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His name was Paul. He replied to my craig’s list ad with a picture of his cock next to a shampoo bottle for comparison. His dick was bigger than the bottle, with a huge mushroom head. I wanted him immediately. I drove to his house, and he let me in. We sat on the sofa

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It was the first apartment they moved into. Carrie and Jay were way too excited. After they got all their stuff into the apartment they began to kiss very sexually. Jay’s hands were in over-drive with taking Carrie’s clothes off. Carrie was pulling at his hair and biting and licking his neck. Once Carrie was

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“Hey, that sounds like a logical thing to do – forget her, that is. I ain’t no honey gold blonde between my legs, my flat tits sag and my hair is a dirty brown but some people have sworn that my pussy tastes like honey. I can be over there in two hours. I’ll be

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“You’re shitting me! Gary Franks actually came over to talk to you?” Trish scribbled another shorthand notation on her pad to help her remember the story. “He did better than that. He was accompanied by the most beautiful blonde that I’d ever seen in my life. As they joined us at our table, he introduced

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The woman ignored the ringing phone as her fingers moved furiously on the keyboard. On the third ring, she grabbed an open cigarette pack and expertly shook one cigarette free from the pack, with one hand as the other hand picked up the phone. Still staring at the PC’s display monitor, she answered “Washington Post.