Naughty Games – The Frustrated Teacher

It was Friday afternoon and Miss Edwards was packing her things
to go home for the weekend. It was nearly 4:00 PM and Miss
Edwards was tired after the week’s worth of teaching. The 22 year
old Miss Edwards was in the second year of her first job,
teaching, since graduating with her degree in education and a
minor in Math. She was teaching 9th grade Math at a suburban high
school of a large mid-western city. It was not too far from where
she grew up and went to college. She enjoyed her job. It was fun
teaching young minds. She took pride in her ability to make a
“dull” subject, like math, fun for her students. She had an
ability to motivate her students.

She drove back to her small apartment which was on the second
floor of the complex over the parking area. There were no other
apartments above or next to her’s. It was very quiet and private.
She fixed herself a simple dinner and ate it while watching the
evening news on TV in her living room.

After cleaning up the dishes, she went to her bedroom, undressed,
and took a warm shower, She washed everything, including her
short dark hair. She dried herself with a large bath towel and
then admired herself in the mirror. She had a beautiful firm body
with full, but not large, breasts. Her full pubic hair was dark
and curly. She turned left and right to admire her body. She
could easily be the object of any man’s lust, if she wanted a


She combed out her short boyish hair and went into the bedroom.
She opened her special drawer and removed her “toys”, props for
her sex games. She had a pair of handcuffs, an 40 cm. long
leather strap, a 60 cm. long muti-thong whip, a cane, a meter
long buggy whip, and a two meter long bull whip, her “snake”

She laid the items on her bed and laid down, naked. How sad, she
thought, that her sex life had been reduced to this, masturbating
while dreaming about her fantasies. For, when you’re is a high
school teacher, you do not disclose the fact that you’re gay; you
stay quietly in the closet. It was also more complicated for Miss
Edwards; she got off on BDSM.

She had done the usual sexual experimentation when she reached
puberty. It wasn’t until after she had four sexual encounters
with impetuous young boys that she had her first orgasm with
another person. That was with an older girl in her high school.
Her first true lover knew how to stimulate her body. It was
fantastic. That encounter forever set the course of her sexual
orientation. It wasn’t until she entered college and met others
like herself that she discovered the forbidden pleasures of the
BDSM scene.

She had been living with a Chinese-American girl, Sally Cheng,
while in college. Sally had a very open and out going
personality. Sally made a good lover, but she wasn’t into Miss
Edwards’ new perversion. Sally did allow Miss Edwards to spank
her a couple of times. Miss Edwards really enjoyed it but it
didn’t do anything for Sally. They slowly drifted apart after
college and Miss Edwards hadn’t seen her for nearly two years.
The last sexual encounter that Miss Edwards had with anyone was
just before she graduated. After that, she entered the current
“dry spell.”

She was a “top” with no bottom. The only sexual lover she had now
was her hand. It was a decision that she had made. She valued her
career over her sexual freedom. She loved her career and wanted
to teach high school. If anyone found out that there was a “sex
pervert” teaching high school, she’d be fired immediately.

Miss Edwards held open the outer lips of her vagina with her left
hand and gently caressed her inner lips and clitoris with her
right fingers. She laid back, closed her eyes and enjoyed the
voluptuous feeling while leafing through her mental “roll-a-dex”
of sexual fantasies. “Let’s see” she thought “what will it be
tonight?” She picked out her sexual fantasy like a connoisseur
selecting a vintage bottle of wine.

She’s the head mistress of an all girls boarding school. It’s
Friday afternoon and time to discipline the week’s worth of
student transgressions. She is in her inner office; in her outer
office sit the four wayward girls awaiting their punishment.

She opens the door to see who is waiting. She sees the four
girls. There is plump Sara, who was tardy to class twice during
the week. There are Mary and Joan who were caught fighting in the
hall. And, there was Amy, beautiful Amy who was caught
masturbating in her bed while reading a dirty book that she had
smuggled into the school.

These are real people. They are all students that she currently
has in her classes. This makes her fantasy all the more realistic
and enticingly naughty.

She decides to save the best, Amy. for last. She calls Sara into
her office. The young girl stands meekly while Miss Edwards reads
the offenses. Tardiness is not tolerated and the amount of time
that a student is late to class is carefully noted. Miss Edwards
reads the total, 52 seconds. Sara know what that means; she’s
been here before. Miss Edwards removes her 40 cm. leather strap
from her desk drawer and says “Over the desk and hold the far
side with both hands.” The girl does as instructed; her eyes
already showing tears. Miss Edwards lifts the girl’s short skirt
to reveal her shear white panties. Miss Edwards positions herself
to the girl’s left side and presses the strap against the panty
covered bottom cheeks.

As Miss Edwards is about to deliver the first swat, Sara pleads
“Oh please Miss Edwards, I can’t take 52!” Miss Edwards says “Do
you wish to cut your sentence in half?” Sara, who knows what the
question means, quietly replies “Yes.” Miss Edwards hooks the
girl’s panties with both hands and pulls them down to her ankles.
The girl’s bare chubby buttocks are now on full display. Miss
Edwards says “Very well, we’ll make it 26.” Miss Edwards then
goes to her desk drawer and removes a cane. She places it on the
desk so that Sara can see it and asks “Would you rather have 13
with this?” Sara ponders the choice for a few seconds and then
declines the generous offer. She’s felt that monster pain before
and prefers twice the number of swats from the strap.

Miss Edwards says “Very well then, 26 with the strap” and
repositions herself to Sara’s left. She then asks Sara “Do you
want to count or shall I?” Counting is required when done on the
bare bottom. Unmentioned is the fact that the cost of having Miss
Edwards count is two extra swats. Sara says “I’ll count.” Miss
Edwards says “Don’t forget to hold onto the desk.” The threat is
that if she lets go and does something silly like rub her bottom,
then the swat doesn’t count.

Miss Edwards measures her distance, draws back the strap and lets
Sara have a full ass biting swat across both cheeks. The leather
lands with a load crack which is clearly audible to the three
girls waiting in the outer office. Sara draws a quick breath,
clenches her teeth and holds the edge of the desk with a death
grip. An angry red mark outlines where the strap fell on the
white bottom cheeks. Sara utters “one.” Miss Edwards readies for
swat two and lets Sara have the full force crack on her left
cheek. Sara squeals in pain and kicks her feet and sobs “two.”
Miss Edwards proceeds with the spanking alternating from cheek to
cheek and across both cheeks. Sara’s sobs become more intense.
However, she never looses count nor does she let go of the desk.
She’s gone through this before and knows that the path of least
resistance is to get this punishment over with as soon as
possible, even if it is unbearable.

By swat 10, Sara has kicked her feet free from her panties. Miss
Edwards now aims each swat to land on the whitest part of Sara’s
bottom. By the time number 26 is reached, Sara’s bottom is
flaming red with no white left. Wet drops are visible on the desk
from where Sara’s tears had landed.

When the punishment has ended, Miss Edwards says “Well done Sara,
you may put your panties back on now but remember, no rubbing.”
The girl gets up off of the desk, her tear stained face is as red
as her bottom. She painfully bends over to retrieve her panties
and gingerly pulls them back up her legs and over her sore
bottom. Miss Edwards says “You may go now and send in Mary and

Sara walks out of Miss Edwards office into the outer office. Once
out of sight of Miss Edwards, she vigorously rubs both bottom
cheeks with her hands in front of the three pairs of waiting
eyes. She tells Mary and Joan that they are next.

Mary and Joan enter Miss Edwards’ office. Their fighting is part
of a long standing feud that’s been going on between them for so
long now that they can’t even remember what started it. They are
bitter enemies who are always arguing and will fight each other
at the slightest provocation.

Miss Edwards decides to have some voyeuristic fun with them. She
makes the usual admonishments about their continual fighting and
asks how many times they have been caught fighting. Neither can
remember. Miss Edwards stresses that this type of behavior will
not be tolerated and that she’s going to put an end to it here
and now. She orders both girls to remove their skirts and
panties. The girls look at each other and balk at the idea of
stripping in front of each other. Miss Edwards picks up her strap
and slams in onto the top of the desk with a loud crack and says
in a loud voice “Do it NOW!”

The two girls dejectedly remove their skirts and panties and lay
them on the sofa. They try to hide their private parts with their
hands. Miss Edwards says “Now, it’s going to be 50 swats each for
both of you. However, since you two enjoy fighting so much, I’m
going to let you spank each other. You’ll alternate positions.
I’ll keep count. If one of you does not complete a round without
rubbing her bottom, then the other one will be pardoned the
remaining count since she did such a good job with the strap. So,
it’s in your best interest to spank as hard as you can.”

“Mary, you lay over the desk first” said Miss Edwards as she
handed the strap to Joan and added “Remember, you both must
complete the round before any pardon is given.” Mary lays across
the desk and Joan positions herself to Mary’s left. Miss Edwards
sits down in a chair directly behind the bare bottom, she has a
front row seat, and announces “Round one.” Joan looks at the
plump totally exposed vulnerable bottom of her sworn enemy and
feels the weight of the weapon in her hand. She’s going to enjoy
this! Joan, no longer caring that she’s exposing her pubic mound,
measures her distance, pulls all the way back, and lets Mary have
a full force swat. The strap lands with such a LOUD crack that
Amy, who’s waiting in the outer office jumps in her seat; she
knows her turn is next.

Mary yells, momentarily lets go of the desk but quickly puts her
hands back where they belong, kicks back and forth on her feet,
wiggles her bottom every which way, and starts crying loudly.
Miss Edwards admires the large red mark, which outlines the
strap, growing on the white cheeks. “Well done!” she says. Joan
watches Mary’s wiggles and blooming red mark on her bottom and is
filled with a feeling of satisfaction and revenge; she almost
made Mary rub. Mary finally stops wiggling, and Joan’s feelings
change to terror when Miss Edwards says “OK, change positions.”
Joan is now sorry for hitting Mary so hard; Mary will certainly
show no mercy.

Mary gets up from the desk and Miss Edwards has to again order
Joan to lay over the desk. Mary takes the strap from Joan’s hand
and Joan lays across the desk. Mary positions herself on Joan’s
right side; Mary is left handed. The burn in Mary’s buttocks
encourages her to do her best on Joan’s bottom. Mary measures her
distance with the strap, quickly pulls back, and whips the strap
into Joan’s bottom. Again the sound of the crack makes Amy jump
in the outer office.

Now it’s Joan’s turn to enjoy the kiss of the strap. Her
performance is a little bit better than Mary’s as she did not let
go of the desk. However, her wiggling lasts nearly twice as long.
When Joan stops wiggling, Miss Edwards announces “Well done. OK
round two, change positions.”

Mary is now contrite as she again lays across the desk. Joan is
now angry. The burn in her bottom reminds her of the hatred that
she has for her enemy. She’s also determined not to take anymore
swats; she’s going to make Mary rub her bottom. Joan again
measures her distance and lets Mary have a swat with all her
strength. Again, Amy jumps in the outer office from the
resounding crack. The poor girl is in extreme distress knowing
that her turn is coming.

Mary again yells, kicks her feet, and wiggles her bottom. But,
she doesn’t let go of the desk. She’s determined not to give Joan
the pardon nor the satisfaction.

The two girls keep up their punishment, each one trying to break
the other. After the 10th round, their bottoms are beyond red.
They are inflamed, swollen, and bruised. It’s obvious to Miss
Edwards that they cannot possibly take the full 50. But, she’s
curious as to just how far they are both willing to go.

It was on round 14 that Joan’s swat finally made Mary let go of
the desk. Mary dropped to the floor and rubbed her sore throbbing
bottom cheeks, crying with great sobs. “Well done Joan” says Miss
Edwards. Now if you can finish the round, then you’ll be pardoned
the remainder.”

“Come now Mary, you look disgraceful. Get up. You still have a
chance if you can make Joan rub her bottom.” says Miss Edwards.
Mary painfully gets up as Joan again places herself across the
desk. Mary is determined not to give Joan the satisfaction of
breaking her. Mary takes the strap in both hands, measures her
distance, draws back, and lets Joan have the full force swat
across the upper thigh of her right leg just below her buttocks.
Joan screams, jumps up off the desk and rubs the burn in her
upper leg.

Miss Edwards exclaims “Very good Mary. It looks like Joan won’t
get her pardon after all.” Joan complains that the swat wasn’t
fair as it hit her leg instead of her bottom. Miss Edwards rules
that the swat is legal; any part of her exposed anatomy is fair

“Round 14, over the desk Mary.” Both girls yell that it’s round
15. Miss Edwards explains that the previous round doesn’t count
since both girls rubbed their bottoms. The girls reluctantly swap
positions. As Joan is measuring her distance, determined to give
Mary the swat on her upper leg as Mary had done to her, she
thinks about the fact that there are still 37 more to go. She’s
not sure about Mary, but she know that she can’t possible take
that many more; She doesn’t want even one more. She pulls back
the strap and hesitates. Miss Edwards asks “What’s wrong.” Joan
complains that it’s not fair to have to take 37 more. Miss
Edwards offers to finish giving the swats to Mary if she does not
wish to. Of course, Mary will still swat Joan. Joan ponders her
predicament and instead decides to extend a gambit to Mary.
Instead of striking with full force, she gently taps Mary’s
bottom with the strap.

Mary looks back at Joan with confusion. Miss Edwards is smiling
to herself, she finally made Joan see the futility of this
punishment, and perhaps of their continuing feud. Will Mary get
the message? Miss Edwards says “Change places.” Mary gets up
still confused thinking that she just got off lightly for this
round. As Mary is about to strike Joan, she suddenly realizes
what Joan is trying to do. Mary also gently taps Joan’s bottom
with the strap.

Miss Edwards is overjoyed. “Round 15, change places.” And so, the
punishment charade continues through round 50. After Joan taps
Mary for swat 50, they switch places for the last time. As Mary
is about to give Joan the final “swat”, she realizes that this is
the end. Joan will not have another chance to swat her. She pulls
back and is about to give Joan a full force swat when she thinks
again, sighs and gently taps Joan’s bottom.

Miss Edwards has succeeded. She tells the two girls to stand up.
They stand up. She says “Now, I want you two to put your arms
around each other and kiss each other.” The two former bitter
enemies gently hug each other and tentatively press their lips
and pubic mounds together. Miss Edwards says “I suggest that you
two go put some lotion on each other’s bottoms.” They both pick
up their panties and skirts and walk out of Miss Edwards’ office
carrying their clothes; their bottoms are too sore to wear

And now, it’s Amy’s turn. Even though teachers are not supposed
to show favoritism, and Miss Edwards does not, Amy is still Miss
Edwards favorite student. The 14 year old Amy is beautiful as she
nears the end of her metamorphoses from c***d to woman. Her waist
length blond hair and deep blue eyes adorn her angelic face. Miss
Edwards always has trouble concentrating during class when Amy is
sitting in front of her. Now, she is about to spank the lovely
girl, even if it is only in a fantasy.

Miss Edwards calls to Amy to come into her office and close the
door behind her. Amy enters with her head down and somber look on
her face. She heard all of the preceding punishments and saw the
two glowing bare bottoms which just left. She knows her offense
is the worse.

Miss Edwards enjoys herself as she toys with Amy as a cat would
play with a mouse. “So, I hear that you have acquired a taste for
literature. Is that so?” asks Miss Edwards. “Yes mam.” Amy
replies meekly. “And just what is this book that you find so
fascinating?” Amy mumbles something. “Speak up c***d, I can’t
hear you!” says Miss Edwards. “The Pearl” Amy says in a barely
audible voice. “Ah, a Victorian Classic! At least you have good
taste. However, don’t you think you’re a little young to be
reading such books?” “Yes mam.” Amy replies. “And, self a***e is
not be tolerated in this school. Do you understand?” “Yes mam”
Amy again says keeping her eyes downcast. “Just what was the
story that got you so excited that you had to masturbate?” Miss
Edwards enjoys the total embarrassment on Amy’s face as she
shifts her feet and the blush blooms across her cheeks. Amy says
nothing, she’s too embarrassed.

“You know that you’re going to be severely punished, don’t you?”
Miss Edwards says while tapping the palm of her left hand with
the cane. Amy’s look is now one of terror. “Oh please Miss
Edwards, not the cane!” Amy pleads. “Twenty!” is Miss Edwards
reply. Amy pleads again but Miss Edwards is firm. Miss Edwards
says “Get undressed!” “Oh no, please Miss Edwards, not on the
bare!” Amy again pleads. “Stop arguing and get undressed!!!” Miss
Edwards shouts. Amy now realizes that her fate is sealed and no
further arguments will be tolerated. She slowly reaches up under
her skirt and pulls down her panties, steps out of them, and
leaves them on the floor. She then stands with her eyes still
downcast waiting for the next order. Miss Edwards slams the cane
down on the desk and yells “Well??!!” Amy looks up with a look of
terror, surprise and bewilderment. Miss Edwards says “I told you
to get undressed, everything!” Amy is nearly in tears. Surely
Miss Edwards wouldn’t make her strip stark naked. The look on
Miss Edwards face confirms her worst fear and that Miss Edwards
is tired of the procrastination. The tears run down Amy’s cheeks
as she slowly does as told. She lays each item of clothing on the
sofa. She’s obviously embarrassed to expose her body to the adult
teacher. When Amy finishes, she stands sideways to her teacher
with her red face downcast, her right arm trying to cover her
breasts and her left hand covering her pubis.

Miss Edwards says “Shoes and socks also.” Amy turns her back to
her teacher, bends down and removes her shoes and socks. She then
stands up with her back still to her teacher. Miss Edwards
admires the milky white buttocks that she is about to cane. Miss
Edwards instructs Amy to kneel on a padded arm chair with her
legs on the arms of the chair. She then tells the young girl to
lean over that back of the chair. This has the effect of
spreading her legs and exposing her vagina to full view from the
rear. Miss Edwards stands behind Amy to get the maximum view. She
then positions herself to the left of Amy and taps Amy’s bottom
with the cane. The girl wiggles her hips and moans at the thought
of the coming pain. Miss Edwards says “Remember, no rubbing or
the stroke doesn’t count.” Amy is now crying loudly, even before
the first stroke.

Miss Edwards measures her distance, draws back, and delivers a
biting stroke across the plumpest part of Amy’s buttocks. As
Amy’s bottom wiggles and the girl screams, Miss Edwards orgasm

Miss Edwards is again on her bed vigorously rubbing her clitoris
as she enjoys the tremendous orgasm. Miss Edwards rolls onto her
side and thinks “Damn, I can never get past the first stroke
before coming!”

As her orgasm subsided, Miss Edwards slowly came back to reality.
She was laying on her side on her bed. She felt mild shame for
having such fantasies about her students. But, no harm done as
it’s all in her mind. She got up, went to the bathroom, and
washed off her slippery wet fingers. She was now tired and went
to bed. She realized how frustrating her sex life was. It was the
price she had to pay for her career.