Private Practice

I met my friend Lesley during the first two weeks
of working at Temptations. We were dancing on the
same shift and I noticed the first few days I was there
that the guys went wild whenever Lesley walked out on
stage. She’s a slender, sexy girl with long, dark hair
and small, hard nipples that drive the audience crazy.
And her eyes…when Lesley stares at me with those
beautiful eyes, I can almost feel her tongue burrowing
up my pussy…but I’m getting ahead of myself.

Lesley and I hadn’t really gotten to know each
other until the second Saturday I was working. I’d
just finished my tour of the audience and was taking a
break backstage when she came rushing in, nipples stiff
and her body glistening just a little from the on-stage
workout. She glanced around the break area and made a
beeline for me.

“There’s a guy out there who wants another table
dance,” she told me.

I shrugged. It’d been a great night so far, and I
was feeling generous. “Why don’t you take it?” I said.
“I’m kinda tired, anyway.”

Lesley shook her head impatiently. “He wants BOTH
of us,” she said, “and he’s willing to tip us each

Well, this sounded interesting, but as Lesley drag-
ged me out to the tables I warned her that I hadn’t
tried this before — I didn’t want to screw things up
and make her lose a good tip. “Don’t worry about it,”
my new friend told me. “Just do what you normally do,
and I’ll take care of the rest.”

Doing what I normally did was easy. Lesley took
me over to this guy and we both flirted with him for a
short while until the right song came on. Both of us
started dancing slowly, brushing up against him from
both sides, and after a minute or so I was straddling
his lap. I could feel the hard bulge in his pants
pressing against my pussy through the thin material of
my g-string. It would’ve felt even better to get that
flimsy barrier out of the way and make some serious
contact, but that’s not permitted in the middle of the
club dining area! I had to content myself with grind-
ing my pelvis against his and brushing my nipples and
tits up against his face occasionally.

After a minute or so of this I was pushed forward
as Lesley swung herself over the guy’s legs too. I
felt her hard nipples rub up against my bare back and
shivered in delight; up until that point I’d never
felt something so erotic. A small hand appeared on
either side of my chest and Lesley started pinching
and pulling at my nipples, teasing our customer play-
fully. I shut my eyes and continued to sway, revelling
in the feel of her breath on my neck, hands on my tits,
and her strong thighs and damp pussy grinding against
my ass. Then Lesley brushed my hair to the side and
bit down lightly on my neck, sucking on my soft skin
just a bit while the guy we were riding practically
drooled into his own lap.

I leaned my head back and arched my back, pushing
my hard nipples through Lesley’s fingers. “You are
making me so hot!” I whispered to her. The customer,
oblivious to what was going on between Lesley and I,
stroked the outsides of my legs cautiously while
Lesley’s tongue reached out to tickle my ear. I fell
forward and mashed myself even harder against the guy’s
crotch, desperate for some kind of stimulation against
my clit. Lesley’s hands fell away from my tits, but
she quickly reached one arm around my stomach and
pulled me back. She was watching out for me; we could
get in trouble for being *too* friendly with a

Lesley was watching out for me in another way, too.
While her left hand caressed the soft undersides of my
tits, her right disappeared between her legs and
beneath me. I smothered our customer’s face in my
chest as two of Lesley’s tiny fingers sank all the way
into my pussy. I bucked and writhed in this guy’s
lap; I’m sure he could feel Lesley’s hand moving
against me, out of sight of anyone watching.

My beautiful partner breathed heavily in my ear.
“I’m going to take you home and ride your face while I
fuck you with a huge dildo,” she whispered. “You’re
going to lick my pussy and ass until I cum on your
face, then I’m going to fuck you every way I can think

That did it for me. My entire body shook as I came
on Lesley’s fingers. The poor guy we were riding had
to help hold me up; his legs might still have bruises
from me gripping so hard with my thighs! I could
almost feel Lesley grinning as she swayed behind me
and bit down lightly on my neck. When my orgasm had
subsided both her hands returned to my breasts, and I
reluctantly dismounted from our more-than-pleased
customer. From the smile on his face he knew he’d
gotten more than the typical table dance. To this day
I haven’t gotten a single tip as large as that one!

“Did you like that?” Lesley asked me when we were
alone again backstage. She trailed one long nail up
my stomach and between my breasts, making me shiver

“I loved that,” I told her.

Lesley smiled and tweaked one of my nipples. “Well,
we can practice anytime you want,” she said. Her name
was called for the next set on stage and she turned to
walk away, then looked back over her shoulder. “And
it doesn’t have to be for work.” I smiled back and
promised myself we’d practice every day…