My Niece Farah

The trouble began when my wife’s niece Farah moved
in with us for a few weeks, while her parents were
having a second honey moon. I watched her as she
moved around the house wondering where the little
angel gone from just a few years ago.

Most days she’d sit at the kitchen table studying for
her finals, and I found myself walking past her for
no reason, stealing glimpses at her long pale legs so
well proportioned. I imagined my tongue climbing her
thighs, reaching for the naked folds of her young
tight pussy. I could almost feel her hard adolescent
breasts jutting in my mouth, the shape of her waist
filling my eager hands.

Only 18 she held my attention the way moths are
drawn by flames. Too young I thought, too innocent,
although I lusted after her obsessively, I left her
alone, after all I was her uncle. Still, I watched as
she ate her dinner, gorgeous legs folded below her.

I watched as she traipsed around the house in her
long T-shirt her pert nipples straining the material
into twin peaks. I dreamt of kissing her pale coral
lips, of caressing her slender neck, of kissing her
from her delicate toes to her crack. And in the
darkest patches of night I masturbated wildly laying
beside my sleeping wife, savoring my fantasies of my
niece’s young flesh.

My first mistake was to lust after her. My second was
to begin spying at her door. I still don’t know why I
did it, maybe I just needed to see what my
imagination only dreamed of.

Hours after my wife was asleep I would creep down the
corridor, treading lightly to avoid creaking the
floorboards. At Farah’s door I knelt, breath held,
eyes glued to the keyhole. Nothing. She remained the
perfect picture of adolescence snuggled into her
pillow, clutching her teddy. I never even got to see
her naked.

Mistakes come in threes, my third mistake began with
an unscheduled trip to the bathroom one night. I past
the bathroom and went to her door. Force of habit, I
peeped in. By the washed out night-light, I saw her
teddy on the bed, the blankets were turned down. She
wasn’t in bed.

I stood up. Maybe she’d gone downstairs to fix a
midnight snack or something. Furtively I padded
downstairs. The TV was on; light flickered on the
ceiling and along the walls. Quietly I poked my head
around the door.

There she was – on the couch. Her long nightie hiked
up past her waist revealing her young pussy. One hand
stroked her slender crack; the other caressed her
breasts under her T-shirt. Eyes closed, she spread
her legs widely.

I could only watch as she pleasured herself.

Then as one delicate finger inched up into her
soaking cunt; she gasped softly. The sound alone
brought me to a raging hard on. She licked her lips
dreamily; thrusting slowly upward to meet her
questing hand.

By now my erection was so hard it hurt. I exhaled
suddenly, I didn’t realize I was holding my breath.
She must have heard something, her gorgeous eyes flew
open and she fumbled with her nightie, pulling it
down awkwardly. She still hadn’t seen me so I
pretended I was sleepy and walked slowly into the

“Hey Farah, what are you doing up so late?” I yawned

Guiltily she muttered something.

I sat next to her rubbing my eyes. “Good movie?”

She fixed her eyes on the TV. “Yeah,” she said.

I could still see her breasts pressing provocatively
against her nightie. I admit now, I wasn’t thinking
straight, if I were none of this would have happened.

I sniffed the air. “you smell that?”

She flashed a glance at me, “W-what?”

“That smell,” I sniffed again. “It smells like,” I
looked at her long legs, my eyes caressed every inch
as they worked up to her cunt. “It smells like sex.”
Now she bit her lip.

“What were you doing in here Farah?” I asked in my
mildest voice.

Unconsciously she edged away from me. “Nothing uncle,
nothing honest, I was just watching TV.”

I grabbed her hand, the one she’d been frigging
herself with.

“Let me smell this.” I demanded.

She resisted, but I was stronger. “Uunh huh, you’ve
been playing with yourself haven’t you?” I accused.

She clenched her hand into a fist.

“Oh no uncle, I’m so sorry, but I was feeling well –
you know and I didn’t know what to do and it felt so
good when…” Her voice trailed off when my hand
crept up her thigh.

“What are you doing?” she whispered.

“I’ll tell your auntie,” I said, “And you know she’ll
go crazy, you know how she is…” To tell the truth,
we both knew how my wife was, she could fly into a
temper just like that; both of us had felt the edge
of her tongue in the past few days alone.

Confused, she almost looked like she would cry.

“Let me see,” I said softly. I lifted her jersey. I
wasn’t prepared for the sight of her naked sex.
Although I’d imagined her countless times, I
discovered she was much more beautiful in the flesh.
Her pussy lips were still swollen from her fingering,
wetness gleamed between its folds. She’d shaved the
sides leaving a narrow ridge of shortly cropped hair
over her mound.

“Don’t!” she said in a powerless voice.

I bent my head forward for a closer look. The smell
of her sex filled the air; a young girl smell, like
talcum powder with a hint of pee and sweat; a little
lower I could smell the dark musky scent from her

Unable to help myself, I leaned in closer. I could
feel her go rigid beneath my hands. Closer now, her
soft pussy hairs tickled my lips; gently, I let my
tongue touch her pulsing teenage clit.

She hissed like a scalded cat.

Then my tongue developed a mind of it’s own.
Undeterred it plunged into her soft moist channel,
again and again. Without warning, she grabbed my
head. I could feel her fingernails dig into my scalp.

“Oh uncle!” she moaned, “That feels so good.” Her
hips bucked, her torso writhed as she tried to pull
my head into her.

I let her have it then. I sucked her clit, I tongue
fucked her, I licked her hole, I sucked her hole. All
along she bucked like a young colt and moaned out so
loud I was afraid she would wake the wife.

Minute after minute I sent pleasure coursing into her
young body like live volts of electricity. Her hands
clutched me tighter and tighter, she began breathing
in tortured hitched breaths, her pussy flooded with
young cunt juices, all of which I devoured greedily.

Eventually it became too much, she groaned out loud
as if she was dying. Her skin broke out into
gooseflesh as massive orgasms rocked her teenage body
like waves pounding on a seashore.

Through it all I rode her like a stubborn cowboy on
an unbroken colt. My tongue just pressed on her clit,
nothing more, just held there while she climaxed.

When I could do no more, I lifted my head. “Did you
like that Farah?” I asked watching her heavy lidded

“Oooh, uncle,” she breathed, “You do that almost as
good as auntie.”

That’s when I knew I was in real trouble.

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