Crossdressing Porn Story 2.

Jack let himself in the front door. It had been a long day at the store. He’d noticed Ray’s Porsche in the garage. “Honey, I’m home.” From the kitchen came a sweet “Hi Janice how was your day.” “Pretty rough.” “Well just sit down on the couch and relax. I’ll have dinner ready in jiff.”

Crossdresser porn story 1.

Ray Hirsch sat at a desk filling out form after form. It was amazing, the information that an employer required before you could start working at a new job: health insurance forms, Social Security, etc., and etc. He was now filling out a questionnaire on his background which would be used to conduct a security

Panty Sissy Initiation

My name’s David. Like sissy boys, I learned the joys of masturbation at an early age. I couldn’t help what comes natural. But what came after that, well, I’ll let you decide. After about six months of jacking off in my room, I became more brazen. I was almost eighteen when my parents went out

Panty Boy

“Timmy, dear” Cassandra said while reading morning paper at the breakfast table, “I have a convention in New Orleans and I’m leaving right after work for the airport, so I’ll have the cabby swing by here and pick up my bags!!!” “I’ve laid out all the clothes I’m going to need, but I want you