My Wife Fucks a Stranger for Me

It’s funny the things that turn us on. I got divorced
because my first wife was cheating on me. I am remarried
now and get totally aroused by the idea of watching my
wife fucking someone else.

I remember the first time I ever mentioned this to her
six years ago. We were well into the throes of passion,
talking aloud as we fucked. I was looking down at where
our bodies converged and she asked if I liked looking at
that. I told her yes, but the only way I could really
see what I wanted to see was if “I could watch you with
another man doing it.” She held me tighten as I blew my
load at the very notion of it.

She never said anything about it, but the idea lurked in
the back of my mind for years. Occasionally I fantasized
about it. Then about a year ago, it started to become a
regular thing with me. I not only thought about it during
sex, but when I was at work or watching TV. I wondered if
I could actually bear my wife being with another man.
If I could watch her do it. If I would go insane with
jealousy. If I would still love her and her me after-
wards. I began to try to rationalize it but figured
I could never make it happen even if I decided I really
wanted it to.

About that same time, we went out of town for a weekend
together without the kids. We were out at dinner at a
sidewalk cafe near the beach where we had been laying
out all afternoon. We’d had a couple glasses of wine and
were overlooking the beach when the lifeguard closed up
his umbrella and climbed off of his stand at the end of
his shift.

With his back toward us he looked out at the ocean and
slowly pulled up his T-shirt, over his head, off of his
arms and dropped in the sand next to him. What struck me
though, was not his actions, but my wife staring at him
like he was some kind of Greek god or something. He
then stripped off his uniform lifeguard shorts revealing
tiny red Speedo swimming trunks.

Kate was still staring, mouth open. Then in a flash he
disappeared into the surf.

“You enjoyed that did you?” I said to Kate, who hadn’t
realized I had been watching her staring.

She blushed and studied my face trying to determine my
mood. I gave her a little grin to let her know that I’d
caught her like she had caught me so many times before.
The wine had taken the edge off of both of us.

“OK, you caught me,” she said.

“I just want to know what you were thinking?”

“I don’t think you really want to know.”

“Try me.”

“Well,” she started, “I noticed how bronze that body was
and got to wondering whether he had tan lines or not.”

“Uh huh,” was all I replied.

Our dinner arrived, we ate and went back to the hotel.
We were both hot as firecrackers, and all but ripped each
other’s cloths off when we got back into the room. Once
undressed and in the shower, I asked her again about the
lifeguard. “So, you wonder if that lifeguard had any tan
lines do you?”

“Yeah,” she said before planting her lips on mine.

I squeezed her ass. I was about to prod her by asking
another question, but she started talking about it
without me having to. “He was so fine to look at that
I would have slid those Speedo off for him. I didn’t
just want to see his tan lines, I was interested in the
whole package.”

“Would you let him do this?” I stabbed my cock deep
inside her, and it easily slid into her slippery canal,
pushing her tight little body against the shower stall

“Oh yes Honey. Fuck me!”

I leaned back and watched her roll her hips against mine.
I imagined I was watching her fuck the lifeguard, which
instantly made me cum.

We later got in bed and hugged and kissed and snuggled,
but I soon drifted off to sleep. The fact that I didn’t
make Kate cum that evening didn’t seem important to me at
the time, but as I look back, it seems that this small
detail had significant implications.

The next morning the sound of Kate’s blow dryer woke me
up. I got up and walked over to the bathroom where she
was drying her hair. She was wearing lacy French cut
panties and a matching bra. I instinctively wrapped my
arms around her pressed my cock against her ass while
reaching for her tits.

“What you going to do, tease me again this morning?”

“Of course not,” I responded, slipping a hand down the
front of her panties.

She let me rub her pussy a little and then reached behind
and squeezed my cock. “Would you like to cum again this


“Good,” she said. “Cause now you’ll know how it feels to
be frustrated.”

And with that she dropped my cock and pulled my hand out
of her panties. She winked at me in the mirror. “I hope
tonight you won’t let me go to sleep frustrated again.
Now go take a shower.”

The air was filled with and anticipation… Kate’s words
and comments were filled with provocative tones and
sexual innuendo as we spent the day walking around
downtown, at the open-air market browsing the main street
shops. We spent a particularly long time in a lingerie
shop, where we didn’t buy anything, but looked at nearly
everything. Kate held each article up to her body and I
was encouraged to visualize her actually wearing them.

After lunch, we went back to the hotel. Kate was all
over me before we even got out of the elevator and I was
certain we were in for a little afternoon delight. Once
in the room, we necked and started undressing each other.
Once down to our underwear, Kate removed her bra and I
started sucking her nipples.

We got onto the bed and she started rubbing my cock
through my shorts. She slipped her hand inside and
stroked me a few times. She pulled down at the
waistband a little then whispered, “Take them off.” I
didn’t hesitate!

She started stroking my cock again and before I knew it
she was kissing her way down my chest and stomach. I
thought I would die when she took my cock in her mouth
(which she rarely does) and started sucking it gently.

She knew I wouldn’t be able to stand this very long and
accordingly stopped and kissed her way back up to my
lips. She whispered again, “I want you to take off my

How could I not want that too? I slid them off and put
my face between her thighs. Her pussy was hot and I
easily slipped a finger inside her. I licked her pussy
lips all around and finally ran my tongue up her slit.
She moaned happily, grabbed my hair and pulled my face
hard into her crotch.

I love eating my wife’s pussy and she never objects. But
today was the exception. About the time I had her well on
her way to orgasm, she pulled up on my hair, effectively
stopping me from making her cum. Normally she likes to
cum that way and then she pulls my hair, which is her
signal that she’s ready for some cock. So I crawled up on
top of her and started to put my cock inside her dripping

“Not yet,” she said, and she started rubbing her slit up
and down the shaft of my cock. She reached down and
pressed the head of my cock against her clit and began
rubbing it all around. I took her cue and moved back and
forth so that the head of my dick was stroking her clit.
I could tell she was about to cum again by the way she
was breathing and writhing and moaning.

But she stopped just short of orgasm again and pressed
her pussy against my cock. I figured that there was no
time like the present and slid down enough to get inside
her. But as soon as I started sliding in, she stopped
me. “Not right now Honey. Let’s wait ’til tonight.”

I pushed my cock inside her anyway. “You know you want
this as much as I do.”

“You’re wrong!” She whispered. “I probably want it even
more since I’ve been waiting to cum since last night.
I’m sure it won’t k**l you to wait just a few more

I took a couple of strokes in protest before withdrawing.
“OK. I complained.”

“I promise it’ll be worth the wait.”

I rolled off of her and we both had a peaceful nap. I
awoke this time to the sensation of Kate dragging the
lace panties that she had worn this morning back and
forth across my by now stiff cock. She was sitting on
the edge of the bed wearing only a pair of high cut black
cotton panties. Her nipples were erect indicating she
was as aroused as I was.

“Most people wake up before they get up,” she said with a
smile, looking at my cock.

She got off the bed and pulled a plain white T-shirt and
a pair of black shorts from the drawer. I can’t ever
remember Kate going out in public without a bra. So I
was surprised to see her put the T-shirt on without one.

Then she pulled on the shorts, making sure to wiggle her
ass in front of me as she did so. For a thirty-five year
old woman, my wife has a pretty nice body’ with a fucking
awesome pair of legs that end up making a perfect ass out
of themselves. Her tits are small but firm and being
dressed like she was, she looked just like a present,
waiting to be unwrapped by some lucky recipient. I’d
give her a ten, but I am a little biased. She tossed me
my cloths.

“Come on, let’s go for a walk.”

We took a short walk and decided to go for a stroll along
the beach. So we hopped in the car for the short drive
there. We held hands and walked down the boardwalk.
Once at the end we took off our shoes and walked back
along the beach. Coincidentally, the lifeguard who Kate
had ogled the evening before was on duty.

When we walked in front of his tower Kate gave him a
double take, and then giggled like a schoolgirl when she
looked over at me. She was blushing again and I asked,
“Did he look as good up close as he did from a distance?”

“I don’t know,” she admitted.

“I would prefer to see him in that Speedo again.” She
smiled as she took another look at him over her shoulder.

We walked way down the beach before turning back and by
the time we got back to the boardwalk, most of the people
as well as the lifeguards were all gone. We drove back
to the hotel and walked to a nearby restaurant. We ate
in the courtyard that was separated from the sidewalk by
a wrought iron fence.

A light dinner and a bottle of wine later, we were headed
out the gate. I was looking forward to a night filled
with passion and raw sex. We stepped out onto the
sidewalk just as one of the locals pulled up on a bike.
He stepped off and was locking it to the fence as we were
walking by him. Kate did a double take, stopped, and out
of nowhere said to him, “You wouldn’t happen to be a
lifeguard would you?”

The guy, who looked to be about 25 was wearing a tank
top, shorts and flip-flops. His skin had a dark tan from
being in the sun, and I must admit he was pretty well
built. He looked at Kate, gave her the once over and
said, “No, I just spend a lot of time at the beach. Why?”

Kate looked at me for a second, I guess reading my mood,
or whatever. (I must add that my mood was pretty much
‘whatever babe! I’m ready to get laid’) Then she gently
grabbed his upper arm, leaned a little closer to him and
said, “I just have this fantasy about a lifeguard.”

The next moment was very awkward. Kate blushed and so
did the cyclist. He looked at me and I was totally
shocked and at a complete loss for words. Then Kate
started to laugh and the guy smiled at her and laughed
too. The tension immediately fell and Kate introduced
herself. “Hi, I’m Kate, and this is my husband Tom.”
She reached out to shake his hand and he
introduced himself as Mark.

“Would you care to join us for a drink?” I asked.

“Well,” he looked around still unsure of what to make of
the situation.

“Yeah,” Kate said. “Why don’t you join us at the bar?”

“Ok.” Mark said and he followed us up the street to the
hotel lounge.

We sat at a tall table in the bar and chatted a drink.
Kate was nursing a glass of Chardonnay while Mark and I
had a beer. She kept looking at me with inquisitive
eyes. I tried my best to read her, but wasn’t sure what
it was she wanted to know. Finally she turned toward
Mark on her stool and her knees bumped his leg. Then she
laid her hand on his forearm as she laughed at a comment
he made. That signal was pretty clear to me and when she
looked at me again I just smiled at her.

“Are you sure you’re not a lifeguard?” Kate asked.

“Yeah I’m sure,” he said.

“Then tell me you at least wear a Speedo bathing suit
when you lie out in the sun,” she said. “I mean with a
body as nice as that you can afford to flaunt it a

“No, just plain old swimming trunks.”

“How ’bout if I bought you some. Would you let me see
you in it?” Kate was going way out on a limb.

“For anybody else, I would say no, but for you,” He
looked her up and down, really studying her beauty for
the first time, “I think I probably would.”

“Mmmm. That sounds good,” Kate said with a laugh. She
took another sip of her wine and then laid her cards on
the table. “Well since you don’t have a Speedo, and
since there are no stores open that could to sell me
one,” she looked at me and then him again, “how about
just showing me your tan lines instead?”

Mark looked at me and I just shrugged, then he looked at
her not knowing what to say or how to say it.

“If you show me yours, I’ll show you mine.” She added.
She was beyond implying anything anymore. She was flat
out asking to get naked with this guy, right in front of

He put his hand on her firm thigh. He leaned close to
her and looked into her eyes, which drew him in like a
magnet until his lips were touching hers. He kissed her
lightly and said quietly, “Ok. Let’s go.”

She kissed him back then turned to me and winked. “I’ll
make this worth your while,” she assured.

We got up and went to the room. Once there they embraced
and kissed passionately. Their hands roamed each other’s
body and before I knew it, his tank top was on the floor.
Her T-shirt was next to go and I marveled at the contrast
of her fair skin against the glowing darkness of his.
Her erect nipples flushed as they rubbed against his
smooth chest. She rubbed her pelvis against his and he
pressed into her in return. Her hand crept down
from his shoulders and back, into his shorts. He backed
off enough to allow her to reach his cock. And he moaned
when she grabbed it.

He unbuttoned her shorts while she played with his cock
and pushed them down to her knees along with her panties.
She invited me to join them. “Come over here and play
with my tits,” she beckoned while Mark was putting his
fingers in her pussy. She reached back and grabbed at
my cock through my shorts. She fumbled with the zipper
for a second then told me, “Take it out, so I can play
with it.”

I relinquished her tits for a moment and dropped my
shorts to the floor. When I put my
hands back up to her tits, she took hold of my cock and
for the first time in her life she held two cocks at
once. (she later admitted that this had become a fantasy
of hers ever since I first mentioned watching her with
another man)

She let go of me and concentrated on removing Mark’s
shorts, which she happened to manage quite easily. After
he was naked, she said, “Now, Mark, back up so I can see
those tan lines.”

He took a couple of steps back and let her look. He had
a solid tan down to his waist and up to his thighs, but
where the sun never touched him, he was pretty pale. His
proud cock jutted out from a clump of black pubic hair.
“Very nice,” Kate said. Then she pulled my hands from her
tits, down to her hips. “How do you like mine?”

Kate wore a one piece whenever she laid out in the sun.
So although her legs and shoulders were pretty dark, from
her crotch to her tits, she was milky white. She pushed
herself back into me until I was pinned between her and
the wall.

Mark poured it on, “You are so sexy! A goddess,” he

Kate widened her stance and put one foot on the coffee
table. After a moment’s pause asked, “Do you just want
to look, or do you want what I really dragged you up here

As he approached, Kate reached out for his cock. She
held it and guided him closer in to her pussy. When he
was about four inches away she stopped him and grabbed
his hands, placing them on her tits. Then she took my
hand, slid them down her hips and positioned them on her
pussy lips.

She had me spread her pussy lips apart. She then put one
hand on Marks waist, the other on his cock and guided it
to her pussy. When his cock touched her, she whispered,
“Oh yessssssss.” With a little awkward maneuvering she
got him started inside her and from there it was only a
mater of moments until he buried his cock inside her.

“Oh Honey,” Kate whispered, “I really love you.”

I knew that! Why else would she be making this wild
fantasy of mine come true. “I love you too.” I said

I started stroking Kate’s clit with one hand and pressed
against her firm belly with the other. It swelled out as
Marks cock plunged it into her womb. Kate grabbed the
back of my hair and pulled my head down over her

“Watch him fuck me Honey,” she moaned. “Oh Mark your
cock feels so good. Fuck me Baby.”

We all watched his cock disappear inside her and his
black pubic hair entwine with the blond mound of hers.
As he withdrew, his shaft, and all but the head came into
view before the stroke was reversed and it all
disappeared again.

To my amazement, Kate was the first to cum. She moaned
and huffed and writhed as she did, and this in turn
triggered Mark’s orgasm.

“Oh Jeezus,” He grunted out. He slammed her hard “I’m
cumming now.”

“Oh yes cum for me. Cum inside me Mark.”

He wailed again and held his cock deep inside her as he
came. I slid my fingers down to her pussy lips again and
delighted at the feel of the warm sticky cum oozing out
onto my fingers.

When Mark finally withdrew, I slid my fingers into her
pussy. I had never felt it as slick wet. Cum oozed out
and I rubbed it onto her thighs and into her pubic hair.
While I played with her cum filled pussy, Kate reached
around for my cock. She jerked me off until I came on
her back.

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