Twins Fuck the Family

Brad and Barry seemed to be two brothers that were normal in all appearances. They did all the things that twins would normally do together. They shared their closes as they were the exact same size. They played together all during their childhood and got along pretty well at most times. Not to say that

My Boyfriend, On His Back

I awoke to a gentle insistence, a slow nudging flooding me with warmth. A minor friction dissipating with wetness. I entered the realm of consciousness with the realization that I didn’t have to get up and go to work, which meant it was the weekend. The general haze formed into distinct clouds I could identify.

The Bride’s Hairdresser

Shawna and I were born about ten minutes apart. While we were twins, most people thought we wouldn’t be as close as identical twins often are, what with being different genders and all. They were wrong, though, because we were inseparable as we grew up. Even when most twins of opposite sex were separated –