My first girlfriend and only girlfriend

About 20 years ago, before I knew her, my gf went for a job orientation thing for our current job. My gf is a platinum blond of average build but a very nice full ass. She is sitting in her seat when this 6 foot tall black woman with huge breasts walks in. She sees my gf and without hesitating comes right over and sits next to her. My gf is shy everywhere but in the bedroom and the black woman is shy nowhere and very aggressive. Some how they instantly became friends. They did have one thing in common and that was they both loved to drink. So not surprisingly they both went to a bar after the orientation and got to know each other. Chief among them is my gf is a single mother and the black woman just had a baby.

Starting with the first day at their new jobs, the black woman drove my gf to work each day because my gf dosn’t drive. The black woman was a stickler for buckling up in the car but my gf couldn’t get the buckle to catch for her seat. So the black woman would lean over her seat, pushing her huge tits into my gf as she buckled her in. My gf already knew that the black woman was a very touchy feely sort and though she was uncomfortable with her doing this, she tolerated it as she is not one to speak up about a minor annoyance. She would rather take it than cause trouble. Something the black woman quickly caught on to.That and she really needed the ride to work.

After a few weeks, the black woman started touching my gf even more. She might pat her ass as she walked by or give her a message on the shoulders. And of course the black woman would hug her for almost any reason. My gf by now was growing use to the body contact and really didn’t think too much of it any more. Sometimes my gf would go over the black woman’s house. My gf likes to be helpful and often would wash the dishes for her. This soon turned into a game of the black woman sneaking up behind her and scaring her as she grabbed her waist. This soon carried over to happening at work.

Soon more things began to happen that my gf caught onto only in hind site. My gf would be sitting on the couch and the black woman would sit on the chair in front of her and rub my gf’s feet after work. Often her feet were very near or touching the black woman’s breasts. My gf said this was the first time she noticed that she was getting little thrills from the black woman touching her and it’s around the time she started trying to get little peeks at the black woman’s breasts as they fascinated her because of the size. The black woman caught her looking several times but pretended she didn’t.

Next, one day my gf came over the black woman’s house and she answered the door in her bathrobe that seemed a bit too small. Several times the black woman bent over giving my gf quick glimpses of her breasts and towards the end of the day, the robe came completely open for just a moment as the black woman retied the robe. That night my gf said she had her first wet dream about another woman.

About a week later they were watching tv on the couch and the black woman got up to get her baby because he was crying. She came back a few minutes later wearing the bathrobe and with the baby. She sat down and pulled out one giant breast and began breast feeding the baby right in front of my gf like nothing at all. My gf said later that her mouth got so wet she had to swallow before she could talk and when she did she was stuttering all over the place. That night my gf couldn’t sleep until she masturbated to what she saw earlier that day.

After this, the black woman started getting really aggressive with my gf. At work, the black woman started pinning my gf up against like the wall or machinery. She acted like it was a game but it obviously was all sexual and her asserting her dominance. One day my gf was leaning over a machine to clear a jam and the black woman came up from behind her, wedged her knee between her thighs and lifted her up with her leg until she was laying on top the machine. She let her down but not before she got her hand between her legs for a second. Then she let her down and laughed as she walked away I actually saw this myself as i worked there too but we weren’t friends yet.

Then at the black woman’s apartment the next weekend after a party and much drinking, my gf was washing the dishes again and the black woman came up from behind her( a favorite of hers) and grabbed her tits through her blouse. She bent her over the sink and sucked on her neck before letting her go when she heard some guests coming inside to use the bathroom.

My gf was putting up with this for several reasons. One, the car ride to work. Two, her personality and three, she started to realize just a little before this that she was starting to like it and was fantasizing about sleeping with the black woman. This really confused her because she never looked at women in that way before before but her body was reacting to the black woman in new ways to her. But she was also a bit angry because she felt the black woman was taking advantage of her.That night she went home and masturbated three times to what happened to her at the black woman’s house. She said they were three of the biggest orgasms she has ever had.

The next week at work, my gf was thinking of having a conversation with the black woman to tell her to stop all the touching. Some time in the middle of the week my gf and the black woman had to work over time and when they went out to the car, they were the last two to leave and it was just getting dark. The black woman leaned over to buckle my gf into her seat and before she realized what she was doing, my gf bent over and started shyly kissing the black woman’s neck just as the seat belt snapped closed. The black woman immediately sat up, looked at my gf and said,”about time.” the next thing she knew, the black woman’s large puffy lips were smothering her mouth and her tongue was forcing it’s way into my gf’s mouth. it wasn’t like my gf was fighting it, it was just so quick she was surprised by it but soon she was kissing the black woman back just as passionately.

The black woman stopped her kissing and unbuttoned my gf’s blouse and lifted one of the cups over her breast and before she knew it, the black woman was sucking one of my gf nipples deep int her mouth. About 30 seconds later, my gf said she had her first orgasm from just having her tits sucked.

A bit later, my gf was really enjoying the black woman’s mouth on her tits but my gf wanted to try to do the same to the black woman. So pushed the black woman’s head away and had her lean back in her seat. She said the black woman was very smart now and let my gf do everything in her own time as so not to scare her away. My gf said she started kissing the black woman for a long time as she built her nerve up. finally, she started moving a shaking hand under the black woman’s t-shirt but she couldn’t move it up too much because it was so tightly packed in by her breasts.

She stopped kissing her for a moment and lifted the tee so it was resting on the giant shell formed by the black woman’s breasts. She started kissing the black woman again for awhile until she got some more courage and made her hand start messaging the black woman’s huge tits over the bra. Sje said the black woman started to moan a little so she knew she was doing something right. her hand accidentally found the clasp in the front of the black woman’s bra and she took a big shuttering breath and started fumbling with it to open it. It took awhile but she finally got it open.

She took another deep breath and started trying to remove the black woman’s tee shirt altogether. She was unable to until the black woman helped her. Then my gf started rubbing her the black woman’s breast getting more excited the longer she did it. She finally removed the cups off of her breasts and she saw the two biggest, hardest nipples she had ever seen in her life. By this time my gf said the black woman’s breast were heaving so hard that she thinks they would have broken the clasp on the bra if it wasn’t already undone. She is sure she must have licked her tongue because it was right then the black woman whispered,”don’t the baby.”

My gf told me that those three words sent and electric shock up her spine so strong she actually shivered and there was no doubt what she was going to do. She had forgotten all about the black woman nursing and until then she said she had no idea she had wanted to taste her milk. But those three words got her so excited that she had her lips around the fat nipple almost before the black woman had finished saying them.

My gf said she started sucking as hard as she could but all that seemed to happen was that the nipple got even fatter and harder. After a few seconds, the black woman grabbed my gf ‘s head and pushed it hard into her breasts so that my gf’s face was buried in her dark flesh. This pushed the nipple in deeper and the area around the nipple hard onto her mouth. My gf said a moment later she heard the black woman make a long, deep throaty moan and she felt her warm sweet milk squirt hard against the back of her throat.
Even if she had wanted to, which she didn’t, she couldn’t have stopped sucking on the nipple because the black woman now had her head in a vice grip. My gf’s mouth wasn’t going anywhere.

My gf dosn’t know how long she sucked her tit but she knows she had to swallow several times and she said each swallow seemed to put her pussy on fire with desire. After a bit. my gf said she found herself some how with her head in the black woman’s lap suckling the other fat tit. They both fell asleep that way until my gf felt the black woman stir and put her tits away, then drive them back to the black woman’s house where my gf and her fell asleep in each others arms until morning.

My gf said the next morning the black woman begged her to suckle her again and my gf eagerly did. They never had sex until a few weeks later but my gf said she noticed a few things as time went on. One was she was spending almost alll her free time over the black woman’s house relieving her of her milk. The black woman soon began producing more and more milk and my gf started to actually put on weight.

But the most interesting change was that after about a week, the black woman had a very hard time being around my gf without something embarrassing happening. If the black woman looked to long at my gf’s face, the black woman would start leaking and a lot. So much so she had to change her cloths. Soon it was just being near my gf that would cause this to happen if she hadn’t been suckled in a few hours. it got so bad my gf had to take care of her before they went out or there would be problems. Even then they sometimes had to go away somewhere so my gf could relieve the black woman.

For awhile they both loved this and it was actually a turn on but after a bit, it became more of a chore than exciting, so they slowly weened my gf off of the black woman’s milk. My gf said it was hard to say who liked the breast sucking more. her or the black woman but it eventually ran it’s course after several months.

My gf dated the black woman secretly for about 18 months until i came along. I missed all the fun but I heard about it later. The black woman made, or coerced my gf to do a lot of sexual stuff during that year. I will tell you guys some of that later when I have more time.

now i spend my time trying to recreate what I just missed experiencing because the gf says never again. First, let me assign names to the two women as I realized after I wrote that, who cares if you know there names. LOL My Gf’s name is Jackie or ‘JD”. The black woman’s name is Sheila.
Sorry I had to stop there but I had to go to work and I was even late because I was trying to get the last part out before I went.

I must point out that neither woman ever planned for Sheila to nurse Jackie like that. Jackie explained to me that Sheila had had the baby so recently that she had no interest at all in having sex with a male for awhile. Sheila was always bi so sleeping with a woman was never a problem. Matter of fact her first lover was a female friend of her aunts when she was younger. (Must be careful with ages.)

About Sheila as I know her and can’t stand her. She MUST be the Queen bee in every group. The person everyone goes to for anything. As I said, she is very aggressive and even dominant. She is very dark skinned but as far as friends or lovers go, race and gender mean nothing to her. The only thing I seem to notice is that all of her lovers are smaller than her. Including the men. She is very tall. 6 feet and very busty. JD said she saw bras of hers that were 42G but she thinks they were ones from before she was pregnant as they were tight on her. Sheila has a bit of a round belly and is average looking at best with medium black, straight hair most of the time. She had thick muscular thighs and ass as she played volleyball in H.S. school and college. When this happened, both women were about 30.

Sheila had another female lover at the time she was seducing JD or she would have actually been more aggressive and shown less patience in seducing her. JD suspected this because sometimes when using Sheila’s bathroom, JD would see bras hanging from the shower rod that obviously didn’t fit Sheila.

I mentioned Sheila’s “auto lactating” when around JD. The first time this happened was about a week after JD started sucking her tits. They were in the bedroom kissing. They still hadn’t had sex yet but that was right around the corner. Jackie’s back was against the wall and Sheila was aggressively kissing her and grinding her against the wall. She removed her bra which was right at JD’s face level and as soon as the bra came off both nipples released long strong arcs of milk into the air without ever being touched. As the streams died down JD said both nipples would continue to drip no matter how much she sucked them. In other words the one she wasn’t sucking was dripping all over the place without being touched.

I mentioned they hadn’t had sex yet. At first that was because they were just enjoying the new thing that they had just discovered and it was enough. Sheila still had her other gf that was pleasing her and JD would go home and masturbate. Or she would in Sheila’s shower if she stayed the night. JD says Sheila was more than willing to have sex with her and often encouraged her with actions to do more but she was letting JD decide for herself when she was ready but the longer it was taking, the less willing to wait Sheila became.

Jd was scared to try. She had never even thought of a woman sexually before and now she was nursing on one. She said she was having a hard time dealing with what she was doing and when at home often talked herself into telling Sheila she wanted to stop. She really was feeling very guilty. Though not religious, she was brought up in a house that believed all homosexuals were going to hell. But she said every time she saw Sheila’s breasts, clothed or unclothed she lost all her will power to say stop. Sheila sensed this and knew if she pushed to hard she might scare JD away so thats why she took her time. to a point.

JD said that time Sheila pushed her against the wall and was kissing her was the first time since they started that Sheila got that aggressive with her and it was a little more than just sucking her tits. Until then, all it was was a little kissing and cuddling and onto the breasts. This was the first time she noticed a strong sexual heat in the air from both women that wasn’t about the nursing. It was obvious Sheila liked being in control and JD said she was surprised to find that she liked it somewhat. It was very naughty and exciting to her but she was still afraid.

Nothing much more happened that time but the next night JD fell asleep in Sheila’s lap as she fed on the couch. Sheila was wearing her bathrobe as she usually did when they were doing this. JD slowly woke from a deep sleep.Feeling very content as she always did. But she said right away she noticed something was different. The first thing she noticed as she was waking was something was tickling her lips. And soon after she smelled the strong unmistakable scent of a woman in heat. She had smelled Sheila’s sex before while nursing but never anything close to this strong. She was very shocked to feel her clit get hard the moment she realized what the smell was. Then she noticed that Sheila’s body was quivering a little and JD opened her eyes to see Sheila’s thick mound of pubic hair brushing against her face. Some how her head was now resting on Sheila’s lower stomach just above Sheila’s thick patch of hair. Just then she felt Sheila stiffen and release a soft moan. She remained tense like that a few seconds the relaxed and sighed as she removed her hand from where it was. JD said, Sheila then gave a little quiver and she felt both Sheila’s hands slowly bring her head back up to her breasts.

JD said she didn’t know what to do. Her pussy was on fire. The smell alone made her horny but when Sheila had her mini orgasm, she was very hard pressed to remain still and pretend to be sleeping. She was so excited she nearly put her hand to her pussy but she was even more scared of letting Sheila know that she knew what she just did. So she just lay there for awhile and eventually fell back asleep. When she woke she told Sheila she had to go back home and do somethings. When she got home and Sheila left, JD was very upset and began to cry. She was so confused she didn’t know what to do. She finally decided to break up with Sheila once again.

But when she woke she was so wet she had to masturbate again and nothing but Sheila entered her mind. After work, she went to Sheila’s house as confused as ever. Sheila saw that she was very quiet at work and guessed why. So when they got back to Sheila’s, Sheila was very loving and nurturing with her. She put JD on the couch and rubbed her feet and shoulders for a long time. She brought dinner to her on the couch and when done, they both changed into there bath robes and just cuddled on the couch. After an hour or so, JD found herself working Sheila’s robe open to suckle her again. JD said the smile on Sheila’s face was wondrous as she began to suck.

JD was laying on her back in Sheila’s lap with her two huge breasts hanging over her head and a fat nipple in her mouth. Her eyes were closed so she was shocked to feel a big hand slide under her panties and a few fingers brush her clit. Her eyes shot open and her clit immediately swelled at the contact. She started to pull her head away from Sheila’s breast but Sheila’s other hand held her head in place. Then Sheila said,” Relax Jackie, you have done so much for me, let me do something for you.” With that, JD said she felt a fat finger slide effortlessly into her soaking wet pussy. All at once JD sighed, spread her hips wide and thrust her ass up into the air as she closed her eyes and clamped down hard at the squirting nipple in her mouth. Within seconds, JD was cumming on Sheila’s finger and shaking all over the place. Sheila continued fingering her and JD soon felt another orgasm start to build. but Sheila slowly removed her finger from JD’s pussy and while she JD watched, she licked Jd’s juices off of it. Then Sheila got up to take a shower leaving JD even more devastated and confused on the couch. Sheila got out the shower and took JD home. For the next 5 days or so JD and Sheila made this a ritual. It got to the point that every time JD thought of nursing on Sheila, she would get really horny and ready to cum. To this day if she sees a lactating scene she gets very horny. When Sheila was fingering JD she never made her have more than one orgasm at a time. This often left JD wanting more but afraid to ask. Also around this time, JD found out later, Sheila dumped her other gf so she wasn’t getting pleasured by her any more.

After about the 5th day of the fingering, the next time they were doing it, Sheila inserted her finger as usual and JD almost instantly started to build to an orgasm. By now, Sheila knew the signs and she stopped and removed her hand just before JD was about to cum. Leaving her squirming her ass all around in need on the couch. JD said she opened her eyes and wondered what was wrong. She said Sheila smiled down at her and stroked her head for a minute then removed her still leaking nipple from JD’s mouth. Sheila told her to just relax and don’t talk. Both women were wearing bathrobes and sweats so when Sheila stood up, JD could see her huge breasts parting the robe, revealing the wet stain forming on the gray sweats in Sheila’s crotch. Before she knew it, Sheila had spun JD’s body around so her feet were on the floor on either side of Sheila’s body. Sheila kneeled down between Jackie’s legs and began removing JD’s sweats. JD was frozen and couldn’t move and pretty much just lay there staring at Sheila’s smiling face in horror. Sheila got one leg off and didn’t bother removing the other. Jackie said she manged to put her hand at her crotch to try to cover up herself and she tried to close her legs but obviously couldn’t. Sheila just smiled at her and removed her hand as Jackie made little feeble noises asking for her to stop but by this time Jackie said she really didn’t want her to stop. Then Jackie said Sheila said something like, “I can smell you girl.”

Sheila didn’t waste any time and just dove right on to Jackie’s’ clit and started sucking. JD has an average size clit but JD says it was double the size it ever was before by the time Sheila was done sucking on it. Obviously JD came in seconds and was shaking all over for many seconds afterward. But Sheila never stopped licking her no matter how hard she beg her to from the sensitivity. Sheila lifted Jackie’s legs over her head and pinned them to her chest with her arms. Then she dived back in and started eating her again. But Jd said this time she really took her time. She licked everywhere but her clit. Her fat tongue dived into her pussy over and over again and she kept hearing Sheila making lapping noises at her as she licked up all her juices. Jackie said she was so wet that whenever Sheila lifted her head and looked at her, Sheila’s dark black skin was glistening all over her face with her wetness. At one point Jackie said, Sheila started making grunting noises as she buried her wiggling face in and all over JD’s pussy. Thats when Jackie realized that Sheila was getting as excited as she was just because she was eating her because by now, Sheila’s whole body was worming around as if she was approaching orgasm too.

But no matter what Sheila did she never made Jackie cum. Jackie said at one point She was begging for release and Sheila just smiled at her and did something else with her tongue. This went on for several minutes with Jackie squirming the best she could under Sheila’s weight that was pinning her legs back. Finally Sheila stopped and looked up. Jackie said. Sheila said,” do you want to cum baby?” Jackie shook her head yes and moaned. Sheila said,” I can’t hear you.” JD said ,”yes.” Then Sheila made Jackie beg to have Sheila eat her pussy for awhile.

Finally Sheila said, ” I don’t think so. I think I want you to make me cum first because you might not lick me after I make you cum” And with that Sheila picked JD up and carried her into the bedroom and layed her on the couch. Sheila quickly disrobed and lay down next to JD. She said, “if you want to cum you have to eat me first baby.” So Sheila spread her thighs and Jackie said she was shaking so bad she could barely crawl between them. But she finally managed too and she looked at Sheila’s hairy pussy for the first time. Jackie said her big lips were slightly parted and she could see just a little bit of pink peeking through them. All of her groin area was glistening with her juices and she noticed something she never had seen before. Trapped in her pubic hair was a few inch long strands of pearly white thick liquid that looked like the female version of seamen. Just above her lips was Sheila’s thick hood that revealed just the tip of her pulsating clit.

Jd said she was frozen now because she didn’t know what to do. Sheila must have sensed this because she drew her head into her pussy with her hands and positioned her mouth where she wanted her to lick. Jackie closed her eyes in fear as Sheila’s powerful scent attacked her nostrils. Amazingly she found herself getting excited by the strong musty smell of Sheila’s pussy. She said she got a strange desire to have it all over her sp she carefully rubbed her face all over Sheila’s pussy until it was coated with her juices. Sheila’s hairs were tickling her as she did and she could feel Sheilas hard clit under her hood, scraping her face with each pass. Finally she got the nerve to slowly stick her tongue out and taste Sheila’s pussy. JD said she thought it was wonderful from the start and before she knew it she was licking anywhere she sensed any moister at all. At first she just licked around Sheila’s opening out of fear. but as she became more excited her tongue started to dive between Sheila’s pouty lips to her taste her pink center.

Sheila released JD’s head and spread her lips for her so Jd could get her tongue in her. JD pulled back for a second just to look at her pussy and was amazed how much bigger it was than hers. The Sheila’s other hand was pulling Jackie’s face into her. So Jackie said she closed her eyes and stuck her tongue in Sheila as deep as it would go. She said her tongue was everywhere trying to find more moister and she soon learned to lick the walls of Sheilas vagina with it and this would produce more. She also found that Sheila’s vagina was wide enough that her whole mouth could fit inside her, enabling her to go in even deeper with her tongue. sheila seemed to really like this too as her hips started to really grind on her face. Shortly Sheila showed Jackie how she liked her clit licked. She pulled Jd’s head up so her wet lips were at the hood. The Sheila pulled her hood back with her two fingers and out popped her glistening pink pearl. Jackie was amazed at the size of it. She said it sort of hooked down and was maybe a half inch long and nearly as thick and throbbing to be kissed. Sheila told her she liked it sucked for awhile then licked then more sucking. Jackie said she eagerly sucked it into her mouth and got such a strong reaction in her pussy she thought she was going to cum. Sheila began making hissing noises and humping her hips to the rhythm of Jackie’s sucking. Jackie said she could feel Sheila’s clit throbbing on her tongue as she sucked on it and she thought it got a little bigger from the start.

After she was sucking and licking it for awhile,( Sheila always seemed to take a long time for her first orgasm) Sheila spread her pussy lips again and pushed Jackie’s head back down to her opening. Jackie was very surprised to find a small round mound with a tiny hole in the middle of it, inside her opening where there was nothing before. She said it also looked like Sheila’s pussy was trying to turn inside out and thats what pushed the mound up. Sheila wanted her to lick and suck this mound like Jackie had done to her clit. It was hard to suck it because she could barely reach it with her lips but she was able to a little and this made Sheila go crazy the more she did it. Sheila had her do this for several minutes and it seemed out of frustration She removed JD’s head from her pussy and had her lay down on her back on the bed. As she lay there, Sheila straddled her legs and slowly slid up her body. Jd said she must have been hard to see under her when she stretched out on her and kissed and licked all her juices off Jackie’s face. The when done Sheila hunched her body up and place a shin on each of JD’s arms pinning her to the bed. JD looked up and saw Sheila’s wide open, drooling pussy lower itself onto her face. Jackie realized right away that that mound had went back inside Sheila’s pussy and sheila must have know that happened because she had JD suck her clit some more. But shortly she turned her hips so Jackie’s mout was at her opening again and sure enough, that mound was back and Sheila told her to suck it again. This time, because of the position, Jackie was able to get a good grip on the mound with her lips and sucked it hard over and over again into her mouth.

Jackie said Sheila was now wildly humping her face and she prayed she wouldn’t snap her neck by accident. But she soon realized that Sheila had done this many times before and stopped worrying. When JD opened her eyes and looked up, Sheila was pinching her leaking nipples and had her head flung back with her mouth open and tongue out as she was heavily panting on her face. She saw Sheila quickly shake her head several times and then Sheila’s hands came down and grabbed both sides of Jackie’s head by the ears and pushed her head into the mattress. Seconds later, Sheila’s pussy pushed down hard onto her mouth and the little mound in Sheila’s pussy that Jackie had been sucking on, quickly swelled and filled Jackie’s mouth with liquid. Not once but several times. She noticed that every time Sheila filled her mouth with her cum, just before she would lift her hips up off her face and then force her pussy down hard into her mouth as if she was actually pumping the cum out. Which she says she guess she was. Also, that mound would re swell with each pump so she thinks that small hole in it must have been opening each time. Jd said she had no choice but to swallow or drown. She remembers swallowing at least three times but maybe more because after the third swallow she said she had a giant orgasm that came with no warning. She sort of remembers feeling Sheila violently humping and quivering on her face but she was doing much the same and really couldn’t tell who was doing what.

After she was done cumming, Sheila rolled off of JD’s face and fell asleep. Jackie lay there wiped out from the orgasm, from Sheila humping her face and from all that she had drank. She said she couldn’t believe what Sheila had just done because she had never heard of squirting before. She also couldn’t believe how turned on it made her feel knowing that she drank Sheila’s cum like that. She was so horny she wanted to cum again but Sheila was now fast asleep. Sheila woke up later and pleasured JD several times and JD said she went back for a few more mouthfuls herself. LOL. She said she also learned Sheila could only cum like that if she was sitting on someone’s face because that was the only way the person could suck on that mound hard enough to make her cum like that.

When JD got up to clean up she said the bed was a mess. She guesses she didn’t get nearly as much down her throat has she had thought. She looked in the mirror and her face looked like she had just got out the shower it was so wet. She even had a strand of that thicker cum smeared on her cheek.

She said that Sheila really didn’t squirt like you see in the movies. It was more a slow gush. It wasn’t a stream of liquid but more like a large slow splatter. It was a little thicker than water and a tiny bit sweet and salty and a little sticky but actually very pleasant tasting. Though it was about as warm as pee, she is sure it wasn’t. She said it was such a turn on for her to do, she wanted to do it almost all the time. Sheila tried to teach JD how to do it but she never could get beyond extremely wet. Wetter than she had ever been but know squirt.