My wife and our guest

Recently, I learned just how useful the information superhighway can be. My wife, Katie, told me that she had been fantasizing about making love to another woman while I watched. We were both excited by the prospect, but neither one of us knew of a way to make the dream a reality– that is, until

Four Exposures

His offer: I have four frames remaining in my old manual drive Olympus. Each time you see me with this camera you may nod assent or call it quits. If assent is given, I will advance the film one frame. You may offer no further protest until the shutter has been released. I choose the

How I came to love Shaved Pussy

California has it’s fair share of cold, wet weather. Perhaps not as bad as some areas of the country, but then, you wouldn’t be riding a motorcycle in December if you lived in Minnesota either. It WAS cold, and wet, and raining like hell that dark December evening, and I WAS riding a motorcycle, a