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He fought hard to believe if what he had been noticing for a while now was true. It was difficult to conceive it would be that easy, easier to believe there was a catch. Daniel was twenty-eight years old and had had his fair share of flings and relationships, but nothing that would stick; nothing

Swinger’s Club

“Where exactly are we going?” Melanie asked as she followed her boyfriend Floyd around the corner. They had been traipsing through back alleys for a while, looking for a place neither of them was sure existed. “You’re the one who said you were getting bored and wanted to spice things up,” Floyd grumbled. “I didn’t

My sister’s best friend

My sister’s best friend Stacey and I had always been flirty with one another, nothing serious just the occasional quip here and there. We knew nothing would happen as I was in a relationship and she had devoted her self to raising her two kids, we both enjoyed the cat and mouse game however and

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A few months ago I was asked to head up to a friend of mines family farm to help out with some bush fire mitigation. They were afraid of a fire spreading and taking out their property. In the end, their property wasn’t effected by the fire but I enjoyed helping out in the bush

Principal Urges

*BING* It was a nice Friday afternoon when the intercom on Justin Flagstaff’s office phone went off and he hear the voice of his secretary, “Mr. Flagstaff, there is a call for you on line 3” “Thanks karen”, he said and heard the click of her hanging up. He pick up the receiver and press

A Hour with an Angel

threw my backpack on over my shoulders to head outside, as I went through the living room I saw my parents sitting with a tall broad-shouldered man with too serious eyes and a gun tucked into his belt. A shiver ran through me and I walked faster toward the door. “Going out on our bikes”