My wife and our guest

Recently, I learned just how useful the information superhighway
can be. My wife, Katie, told me that she had been fantasizing
about making love to another woman while I watched. We were both
excited by the prospect, but neither one of us knew of a way to
make the dream a reality– that is, until Selina entered the

Selina works at the same office as my wife. Katie is tall, with
a generous figure and double-D breasts, and Selina is a smaller
woman with firm yet plentiful breasts. They’re both knockouts,
and I couldn’t wait to see the two of them together in our bed.
All we had to do was put the plan in motion. We subscribe to an
online computer service where people can create personas of any
sex, any appearance. My wife has talked about it quite a bit
where she works, and Selina expressed and interest in seeing the
service in person. One weekend, we decided to give her the

Selina arrived at our house on Sunday afternoon. Katie greeted
her in her casual clothes (a large T-shirt with no panties or
bra), and showeed her in to the study where the computer is set
up. Under the pretense of needing to get some work done for the
office, I took our laptop computer out to the living room. Little
did Selina know what was ahead.

Katie showed her friend the basics of the computer service–
creating a character, navigating the areas, and how to talk to
people. Then she introduced Selina to the adults-only area, where
anything goes. Selina didn’t seem to mind the flirting and come-
ons from the men in the room– in fact, she seemed to enjoy it.
This was exactly what we had hoped for.

Using our second phone line and my laptop computer, I logged on
the the same areas as Selina. Katie had told me exactly that type
of men Selina liked, and I created a character that was perfect
for her. I started a conversation with Selina over the computer
and soon steered the subject to more personal areas. My wife
joined me in the living room. I really got down to business. I
had Selina descrbe herself for me and tell me what her ideal man
was. The key qquestion: Have you ever fantasized about making
love to another woman? By this point, I was rock-hard and my wife
was teasing her nipples. We held our breath.

Yes, came the response. We got her!

I began to spin a tale for her to imagine. A beautiful woman
with large breasts walking up behind her, reaching around and
squeezing her tits, running her hands down Selina’s body toward
her pussy, getting her wet as she turned Selina’s chair around and
allowed Selina to explore her body in return.

We could tell it was exciting Selina. We heard small, stifled
gasps coming from the study as Selina touched herself, trying to
remain quiet so that we wouldn’t hear her. I kept up the story
until Selina told me she was going to come. I told her to go for

As Selina’s gasps became louder and more ragged, my wife took
off her shirt and walked into the study naked. She saw Selina
writhing in the chair, in the throes of pleasure. Katie sneaked
up behind her and pinched her nipple. Selina moaned and turned
around, and a look of shock and desire came over her face. Then
she saw my wife’s erect nipples and gorgeous body. Katie leaned
over, and Selina took one nipple in her mouth and began to suck on
it. Selina got up from the chair and Katie led her to our

Katie slowly stripped away Selina’s clothes, caressing her body
as she reached down and explored Selina’s wetness. When Selina
was completely naked, they fell on the bed, kissing passionately,
grinding their hips together as they became even more excited. I
walked into the room quietly and took my cock out of my pants,
relieved to finally release it from its prison. I stroked it
furiously as Katie ate Selina’s pussy, while Selina squeezed her
tits until her nipples looked like they were going to explode.

Katie had positioned herself on her knees, so her cunt was wide
open and ready for my cock. Selina saw my eight inches and almost
fainted. I plunged my rod into Katie’s overflowing slit and
pumped harder than I ever had in my life. Katie moaned in
Selina’s mound as she started to come. My wife’s licking became
more intense, and Selina began to climax. In the midst of their
cries of pleasure, I couldn’t hold off any longer. I began to
shoot my load of hot jism into Katie’s pussy. There was so much
it started to spill out and run down her leg, and still I kept

We finally collapsed onto the bed in a tangle of limbs,
exhausted and satisfied, everone happy for the opportunity
presented by the superhighway of fantasies come true. Katie and I
are thinking of inviting over some more women from her office to
show them the service.

I hope they accept.