coming in. It’s overdue and we don’t really know
where it is because it’s not showing on the radar anymore, and
we were going to park it in the hanger because the FAA wants us
to start doing something called maintenance, but we’ll be happy to
pull it in here and get you kind patient folks on your way. It
was brilliant. 150, 200 people standing and saying in unison, _No
thank you!_ Gosh it’s dark in here. Anyway, sorry for barging
in like this, not buzzing, just letting myself in. But I really
wanted to surprise you. Surprised?”
I heard him sniff, then gasp.

“Surprise!” I said in a sultry voice. “Kimbra and I had a
slumber party last night. Care to join us? I bet Kimbra would
just _love_ a nice stiff cock right about now.”
“God, _yes!_” she growled, raising her rump in the air.
The reality was a little different from the fantasy. Stephen
didn’t erupt out of his clothing. The poor mortal dear had to trip
all over himself stripping out of his moral gear. But then there
he stood, tall and proud, preceded by that part of him standing
tall and proud. I reached out and grabbed his cock, pulling him
closer, guiding him into the gates of a heaven called Kimbra. I
grinned, unable to tell which one of them groaned the louder as
he penetrated her. “Go baby,” I crooned, “fuck her lights out.”
I coaxed him on, I coaxed them both on, my fingers and lips and
tongue helping to celebrate their union. Just the sight of his
stiff cock thrusting in and out of the greedily sucking lips of her
cunt was enough to set me off. That, combined with the way
Kimbra was expressing her gratitude, had my pussy blowing like a
volcano. I had both his balls in my mouth, the ring of a thumb
and forefinger jacking the base of his cock, while my tongue
flitted against her clit. I didn’t want to come alone. And I most
certainly didn’t. Kimbra flattened out atop me, her shrieks of
satisfaction resonating against my sex, while I watched in a daze
as her labia pulsated and pulled at his thrusting cock. Stephen
was past the finish line and running his victory lap, humping at a
hundred miles an hour, his heavy balls tightened up and
contracting as he pumped a big load of his thick seed deep inside
her eager cunt. Little pearly globules leaked out each time he
withdrew to slam in again. I licked my lips anticipating a taste.
I crawled out from under Kimbra–it was one thing to have
Kimbra collapse on top of me, but if then Stephen collapsed on top
of _her_ . . . finally Kimbra’s knees buckled completely, Stephen
popping right out of her. He turned with a groan and fell to his
back. I pounced on him, taking his subsiding erection in my
mouth. I wasn’t hoping to revive him this quickly, I just wanted
to lick the luscious sheen off his cock. The delicious slurry of
him and her. I made short work of that! Then I rose and turned
to Kimbra. She was such a beautiful sight, the round full globes
of her lovely ass, the plump lips of her freshly fucked cunt
nestled in its furry nest. I reached down, rubbing her ass,
squeezing it, rolling and separating the cheeks. Sliding a hand
down to cup her mons I murmured, “Mmm, you feel just as freshly
fucked as you look.”
“Oh-h-h,” she whimpered, pushing back against my palm,
“tell me about it.”
I swung a hand around under her hip and started rolling
her over, my other hand positioning a pillow to be under her ass.
And then there she was, spread wide and inviting as ever. I slid
two fingers all the way up inside her. “Oh no,” she groaned,
“not more!”
“Oh yes,” came my wicked reply, “plenty more.” I withdrew
my fingers and lifted them to my face, sticky with her juices and
stringy with sperm. “Mmm,” I licked them sensuously, “I never
got to finish my breakfast. Tastes extra fortified now.”
I dove down going for more. After awhile the bed sort of
shifted and her sounds of arousal grew muffled. I glance up to
see the sight of my boyfriend’s back, the clenching of his ass as
he fed his cock into Kimbra’s mouth.
“_O-oh Denise_,” she trilled, “your boyfriend’s back.”
I leapt up and grabbed him by the shoulders, “You mean my
boyfriend’s back on his back!” Kimbra cheered when she saw
what I was doing, pushing up at his abdomen to help. We
wrestled a very surprised Stephen on to his back, and then we
turned into the suck-off twins.
“What’s the matter,” Kimbra gloated at Stephen, “never had
a double-barreled blow-job before?”
Our tongues battled to be Queen of the Hill, then joined
forces in a snaky slithery descent down his long shaft. “And
from the looks of things, he’s not going to stick around much
longer to enjoy this one,” I commented.
Kimbra chortled then moved back, keeping a firm grip on
the base of his cock. “Okay baby, this one’s for you. Sink your
juicy twat down on this big fuck stick. We’re finally going to
give you what you’ve been pining for.” She helped guide him to
my entrance, then rubbed his head all over my lips, teasing the
two of us.

“God Kimbra, give it to me already!” I sank all the way
down with a low growl while she moved behind me, nibbling on my
neck, her squeezing hands alternating between my ass and my
tits. I gazed down at Stephen’s face. He was wide-eyed and
slack-jawed, panting like a dog. “Kimbra,” I whined, “his tongue
is hanging out. Do something about it!”
“My pleasure,” she wriggled, edging around. “Hiya buddy,
all the seats are taken. Mind if I sit on your face?” Whether
Stephen cared or not really didn’t matter. Not that I think he
did. And even if he did, she didn’t give him a chance to
complain. Kimbra settled her haunches down, facing me. “Lick
my pussy clean, you bastard, or I’ll smother you.”
Kimbra had eyes like the sky at night, deep and dark and
glittering with stars. We leaned together for playful kisses,
nuzzling each other while we grabbed handfuls of breasts, furtive
hands slinking down our tummies to toy with our clits, whispering
to each other about our impending orgasms.
“I’m going to come first.”
“Uh uh, I’m going to beat you there, I’m already starting to
feel it,” bouncing up and down all the harder.
She ground herself down more frantically, “I’m going to
cream all over his face! Hope I don’t suffocate him!”
“Oh my god, I’m creaming all over his cock.”
Actually, Stephen was the first to start peaking, which was
no surprise considering how roughly I was riding him. Feeling
that big cock swelling even larger inside me sent me shrieking,
and right then Stephen’s lips closed around my finger and
Kimbra’s clit and he started sucking away like a hungry cunt.
She screamed out her pleasure and we sank into a hug, draping
our arms over our shoulders, forming the apex of a triangle more
for support than anything else.
As our passions subsided, we slunk around and sunk into a
big cuddly pile of arms and legs. Eventually Stephen exhaled a
huge sigh. “Whew! What a surprise. Maybe I should go away
and come back more often.”
In uncanny unison we piped up, “Maybe you should go on
your back and come more often.” We each moved a hand down to
caress his sticky limp member.
“Oh my,” he shuddered, “come on girls, show a guy a little
mercy. I think he needs to rest awhile before he sees anymore
“I know how to get him hard again,” Kimbra giggled.
“Jealous cock! Can’t stand to see two cunts having fun without

“Oh please no, not yet.”
“Should we show him mercy?” I asked.
“I’ll show him my mercy if you show him yours!”
“Kimbra! You are insatiable!”
She stuck out her tongue. “But I’m so hungry for
something good to eat. Okay Stephen, here’s the deal. We’ll be
kind. _If_ you go fix breakfast _and_ bring it in to us.”
“Sure thing!” he jumped out of bed, padding naked down
the hall.
“Cute buns!” she called out after him, “I’d love to spread
my butter all over them!” Then to me she laughed, “I’ve never
seen a man move so fast to the kitchen in all my life.”
I was feeling nearly dreamy. “Breakfast in bed, what a
rare treat.”
Kimbra drew up to me. “The sweetest treat indeed,” she
agreed, “but what’s so rare about it.”
I gave her a puzzled look. “Well, I can’t recall the last time
it happened.”
“Your memory is shot,” she shot back bemused. “What
would you call what we’ve been doing all morning long if not
feasting on breakfast in bed?!!”
I very nearly blushed!
“And I believe I’m due. I believe I have a big helping
coming to me. You got to lap a load out of me,” she started
fingering me, “so now it’s my turn. How about it? Should we
surprise Stephen again?”
“Well,” I nipped at her, “only if I get to make sure that I
did indeed get my full share!”

“Mmm, what’s mine is yours!” she agreed.
Kimbra squirmed around and spread her legs as I shifted
over on top of her. From far off in the kitchen came Stephen’s
cry, “How do I get this toaster to work anyhow?”
Our laughter rang like bells chasing after my reply, “Just
pop it in and get it while it’s hot!”