Amanda’s Internet Affair

Amanda is 42 years old, her 20 year marriage had
recently failed and she is now divorced and living
with her 17 year old daughter Laura. Amanda has
recently discovered an internet dating site and has
been corresponding with a dominant male. Their on
line relationship has developed into one of master and
slave. The below is an extract of their latest
encounter following the delivery of a package from the

Master – Yes I can see you slut are you in your

Amanda – Yes Master

Master – You know how to start each session bitch –
say the words

Amanda – You are my master and I am your pathetic fuck
slut master

Master – Not good enough I am not convinced say it


Master – Still not good enough what will you do slut

Amanda – I will do whatever you tell me to master

Master – Are are dressed like a slut for me. Describe
what you are wearing

Amanda – A dress I found in my daughters wardrobe
master – I don’t know where she got it from – it’s
well revealing

Master – That is the kind of dress I want you to wear
when we talk; describe it in detail so that I can get
a picture of what my worthless little slut has on

Amanda – Yes master well it’s black and backless – it
comes down to the top of my thighs – and as Laura is
taller than me she will look like a – well it is not
right for someone her age – and the front – well you
cannot wear a bra as it is just 2 strips of material
that gape at the front and sides.

Master – what about the panties and shoes slut

Amanda – You told to use Laura’s panties – heaven
knows where she got these from they are so
inappropriate – a red and black thong that barely
covers my thingy.

Master – do you mean your pussy?

Amanda – Yes master

Master – Well say it then slut – Say the panties
barely cover my pussy, are you crying bitch?

Amanda – Yes master, sorry master; I am so ashamed
wearing these clothes they make me look like a whore

Master – Say the panties barely cover my pussy

Amanda – The panties barely covers my….barely cover
my pussy master, the panties are so small master you
can see the side of my pussy

Master – What kind of shoes do you have on bitch?

Amanda – The black stiletto sandals I wore for you
yesterday master

Master – Put the chair in front of the full length
mirror sit down and spread your legs so that I can see
your pussy

Amanda – Do I have to master?

Master – You know better than to question my
instructions – use your hairbrush and slap your pussy
bitch – do as you are told – stand in front of your
lap top camera and slap your pussy so that I can see
you are doing it.

Amanda – I hit it with the brush master, it stings

Master – Now sit down in a chair and spread your legs
bitch – um yes nice panties; rub your finger along the
front so that I can see your pussy lips

Amanda – Like this master?

Master – Yes like that, do you have the box I sent?

Amanda – Yes master

Master – Open it and take out the contents one at a
time I have numbered them start at 1 and describe

Amanda – It’s full of disgusting things –

Master – Slap your pussy with the brush; it is full of
things what

Amanda – Disgusting things master

Master – Take the first one out bitch

Amanda – Item 1 master – it’s a horrible leather
collar with the word SLAVE at the front and a buckle
at the back

Master – Put it on then take the box and go to Laura’s
room as we will continue there and you will use all of
the items in the box

Amanda – Into Laura’s room – but what if she comes
home master

Master – Go to her room and lie on top of her bed,
leave the door open – we will continue with the items
in the box there – do it bitch

Amanda – Yes master – I have the horrid red collar on
and am taking the box to Laura’s room – I will have to
come back for the lap top master

Master – Yes that is OK

Amanda – I am on Laura’s bed master

Master – Good item 2

Amanda – 2 – It’s a dog lead master – what is this

Master – Attach it to your collar bitch – do it

Amanda – That’s awful master – you are treating me
like a dog

Master – Put the lead on now

Amanda – It’s done master

Master – Item 3

Amanda – It’s something in a box – the box reads
“Spartacus Nipple Clamps and Clit Clamp with chain –
What are they master – oh god they are not what I
think are they

Master – Yes open the box and put them on your nipples

Amanda – But that will …. Will make me look
like…. well – Yes master I will put them on

Master – It will make you look like a what

Amanda – A slut master – a cheap slut

Master – Pull your dress open so your clamped nipples
are exposed do it

Amanda – Yes master it’s done – what do I do with the
chain and clamp that is hanging down master

Master – It clamps on to your pussy

Amanda – Oh god no – not there – that’s gross

Master – Do it and what are you clamping it on to

Amanda – Oh god – not the love button – that will be
so painful

Master – It’s is not the love button anymore it is
your pussy clit again say it again

Amanda – Yes master my pussy clit; oh god is that my

Master – Clamp it on bitch; clamp it real hard so that
it hurts.

Amanda – Yes master should I remove the panties or
pull them to one side

Master – Yes remove your panties for me bitch, but
keep them on the bed – leave the dress and shoes on
got it

Amanda – Yes master – just slipping the panties off

Master – Next item

Amanda – Item 4 master is another box – with nothing
written on the outside

Master – Open it

Amanda – No – you must be joking no way am I using

Master – Slap yourself hard on the pussy bitch;
describe it and you did not say master try again

Amanda – Sorry master I was so shocked – I have
slapped my pussy – It’s – well it’s an inflatable butt
plug – and yes master I know where it goes

Master – Put it in your ass and inflate it – Do it
now; is it in

Amanda – But master there is no lubricant or anything

Master – Suck on it to lube it up and put it in your
ass – your own spit is the lube, now do it

Amanda – I have used my spit but it hurts when I push
it against my opening master – it’s making me cry

Master – Put it in bitch -and try again your opening
say it again and say ass now try again

Amanda – It hurts when I try to put it in my ass
master – I am pushing it – oh god it’s sliding in now

Master – Deep put it in deep then you use the pump to
fully expand it

Amanda – Yes master, how much should I expand it by?

Master – Till it hurts bitch

Amanda – Argg – yes it hurts master and it’s wedged
in place master

Master – Next item

Amanda – 5 Master, no master please don’t make me use
this master, it’s a black dildo – but it’s double
ended and nearly 2 feet long

Master – Lay back and play with it on your pussy –
Are you playing with your pussy?

Master – Answer me

Amanda – No master – I will do it now master –

Master – Lay back play with your pussy with the dildo
and moan for me do it now

Master – Do not type just lay back a min and play with
your pussy

Amanda – Yes master – how should I play with myself

Master – Use the dildo and rub it up and down on your
pussy and push it in and out for me and moan for me.
Lie back for a minute and fuck yourself with the dildo

Amanda – Sorry master I thought I heard a car – but
must have been mistaken

Master – Lie back and close your eyes and use that
dildo on your pussy in and out do it and moan loud for

Amanda – Yes master

daring it’s not what it…. Oh fuck

Master – Laughing breaks connection