My wife’s piss

My ever increasing obsession with my eyes wife peeing probably started nearly 15 years ago while on holiday in Greece.
We’d taken a pedal boat out into the bay and she got caught desperately needing a pee. With nothing else to do she discreetly parted her legs , pulled her swimsuit aside and let her golden piss flow out into the bottom of the boat. God I felt a twinge in my trunks like no other. Although later that night probably after a drink I confessed to being turned on by it we never really acted on it. I put it down to a my feeleings of disgust.
Fast forward to May of this year and more and more of my porn searches were pee related. Then one night after a wed been out for a friends birthday we got back home and ducked and wanked each other silly. But no doubt to the booze I was struggling to cum. My wife told me to touch myself while she pulled and pinched my nipples nipples and talked dirty to me, this usally does the trick. My mind racing with thought of her peeing while I wanked. She asked me what I was thinking about and I rather embarrassingly said I couldn’t say. Which just made all the more eager to find out what was racing through my mind. Then I thought here’s my chance I spurted it out. I’m imagining you on the toilet pissing while I wank over your breasts! The slight look of shock nearly had me shooting my load there and then.
But to my surprise with a cheeky grin she admits she was bursting for a pee. She lead me into the bathroom sat on the toilet open her legs and told me to stand in front of her. Parting her legs she started to piss against the toilet the noise alone let alone the sight sent me over the edge. I came like hadn’t in ages splashing her
Tits neck and chin with a bucket of spunk.

Like many of the little fetishes we’ve played out while drunk we didn’t really mention it in the cold light of day. So fast forward three weeks later while out for a gig. We were stopping the night in a hotel which always was good for a dirty fuck session. So while we were playing with each other the conversation came round to the toilet wank from before. I became a tad embarrassed because despite her willingness to play out some of my fantasies she’s always been pretty straight laced about these things. Anyway I think she quite liked the power it was giving her over me and quite liked shocking her, so she leans over and tells me she’s dying for a piss stands up and walks to the bathroom. Well I jump up and follow and she’s standing in the shower legs spread her gorgeous hairy vagina staring back at me much better view than in the toilet and starts to trickle piss splashing on to her legs and floor. I grab my cock and shove it under the shower of piss. Good god the warmth on my cock, my hand and splashing on my feet coupled with the look shock as we looked into each other eyes was fucking amazing.

The thought of that night I’ve not hidden from her keeps getting me rock hard. So hopefully we may have a chance to do something again.

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