Surprise Delivery – Wife Exhibition

I like to keep things interesting in our marriage so I often try to
surprise my wife with different situations or experiences. She’s gotten
pretty used to this and admits that it adds some excitement to what
appears to others to be an otherwise conservative ordinary marriage.
One afternoon I called her and suggested that she meet me at the front
door at about five o’clock for a surprise. She asked what I had I mind,
but I simply told her to be ready for what ever might happen. I called
her about 4:00 and she had just finished showering and was starting to
do her hair and makeup. I instructed her that when she met me at the
front door she should be only wearing her perfume and a smile, which is
one of my favorite outfits.

At 4:30 I called her again to see how she was doing, and was informed
that she was all ready and dressed as I had requested. I told her I was
soon on the way home, and then after I hung up the phone I called a
pizza delivery service and ordered a large pizza to be delivered to our
house. Although we had never ordered from them before I knew they would
have it delivered around 5:00. A few minutes before the pizza should
arrive I drove home and parked across the street and down a couple
houses so I could get a clear view into the house when the door opened.
The timing was just about perfect and a few minutes before five the
delivery driver pulled up to the front of the house in a beat up old
car. He was about mid thirties, and more than a little overweight. As he
walked up to the front door I held my breath while waiting to see what
would happen. He rang the door bell, and without first looking out to
see who was there, my wife opened the door wide to “welcome” me. Before
she ducked behind the open door I could see that she was indeed totally
nude. The delivery man had a face to face encounter with my naked wife.
I couldn’t tell what they said to each other, but she quickly shut the


He stood there for a while, looking around and waiting, and then the
door opened again. At that moment I realized that when she had shut the
door she was just going to get some money to pay for the pizza. She
rather calmly opened the door just wide enough to receive the pizza, and
handed him the money. I don’t know if she’d seen me across the street,
or not, but I could see that as she paid him and took the pizza she was
still naked and face to face with the guy. As he walked back to his car
he was trying to adjust his pants to make room for his erection, and
even without that I could tell from the grin on his face that he had
enjoyed his opportunity to see my wife nude.