Working away

I ADORE my job, I’m good at it, the pay is good and I get a very sexy car! The down side is that we have regular trips to see clients and, when they are in the UK it means we have a few days away but, when they are in Europe, we can be away for over two weeks at a time. Such a trip has just finished but I managed to have a little ‘bonus’ of the sexy kind this time.

We’d been away for about a week when we landed in Hamburg and despite the fact that we were barely halfway into the trip, my frustration levels were peaking. We were being entertained by some very good clients at the Hotel Atlantic Kempinski and after a delightful meal in the courtyard, the alcohol was flowing freely. Now, I’m only a little person, very skinny and not really a drinker so it didn’t take too long before the booze was having a detrimental effect. I don’t know about you but with me, booze tends to accelerate whatever emotion is running highest at the time. If I’m happy, I become giddy. If I’m down, I become very emotional but if I’m missing my girlfriend, horny and frustrated, watch out!

I’d noticed a very cute waiter earlier in the evening at dinner and he seemed to flashed me many smiles during the night and now, after the restaurant was closed, he was working the bar with two other waiters. His name was Wilheim, spoke impeccable English and had a smile to die for! He was tall, and yes I know, at 5 foot 1, everyone is tall to me but he was at least 6 foot 2, blonde hair and green eyes. I wanted to eat him up when I was sober so with two thirds of a bottle of wine, he was in serious danger!

My drunken mind was playing out a million scenarios and I struggled to keep up a pretence of being sober to my colleagues but eventually, one by one, they drifted to their beds, leaving me alone with Will (His preference of name).

I turned up the giggles and stumbled a little, just enough for him to catch me as I walked past him.

“Are you OK, Freulein?” he asked softly as he positioned me into a wobbly standing position.

“I think I’m….” I hiccupped loudly, “I think I’m a little drunk on your delicious German wine! And my name is Rachael! Freulein sounds too formal!” My slurring was a little acted but I’d said enough.

“OK Freul……. Miss Rachael, would you like me to escort you to your room?”

I smiled the broad grin of a Brit that had drunk too much, linked his arm and whispered, “I think that’s an excellent idea, thank you!”

For the record here, drunken plans are awesome but only if you’re drunk! The sober ones around you can usually see through them in a heartbeat and are usually a good few steps ahead. Unfortunately, the drunk one doesn’t see that.

The lift doors closed and instead of linking arms with Will, I put my arm around his waist and looked up into his eyes. He put his arm around my shoulder so I immediately turned towards him and went onto tip-toes. He responded and our lips met with the gentlest of kisses and he pulled back, “Freulein, I can get into a lot of trouble for this! We are not allowed to mix this way with the guests!”

I nodded sagely, “It’s OK! But I still need help to my room!” I was convinced that in just a few short minutes I’d be sampling some fine German sausage and I felt myself getting damp at the thought.

We reached the room and I pulled out my key card. Naturally, and without any acting, I missed the slot three times before Will asked if he could help. He took the card, opened the door and we both stepped into the room. I deftly kicked the door closed and pulled my handsome German to face me. This time he didn’t hold back on the kiss and I was instantly light headed as I stroked his back and felt his steel hard bum, wow! Our tongues fought for several minutes before he broke away, panting and searching for the right words.

“Rachael, I cannot do this now!”

I almost whined, “But whyyyyyy?” I reached for his smooth black trousers and gasped as I felt the girth of his, very hard dick, “Oh fuck that feels nice! Why can’t we? I so need this!”

He gently removed my hand, “Firstly, my boss will k**l me if I don’t return immediately and secondly…” He paused as if needing to be meticulous in his words, “Secondly, I know you are here for two nights and tomorrow, I finish at twenty hundred hours and maybe, if you want, we could meet when we are both……..less drunk?” He grimaced, not knowing how I would react to the last remark.

I laughed, very hard as I conceded, “That would be nice! And less drunk would definitely be better!” I quickly added, “I don’t usually drink, honestly!”

Will looked visibly relieved and very happy and he pulled me close for another kiss. I couldn’t resist another feel of his cock and I groaned as I followed the lines of the bulge, confirming it was a lovely, fat dick and I guessed between 6 and 7 inches (I was right haha). His hands caressed my bum, so gently and this time it was me who had to break the kiss. He looked surprised but I made it clear, “Look, if you don’t go now, I may never let you go!”

Will grinned and flashed me those perfect teeth again as we said our goodbyes and as he left the room, I giggled and danced a drunken dance. Tomorrow, I was getting laid!

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As soon as Will had left the room, I stripped naked, lay under the covers and my fingers gravitated, immediately, to my very wet pussy. I truly understood the term ‘aching for cock’ as I began a firm and quick rubbing down there. I tried to imagine what that fat dick would look like in the flesh and I realised I was grinning wildly as I sped towards my climax. I think I even called his name as the thrills washed over me but, as soon as I had come, the doubts started to wash over me. What if he had just fobbed me off and had no interest? I thought back to the kiss and, not wishing to be modest, I decided that it had been way too intense to have been just to placate me. So, still buzzing from my orgasm, I rolled onto my side, dragged the covers in tight and with the help of the large amounts of wine, I managed to sleep OK.

Now, I am not an obsessive person by any stretch of the imagination but, after such a horny teasing I was pretty horny all day and I couldn’t get Will out of my mind. Wait….. I’ll be 100% honest…. I couldn’t get the idea of that cock out of my mind! Will was really cute but I am a realist and this was only ever going to be a fuck, nothing more, nothing less! I swear, I was sure that my hand wouldn’t fit around it and each time I thought about it I had a huge twinge from inside my panties. Today was going to be a nightmare, I just knew it!

I wasn’t wrong. It was a devil of a job to focus and somehow I managed to muddle through the day without arousing too much suspicion from my boss. Just to fill you in fully, my boss and I are incredibly good mates and we work reall well together. We have had a romantic ‘incident’ a couple of times but that is a complex story for another day. Needless to say, we have very few secrets and there is no shyness between us but we would NEVER be a serious item. Anyway, on with the story….

Our day finished early so we went for dinner in the hotel restaurant early, around 6pm. Will was serving the other side of the dining room but he flashed me a huge grin when our eyes met and my heart instantly melted. Unfortunately, I must have blushed as well because my boss spun round in his chair and saw Will as he was turning away, still smiling.

“Something to tell me, Rachael?” He asked with a smug grin.

I laughed instantly, knowing I’d been caught out, “Yeah I guess I’ve pulled!”

My boss pondered for a minute and I could see him trying to work out the timeline of the last few days, “Hang on, did you shag him last night? Weren’t you really drunk?”

I gave him a look of fake shock. “How dare you!” I kidded. “Actually, I tried to get him in bed last night but he was too scared that he’d be fired. But……” I gave a dramatic pause, “But I’m having him tonight!”

He gave me a ‘thumbs up’ and we did a very discrete, ‘mini high-five’ at the side of the table. We chatted some more about Will but I didn’t mention how fat his cock was, learning many years ago that straight men don’t like to know if another guy has a cock which may be bigger or better than theirs! (To be fair though, my boss may not be as big in the girth as Will but he definitely outdoes most guys in length!) But as we were ending the chat, he made a joke but I was instantly turned on by the idea. He said, “Maybe you should set up a Skype call so Emma (my girlfriend) can watch!”

I laughed along at the joke but within seconds I had sent Emma a message, telling her about Will and the latest suggestion. I knew it would be an hour, at least, before I got a reply but I think I already knew the answer.

Again, for the record, I’ve been dating Emma for about a year. She is younger than me, we are both bi so we have an agreement that we are free to pursue cock, as and when we feel the need. We have shared guys before now but neither of us particularly wants a full time boyfriend so it works well. Again, all of the above is for another day’s typing.

OK, back to the story….

As my boss went to the bathroom, Will took the opportunity to flit past my table, dropped a little note by my lemonade glass and left without a word. I love that kind of mystery and subterfuge! I opened the note and it read:-

‘My Dear Rachael, Today has been a torment for me and I cannot wait to see you later, as long as you have not changed your mind! Please give me a sign if all is well and I will be at your door at 20:15. Your kissing has me under a spell. With warm affections, Will xxx’

MY KISSES HAD HIM UNDER A SPELL!!!!!! Damn, I told you I was good! I looked up from reading the note and he was on the far side of the room, apprehension filling his handsome features. I almost burst out laughing as I nodded like crazy in reply to his question! He grinned back at me and obviously without thinking, he did a mini air punch. He then looked across a little sheepish at me but my laughter gave him another green light. I glanced at my watch and saw that I had an hour left to prepare. My boss returned and I discretely showed him the note and he thought it was sweet and didn’t question it further when I said I wanted to go and prepare.

When I was back in my room, I showered, shaved my legs and my pussy and moisturised everywhere. I put on a little makeup and then pondered on what to wear. Should I dress fully and allow him to peel each layer from me? No, that was too much! I opted for a lacy pair of red knickers and my big, baggy sleep shirt with the poppered front, carefully opened at the chest to show a little bit of boob. I stood in front of the mirror, happy with the result, I said the room, “Yeah, I’d fuck you!”

With typical German precision, at 8:15pm, on the dot, there came a gentle knock on the door. Without the booze addled brain of the night before, my heart was racing as I turned the handle. Will was stood there, also looking a little coy but wow, did he look hot! He was wearing a pair of faded jeans and a tight white t-shirt. Now I’m not a huge fan of big muscles but Will’s definition was just about right and his tiny, hard nipples were making me salivate already.

“Come in!” I said in a croaky voice, completely missing my attempt at being seductive! “Would you like a cold drink?”

Will went to give me a small peck on the lips which turned into a lovely, few seconds kiss. He then produced a very cold bottle of ‘alcohol free’ sparkling fruit juice from behind his back. We both laughed at the reasoning and it immediately calmed us down a little. It’s funny, whenever you plan something like this, there is always an awkwardness which is a tricky stumbling block to begin with but Will, ever the gentleman, opened the bottle and poured two glasses. As he handed me my drink, his eyes took in my outfit and he inadvertently licked his lips, “Wow! I thought you were the sexiest girl I’d ever met last night, but now, I have no doubts at all!”

I thanked him and while we were holding our glasses, Will moved closer and as we met to kiss, his hand grazed the shirt over my right breast and the tiniest touch sent a bolt of excitement through my body and I let out an involuntary gasp as our lips touched. Our bodies pressed together and I felt his hardness press against my belly as I went onto tiptoes to get the most from our kiss. All I knew was, I needed us to have a polite sip of our drink and then, I wanted this guy to be naked! Unfortunately, it is damned hard to break from such a nice kiss but after several minutes and both, much calmer, we separated. We both seemed to have the same idea and we drained half of our glasses and placed them on the dresser beneath the TV. The question then was, who would make the first move?

Clearly, the poppers on my shirt were too much of a temptation and Will took hold of the shirt at the last popper I’d opened and slowly pulled. Torturously slow pops revealed my chest to him and when it was fully open, he moved to his knees, pulling the shirt down my arms as he attached his lips to one of my very hard nipples. I put my hands in his hair, pulling him in tight and his hands moved to massage my bum. I know I wanted him naked but his touch, his kisses and everything he was doing had me in a trance. I swear I didn’t even notice him sliding my panties down until I felt the soft material touch my feet. Part of me wanted to make a glib comment, as I normally do but not this time, it was way too good.

Will moved me back slowly to the bed and as I sat down, he pulled his shirt over his head to reveal a deliciously smooth chest and took half a step forward. I was now on eye level with his crotch and what a sight it was. His cock was pointing down and was pushing the top of the leg of the jeans forward. I placed my left hand on the long bulge and stroked softly as I bit my lip and used my right hand to undo the top button. Will was breathing hard as I used both hands to unzip him and slowly pull his jeans down. I was pleasantly surprised to see he was going commando and as I slid the jeans lower I saw two things. Firstly, he was shaved down there and secondly, as the shaft of his cock appeared, it was even thicker than my mind had imagined. Before I allowed his cock to spring up, I leant forward and gave the shaft some little butterfly kisses and the shudders from Will made me smile. I then moved my head to one side and allowed his magnificent tool to spring up, sticking straight out from his toned body like a delicious, pink, fat and beautiful flagpole! I’m sure I said ‘Wow’ a dozen times as I stroked, kissed and licked along the entire length, preparing myself and teasing him about the cock worshipping that was about to come. After wetting his cock and blowing softly on it, I could sense he was about to lose his mind so I opened my mouth and took about half of him in. Instantly he was shaking, his legs quivering and he stroked my hair and my back before reaching around to cup my small breasts, pinching softly at the nipples. Oh this was so worth the wait and I began to relax my throat muscles, preparing for my party piece and I was sure I could do it to Will. I was about to deep throat his cock and for a cock this size on a guy so young, I was pretty sure I was going to be the first but then, my fucking phone rang, and not just a telephone call, a Skype call! I knew from the ring tone it was Emma so I lifted my mouth off of Will’s dick and said softly, “Let me take this, it’s my girlfriend. It will be fun, I promise! Are you OK with that?”

Will shrugged his shoulders and gave a half grin. Obviously the idea of performing on camera was either exciting or nothing new. I answered the video call, showing only my face while my free hand kept stroking Will, keeping him rock solid.

“Hi Em!” I said happily and I was met with the beaming face of my gorgeous girl

Emma went straight to business, following up from my text message, “So, give me the juice! Who is Will? When are you meeting him?”

“Well, this is Will!” I said as I spun the camera round to show his face.

Emma responded instinctively, talking directly to him, “Ooh, you’re cute!”

Will, a little taken aback replied, “Errr thank you, you too!”

I spun the phone back, “OK, introductions over, do you wanna watch me give him a nice big surprise?”

Ever game for fun, Emma said, “Sure! And I can guess what it’s going to be!”

I chuckled, “Yep, I’m sure you can, but look at THIS bad boy!” I spun the camera to show my hand on Will’s beast and Emma gasped and uttered a few profanities on the other end of the phone.

Will was obviously feeling a little left out of the chat so he asked, “So, what is the surprise? I’m happy to just be in the room with you!”

Emma laughed at this comment, “Awwww he’s so sweet! Pack him up and bring him home!”

I stuck my tongue out to her and then turned my attention back to Will, “Just watch!” I took him deep again and began a much firmer, wetter assault on him, spreading lots of spit down the shaft, relaxing my muscles and desperately trying to hold the phone steady. I gave myself a countdown of five, breathing deeply and then push! My nose pushed hard into his shaved pubes and I pushed my tongue out to massage his balls. His groan was intense and I lifted the camera to take and let Emma see his face. I then withdrew fully and then slide him entirely back in, even surprising myself that I didn’t gag at all. I continued for at least ten full, slow thrusts into my throat until I heard Emma beg me to make him come for her. I lifted off his cock and asked if she was on the PC or her phone. She said it was the PC so I handed the phone to Will to film me sucking his cock and he could see Emma. “Emma!” I said firmly, “Put the camera on your pussy and finger yourself so he gets double the pleasure!”

Without another word, she did as she was asked and the extra groan from Will told me that he was now looking at that sexy, teen cunt on the screen as well as watching this tiny blonde, sucking on his massive cock. I knew it wouldn’t be long before I got my protein shake as I stepped up my amazing blow job. I sucked soft and hard, deep and short, I sucked his balls, I touched and rubbed his arsehole and totally drove him crazy until he almost whimpered that he was coming And I moved the tip of his cock to the end of my outstretched tongue so Em could see rope after rope of thick, heavy cum shoot into my mouth and all over my face. As this happened I could hear Emma reaching her own orgasm and I know that Will was treated to a very wet, very shiny pussy on his screen.

I swallowed the cum in my mouth and took the phone from Will as he crumpled, panting on the bed. “Hope you like that babe!” I said into the camera but they both replied with an ‘Oh yes!’ I said my goodbyes to Emma and promised to call later. She told me to enjoy myself and I had every intention of obeying that order!

I ended the call and turned to Will who had moved up the bed and was lay panting and beaming. He was about to speak but I put a finger to his lips and told him he could do better things with his tongue than speak! I straddled his body and ground my soaking wet pussy against his slightly deflated cock and leant forward to kiss his lips. We stayed like that a few moments until his strong arms lifted me completely and moved me further up the bed. I helped him and was quickly in position over his face and his tongue started working, very well indeed. There was no way I could keep quiet and if YOU were in either of the adjoining rooms, I apologise! His tongue was magical, hitting all the right spots between clitty and arsehole while his hands seemed to be in six places at one time, it truly felt like there were two guys torturing me with the most intense pleasures! I came in less than two minutes but he just kept going and there were three or four orgasms rolled into one and after a good fifteen minutes, I just had to lift off him! I slid back down his body and as our groins came together, his cock touched the bullseye, right against my pussy hole. I paused a second and our eyes met and then I stole another delicious kiss as I slid myself slowly onto my German Bratwurst! Oh it stung! I’d not had cock for quite a while, certainly not one like this, and he stretched me wide but Oh my word, what an amazing, full sensation. I slid him fully inside and just sat there, waiting for the stinging to calm down and thankfully, it didn’t take too long and we filled our time with more snogging! Will was obviously aware of my discomfort and remained still, apart from the occasional twitch and pulse from his prick, until he sensed my body relax and in one swift movement, rolled me onto my back.

“Are you OK?” He asked in a whisper.

I nodded, smiling and then I felt him slide an inch or two out and then back in, testing the waters and I actually heard myself purr! Where the hell did that come from? But this was enough for him to start longer strokes and I couldn’t resist looking down to see such an erotic sight. His huge tool, splitting my tiny body in two was such an incredible view and I’m kicking myself for not taking a photo to show you! I was so high on pleasure I demanded he fuck me harder. Yes, it stung and yes it was a little uncomfortable but the pleasure was so intense, it was like a d**g fix that I could never shake and in a very short time, I was on the verge of coming again and was screaming this fact out to whoever wanted to, or didn’t want to listen. My tight pussy on his beast was obviously having a similar effect and no sooner as I was reaching the pinnacle of pleasure, Will slammed hard into me with each of the six or seven pulses of his ejaculation.

As any gentleman would, he rolled us back over, rather than collapsing on top of me. We were both completely spent and I felt myself dozing as his cock began to deflate inside me. I didn’t want the pleasure to end.

I awoke at some point in the middle of the night, covered over with blankets and my big hunk of a guy spooning behind me. I felt so protected and so happy but still didn’t have any misconceptions about what had happened. In the morning we made love in that position, which was lovely, and then we showered together, also lovely! I know it was a fling, I know it didn’t mean anything but next time I come to Germany, I think I may just stay in that hotel again. Maybe next time, Emma could come for the ‘ride’!!!