Passion of the stranger

I sat at the lunch table,picking at my dry salad.The clocks seemed to freeze, and i was intensly frustrated. It was 12 o’clock.He should of come out of his lecture by now.I began to panic, God i just wanted to stare into him…

Ok, so i had recently enrolled on college course, History. It was a little late considering i was almost 19, but i got away with it. I made a small group of friends, mainly the weird kids.Y’know, the ones that looked pretty dull, but with their shy personalities came a wicked ear for gossip.Sadly,where the opposite sex was concerned, they really didn’t have any idea, so i just kept to myself, smiled and nodded once in a while,with the occasional slice of sarcasm, until i saw him.

I remember it was raining heavily outside, so everyone pretty much rushed into the caffeteria in fear of ruining their hairstyles. I did my usual stint of pretending to show an interest in the weird kids lives.

“So Georgia, i hear that Toby has a thing for you!” Hayley had a habit of not talking,just having random outburts of full sentences now and again. I gave her a frown, mainly because i had recently spent hours explaining how i hated being called “Georgia”, and that “Gia” wasn’t such a mouthful. But also because Toby was an arrogant bastard.

It’s not like he wasn’t attractive, he had the whole blonde surfer guy look. With his perfectly waved hair and such. Apparently he had a fondness for slim girls with boobs. Big suprise there. But sadly his good looks could not save him from his arrogant and opinionated personality.

“Oh yeah!” Chirped in Molly, the most talkative of the group. “Yeah i heard him telling some of his buddies that you have ‘ A rack he could ride home’.That’s pretty hot right?”

I just stared at her like she was mentally challenged. I turned away to hide my stifled laughs, and that’s when i saw him.

My face dropped almost instantly. He was alone, slowly making his way through the frenzy of eating teenagers. His arms looked strong, i imagined them wrapped around me, pulling me close. His face was perfectly scultped, with cutting cheekbones and a strong jaw, and pouting lips, just screaming to be kissed.

I stared in awe for a few moments. People had mentioned this “weird loner guy” to me, but no one ever mention how incredible sexy he was. I remained in a daze, resting my face in my hands.Then he turned and looked straight at me, as though he had intented to catch my stare. His eyes were hazel brown, and incredibly enticing.We both remained still as we stared at each other. It was like he was staring right through me, as though i was his puppet, waiting to follow his demands…

“So what do you think? Of Toby? Hello?”

Molly’s shrill voice broke me from my hypnotice state. I snapped back into reality, i was hot and sweating, almost leaving wet marks where my hands were carressing my face.My breathing had become heavy, And the throbbing of my pussy was unbearable.

“Oh yeah Toby, erm, nah not really interested.” I replied, a little annoyed that she broke my concentration.

My eyes frantically searched the room for the mystery guy that made me pulse. I even began to think that i had just imagined him, that my inner sex-goddess was wanting to escape, but i was inturrupted by a fanastic smell.
It was cologne, but with a manly musk to it. Sure enough, the smell was coming from him, radiating off of him as he walked past me towards the doors.

My eyes nearly rolled back into my head, he was intoxicating.

As he used his muscular arm to pull back the door, he turned his magnetic gaze to me once again, and once again, i gazed back. It was like he was penetrating me just with his touch. I felt beads of sweat gather of my back. He held his gaze for a second longer, then he was gone.

I thought about him all day long. I thought about his face, his amazing body that i was dying to touch, to stroke, to pull ontop of my own. I had never had this with a guy before, i felt almost slutty and promiscuous, but i liked it.

I got one last glimpse of his meaningful stare as i drove my car out of the lot, squeezing the wheel untill our line of sight was broken, and my muscles relaxed.

I thought about him all night. I thought about every possible way he could take me. Throwing my onto the bed, grasping and ripping at my clothes, then switching to gentle kisses. My pussy was aching for him, i slowly draped my fingers past my belly button, into my underwear, gently stroking at my clit. Then grinding myself onto my hand as i imagined him inside me.

But i stopped. A part of me wanted to keep going untill i was screaming into my pillow, but something stopped me. I took out my damp fingers, licked them clean, and tried to sleep.

I tossed and turned all night. It was the longest night of my life.

Almost a week past and we kept exchanging the looks, falling deeper and deeper everytime we gazed upon each other. At first i thought it was just me having a stupid schoolgirl crush, but i saw it in his eyes too. I watched him intently from the other side of the room. Our heavy breaths getting heavier the more we looked on. He nervously bit his knuckles, hiding his excitment with a book. We were oblivious to everyone around us. All i heard was the rain banging violently agaisnt the windows, in sync with our breathing.

The bell rang. 3 o’clock. Schooltime over. I slowly walked down the corridor, thinking about him as i did. Molly, Hayley, and some other new odd girl popped up infront of me, blocking my view of him as he put some books in his locker. I noticed as they were talking to me, he stopped packing, as though he was listening in on the conversation. I liked it.

“So Gia, any plans for the weekend. We were thinking of having a girl’s night. Where, y’know we talk about boys, and sex and stuff.” They all giggled as though sex was a swearword. It was pretty embarrasing.

“So you up for it?”
“Um, you know what, i can’t tonight. My parents are going out, and i have to watch my little brother. Sorry, maybe some other time?”
“Oh,yeah sure thats fine. Well,um, i guess we will see you next week then?”
“Uh-huh”. I mumbled. It was pretty obvious i wasn’t paying any attention. They just skulked off, looking a little disappointed. Maybe because i was a bad liar. The truth was my whole family was going out, i had just opted to stay at home. Alone.

Again i scanned for my mystery guy. I saw him, making a speedy exit, almost like he was trying to escape from me. A real confidence booster.

I got home and stripped down to my underwear. I decided tonight was going to be a nice night of movies and junk food. I put on a pair of clean womens boxer shorts, a tight vest, and some long socks. I let my hair down, sprayed myself with some vanilla scent, and decided to go through my bedroom looking for movies.

As i tossed the bedsheets around the room, looking for a film with substance, i heard a tap on the window. I turned around and froze, still holding the bedsheet. He was there. Outside my window. Standing on my balcony. My body shook a little with fear, but in a good way.

I ounced towards the window, slowly. I stood before the glass, running my finger across it, as he put his finger to the window, staring through the glass. It was amazing to think that this pane of window was all that seperated us, it made me want to wait for a while, but those golden eyes won me over.

I pulled back the sliding window.He didn’t come in, as i didn’t invite him. We just stood, enchanted by each other. The moonlight danced across his beautiful cheeks, his red lips slightly parted. The glass that held us apart was gone, we could finally have each other. I wanted to throw myself at him, and i could see he was fighting the same urge, his face growing close to mine.

He opened his mouth to speak, but nothing came out. Just quick,yet quiet breaths bouncing out of his mouth. Then he straightened his face into a little smile.


Hello. One simple word, and i knew i was his. His voice was deep, masculine, and incredible seductive. Our childish bashfullness began to rear.

“Hello.” I smiled back. “W-what are you doing here?” i asked, my voice cracking a little.

He sighed, looked away, then looked right into me.

“Im having…a very difficult time, staying away from you Gia.”

“You know my name?” I asked, almost forgetting what he had said.

“Yes, i’ve seen you around. I always see you. I always want to.”

I didn’t say anything, i just moved closer to his warm body. His perfect face moved gently towards mine, untill our lips were barely a centimetre apart, breathing each others breath.

“You never told me your name” I whispered, focoused on his lips. He stared at me deeply as he whispered “William”. Our heads were now pressed together, i wanted to kiss him, but i was enjoying to tension from the build up. Our lips eventually touched, very gently, an innocent peck. He expressed heavy breaths as i ran my hands up his arms. His hands wandering up my back, it was setting of a chain reaction.

We stroked at each others backs,arms, and torso’s for a minute, enjoying the sensuality of it all, then we gave in. I pulled him towards me. He responded by grabbing my face and kissing me passionately. I clawed at his back he gently, yet with force, let his tongue run across mine.
His gentle hands peeled of my vest, sweeping his hands down my collarbone, and down my breast. He ran his warm fingertips over each nipple, before i pulled him ontop of me, causing us to collide onto the bed.

He licked and sucked my earlobe as i ran my fingers under his shirt, and up his spine. I squeezed at his tensed shoulder muscles, letting out a gentle moan as his erection grinding onto me through his pants. I slid him out of his shirt, and we wrestled at each others underwear in a hot frenzy of belt buckles and hands. I pushed my underwear aside, and guided him inside me. I put the tip in myself, then groaned as he pushed himself the rest of the way in.

At first he started slow, gently pushing himself in and out of me, carressing my neck with his lips and as let out quiet groans in his breath. I groped at his backside, and pushed my pelvis against his, taking him in deeper.
I held his head in my neck as i bit as his, grinding my pussy up agaisnt him as his thrusts became quicker and faster. Our bodies were as close as could be, we clung onto each other as the headboard began to thud against the frail wall.

I was pulsing deeply inside. I could feel him growing inside of me, as the walls of my vagina clamped tight around his thriving penis. It all came together, almost like a beautiful dance. We writhed at the same speed, our heads close, moaning in sync as we clenched on each other. It was like everything had slowed down. I could feel our sweat melding together, i felt every beat of him as he tightened himself in my throbbing pussy. Our moans slowed down. The rain was beating down on the windows, the steam from our bodies began to cloud the glass. I arched my back in sheer bliss, he clenched tighter, then i felt the shudder of his hips, that last throb that caused the explosion. Our teeth both gritted, we yelled together, then i felt that wonderfull post-orgasm wave as our bodies both relaxed, and he rested his sweating face in my breasts.

I held his held close to my chest, as he still held me tight, his intense breathing hitting my nipple. He looked up gradually untill his eyes met mine, and just managed to say “You don’t know how long i’ve wanted you.”

I said nothing. I just stroked his face as he planted a heart-felt kiss on my lips. We lay, still holding on tight, and we smiled. We smiled knowing, that this would be the beginning of something pretty damn amazing.