My Lovely Sleeping Aunt

Ever since I can remember, I always had sexual fantasies about my Aunt Nery. She wasn’t the prettiest woman I have ever seen but she could defend herself. Don’t get me wrong though she is a hot Latina woman. Let me give you a definition of her: She is thin, has a nice rounded ass, semi wide hips, B-C cup breast size, and is small in stature (around 5’4”), she looks fit but has a little fat her . She is now her late 30s and I am in my mid 20s so our age is not too far apart.

She is lovely and caring women and has a very kind personality (almost motherly). However, she has struggled with relationships & partners in the past. Her ex-husband mistreated her very badly and they have a child together. She now lives with someone else and had his child as well. Their relationship has recently been a bit rocky though. The crazy part of this story is that the guy she with now is actually her ex-husband former friend. All three of them lived together in same house for a good amount of time. As soon as my aunt & her husband split, he was there to pick up the pieces. I have some thoughts on this but I will probably elaborate later on. This is just a little info on my aunt.

My sexual desire for my aunt all started when she came to the U.S. she’s originally from Mexico. During that time, she was single and lived with my parents and me. I was young back then so she & I shared the same room and bed. At first, I did not really think anything of it or of her. Nevertheless, my young hormones and lust took over.

One day I woke up in the middle of the night, she was in deep sleep and had gotten out of the blankets, and she was wearing some cheap thin pink pajamas. Her ass fully filled those pajama pants though. Seeing her this vulnerable and exposed I got overwhelmed with a sudden urge to touch her lovely body. She had positioned herself in way that made her ass stick out and point towards me, as if inviting me to touch & grab it. I succumbed to my desires and brushed my hand on her ass.

I stopped for sec and when i saw that she was not waking up, I continued my assault on her but this time cupping her ass a little. Then I saw her foot. She had no socks on that night and so I crept down to her feet. As I lay face down on the bed, with my face, inches form her feet I had a sudden urge to sniff them. So I did and took a quick sniff at them. I felt like I was going to come just from the pure smell and adrenaline, I was in heaven. This is probably when I learned I had a foot fetish and had a sexual desire for my aunt. The thought of using my aunt to pleasure myself got my heart racing and my penis excited.

I kept this up for some time and on some nights; I would slide all the way down the bed and rub here feet against my hard on. I would just have boxers on and I would rub her feet all over my crotch. During those nights, I would wait for her to sleep and I would try to stay awake until it was 1 to 2 in the morning. I would touch her ass or rub my finger along her ass crack to see if she would get up. Although I was bold for doing these types of thigs to my innocent aunt, if she woke up at any point, even a little, I would fall back asleep and call it a night. However, when she was in deep sleep this is when I would make big moves on her.

I would slide down under the blankets (we slept under the same covers) until I found her feet. I would take a small sniff of them, and sometime plant a kiss on them. It was especial thrilling when she had no socks on. Eventually my dick would get hard I would slowly lower my hips towards her feet and slowly rub her pretty little feet on my crotch with only my boxers on. I would rub them until I came or if she stirred.

I kept this up for a while. I would observed & analyzed when my aunt would be the most tired and exhausted. I would know how long her shift was and how tough of a day she had. I knew this because my mom and aunt worked in the same place (McDonalds spot inside the mall) and that is where I would hang out after school since they could not drop me of to my house. They had overlapping shifts but one would get in early & leave early and the other would get in late & leave late. So, they took turns taking care of me and I would head home with either or.

I have always been an observant person even to this day. I always liked observing & analyzing people. I would check their behavior, habits, & feelings and I would use that to determine their next actions. Now that my aunt was part of my sexual fantasies, this made me monitor her even more closely then I would normally do. I wanted to take advantage of her without her ever knowing

After sometime had passed my family eventually moved and my aunt and me lived separately. She had moved into her new apartment with her new boyfriend at the time (future ex-husband). My parents moved to new and better house. We no longer had to share rooms and I finally had my own room. Unfortunately, that also meant no more late nights with my aunt

We still saw each other from time to time and she would still take care of me, at her new place or at my house, when my mom had a late shift. The move was not all bad though, I was able to meet one of my closes friend Alexis because of my aunt’s new place. Nevertheless, a new era had come but not with some down sides. I would no longer live under the same roof as my aunt and as the old era came, to end so did my sexual adventures with my aunt … or at least I thought they would….