A story about crossdressing – his is the beginning of a series of episodes about poor Charles who ultimately loses all his male attributes

It all began with a letter Charles received on Friday after being home ill for a week with an undiagnosed lower abdominal disturbance. I had a nice chat with your wife Paula, the other day. We both agreed that you need a new direction in your life to help you stop playing this silly role-swapping

A man plays around with cross-dressing because his pretty sister-in-law persuades him

“Well you know why Lisa dropped Paul?” It was my sister-in-law, Susan offering me a tidbit from my wife, Lisa’s past. The three of us were eating dinner one evening and we had had a few beers. “Susan!” Lisa said it almost as a whine. She looked alarmed. Naturally I was intrigued. “Paul wanted to

One of our male authors tries out cross-dressing and water-sports for the first time

Today something happened that I have always wanted for twenty years. A good friend from the Internet had provided me with a true gift of friendship. She had spent some time looking for the exact thing I wanted, then bought it, tried it, used it herself, and finally mailed it over the ocean to me.