My sister’s best friend

My sister’s best friend Stacey and I had always been flirty with one another, nothing serious just the occasional quip here and there. We knew nothing would happen as I was in a relationship and she had devoted her self to raising her two kids, we both enjoyed the cat and mouse game however and it was forever getting more and more intense to the point where quick bum pinches and casual grazes were happening, it all changed when one afternoon things began to go from warm to red hot.

My sister had asked if I was able to help her with decorating Stacey’s new house with the promise of free food and drinks, how could I say no? I mentioned it to my then girlfriend Rachel and she said she’d also help “many hands make light work”.

Anyway the day comes and it’s basically all 4 of us going from room to room just listening to music, drinking beer and painting every wall boring white, the odd glance shared between me and Stacey but nothing more. At about 14:00 the food supplies were beginning to run low and my sister recommended a quick trip to the shops to grab some drinks and snacks, at this point I’m only half way through painting my wall and I don’t want to leave the paint job uneven so I say that I’ll stay and get it finished up, Rachel offers to go with my sister as she wants to grab some cigarettes and says she needs some fresh air from the paint fumes (yes I realise the irony she wasn’t the sharpest tool in the box).

So it’s just me and Stacey left alone in the half painted room, now I don’t know if it was the alcohol, the fumes or both but I got bold, really bold, as she was painting I walked slowly up behind her slide my hands around her front and went to pull and squeeze on her nipples. I was expecting her to slap away my hands but I was hoping she wouldn’t, the latter happened. My finger tips found her nipples and they also found her piercings causing me to momentarily pause, I had never been with any woman who had her nipples pierced so I was fully sure on how this would go down. I lowered the grip to the base of the nipples and squeezed and pulled, she leaned back slightly her blonde hair against my chin and her ass pressing against my left leg, her right hand slowly reaching back and rubbed the growing bulge through my jeans, she let out a contempt sigh as I further contorted her nipples.


The sound of the front door closing echoed through the unfurnished house, she stood up straight and went straight back to painting, I promptly released her nipples and quickly scurried across the room to carry on painting.

I was just hoping they wouldn’t realize how little progress I had made, luckily as soon as they got in the room they badgered us both to take a “well earned break”.

After the quick break we continued painting our way through the house and pretty soon we were all done and saying our goodbyes, just as I was leaving Stacey threw me a quick wink and that was it I didn’t see her again her until three years later, but the fire had been lit.

We had kept in touch but never managed to figure out another way to meet up, work and family had taken up a lot of time so we just resorted to flirty messages.

When a woman is sexually frustrated they tend to expose all their little kinks and Stacey was no different, in the three years we messaged I found out about every single little fantasy she had and it became quite apparent that she like to be controlled which for me was perfect because I had always found it a turn on when a woman submits.

After 3 years my previous relationship had fizzled out and I had been in a new one for almost 2 years, it was a good relationship and we were very much in love however one area that was lacking was the bedroom, everything else was perfect. Now I’m not going to justify myself as I know it was wrong but that also made it so desirable, I began to get more and more serious about one of Stacey’s fantasies. We had both agreed if anything ever happened it would be purely sexual neither of us wanted anything more from one another so we set a date.

It was a Saturday afternoon, my other half had arranged to meet some friends so I was free to go do what I needed to do. I had text Stacey that I was on my way.

” I’m on the way, I want you naked on the bed in the doggy position with your ass facing the door when I arrive. Lay all your toys out so I can choice what to use in you,. Do you understand? ”

“Yes sir”

“Good slut, message me when you’re ready”

“Yes sir”

I drove the 40 minute trip and awaited my message outside her house. My pulse was racing, the butterflies prominent in my stomach and my cock was like solid steel pressing against my jeans, I couldn’t believe this was finally happening. My phone pinged, I checked the message and it said she was ready, I left the phone in the car as I didn’t want any interruptions, this may only happen once so I wasn’t going to let anything get in the way.

I exited my car, the adrenaline surging through my body, and opened the front door turning immediately right & made my way upstairs. Only one room was pitched black and the door was slightly ajar, I took a deep breathe and pushed the door slowly open, I could hear my heart in my chest pounding away.

The sight in front of me was like that of a porn film, this beautiful woman with her ass in the air, knees apart, her chest pressed against the mattress with her arms laying out in front, she was looking away from me probably too anxious to turn around.

On the cabinet just as I stepped through the door I noticed my equipment for the evening, several vibrators, a couple of butt plugs, a paddle, a crop and some lubricants. My hand hovered over several of the items before finally settling on the riding crop, this was my one real chance at being completely dominant and I had to utilise it. I picked up the crop and felt the end to see what would be inflicting the damage, leather and it was real by the feel of it, a smirk appeared on my face. I didn’t say a word probably for a good 5 minutes as I inspected the toys and situation I was in, I finally turned around to look at my slut. My hand clenched around the leather handle, I tightened my grip to hear the leather creak underneath the pressure. I stepped up to the base of the bed took the crop and slowly stroked each one of her firm round ass cheeks, the initial contact made her jump but she soon relaxed as I used the leather end to simply stroke up and down her supple skin, as my confidence grew in the situation I began to step into my role, the crop now edged closer and closer to the crack of her ass, her sweet puffy pussy glistening from the hallway light. At the top of her back I made the first real move and slid the crop down her ass crack, over her tight ass hole that of which made her let out a small gasp and through her soaking wet pussy lips which made her let out a throaty moan. It was now or never. I raised the crop and brought it down hard on her right ass cheek, the whoosh, the smack and the yelp happened so quickly and so loudly I was stunned for a second, not as much as she was though. My cock throbbed, I liked this, very much.

I brought it down again on her left ass cheek, the surprise of it all now gone for me, but not for Stacey, she now had her head down on the mattress, eyes tightly shut not sure when the next strike was going to happen. The yelp was like a siren call and just made me want her more, I started to bring the riding crop down on her ass cheek and then with my hand slowly stroke over the welt that was rising, her ass was so soft that I would squeeze it just before stepping away and bringing down the crop again.

This went on for a couple of minutes until her ass was so sore she would jump from the lightest touch, the welts like ridges over her once smooth round ass.

I dropped the crop on the floor, it had served its purpose for now and placed my hand on her ass gently sliding over her tender skin. Stacey was panting slightly every time I went over a different welt, her pussy was literally dripping. My hand slid down her ass cheek to her soaking wet pussy, with one long stroke I used my entire hand to roughly go from her clit to her soaking wet hole, pushing apart the hot wet lips as I went. She moaned a long tender moan, finally feeling something other than pain, not for long.

As I reached the tight entrance to her cunt I took 3 fingers and forced them straight in until my knuckles touched her pussy lips, she went to moan but nothing came out, probably due to the fact that as I pushed my fingers deep into her cunt I brought my other hand down on her welted ass. The combination of pain and pleasure surged through her and her pussy clenched tight on my fingers, juices running down my hand.

I wanted to ruin her but in the best way possible, I finger fucked her sopping went cunt and blitzed her clit with my other hand rubbing furiously, she begged me to stop and even went to grab my hand however I firm slap on her sensitive ass cheek soon out a stop to that behaviour. There was no safe word and she had asked for it to be that way.

It took less than 2 minutes from the start of me fingering her pussy to reach her first climax, and boy did she cum. My fingers were flexed slightly ensuring that I was hitting both the g-spot and the clit, her juices flooded my hand now and she was grabbing the sheets into tight bundles whilst moaning into the mattress. She exploded with a high pitched squeal spraying over my hand and jeans, her thighs clamped around my hand as she dropped her entire body to the bed, one last smack in the ass just to ensure she stays conscious.

She was catching her breathe whilst I undressed, I dropped my boxers and caught her staying at my crotch, my cock stood straight towards her dripping with precum.

“Turn around bitch and suck my cock until I say stop”

Surprisingly she span around to the foot of the bed rather quickly and got onto all 4 fours again, she grasped my cock staring up and down.

With one long lick she went around both of my balls, up the underneath of my shaft and swallowed the head of my cock into her mouth.

It was fucking amazing and what made it better is it was getting her off as well.

She pulled the head of my cock out of her mouth, looked at me, swirled her tongue around it a couple of times and whilst still looking at me took my full length into her mouth and then her throat, this time it was my turn to moan, it was so much better than I imagined and she genuinely didn’t gag, not once. She pulled slightly off to catch her breathe but as soon as she had air in her lungs she went straight back to it, saliva was running down her chin and onto her tits but she didn’t care, I had found the best slut ever.

She finally pulled off my cock but promptly wrapped her hand around my shaft jerking my cock off slowly, I was about to tell her off but she went down to my balls and started licking and sucking, even licking her way to my taint. How could I tell off a good slut when she was doing that. Easy, I smacked twice on her ass and she shot her head up in surprise obviously thinking she was doing a good job (I mean she was but still I had to remain in control), I grabbed her chin and shook my head no, she opened her mouth and I grabbed her hair in one hand and her chin in the other. I pushed my cock into her mouth, I could feel her tongue sliding over my throbbing veins as I the forced my way past the resistance of her throat. I held my cock there, pulsating in her throat for about 10 seconds before releasing her to allow her to gasp for air, as soon as I thought she had been allowed enough time I pushed back in, my pelvis against her face this time withdrawing slightly and then thrusting back in. I began to face fuck her with an anger I didn’t know I had, my balls smacking her chin to the point it started to hurt me, then that pain turned into a tightening. I withdrew I wasn’t going to allow this night to end so quickly (as this is true I’m not going to tell you I can cum a hundred times in one night, I knew that if I came it’d probably be over as I would have to wait for my cock to resurrect and by then the mood would be dead).

I told her to turn around again, she followed my order and presented me with her ass, bruised and swollen, perfect. I gently slapped her ass and took my cock in my hand. She was on the edge of the bed so I could stay standing, I aimed the head of my cock right for her pussy. I began rubbing it through her hot swollen lips, ensuring to hit her clit on each pass. I pushed into her tight cunt with no resistance the excess juice making it easy, as I fully pushed the head in I left it there for a second, enjoying the heat and feel of it all.

*Whack* I brought my hand down hard on her right ass cheek, causing her to scream out in pain. Her pussy clenched hard from the pain, causing the walls to grip my cock even tighter. I left my hand on her ass making small circles soothing the welt I had just caused, I was also making small thrusts causing little whisper moans to escape her lips. When her pussy finally released its grip I slapped hard down on her left cheek and at the same time pushed my entire length in until my balls slapped her clit.

Her pussy tightened, she went rigid and quiet when all of a sudden a gush of juices rushed over my balls. I couldn’t believe it, one thrust and a hard spank had caused her to cum. I literally stood buried deep her pussy whilst my mouth was open in surprise, it was her moaning that brought me back “fuck me, fuck me please. Stop teasing” luckily she thought I was teasing and not caught like a deer in the head lights like I actually was.

I pulled almost fully out and thrust back in, after what I had just seen I knew I wasn’t going to last as long as I had hoped. My cock pushing into her pussy of which the lips were gripping me tight and refusing to let go as I pulled out, each thrust caused my balls to slap her cunt adding to her building pleasure and the pressure in my balls. My hands now on her hips, her tits swinging back and forth with her nipples rubbing against the quilted fabric. Still thrusting I bring one hand down to her tight little ass hole, I circle it with my thumb and put slight pressure on it.

I found it to already be lubed up, god she is a good slut.

I had to put a bit of pressure on it but eventually my thumb slipped in, I used it as a hook whilst carried on fucking my new cock sleeve. The tightening in my balls becoming more prevalent I was only giving her one choice to make today “where do you want me to cum slut? Do you want it down your throat? Maybe up in your tight little cunt? Or deep in your bowels?” The dirty talk seemed to spur her on more as she met my thrusts.

“Cum in my ass sir, please” she begged “good slut” I praised.

I pulled out of her pussy and toon the head of my cock a couple inches higher, she lowered her body slightly so I had no issue lining up with her tight ring. I put the head against her asshole and pushed, her ring expanded around my cock slowly, I put more pressure and with a pop I slid the full length in. I hadn’t meant to go fully in but I wasn’t complaining, Stacey in the other hand was. She asked me to take it slow, she only had one choice today and she had already made it. I began fucking her ass with the same earnest I had her pussy, it gripped so tightly and was so much hotter than I expected. I gripped her hips and was getting ready to dump my load when I heard her moaning for it harder, she was really getting off on the pain and I was only too happy to oblige.

My balls swung against her pussy lips, my cock throbbed against her tight asshole, it was all too much.

My balls tightened and I could feel the pressure in the base of my cock build quickly, it exploded out the end of my cock, spurts of cum pouring into her bowels. She moaned like crazy feeling my hot white liquid fill her clenching ass hole.

It felt like it went on for ages but eventually the come down started to hit. She lay completely prone with my cock buried in her ass and almost my entire weight pushing on that one orifice. I pushed my self up and pulled out of her now tender ass hole.

“Turn around and clean me up” but she just lay there panting, ruined, she couldn’t move.

I got dressed, this was part of the deal, no awkward chit chat, no cuddling. Get in, get out and enjoy the rest of the night.

This is 100% fiction I know that a lot of stories say that but unless the average penis size is actually 13 inches I don’t think so (either that or a lot of people don’t know how to use a ruler). I feel very lucky to have had some wild adventures and will happily share them but only if the demand is there so please let me know if you enjoyed it.