The Anal Nurse

The internet has rendered commuting superfluous for many types of jobs. I realized this years ago, but many employers, control freaks that they are, are still resisting the idea. I’m among those fortunate’s whose “commute” is from my bedroom to my den, though once a month I must make the two- hour drive for “co-ordination

Wet Nurse Milk Filled Breasts

The little car chugged up the driveway and lurched to a stop at the end of the steps leading up the sidewalk to the large home. The wisp of steam, oily make and heat left the tiny battered car. It had been 5 days since her baby died. One minute everything was Ok and the

A nurse with an anal fetish performs procedures on her boyfriend with a rectal thermometer, an enema bulb, and a gloved hand

The loving couple sat in the living room watching a love story on TV. It was about a doctor and a nurse. Sue being a nurse couldn’t resist medical fetishes. She pulled Jays shorts off and laid him across her lap. “Oooooo…” he moaned as she rubbed his back. Little did he know what she