Repairman’s Tale

Well I’m just an average guy, actually, not completely
average. I haven’t had a lot of success with
relationships. There might be a lot of reasons for this
fact but it seems to me that the most significant reason
is because of my cock. It’s not deformed or ugly, as a
matter of fact it’s just the opposite. No, the problem
is that I have a dick that’s just a little bit over 7

That may not seem like a big deal because in porn
magazines or in stories or in movies all the guys have
these enormous horse cocks. But in reality a dick that
is right at 7 inches is in the top 5% of males on
average. If you don’t believe it look it up.

Anyway, you wouldn’t think that that would be a big
deal, no pun intended. The problem is that when I was in
college all of the guys were envious and all of the
women were desirous. When word got around that my dick
was big it made it really hard to have a girlfriend.
There were always rumors floating around started by some
guy whose girlfriend wanted me or by some girl that
didn’t want the girl I was with to have me. So in the
end it just made it really hard to maintain a
relationship and by the time I graduated I decided that
a long-term relationship might not be in the cards for

After college I floated from job to job for awhile and
finally ended up here as an appliance repair man. It’s
not the most glamorous job but it’s steady, the pay is
good, the hours are reasonable and I get to move around
from one thing to another and not get bored. But the
real advantage is the fringe benefits. I’m not talking
about insurance or profit-sharing plans but about the
women that I meet out on jobs.

There are a lot of guys in the world that treat their
women like shit even though their women are beautiful
and have great personalities. Now I’m not going to tell
you that some beautiful woman who’s married to an
asshole doesn’t have some issues of her own, I majored
in psychology in school so I know better. But there are
a lot of truly beautiful women who are being treated
badly and neglected and their appliances need service
and repair the same as anyone else’s.

My first experience with this started when I went out on
a call to service a refrigerator. It was the first stop
of the day and I didn’t have much information other than
a woman had called and said that her refrigerator was
broken. Being fairly new on the job I wasn’t in a
position to demand more information. I drove to the
house; it was in a pretty affluent part of town. I
parked in the driveway that had a pressed concrete
finish and thought about how cool it would be to live in
a house like this. I went to the door and rang the bell.

An attractive brunette answered the door. Her hair was
disheveled like she hadn’t done anything to herself
since rolling out of bed, but the really interesting
part was that she came to the door in a red satin kimono
that covered a red satin night slip. The slip had black
lace that ran along the V-shaped of the plunging
neckline. The kimono had no sash and so hung open giving
me a great view of her above average sized breasts. The
brunette had an absent-minded look on her face and when
she looked at me recognition dawned. She said “oh yeah,
the refrigerator. It’s this way.” She led me through the
entry foyer toward the back of the house.

The house was built on an open architectural plan so we
walked through a living space with a large screen TV and
fireplace and into a large open kitchen with attached
hearth room. I was thinking to myself this gal forgot
she called for a repairman. I figured she would leave me
here with the refrigerator while she went to change. I
was surprised when she said, “I hope you can fix it.”
And just stood there watching me.

So at this point I was freaking out. She was hot and she
was standing there in this sexy night slip just watching
me. I had to pull myself together and I was aware that
my cock had started to get pretty hard and I was
wondering if she was aware that. So I said, “I really
don’t know what the problem is. I didn’t get a lot of
information from the office.”

“Oh,” she said. “It’s the icemaker, it’s not making
ice.” She walked over and opened the freezer side of the
side-by-side refrigerator.

With my hard-on starting to rage mixed with the anxiety
of thinking about this beautiful woman watching me work
in her night clothes I decided to see where this thing
might go. I was standing at the island and I opened my
service book and took out a pen like I was taking notes.
I asked her to describe exactly what was happening with
the icemaker. She said it just stop making ice.

She was still standing with her back to me looking in
the freezer so I asked her if there was any frost
buildup at the bottom of the freezer. As she bent over
the slip and kimono hiked up far enough for me to see
that she was wearing black mesh panties. At this point I
was hard as a rock I was sure that if she turned around
she would be able to tell that I had a raging hard on.

At that point she did turn around. The next few seconds
seem to happen over the course of several hours. Her
nipples had gotten hard and erect because of cold air
blowing out of the freezer and they strained against the
gossamer fabric of the slip. She looked so good with her
messed up hair standing there with her nipples straining
against the satin fabric. Just then she looked down and
I could tell that she realized that my cock was hard as
a rock.

She took one hesitant step towards me then stopped and
pulled the kimono closed over those luscious firm
nipples. It didn’t help that fabric was so thin that
between the cold air and the sexual tension her nipples
were so hard that they were clearly visible through both
the slip and the kimono. At that point I couldn’t take
it anymore and I crossed the space between us.

When I reached her she said, “I’m a married woman.”

I said, “You always answer the door in your nightie?”

She said that her husband didn’t pay much attention to
her even though she worked hard to keep herself in
shape. She said that she slept in these outfits both as
a way of getting his attention and letting him know just
exactly what it was he was missing out on. By this time
I was holding her tightly and she was talking into my
chest but not making any attempt to pull away. My hands
moved down and began to caress her ass cheeks and still
she wasn’t pulling away she just kept mumbling that she
was a married woman.

I covered her mouth with my own and that stopped her
complaints she began to kiss me back. Our tongues’ found
each other’s as she threw her arms around my neck and
began to pull me even deeper into her mouth. The kimono
had fallen open and slid off her shoulders and I could
see the spaghetti straps of the slip. Her chest was
heaving now and made her full tits with the erect
nipples look irresistible.

I move my head down and began to kiss the space between
her breasts lightly. Then I moved a little lower and
began to take as much of her breast into my mouth as I
could. I found her nipple and began to suck like there
was no tomorrow. She threw her head back, her hair
cascading down her back and started to moan softly. At
this point I knew she was mine no matter what.

As I was sucking her nipples she had dropped her hands
to her side. The kimono had slid off of her body. The
spaghetti straps of the slip had now begun to work their
way off of her shoulders and without much effort on my
or her behalf it to join the kimono on the floor at her
feet. She stood before me in only her black mesh
panties. She said one last time that she was a married
woman but this was at the same time that she reached for
the buttons on my shirt and began to unbutton them with
furious passion.

My work shirt joined the kimono and the slip on the
floor. She attacked my chest with her own mouth and
tongue and began to work her way down my abdomen on the
way down she undid my belt and unhitched and unzipped my
pants. They slid down my legs as she began to push my
underwear down to join them. She gasped as my hard on
was revealed. Even though it was likely the largest cock
she’d ever seen she didn’t even hesitate and took as
much of my length in her mouth as she comfortably could.

She began to move her head back and forth while at the
same time truly sucking my cock. It was without a doubt
the best blow job that I never received in my life. I
stopped her before I blew my load down her throat. I
picked her up and set her on the granite top of the
island. I started to nuzzle her breasts again and suck
on her nipples. I moved down her abdomen with my tongue
and as I got to the space between her thighs I realized
that the mesh panties were still in place.

She had become extremely wet and they were soaked
through but rather than push them aside I grabbed them
with one hand and in a swift tug ripped them off of her
body so that she lay before me completely naked. She let
out a little squeal as the material was yanked from her
body but in the next second I was between her legs and
eating her pussy.

She’d been neglected for a long time and responded to my
ministrations by pushing her hips up to meet my tongue.
I alternated between pushing my tongue as deep into her
as I possibly could and sucking and nibbling her
clitoris. Each time I returned to her erect clit her
moans got louder and the gyrations of her hips more
intense. After a very few minutes her abdomen tightened
and she let out a guttural moan and her juices gushed
out and coated my tongue.

Her breathing was heavy and has her moans subsided I
moved her off the island top. I turned her around and
bent her forward. I rubbed my cock in the crack of her
ass several times to give her a few seconds to recover.
Then I moved the head of my cock to the entrance of her
pussy. She was so hot and wet that my cock slid into her
and she was easily able to take my entire length in one
stroke. As the head of my cock reached deep inside of
her there was a mild whimper that became another deep
guttural moan as she reached climax again for the second
time within just a few minutes.

I was so excited that I thought I was going to blow my
load on the third stroke but I was able to hold myself
back. Even so it wasn’t more than a few minutes that I
pumped her from behind. I move my hands up and used her
breasts as handholds while my cock jack hammered her
from behind. I felt my balls tighten and knew that I was
going to spew semen deep inside this woman that I didn’t
even know the first name of. As my dick convulsed and I
began shooting hot cum inside her pussy the brunette
spasmed in her third orgasm of the day.

I remained inside her pumping back and forth slowly
until my cock began to shrink. I was so excited that I
could have achieved another erection but I was also so
surprised by the experience that I didn’t want to push
my luck so I allowed my cock to go flaccid as I gently
removed it from this beautiful brunettes love canal.

It took a few minutes for both of us to gather our wits.
We slowly and quietly got dressed, her without any
panties. I could see a trickle of my seed running down
the inside of her thigh. I said I needed a part to
complete the job but that I knew what was wrong with the
icemaker and that we would need to schedule another
appointment for me to come and install the new part. I
said that mostly because I just wanted to get out of
there. The room smelled like our sex and she looked so
hot standing there without panties on.

My head was spinning and I needed to gain some
perspective. The truth is the only thing the icemaker
needed was to be defrosted which can easily be done with
any standard hairdryer but I didn’t want to hang around
and defrost the icemaker that day. Besides I thought
it’ll be interesting to see what she was dressed like
when I returned for follow-up appointment.

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