Four Exposures

His offer: I have four frames remaining in my old manual drive Olympus. Each time you see me with this camera you may nod assent or call it quits. If assent is given, I will advance the film one frame. You may offer no further protest until the shutter has been released. I choose the

How I came to love Shaved Pussy

California has it’s fair share of cold, wet weather. Perhaps not as bad as some areas of the country, but then, you wouldn’t be riding a motorcycle in December if you lived in Minnesota either. It WAS cold, and wet, and raining like hell that dark December evening, and I WAS riding a motorcycle, a

A poker game turns into more than just a poker game when the host puts his daughter up as a bet

It’s a usual thing for me to hang out after work with my friends. We usually play poker at each other’s houses. On this day, it was David’s turn. After work, David, Jim, Harry, and myself went to David’s house for a night of gambling and alcohol. David had a table and chairs set up