Pretty Petite Latina

Stephany was a very young, petite and skinny, dark complected Latina, with brunette hair, and even though she was 18 years old, she was flat-chested, but did seem to have a little something there. She had a great little figure and even though she had skinny little legs, she really had a nice firm little butt.

She was really very attractive and even though she didn’t feel that way, her innocence was alluring, and that sexy smile, made me smile too. I had been attracted to her since I first saw her and her outgoing personality was probably the main reason, and now that she was in my class, I was even more attracted to her. She had a sexy look and a really friendly demeanor, but I really needed to be careful.

Like I said, Stephany was dark skinned, which was very attractive to me but it was obvious that she didn’t like it because one day in class, I overheard her say to a classmate, “I wish I wasn’t so dark.”

I was shocked when I heard it, and as soon as she was away from her classmates, I approached her and whispering said, “You shouldn’t worry so much about your looks.”

This made Stephany hesitantly look at me and when I smiled and inadvertently said, “You’re very pretty,” she looked at me apprehensively, however as she continued to smile, she walked away. I could see this remark was making her think, because she continued to look over at me periodically. I worried that I might have over stepped but as I watched her as she sat down, I tried to ignore the comment as I smiled back at her.

From that point on, I think there was an attraction we were both feeling or maybe it was an infatuation, in either case we knew we couldn’t pursue our feelings, even though we may have wanted too. Yea, we tried to keep our conversations as easygoing as possible, but we still found ourselves innocently flirting with each other, all the time knowing we needed to keep each other at an arms length.

As the story goes, every afternoon, I always tried to make sure to walk past the classroom where several students, including Stephany participated in after school activities. I wanted to see her and always hoped to wave at her as I headed home, however, this one afternoon as I passed by and looked in, there she was, and when we saw each other, she gave a quick wave. Bobbing my head and waving back, I continued on my way but suddenly I heard her voice call to me and when I stopped and looked back, she came out of the classroom.

Seeing her smiling as she hurried up to me, I smiled back and casually asked, “How’s it going.”

As she got closer Stephany looked at me and asked, “Where are you going?”

Looking at her I simply said, “I’m going home,” and then asked her, “Why?”

Hesitantly, she smiled and then excitedly asked, “Can I go?”

Smiling back and after a brief pause I said, “I live kinda far away, you really don’t want to go.”

Stephany was obviously searching for what to say and seeing she wanted something as we looked at each other I said, “I can give you a ride home if you want.”

After a slight pause, Stephany gave me one of her seductive smiles and said, “Let me go with you.”

Smiling and looking around I said, “Okay, come on,” thinking she was just joking around, but as we looked at each other for a moment, I could see her hesitantly contemplating it.

Not thinking, I again blurted out, “Come on, let’s go,” and as I smiled and we looked at each other, I continued to think that she was just kidding around and that she would go scurrying back into class, but was I ever wrong.

Suddenly, Stephany smiled and then said, “Let me get my stuff.”

I didn’t know what to do, and as she turned to go grab her backpack I thought, “What had I done.”

Not wanting to be seen walking out of the building with her, I quickly said , “Meet me in the parking lot,” just as she turned into the classroom. Stephany stopped, and after giving me a smile and a wave, I quickly turned and hurried down the hallway toward the parking lot.

Continuing to worry about someone seeing us as I waited by my car for her, I was torn as to whether she’d actually come out. However, when the door opened and she walked out, heading toward my car, her big smile made me smile too.

As I opened the back door and threw my bag in the backseat, I told Stephany to go ahead and throw her backpack back there too. As we both got in my car, I again looked around nervously and seeing there wasn’t anyone there, I quickly pulled out of the parking lot.

Turning and looking over at her, I asked if she wanted me to take her home. I hoped she’d say, “Yea,” but when she again said, “Can’t I go with you?”

I felt a little uncomfortable with what was happening. “What should I do,” I thought, but then said to myself, “Isn’t this what I had wanted,” as I continued toward my house.

We didn’t say anything for a couple minutes, and then I nervously said,”Don’t you think you should text your mom,” hoping she might tell her that she needed to come home.

Smiling, as she took out her phone, Stephany quickly sent a text saying, she was going over to a friend’s house. After sending it Stephany turned to me and said, “Okay.”

Glancing over and smiling, I hesitantly asked, “Are you sure you don’t want me to take you home?”

Grabbing my arm and pulling on it, Stephany said, “It’s okay.”

Continuing to head toward my house, Stephany suddenly got a text from her mom and as she read it, I asked if everything was okay. Glancing over at her, I could see Stephany was smiling and as she said, “Everything’s okay,” I nervously smiled back.

Stephany again reached over and as she grabbed my arm, I couldn’t help but worry a little, but also thought, “What could I do now?”

The drive to my house seemed to be taking forever and I think we were both a little nervous too, because we didn’t really say anything. However, when I finally turned into my neighborhood, Stephany let go of my arm and said,”This is nice,” as she looked out the side window.

Turning back toward me smiling, Stephany again grabbed my arm and asked, “Where’s your house?”

She was obviously excited now as we continued into my neighborhood and when we pulled into my driveway I said, “Okay, here it is.”

Again, she looked out the window and as we pulled in the driveway, she simply said, “Wow!” and then asked, “Can we go inside?”

Foolishly, I smiled and nodding said, “Okay, but only for a couple minutes.”

Stephany gave my arm a little squeeze and as I pulled into the garage and put the car in park, we hurried inside. As we stepped inside, Stephany again said, “This is nice.”

Continuing into the living room she asked, “Do you live here by yourself?”

Nodding my head yes, I smiled and said, “Maybe we should get going.”

I was really nervous about being alone with her, and even though I wanted this, a sudden rush of emotions came over me, but when Stephany sat down on the couch, I realized she didn’t want to go. Moving over and sitting next to her, I took her hand and as we ended up looking at each other smiling, Stephany suddenly blurted out, “Do you think I’m pretty?”

Looking over at her shocked, I paused, not knowing what to say, but then when I saw her smile, I inadvertently leaned over and giving her a hug I said, “Stephany, you’re very pretty.”

It felt good to hold her but as I sat back and we looked at each other, Stephany said, “I like you too.”

There was an awkward moment as we looked at each other and when she shyly looked away, I put my hand on hers. Stephany now looked back at me and then innocently blurted out, “Do you think I’m too young?”

Yea, she was too young, but smiling at her I immediately asked, “Am I too old?”

Smiling, she leaned over and as she hugged me, she kissed me on the cheek. It shocked me and as we let go, there was a brief pause and as we looked at each other, I stupidly said, “I think about you a lot Stephany.”

Seeing her blush, I felt a little foolish, and standing up I quickly asked, “Do you want me to show you around a little?”

I was so nervous, I needed something to slow things down, and seeing Stephany smile and nod her head, I reached out my hand. Looking down at my hand, continuing to smile, she took it and then stood up.

After showing her around the house briefly, we eventually made our way back to the living room, and as we sat back down on the couch, I asked, “Do you want something to drink?”

Smiling, she nodded her head, and as I went into the kitchen I said, “I’m not sure what I’ve got.”

Opening the refrigerator to see what I had, I said, “I’ve got a couple beers and some hard seltzers.”

As Stephany leaned to look in, I explained that the seltzers were flavored, and as she excitedly stood up she asked, “What flavors are there?”

Quickly surveying what I had, I said, “Well, there’s watermelon, blue raspberry, wild cherry, and lemon lime.”

Hearing what there was, she leaned back down and as she looked in, there was a pause. Feeling I needed to help her decide, I suggested, “How about blue raspberry?”

This made her smile and nodding her head she said, “Yea.”

Smiling, I grabbed it, handed it to her and as I grabbed a watermelon one for myself, I ushered us back into the living room. I knew she’d like the flavored seltzer and as she sat down on the couch, Stephany asked me, “What flavor did you get?”

Holding out my can to show her, she smiled, and as I sat on the couch next to her I asked, “Do you want me to open it for you?”

Smiling, she handed it to me, and after a quick flip of the top, I handed it back and then opened mine.

We both took a big drink, and as she looked at the can, I asked, “What do you think?”

Stephany took another sip and after swallowing hard she smiled and said, “These are great.”

These hard seltzers were like Cool-aid and as we sat there drinking and making idle chit chat, I realizing we were drinking on an empty stomach. Turning, I asked, “Do you wanted something to eat?”

I knew I didn’t really have anything, and as I looked at her, I said, “I’m not sure what I’ve got.”

Getting up and heading into the kitchen, Stephany stood up too and as she followed me she suddenly suggested, “Maybe we can order a pizza,” as I stood there with the refrigerator door open.

I didn’t know what to do. On one hand, I felt I really needed to take her home, but on the other hand, this was probably my one and only chance to be with her.

Closing the refrigerator door and turning, I asked, “Are you sure you don’t want me to take you home?”

Obviously wanting to stay, she shook her head, “No,” and said, “It’s okay.”

It was starting to get late and after looking at my watch I asked, “Are you sure,” and then said, “Won’t your parents be worried about you?”

Smiling and shaking her head again, I cautiously said, “Okay, well what kind of pizza do you want?”

Stephany had a big smile and as I stood up and went into the kitchen to call the pizza place, she ended up following me. I ordered a small pepperoni pizza and after hanging up, we headed back out to the living room.

Sitting together on the couch continuing to drink as we watched TV, and talked, we cautiously made eyes at each other. I wanted to make out with her so bad but when there was a knock at the door, we both looked at each other. Not thinking, I worried, “Who could that be,” but quickly realized it was probably the pizza delivery.

Putting my drink down and standing up I said, “I’ll bet that’s the pizza.”

Stephany stood up too, and as I walked over to the door, I took out my credit card and after opening the door and paying, I grabbed the pizza, closed the door, and headed toward the kitchen. As I went past Stephany she said, “That smells good.”

Smiling back and motioning for her to follow me, Stephany quickly sat her drink down on the coffee table and followed me into the kitchen. As I put the pizza down on the table and flipped open the lid, I said, “That does look good.”

Grabbing a couple plates from the cabinet, I remarked, “I’m really hungry,” and as I handed Stephany plate she simply replied, “Me too.”

After handing her a couple slices and taking a few for myself, we headed back to the living room. As we sat down, we both grabbed our drinks and after taking a sip, we quickly ate our pizza. We didn’t really say anything but Stephany seemingly inched closer to me, as we watched TV.

It was nice to be with her and as we finished eating, I held up my empty seltzer and asked Stephany if she wanted another. Looking at me, she quickly tried to finish hers and as she nodded her head, I went into the kitchen.

As I opened the refrigerator I asked, “What flavor?”

After a brief pause she yelled, “Wild cherry.”

Smiling to myself, I grabbed it, and a lemon lime one, and quickly went back to the living room. As I handed her the hard seltzer, I looked at her and asked, “Do you want anymore pizza?”

After a second Stephany said, “No, I’m good,” as we smiled at each other.

Moving over and sitting next to her, I unsuspectedly took a drink. Stephany suddenly reached over and putting her hand on my thigh, I turned. It surprised me and as I looked at her she said, Thanks for letting me come over.”

Instinctively, I leaned over and giving her a hug I said, “I’m glad too.”

Smiling, we eventually hugged again, and as we did, I put my hand on her back. Feeling her little bra strap and her ribs as we hugged, I leaned away and nervously took a big drink from my seltzer.

Sitting back up, and looking at her, Stephany had a big smile and as we looked at each other, Stephany suddenly leaned over again, giving me a hug. As I hugged her too, she leaned up and kissed me on the cheek. Again, it surprised me and as she sat back, Stephany shyly looked down.

I could see she was blushing, and as I casually lifted her chin and our eyes met, I leaned toward her. Stephany closed her eyes, and after a simple kiss on the lips, we looked at each other. Seeing her shyly smile, I sensed she was a little buzzed, I instinctively took her drink and as I sat it on the coffee table, she asked, “What’s wrong?”

Sitting my drink down too, I turned and as we looked at each other, I smiled and then putting my hands on her waist, I asked, “Are you okay?”

Smiling, she nodded her head and as I leaned into her again, Stephany closed her eyes. Kissing her, she turned her head to one side and as I moved my hand around to her back, I couldn’t believe what was happening. Continuing to kiss her, I instinctively tried to push my tongue into her mouth, which made Stephany pull away slightly. Opening her eyes and smiling as we kissed, she eventually opened her mouth, and as our tongues met, she again closed her eyes.

Pulling her closer, I subtly brought my other hand up to her chest until I could feel her bra, and as I cupped her little boob and gave it a little squeeze, Stephany gasped and opened her eyes.

She really was flat chested and as I continued to feel on her boob as we kissed, Stephany put her hand on mine. I became hesitant, and when we stopped kissing, I casually moved my hand down placing it on the couch. We both took a breath and as we looked at each other Stephany apologized, saying, “Sorry.”

I was a little confused and when I asked, “What for?”

She smiled, and looking down seemingly embarrassed, she shook her head.

I told her, “Don’t worry,” and as I moved my hand to her thigh, Stephany looked back up smiling.

I didn’t want her to feel bad and after another brief kiss I asked, “Do you want to stop?”

She seemed a little confused but when she smiled, I again pulled her close and as we hugged, and again started kissing again, I could feel her continuing to smile. Casually, I moved my hand between her legs, and as I slid it up toward her crotch, Stephany naively spread her legs slightly. However, as soon as I started to feel her pussy through her pants, she instinctively moved her hand down and grabbing mine, she pushed it away.

Moving my hand away, we stopped kissing and as we looked at each other, I slid my hand to her waist again. Smiling at each other, we again leaned toward each other and as we kissed, I immediately moved my hand up under her shirt. As I reached her little bra again, I immediately felt on her tiny little boob. Stephany again quickly moved her hand up, holding my hand against her chest. As we stopped kissing, I quietly move my hand back down to her waist again.

Smiling at each other, we eventually kissed again and as our tongues met, I casually slid my hand to her back and when I felt her little bra strap, I immediately pinched the clasp, and unhooked it. Her bra immediately dropped off her shoulders and as it hung loose, Stephany quickly reached up and grabbed it, and held it against her chest. Looking at me as we stopped kissing, I could see a sly little smile and then as she gave me another kiss, I laid her back on the couch.

Boldly positioning myself on top of her, she smiled and as we again kissed, I found myself kneeling on the floor between the couch and coffee table. Leaning back, I moved both my hand up to her chest and as we continued to look at each other, I scooted her shirt up. I wanted to see her little titties, but Stephany again stopped me. Looking at her, I smiled and then as I tried to reassure her, she nodded.

Stephany was obviously nervous about what was happening. I didn’t want her to stop me, but as I leaned up i asked, “Do you want me to stop?”

When she didn’t say anything right away, I moved my hands to her waist and as I gave her a little squeeze, Stephany looked at me and said, “It’s okay.”

We were both nervous but after pulling her close and giving her a quick little kiss, we both smiled at each other. I now casually moved my hands down as we looked at each and as I undid the snap on her pants, Stephany smiled cautiously. Quickly unzipped them and trying to put my hand down her pants, Stephany hastily reached down and grabbed my wrist just as I got my fingers under the band of her panties.

Pulling my hand away, we looked at each other, and I asked if she was okay? I had such a hard on right now, I didn’t want to stop and when Stephany smiled and again replied that she was okay, I moved my hand away and again leaned toward her. As we again kissed, I immediately tried to slide my hand down her pants and as my hand slipped under her panties, wanting to feel her pussy, I suddenly stopped.

Looking down when I didn’t feel any hair, I hesitantly took my hand out and as I leaned back, Stephany asked, “What’s wrong?”

Nothing was wrong but I was a little apprehensive about it and as I reached down and adjusted my cock in my pants, Stephany instinctively looked down too. I’m sure she could tell I had a hard on, and as she looked at me and smiling curiously, she reached down.

Smiling back, I took her hand and as I placed it against my crotch, I made sure she grabbed hold of it through my pants. Smiling, obviously feeling how hard as she squeezed it, she looked back up at me. Grinning reassuringly I asked, “Do you want to go in my bedroom?”

Hesitantly, she smiled and after a pause, I kissed her and then stood up. Taking her hand wanting her to follow me, she eventually stood up too. As I led us toward my bedroom, she squeezed my hand as we went through the door. She then seemed to stop, which made me turn and ask, “Are you okay?”

It was obvious she was scared but as I moved closer and put my hands on her waist, I turned her and smiling, I guided us into my bedroom. Stephany was trying to hold her pants with one hand so they wouldn’t fall down, and as we looked at each other, I kissed her and gradually moved her over to the bed. Turning her to face away from me, I pulled her close and as I reached around feeling on her tits, I kissed her on the neck.

As she leaned back on me, I gently started to suck her neck, and as I casually slid one of my hand down and tried to put it down her pants, Stephany quickly turned. Facing me, she gave me a concerned look, and smiling, I quickly lifted her up on the bed. This made her giggle, and as we continued to look at each other, I laid her back. Her pants had inched down a little as she scooted back, and when I saw the top edge of her blue panties, I immediately started tugging at the legs of her pants, trying to get them off.

Stephany instinctively lifted her ass off the bed, which allowed me to pull them over her feet, and as I dropped them on the floor, she quickly adjusted her flowery little powder blue panties.

As we smiled at each other, I scooted her over on the bed and undoing my pants, I let them fall to the floor. Stephany immediately looked down at my boxers and I knew she could see my cock bulging against my boxers. Looking up at me smiling, I casually adjusted them and then climbed on the bed with her. As I crawled on top of her, she moved over a little more, and as I laid on top of her, she again giggled.

Not wanting to crush her, I made sure to hold myself up by leaning on my elbows, but moved so I could press my cock against her thigh. I wanted her to feel it and as we kissed, I made sure to grind against her a little. Looking at her I again asked if she was okay and seeing her smile, I again reached up to feel on her tits. Leaning down to kiss her, Stephany said, “I’ve never done this before.”

I already knew she hadn’t and as I smiled and leaned into her giving her a quick kiss, I again tried to reassure her that it was okay. Stephany nodded and smiling she put her arms around my neck, giving me a hug. As we kissed, I immediately tried to inch her shirt up, but when I got it up until I was moving her little bra up too, we stopped kissing. Seemingly a little embarrassed, she moved her hands up covering her chest.

With her hands on her tits, Stephany leaned up on her elbows and looking at me she apologized saying, “Sorry.”

I didn’t understand why but realized she thought I might not like how small her boobs were or maybe it was her that wished she had bigger boobs, in any case I didn’t want her to be embarrassed. Smiling I told her, “Stephany, you’re very pretty.”

This made her smile and as she leaned up, we kissed. Smiling back at her, I casually moved her hands away and laying her back, I pulled her shirt up. She really was flat-chested but right now that didn’t matter and as I moved down kissing her chest, I eventually started sucking and tonguing her little hard nipples.

I could feel Stephany tense up a little and when I moved my one hand down until it was on her panties, she seemed to squirm a little as I pressed my finger into her pussy. Stephany instinctively reached down and as she put her hand on mine she had me stop. She was really tight and definitely a little wet, and as I moved my hand away, Stephany rose up on her elbows.

Looking at each other for a second, I again told her not to worry. Smiling and nodded, I immediately took her shirt off the rest of the way, and as I laid her back again and she got comfortable, I immediately moved down to kiss her chest and her stomach. Putting my hand on her chest as I continued down, I eventually found myself kissing her pussy through her panties. This made Stephany gasp slightly and as I started to mouth her pussy through her panties, she reached down and touching my head she said, “Don’t.”

Raising up and looking down, I could see her panties were pushed into her slit, creasing her little pussy. I wanted to fuck her and as I looked up at her smile, I could see by her face that she was unsure about what I was doing. Smiling, I said, “Don’t worry,” as I placed my hand on her chest.

Stephany gave me a sheepish smile and as I went back to gently finger her little pussy through her panties, she laid back again. Mouthing her pussy again, I casually pulled her panties to the side with my fingers, and as I looked at her pussy, I could see she really didn’t have a lot of hair. Glancing up at her, I ran my finger in her little slit, and when I gently dipped my finger in her, she rose up on her elbows, but didn’t stop me.

Reaching my hand up to her chest to steady her, I smiled and as she watched, I went down and kissed her pussy. She pulled up a little and as I got better positioned between her legs, I pushed my tongue into her little slit. She was wet and when I spread her pussy slightly with my fingers and started to eat her, she again laid back.

She was so tight, I wanted to fuck her, I wanted to get her off, and when she spread her legs a little more, I knew I had a chance. Bending her knees as I continued to lick at her clit and tongue her pussy, she squirmed a little.

I wanted her to cum and as I vigorously ate her young little pussy, Stephany suddenly asked me to stop. I knew she was probably close to cumming so I didn’t stop and when she grabbed at my head, holding me, I felt her body shutter slightly.

Out of breath, Stephany said, “Please, stop,” as she tried to pull my head up.

It was obvious she had climaxed and as I moved on top of her and kissed her, I immediately tried to guide my cock into her tight little pussy. Feeling me pushing into her, Stephany again told me to stop as she pulled away.

Looking at her, she was obviously scared and when I tried to kiss her, she turned her head. Immediately, I stopped trying to put my cock in her and as I rolled off her and laid on my back, Stephany leaned toward me. As we looked at each other, she again said, “Sorry.”

Putting my arm around her I said, “Don’t worry, it’s okay.”

Stephany smiled and as she casually looked down at my cock, she looked back up at me smiling slyly, and then reached down taking hold of it. Kissing her, she started rubbing it. I wanted to fuck her so bad and when I pulled her on top of me, she again let out a little giggle. Straddling me, she sat up, and when I put my hands on her perky little tits, Stephany reached back, feeling for my cock. Reaching behind her too, I pulled her forward and as I took hold of my cock with my other hand, I pushed it against her pussy.

Looking at each other, she knew what I wanted and as I pushed her back now, I again tried to guide my cock into her. She was so tight, I didn’t want it to hurt, but I could tell by her face it was, but Stephany didn’t stop me.

I continued to struggle to get it in her and as we looked at each other, Stephany suddenly reached back and as she tried to help guide it in her as she lifted off me slightly. I could feel her trying to work my cock in her slit. I couldn’t believe it and as I grabbed her by the waist and pushing her back a little, she looked down at me smiling.

Stephany now sat back too, and as she continued to try to let my cock go in her, I could see by her face that it was still uncomfortable. She didn’t stop trying, but I could tell it was hurting as she tried to move up and down as she worked it into her tight little pussy.

Seeing her grimacing a little I asked,“Are you okay.”

Smiling sheepishly, she nodded. I wanted to be in her and felt she wanted to try it too, but I didn’t want it to hurt either. Pulling her forward and telling her to stop, I gave her a kiss and as I rolled her to one side, it was obvious Stephany was confused.

Looking at her I said, “Let me get something.”

Quickly leaning over and reaching into the side drawer, I grabbed a tube of KY and as I showed her, she still seemed a little confused until she saw me squeeze a little out on my fingers.

Smiling, I laid her back and spreading her legs, I asked, “Are you okay,” and then said, “If you want me to stop, just tell me, okay.”

Stephany smiled and after nodding her head, she took a deep breath. Smiling back and giving her a kiss, I moved my hand down and gently started to finger her tight little pussy with lube. It was kind of cold, which made her pull away slightly and as I looked at her, I said, “Relax.”

Moving on top of her, I felt I had a chance now and as I held myself off her slightly, I reached down and then as a took hold of my cock, she leaned up on her elbows. Stephany wiggled a little as I gingerly tried to push the head of my cock in her as she looked at me intently. She was super wet now, but she was still so tight, and as I pressed into her more, I could see her continuing to grimace.

Stopping and pulling out a little, I tried to casually moved the head of my cock up and down her wet little slit. Wiggling the head in her slit, I hoped she’d relax enough to let me in and when I saw her smiling, I again tried to press into her. I wanted to be in her and when my cock suddenly slipped in, she quickly pulled away and pushed on my chest to stop. Kissing her and holding her still, I knew it hurt and as I tried to hold her as she continued to push on my chest, I again told her, “Relax.”

I didn’t want to stop, but I didn’t want it to hurt either, so I pulled out and moved down to kiss her chest. Holding her, I looked up and after asking her if she was okay, Stephany said, “I’m sorry, it just hurts.”

Giving her a little hug and a simple kiss on her chest again, I quickly moved back up and as our eyes met, I gave her a kiss. I didn’t want her to feel bad and as I tried to reassure her that the hurting would go away, if she’d relax, I asked, “Do you want me to stop.”

Smiling back at me, she leaned up and after a kiss she said, “I’m okay.”

I knew it was going to hurt because she was so tight and when I asked, “Are you sure?” She nodded her head smiling.

Smiling back, I gave her a kiss and as I took hold of my cock and moved back up, I immediately tried to guide my cock into her again. Making sure to go slow as I pushed into her, I could see her grabbing the sheets, clinching a handful as my cock again slipped into her. With her eyes closed, I tried to slowly move my cock in and out of her saying, “Try to relax.”

Stephany now let go of the sheets and as she put her arms around my neck, I slowly started to move in and out of her, as she held on. Leaning into her more, she hugged me tighter, which made me stop and pull out slightly.

Opening her eyes, I again asked if she was okay and after a smile, she nodded. Kissing her, she seemed to be more relaxed and I hoped she was enjoying it, because I know I was, and I didn’t want to stop.

Slowly pushing back into her a little, I again asked, “Are you okay?”

Nodding with her eyes closed, I kissed her and as I put my head to the side of hers, and my hands under her shoulders, I started to move my cock in and out of her a little faster. I knew I had to be careful not to go too fast or push too hard, but being she was so tight, I knew it must have hurt a little.

It felt so good, and the urge to cum was always right there as I fucked her, but I wanted it to last.

Slowing down, and even stopping now and then to kiss her, I again ask, “Are you okay?”

Smiling, Stephany pulled me close again and said, “I’m okay.”

She seemed very relaxed, and knowing I probably need to cum now, I leaned into her and as I started to fuck her again, I accidentally pushed my cock deep in her. Realizing what had happened as she tried to pull away, I deliberately held her still and said, “Sorry.”

Seeing her nod, I kissed her and again slowly started to fuck her. Moving a little faster, she held me tight and as we both started breathing a little harder, I tried to concentrate, wanting to cum.

I was close and when I said, “I’m going to cum,” Stephany quickly moved her hands down and started to push on my shoulders.

I knew she wanted me to stop, but it was too late. Pushing deep inside her, trying to hold her still as my cock started to jerk, she suddenly pulled away saying, “Don’t cum!”

Confused, I quickly reached down, and grabbing my cock as I hastily tried to lift off her as I pulled out. Immediately leaning forward, trying to make sure my cum shot on her stomach, Stephany leaned up on her elbows. Watching as cum dribbled out on her stomach and onto her mound, she again pulled away as cum trickled on her pussy.

Nervously looking too as cum ran down over her sides, I leaned back and as I let my cock droop as it went limp, Stephany said, “Sorry.”

Looking up at her, knowing I had cum in her I thought, “It was probably me that should be saying sorry.”

Smiling, trying to conceal my nervousness I simply said, “It’s okay,” as we both looked down at her stomach. Touching the cum that had run down her one side, Stephany smiled and asked, “You didn’t cum in me, did you?”

I was embarrassed, I didn’t want her to worry and then as I looked down at my now limp cock, I saw what looked like a little b***d. Worried, I quickly looking back up at her and seeing her smiling, I immediately realized my thoughts of her being a virgin were probably right. I took hold of my cock before she saw it and as I rolled off the bed I said, “Hang on,” as I hurried into the bathroom to grab a towel.

Quickly wiping the little bit of b***d off my cock, I headed back to the bedroom smiling. Stephany was gingerly touching the cum that had ran down over her side and as I got close to the bed, Stephany looked at me and said, “Sorry, I just don’t want to get pregnant.”

I didn’t want that either but I knew I had probably cum in her a little. Smiling, I hurriedly placed to towel on her stomach, and as I wiped the cum off her stomach and her crotch I asked, “You’re on the pill, right?”

Stephany looked at me and smiling she enthusiastically said, “Yea.”

Smiling and nodding, I told her, “You won’t get pregnant,” which made her lean up and give me a hug as I dropped the towel to the floor. Stephany again started touching her stomach and seeing she could tell it was still kind of sticky I asked, “Do you want to go rinse off?”

Nodding her head, I smiled and as I took her hand, she slid off the bed. Going into the bathroom, I turned on the water and after letting it warm up a little, we both climbed in. She really was so pretty and seeing her like this was such a turn on. Stephany now faced the water and as I hugged her from behind, I kissed her on the head as I reached around to feel on her chest.

I wanted to be in her again and as pressed my cock against her ass, she leaned her head back, smiling.

As we kissed, Stephany turned and looking at each other she said, “That felt really good.”

Smiling back and giving her a hug and a kiss, I quickly grabbed the soap and handed it to her. As we soaped each other up, I could feel my cock starting to get hard again. Feeling a little nervous about it, I rinsed off trying to hide my hard-on as we got out of the shower. Stephany quickly wrapped herself in one of the towels, and as I looked at her after grabbing a towel to dried off, it was obvious that she saw my cock was kind of hard.

Taking hold of my cock in the towel as I dried off, Stephany looked up at me. There was a pause and I hoped she might reach out and take hold of it but when she didn’t I instinctively wrapped a towel around my waist and asked, “Do you want me to take you home?”

There was a concerned look on her face; I didn’t want her to go and it was obvious she wanted to stay too, but it was getting late and I didn’t want her parents to worry. Hugging me, we kissed and as I guided us back to the bedroom, we eventually ended up getting dressed and leaving.

I hoped we might have another chance to be with each other, and the rest of that year Stephany seemed to hint at it too, however we never did. I have continued to think about her, remembering the time we spent with each other, and from time to time I even find myself thinking about her when I’m have sex. She was definitely special.