My first time with a mature woman

It was the summer of 2001 and I had a date setup with, Dianne, I was 20 then and she was going on 43. I always had a fantasy about older woman and it was about to finally come true. She was about 5′ 9, slender built with long blonde hair that flowed down her back to just above her butt, she used to be a model and her breasts were still firm and her skin silky smooth and fair. We met on the net and although she stayed very far away we phoned eachother everyday and had phonesex at every possible occasion.

I finally ended up at her hotel where she was going to stay for a week since she came down for business. She opened the door and I was dumbstruck to actually see how beautifull she was, she was wearing a short tight gray skirt with a white blouse that was unbuttoned just enough to expose her white bra underneath and her firm breasts, she also had crystal blue sexy eyes. She invited me in and after some talk it was already evening. We went to the restaurant to eat and soon after came back to her room.

She went to her cubboard, took out her sleepwear and as I watched she started undressing infront of me. She looked over at me with a small almost shy smile as she slowly undid her blouse and dropped it to the floor, next was her high heals and then she slipped out of her skirt, underneath it she wore a small red g-string that barely covered her pussy, she turned around, bent over and picked up her clothes from the floor, giving me a brillaint view of her firm butt and the little string being swallowed up by her delicate well rounded pussylips.

She ran a bath and after alittle while came out wearing a short nighty that stopped just below her womanhood and complemented her long legs. She came over and lay down next to me on the bed and I went and sat behind her and started playing with her hair, she laid her head back on my shoudler and I started kissing my way down the back of her neck, as I ooked over her shoulder I could see her breasts under her loose fitting nighty and I carefully cupped her right breast and massaged it with my hand, making sure that I caress her nipple with the soft satin of the nighty. She moaned softly and I moved around her front and we engaged in a long deep passionate french kiss, we literally ate at eachothers mouthes. I broke the kiss and saw brief disappointment but a wanting in her eyes, I kissed my way down her neck again and started kissing her breast ontop of the nighty. She then sat up and pulled it down over her shoulders and exposed her fair and firm rounded breasts with perfect rounded nipples to me, I didn’t hesitate and slipped a nipple into my mouth, circled my tongue around it slowly, softly nibbled on it and massaged her other breast with my free hand. I then moved to her other breast, she was now squirming underneath me, soft moans escaping from deep within her throat.

This time I trailed my other hand down her stomach, “fingering” her belly button and then I traced a finger down the middle of the cotton g-string she was wearing, pushing it into her pussy lips and rubbing and massaging her around her clitoris and entry, I could feel that she just shaved and was already very wet. I pushed the g-string to the side and slipped a finger into her entry, she gasped and her breathing became more rapid and deeper. I then left her breast and trailed my tongue down her stomach, tasting her sweet skin as I went and I finally came to her holy area. I pushed the g-string to the side and slipped my tongue into her pussy, I started at the topped and licked my way down her smooth soft lips, cirling my tongue over her clit, making sure I taste every area of her sweet pussy. She moaned loudly now and almost pleaded with me to take her g-string off. I slipped it down her legs and went back to the job, I started eating her again and slipped first one finger and then two into her and slowly moved then in and out of her, picking up the pace gradually while sucking on and licking her clit. She wrapped her long smooth legs around my head and pushed my face deep into her pussy as her body spasmed as she had her first orgasm.

I then got up and went back to kissing her, she was out of breath after the orgasm and her skin was on fire, I slipped my jeans off and positioned myself over her, giving her tits another lick or two and she smiled up at me. My cock was rockhard and she stroked it while I rubbed it up and down her pussy, tracing the middle of her,spreading her juices all over my cock and her rounded delicate lips . When I came to her entry she grabbed hold of my butt and with one hand she guided me into her and with her other she pushed me even deeper into her, I could feel her inner heat the deeper I went. She then wrapped her legs around me and tried to push me even deeper into herself and then we slowly started fucking, with every stroke she bucked her hips into me and I picked up the pace with every stroke. The only words that she could utter was,”Harder Baby, fuck me harder and faster!” We were now bucking into eachother, fucking like there was no tomorrow and we were loving every second of it. After awhile I told her that Im gonna cum and she asked me to hold out for just a couple of seconds more so that we can cum together and we did, she pulled me close to her and as the orgasm raged though her body, I then shot my load deep into her, it seemed that I was never gonna stop as her pussy convulsed around my cock milking every last drop of cum out of me.

We lay there for awhile, kissing and licking at eachothers mouths and that whole week we fucked like beasts at every chance we had, I also found out that she enjoys anal alot and having a stiff cock in her mouth was a delicacy for her and absolute bliss for me.All the fantasies I ever had about being with a maature woman came true in a big way.