My Man Melissa

It was the first apartment they moved into. Carrie and Jay were way too excited. After they got all their stuff into the apartment they began to kiss very sexually. Jay’s hands were in over-drive with taking Carrie’s clothes off. Carrie was pulling at his hair and biting and licking his neck. Once Carrie was

My Wank Mistress

We first made contact about three years ago, on one of those dirty dating sites. I was showing my tranny profile, Velvet, at the time, and was being hit on by a bunch of dirty old men, when this “Mariah” person said, “Hi.” I was in a pretty sarcastic mood at the time, and was

Crossdressing Porn Story 2.

Jack let himself in the front door. It had been a long day at the store. He’d noticed Ray’s Porsche in the garage. “Honey, I’m home.” From the kitchen came a sweet “Hi Janice how was your day.” “Pretty rough.” “Well just sit down on the couch and relax. I’ll have dinner ready in jiff.”

Crossdresser porn story 1.

Ray Hirsch sat at a desk filling out form after form. It was amazing, the information that an employer required before you could start working at a new job: health insurance forms, Social Security, etc., and etc. He was now filling out a questionnaire on his background which would be used to conduct a security