My Man Melissa

It was the first apartment they moved into. Carrie and
Jay were way too excited. After they got all their
stuff into the apartment they began to kiss very
sexually. Jay’s hands were in over-drive with taking
Carrie’s clothes off. Carrie was pulling at his hair
and biting and licking his neck.

Once Carrie was fully naked, Jay got on his knees and
ate Carrie’s pussy. She was slightly pressed against
the wall and sweating as he licked fast but gently. Her
hips automatically thrust more of her vagina into his
mouth. Soon enough she was humping his face.

As the explosion swept throughout her body she f****d
his tongue into her as much as possible. He couldn’t
breathe but Jay didn’t care. He didn’t have to, not
when he’s performing.

After Jay finished up his meal of cum, Carrie stood him
up and pulled him by his dick into their room and onto
their mattress on the floor. She laid him down and
placed her slit on his mouth and went to work on his
cock. They were in a full 69. Jay knew that Carrie was
still sensitive from her orgasm so switched between her
ass and the bottom of her pussy.

Whenever they 69 they make sport out of it by trying to
make the other cum first. Of course, Carrie always
wins. Right as Jay thought he would make Carrie cream
again his cock let out streams of his man juice into
Carrie’s throat. She swallowed it all without a

Carrie sat up and began to ride Jay’s face like a pony.
When she felt like she was about to climax, she turned
herself around and rode his dick. While fucking his
brains out she traditionally puts her fingers in his
mouth while he lightly pinches her nipples and massaged
her breasts.

“You like that don’t you Jay?” She says. “You want a
dick in that mouth so bad!”

Jay can’t help it. Since he was 16 he couldn’t help but
fantasize about being with men. Whether it was one, two
or twenty, he just craved dick. In his mouth or in his
hands, ass or in all of them at once, he just wanted

Carrie always liked that about Jay. She was bisexual as
well and had her share of lesbian encounters,
especially sharing other women with Jay.

Not before long, Carrie moaned as Jay tried to add his
own thrusts to intensify their fucking. When he
couldn’t hold back any longer he wrapped his arms
around her lower back and held her tightly as their cum
collided inside of her.

As usual, Carrie f****d her cunt onto Jay’s face to
clean up. He ate the mixed juice until there was
nothing left and sucked her dry. She got off of him and
they took a nice long nap in their new home.


Two weeks later, after many days of organizing and many
nights of making love and fuck, Carrie and Jay
discussed where they wanted to spend the next night.

“Well, we both hate it when other men hit on me while
we dance, and I sure as hell hate it when women assume
you’re single, so lets go to that gay bar we read about
in the paper.” Keri said.

“Sounds good to me, but, can we bring anyone home with
us?” Jay asked.

“Whatever happens, happens.” Carried answered

Carrie went to her closet and gave Jay a short skirt
and tank top to wear while she got dressed in his
pants, shirt and her strap on. This is when Jay and
Carrie reverse gender roles out of respect for their
bisexual tendencies. Carrie always changes in the
bathroom to create suspense while Jay just stands
there, next to the bed, looking like a “cheap
transsexual whore” as Carrie puts it.

Once Carrie stepped into the room, Jay walked over to
her and put his arms around her shoulders and they
kissed with more tongue than usual. Carrie’s hands
wandered up Jay’s skirt and noticed he was wearing his
smooth and sexy thong that she bought him last

Carrie pushed a little on Jay’s shoulders and he slowly
worked his way down her body. He unbuttoned her pants
and pulled them down to find a realistic looking rubber
dick just staring at him. Immediately he sucked on it
while she played with his hair. Although she can’t feel
anything, Carrie moaned from the excitement and
sexiness of the situation.

Jay couldn’t help it any more, he stood up and pulled
Carrie to the bed by her cock. He got on all fours and
presented his ass to her. She bent down, pulled down
his thong and began to lick his ass-gina. He moaned
with pleasure to the feeling of her tongue playing with
his hole but moaned louder when she fingered it.

While she was two fingers deep into his “pussy” she
began to lube up her dick with some KY and spread it
about his ass as well. She poked at him for a while,
teasing him, making him squirm until he would scream
“FUCK ME!!!”

When she did, she rammed it all in. He was used to the
feeling and was quite loose already and she fucked his
brains out as though he was a woman. After a few
minutes she would pull out, turn him on his back and
fuck him some more while she jerked him off. He ripped
off the tank top right before he came all over himself.
As usual he scooped it all up with his finger and ate
every last drop.

Carrie pulled out, took off the dildo and they slept
deeply into the next morning.


When the night crept in they got ready to go out. They
usually would shower together before going out to warm
themselves up for whatever might happen later in the
night. They both took a taxi to the club “Grand
Central” which is gay club. The club consists of both
male and female homosexuals, which is perfect for
Carrie and Jay.

They immediately hit the bar to get their nights worth
of a buzz. But no more than 10 minutes of just sitting,
talking and checking everyone out, a man offered Jay a
drink. Jay looked at Carrie for approval and he smiled
bigger than the day they first kissed.

The man was no taller than Jay at 5’10, slim with dark,
long hair. His name was Mike but told Jay to call him
“Melissa”. The three of them talked for about half an
hour. As they talked, Melissa would brush up against
Jay, sometimes kiss him on the cheek, and lightly brush
his hands on Jay’s crotch. Carrie saw every move this
guy was making on her boyfriend and she was loving it.

“Let’s take him back with us, I have to see you guys
together.” Carrie whispered ever so sexy in Jay’s ear.

They got their things and took a taxi home. On the way
back Jay was switching off between kissing and touching
Carrie and Melissa. All the while their hands were
massaging Jay’s hardening crotch.

When they got in, Jay instantly grabbed Melissa and
they kissed passionately. Jay’s hands were all over
Melissa’s body. His face, his chest his hips and

“Don’t mind me, I just want to watch you guys.” Carrie

Jay walked over to her and gave her a kiss and thanked
her. He looked back at Melissa and saw him motioning
him to come to him. Jay moved slowly towards him and as
they met Jay began to undo Melissa’s pants. Jay took
off Melissa’s shirt when his pants hit his ankles.
Melissa then stripped Jay totally naked and they both
made their way to the bedroom.

Carrie shut the door to their room when they were in
and immediately Melissa got on his knees and began to
softly lick Jay’s rock hard cock. Tickling his balls
and licking the length of the shaft then flicking his
mushroom with his tongue. Jay was moaning and playing
with Melissa’s hair. When Melissa tasted some pre-cum
he stood up, pushed Jay on the bed and said, “I want to
make this interesting.”

Melissa, opened the bedroom closet and noticed a little
skirt and belly shirt hanging. This was Jay’s clothing
for role reversal. Carrie, knew exactly what Melissa
wanted and sat against the wall and slowly stripped
while anticipating what was going to happen to her
beloved Jay.

“Put these on in the bathroom, I will be in here
waiting for you my love.”

Jay rushed, he was so horney and he just wanted Melissa
so bad who could blame him. He comes out the bathroom
and finds Melissa sitting at the edge of the bed
stroking himself. Signaling Jay to come closer, Melissa
stood up and grabbed Jay by the hips, pulled him close
and kissed him ever so passionately.

Melissa’s hand slowly crept up Jay’s skirt, but before
he could touch anything Jay dropped onto his knees and
began his meal on Melissa’s throbbing dick. Grabbing
his ass to get as much in his mouth as possible, Jay
was going all out. He was acting like the pro Carrie
taught him to be. She was watching the whole time in
just a thong, fingering herself.

With one hand Jay began to massage Melissa’s balls,
with the other he slowly fingered Melissa’s ass.
Melissa was moaning and saying things to Jay like “Oh
darling, you know me so well, keep sucking me, make me
cum, all inside of you!”

Jay sped up his pace and intensity. Sucking like a
vacuum, fingering Melissa faster but maintaining a slow
steady pace on the massaging of his balls. Within a few
minutes, Melissa grabbed Jay’s ears tightly and brought
his head closer to his crotch and shot the biggest load
into Jay’s mouth.

Jay licked and sucked until there was nothing left. He
stood up and kissed Melissa.

“Now you be a good girl and let me have my way.”
Melissa said in his cute girly like voice.

Melissa started out licking Jay’s neck and slowly made
his way down. Lifting up the tank top so he could lick
Jay’s pecks. Kissing his way past Jay’s abs and
finally, lifted up the skirt and stroked and sucked
Jay. Melissa stopped only for a moment and said, “You
better cum a lot my dear, because I will be sharing
with you.”

Melissa then began to finger Jay which sent him over
the edge. His cum filled Melissa’s mouth so quickly,
some of it ran down Melissa’s cheek. He then stood up
and kissed Jay and shoved his cum into his mouth. Some
dripped out and got on Jay’s tank top and Melissa’s
chest. Jay was still shooting the last drops of his
load and it was getting on Melissa’s cock and balls.


She got up, went into the closet, got out her strap on
and put it on.

“I thought you were just going to watch.” Said Jay.

“That was my plan but I just have to fuck you!”

With that being said Jay got on the bed while Carrie
lubed up her dildo. Melissa took position at Jay’s head
and was immediately worked on. Jay put his ass up in
the air for Carrie. His ass is big and round like a
girl’s butt so Carrie was able to believe she was about
to do a chick. Especially with that skirt just barely
covering his lower region. She got up right behind him
and inserted the rubber dick.

He moaned with discomfort because the first insertion
always caused a slight pain but after that she always
knew to start slow, and she did. With her hands on his
hips and Melissa’s hands on his head, Jay was being
double teamed by the woman he loves and the man who
loves him. He was having the best night of his life.

Jay was being worked into an orgasm. The sexual
atmosphere and the rubber dick hitting the perfect
parts of his ass was starting to get to him. As he
moaned louder she pumped harder and he blew Melissa
faster. As he felt the orgasm rush throughout his body
he pushed back on every thrust from Carrie, making the
orgasm even more intense. He didn’t cum, but didn’t
care. His whole body was now shaking of pleasure and
soon he just collapsed right there on the bed sweating
and breathing very hard.

He sat up and kissed Carrie then Melissa, and then back
to Carrie.

“I Love you guys.” He said with a big smile.

“Good, because we aren’t done yet.” Carrie said.

She took off her strap on and thong, pulled him down so
he was back on all fours again. This time with his ass
to Melissa. Carrie slid underneath him and they were
69’ing. Jay just slurped away on Carrie, who was
completely wet. Carrie was licking the tip of his balls
while jerking him off. Melissa then slowly slid his
soon to explode cock into Jay.

The three of them moaned once a smooth rhythm was
established. Melissa was fucking Jay very smoothly,
almost in a dancing style. Jay was focusing on Carrie’s
clit and she just kept sucking his balls and stroking
him. Eventually her tongue traveled towards his ass and
began to lick the edge of the sex. Her tongue was now
licking Jay’s hole and Melissa’s cock and touch of

Melissa then sped up his tempo and came, wave after
wave in Jay. A lot of the cum leaked out and got onto
Jay’s balls. Carrie’s face was getting some of the love
juice too. Before Melissa stopped cumming, Carrie got
out from under, and slid in again, to let Jay fuck her.
Which he did.

“Keep fucking him.” She told Melissa.

He did and Jay while Jay was licking up the cum on
Carrie’s face while in the sandwich.

Jay kept pumping hard, both in and out so that when his
dick was kind of out of her pussy his ass was being
pumped with double the force. After many thrusts his
ass tightened which caused Melissa to pull out and cum
on his back. Jay pulled out of Carrie and came all over
her. Loads upon loads, on her face and chest.

When he was finished, he licked up his cum off of her
and kissed Melissa who was sharing the cum from his

When all was licked and clean the three of them fell
asleep. Jay slept on his back with Melissa under one
arm and Carrie under the other.